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Arsenal - Manchester United 01/25/2019 Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips


Next Thursday, unnoticed by many, the 1/16 FA Cup final will be held, in which Arsenal will meet against Manchester United. It would be possible to say that there is a status opposition and pepper these words with a meme about 10 out of 10, but we all are well aware of the attitude of the grandees to the cups. Yes, the sign looks appetizing, however, the soap also smells delicious, but you can't bite it. After such a deep comparison, it would be possible to complete the analysis.


Do I need to talk about the coefficients in the match, where it is unclear what the line-up will take place on the field? Nominally, the advantage should be on the side of the London squad, but the powerful people decided to set approximately equal coefficients. There is nothing more to add to the bookmaker line. It is necessary to quickly begin to analyze, until the thought is gone for a walk.

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The capital team of the nineteenth has finally managed to bring the New Year's gift under the tree to its own fans. On this noble day, the "Gunners” in their dear arena were received by fellow citizens from Chelsea. The Blues arrived in an inaudible state, which our today's heroes took advantage of. Already in the first half, the hosts hammered two goals. The fight ended in a 2-0 victory.


You can say a few words about the shape of Londoners - in the five extreme battles there are three victories with two pockets. I would like to clarify the way the team to such a far stage. In the 1/32 finals, our today's heroes beat Blackpool 3-0. Will Emery risk major performers in such a minor tournament? The question is complex, but even if the basis comes out, it is difficult to demand maximum return from it.

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Manchester United

The guys also held the nineteenth match in the twenty-third round of the domestic championship. That day the "devils" met with Brighton. In fact, all the intrigue was killed in the first half. In the role of killers made Pogba and Rashvord. Fifteen-minute rest relaxed the "red" and those in the second half let go of a goal from Gross. The battle ended with a score of 2: 1.


The future guests are in great shape - in seven battles with the new coach, the guys just won. The team has a serious opportunity to break into the zone of the Champions League, which seemed impossible until recently. In such a situation, the head coach can donate cup events. Purely to the word, we will specify that in the previous round, the "devils” passed Reading with a score of 2: 0.

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Prediction for this match

The battles of these teams are rarely effective. In the current situation it is difficult to count on top teams of the principle game. The guys are busy doing things in the English championship, so a minimum of effort will be spent on the cup event.

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The bet is total less than 3.0.



The Gunners in 2019 had four fights, in which they achieved three victories with one defeat. One of these victories fell on the previous stage of the FA Cup, where Arsenal easily figured out Blackpool (3: 0) at a party.


There were still two wins in the Premier League. In the first game of the year, Unai Emery's team defeated Fulham (4: 1) at home, and also won the Chelsea derby (2: 0) at their stadium the day before.

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The loss came in the 22nd round of the championship, where the Arsenal in another London derby lost to the West Ham in the away match with a score of 0: 1.


Emery's winning formula. Arsenal beat Chelsea

The gates of the "blue” were struck by Alexander Lakazett and Laurent Koselni

In the 18 home games of this season, in all tournaments, the Gunners lost only two times and three meetings made a draw, the remaining 13 matches brought them victory.

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"Manchester United"

With the arrival on the coaching bridge of Ole Gunnar Solskher, the "red devils” only won, starting this series a month ago. At the moment, "MJ" 7-match winning streak.


In the new year, the Sir Alexis, as well as their upcoming opponent, had four fights. In the FA Cup, they beat Reading on their territory (2: 0).


In the matches, the Premier League defeated Newcastle (2: 0) and Tottenham Hotspur (1: 0) as a guest, and also beat Brighton 2: 1 in their arena last weekend.

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"MJ" does not need a classic manager

Analysis of the match "Manchester United" - "Brighton"

For 15 away games, taking into account all the tournaments, Manchester United won eight wins with two draws and five losses.


In the first round of this draw of the Premier League, the teams painted the world team on the field "MJ” - 2: 2. The games of last season in the Premier League brought two victories to mankunians - 2: 1 and 3: 1.

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In this fight, bookmakers give a slight preference to the owners. On their victory offer - 2.55.


"Gunners" can not beat the "red devils" for three fights in a row. We predict that in the upcoming fight Londoners will beat the "MJ” and interrupt his triumphal march.

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On Friday evening in London, the central match of the 4th round of the FA Cup will be held - Arsenal will take Manchester United.


A month and a half ago, these teams met in the framework of the Premier League, when in Manchester we had an effective draw - 2: 2. I wonder how their cup meeting will end?


Arsenal as a whole looks confident enough, because it calmly goes among the leaders of the Premier League. No, Unai Emery wards cannot enter the Champions League zone, but still they keep the 5th line. It is worth noting that in December the Gunners did not have the best period, but now everything is gradually getting better - 3 wins and defeat from West Ham (1: 0) in the last 4 matches. In addition, last weekend Londoners beat the home of Chelsea - 2: 0.

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But Manchester United this season does not shine, but all because of the conflict Mourinho and Pogba. With the departure of the coach, Sirskér’s mankind played much more powerful, although not everyone recognizes this as a merit. And in fact, under the leadership of the new coach, the Red Devils won 7 victories in 7 matches! However, lately there is already no fuse, so the club scores a little residual ...


Bookmakers absolutely do not single out any of the teams, which is quite logical. In fact, both teams are powerful, but they also have their own problems. Here the guests, for example, clearly began to pass and do not shine with performance. At the same time, the hosts do not score a lot, and they don’t like to miss. So this game should be very "grassroots" .


Free prediction for the match Arsenal - Manchester United: "Total less than 3.5". At this outcome, the bookmaker 1hBet offers a coefficient of 1.45.

Free soccer predictions

In the framework of the 4th round of the England Cup, London Arsenal will fight with Manchester United. This fight will be uniquely central in this game day, because there are two top teams, and even direct competitors for a place in the Champions League. Bookmakers in this pair are not the obvious favorite, considering that the opponents have about the same chances of success. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that Arsenal has played well in his field, and Manchester United has gained quite a bit of momentum lately.


Home Arsenal

Arsenal in the current season shows very decent results in home matches. In the games in the framework of the Premier League, the "Gunners” held 12 meetings in their field, in which they won 9 times with two draws and one defeat, 26:10 goal difference. In the last five matches, Arsenal has tied three times with two defeats. Luza came to the matches against West Ham and Liverpool on a visit, Victoria over Fulham, Blackpool, Chelsea.

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Some victories

As Solskher came to the position of head coach, so MJ only wins. Such results led to the fact that Sir Alexeev approached the fourth team of the Premier League, Chelsea by three points, i.e. have real chances to finally get into the top 4 and play for the next season in the Champions League.



Given the coefficient set, Arsenal in the upcoming game looks preferable. Manchester United, of course, is in good shape, but sooner or later MJ will lose. There is no big difference in class between future rivals. Our free game forecast: Arsenal will not lose


On Friday, we will be waiting for the cup game in England, in which Arsenal will host Man United. Not so long ago, rivals met in the championship, and then the winner did not come out to reveal - 2: 2. Who will be able to record the victory at his own expense? Let's figure it out.

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The Gunners spend a good gaming year, and continue to keep a place at the top of the list. Of course, it will not be easy to break into the Champions League zone, but fifth place is now behind them. By a little bit, the club improves its playing condition - 3 victories and losing in four extreme standoffs.


"Red Devils” in the current season are unlikely to succeed in the championship, because the club has missed too much at the very beginning. Now mankuniantsev coaches Sulskher, with whom things went much better - 7 victoria in a row. The truth in the extreme games did not score as much as we would like.

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The forecast for the match Arsenal - Man United, TM3.5. If in general, the opponents are in good condition, but not without problems. Most likely that the fight will turn out with a grassroots outcome.


In London, a central meeting will be held as part of the 1/16 finals of the FA Cup between two historically successful teams, which this season so far cannot bring to themselves as an asset.


Arsenal began his cup journey with a confident 3-0 victory over Blackpool. But in the Premier League the affairs of the Gunners are not the best - only fifth place and the threat for the third season in a row to remain without the Champions League. But after a 2-0 win over Chelsea, Emery's players approached the top 4 as much as possible and showed everyone that they are in good shape.

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After the appointment of the head coach Ole-Gunnar Solskher instead of Jose Mourinho, the players of the MJ seemed to have grown wings. They won seven matches in a row and got as close as possible to the top four. In the previous round, the Red Devils defeated the middle peasant Brighton (2: 1) in economy mode, and at the stage of the 1/32 Cup final, Reading was beaten out of the fight - 2: 0.


A small favorite of this meeting is Arsenal, who always powerfully performs in his field. But MJ does not intend to surrender without a fight and will also try to get into the 1/8 final. Both teams will play only to win, so we expect from them a spectacular match with a high score.

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Total over 2.5 at 1.6


The home team is in good health and intend to challenge their rights to enter the European Cup zone. In principle, at the Arsenal everything goes on the thumbnails, except that the gunners can not beat the giants and direct competitors. The match with Chelsea became a kind of detente, but even after the victory over the aristocrats, the gunners could not get up in the standings, and the mentor Unai Emery scratches his head and solves personnel issues.

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Manchester is slowly catching up with their counterparts in the Premier League and on all premises can finish the domestic championship in the top four. At least, so say the critics, praising the agility of the Norwegian coach Solshera. Yes, Gunnar has already proved its significance through a series of victories, but Arsenal is not an easy rival and full dedication is required for his demoralization.


According to preliminary estimates by most football analysts, this meeting will be held with varying success and will end tentatively in a draw. John Wilde does not imply high performance and tends to a maximum of two accurate strikes in the overall standings. Then the specialist presented a more detailed report on the upcoming fight, and also shared his valuable tips and predictions for the game.

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Sir Alex continues to show tremendous results after such a vague start of the first round, and the concept of a new coach does not yet give visible failures. Recall that after difficult trials with specialists from Jose Mourinho, the leadership of the mankuniantsev decided to terminate the contract with the Portuguese, because Manchester showed the worst result in its history, because after 21 rounds it scored the minimum number of points.

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Now the Red Devils are in sixth place in the standings and even lose their theoretical chances of becoming champions. Yes, the result is disappointing, and the defeat of Liverpool within the walls of Enfield added fuel to the fire, so now the former United pupil Ole Gunnar Sulscher temporarily manages the club, who at one time played with Mannunians and won the Premier League and Champions League with them . For the Norwegian himself, the invitation became the crown of his career, as Sulscher worked on the coaching field in Norway for several years and coached Molde. Under his leadership, the guests made a profitable trip to Cardiff's camp and defeated the newcomer of the Premier League, having shipped as many as five balls to its gates (5: 1).

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Then Manchester removed Huddersfield (2: 1) from the road, rolled up poker at the gate of Bournemouth (4: 1) and finished with Newcastle (2: 0). The apotheosis occurred in the confrontation with Tottenham, with whom United met in the capital of England. Absolutely all sports reviewers were confident in the class superiority of Mauricio Pochettino, but this was affected by the nature of the Sir Alexis, as a result of which Markus Rushford, in a situation that was harmless to the goalkeeper Spurs, designed the only goal scored in that match (1: 0). In the FA Cup, United secured himself against Redding, but stopped attacking after a single goal scored (1: 0).

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A team of experts from Betfred believes that in this clash the Red Devils will allow themselves to keep the ball under control and will bring the meeting to its logical conclusion. The bookmaker proposes to make a bet on the competitive victory of Sir Alexis with any score at a quote of 2.70.



As for the visiting team, the gunners this year have noticeably added and are ready to fight for the champion crown of the Premier League. Now in the asset wards Emery 44 points and fifth place in the standings. After a magnificent series of domestic championship, Londoners abruptly stumbled in the confrontation with Southampton (2: 3), and then defeated Liverpool in the Anfield arena (1: 5).

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The coach himself summed up that a pause was needed for his wards and the upcoming match with Manchester could become a kind of detente. Chief scorer Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is not quite well, so the famous gabonets can skip this match or go for a substitution after the break. In principle, the Cup of England is in the priority of the Gunners, but one should not forget that the team also selected in the playoffs of the Europa League and intends to win the second largest club trophy of the Old World.

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The last round of the Premier League against Chelsea was more than a success, since Arsenal took revenge for the defeat in the first round (2: 3) and scored two unanswered goals (2: 0) against the aristocrats. The analytical group Betfred also gives a chance to Emery's wards and estimates the home victory of the gunners with any score at a quote of 2.60.

Free soccer predictions


Speaking about the possible outcome, do not hope for an open game. The fact is that there are, in fact, absolutely identical clubs in the class and there may be a lot of nuances in their confrontation. Most likely, Arsenal will own the initiative, but no more than that, and Manchester will focus on the implementation of a small number of critical moments. Against this background, experts from BetVictor do not predict high performance and suggest putting on a total total of less than 2.5 goals at a factor of 2.30.

Free soccer tips

Bookmakers.rf report that the players of the bookmaker "League of Stakes" placed the most bets on Manchester United to win - 50% of the total betting on the match, 12% of bets on the draw, and 38% of bets on winning.


With the coming to the post of head coach Ole-Gunnar Solskher, the "red devils” forgot the bitterness of defeat. "Manchester United” after the dismissal of Jose Mourinho scored seven wins in a row in the Premier League and the FA Cup. In most matches, he was opposed by middle peasants and outsiders, but he also passed a serious test - visiting Tottenham (1: 0). Especially impressive are 19 goals scored and only four missed ones, which was never the case with Mourinho.

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Arsenal looked great in the first part of the season, when MJ was in crisis. But in nine games since mid-December, Londoners suffered four defeats, including a crushing defeat at Anfield (1: 5). However, last weekend the team Unai Emery completely set the blame for even failing to visit West Ham (0: 1), when she confidently defeated Chelsea at home (2: 0). So, Arsenal also came up in the cup meeting in a great mood.



Manchester United is not losing to the capital club in three games in a row, having won the last visit to Emirates (3: 1). The performance of the teams is striking - in the previous six one-on-one personal meetings, only once one of them failed to score. In total, viewers saw 20 goals, or an average of more than three in 90 minutes. Taking into account the current form of rivals, we are entitled to count on spectacular football this time too. How many goals will be scored?

Free soccer tips

The game will be held in London at the Emirates Stadium.


This confrontation is ambiguous, because according to the logic of things, the teams should have come together at the later stages of the tournament, but the tournament grid decided otherwise. Arsenal has already managed to win against representatives of the less promising Blackpool with a score of 3: 0, and then in the Premier League after losing to Tottenham (0: 1), the gunners managed to beat Chelsea (2: 0) and thus virtually eliminated their backlog from the Champions League zone by three points (44 vs. 47). Mentor Unai Emery is well aware that the reserve of the basic composition may not pull out the onslaught of Manchester, so the Spanish expert focuses on the strengthened central line.

Free soccer tips

Manchester United is trying to eliminate all the ins and outs earned in a whole series of fatal failures against peripheral teams at an accelerated pace. The former mentor, Jose Mourinho, did not let up after three trophies of the Premier League when working with Chelsea, but the Portuguese failed to reach Manchester with the exception of the Europa League trophy. In the upcoming fight, new coach Ole Gunnar Solskjer will act in an attacking manner and will try to repeat the result of the match with Tottenham (1: 0).

Free soccer picks

Betfair betting exchange expert Alex Keble believes that in this confrontation, the defense of Arsenal will play solely on the rebound, well, Sir Alex will build a powerful baseline with priority to control the ball. The bookmaker believes that at the moment, United has more courage, therefore, against this background, he proposes to bet on the Red Devils' difficult away win with any score at a quote of 2.70.



victory of the guests with any score and in any case

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