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Atletico Madrid - Besiktas. 07.08.20. Free soccer tips

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Atletico Madrid - Besiktas. 07.08.20. Prediction and betting on the game

On August 7, 2020, the third football match of the season between the teams of Atletico Madrid and Besiktas will take place. In the first match, the Atletico Madrid footballers won 2-0, in the second match FC Besiktas were 3-2 stronger. This game starts at 9:00 p.m. Moscow time and should show which team is stronger this season. The fight takes place as part of the national cup, so the title is at stake.

The meeting between the Atletico Madrid team and the Besiktas team will be of interest to all football fans. The level of the teams has risen significantly in recent years. The bosses invest large sums of money in clubs, which not only enables the retention of talented students, but also invites famous football players who have considerable experience in various famous teams. Thanks to seasoned managers who have been able to organize battle-ready teams, the Atletico Madrid team and Besiktas team force their way into the championship race every year, trying to force the giants to fight. The participation of these teams in various international cups is now the order of the day. Our forecasters therefore recommend all football fans to observe the personal confrontation between these teams, especially since we have prepared several interesting betting offers for this game.

Statistics show that last season's game between Atletico Madrid and Besiktas turned out to be interesting and productive, the teams remained intriguing throughout the game and achieved a real extravaganza at the end of the second half. Based on the games that the teams have already played this season, our forecasters assume that the game between Atletico Madrid and Besiktas has remained tactically unchanged. The clubs still play offensive football, score a lot of goals themselves and let their opponents do it. Today we're also looking forward to an offensive and productive game because this type of football is what fans like.


Atletico Madrid wins - 1.75, draw - 4.62, Besiktas wins - 3.44

Prediction for the game Atletico Madrid-Besiktas (FIFA, National Reverse Match, Sunday, September 22): Atletico Madrid received a quotation from the bookies of 1.75 for their win, and with a odds of 3.44 you can predict the win of FC Besiktas bet. Bets on a draw will be accepted in the offer.

Personal meeting history

Our forecasters drew attention to the game between Atletico Madrid and Besiktas for a reason. There will be two popular soccer teams in this game, each of which includes famous soccer players. Therefore, at first glance, it was very difficult to choose the favorite of this game. We used a variety of different sources to learn not only about the clubs' squads, the history of their confrontation, but also about the work of the teams in the off-season. Note that the teams actively use the off-season to turn the squad and play different tactical combinations. In friendly matches, both managers actively used various tactical schemes, for the implementation of which they presented all the players on the pitch. This made it possible to form the backbone of the main team, which will solve the tasks set by the management of the clubs this season. Remember that the Atletico Madrid team and the Besiktas team, as clubs with a rich history, have been fighting for many seasons only for the highest places in the championship, as well as for the trophies of the tournaments in which they participate. Statistics show that the current season should also exceed the proportion of teams in such a fight. However, every year it becomes more and more difficult to reach high positions in the overall standings as more and more teams emerge ready to fight on an equal footing with the championship leaders. On this basis, the managers of the Atletico Madrid team and the Besiktas team prepared their players for the victory from the first games of the new season. Hence, this confrontation should turn out to be an interesting one as both rivals have a rich arsenal with which to count on success in this game.

Atletico Madrid - Besiktas 07.08.20

The footballers from the clubs Atletico Madrid and Besiktas will compete against each other on August 7, 2020. This fight is very important for both teams as it decides who will continue to fight for a ticket to the European Cup. Moscow time, the start of this meeting at 9:00 p.m. and this fight will be the second between the teams this season and the first ended in a 3-1 win for the Atletico Madrid players.

Pre-game analysis and bookmaker predictions

Given the line proposed by the bookmakers for the match between the Atletico Madrid team and the Besiktas team, our experts could not ignore a number of bets, considering that the odds set by the bookmakers are not entirely correct. But first things first. The home team should definitely be the favorite of this game as they have a more even line-up and a lot of experience at a similar level. However, the bookies underestimated the chances of the Atletico Madrid team winning too much. At the same time, the handicap displayed would be more suitable for a basketball game than a soccer game. The Besiktas team was able to demonstrate high quality football last season despite the fact that there are no famous footballers. Defense is also one of the guests' main qualities, and the Besiktas team also knows very well how to counterattack. Therefore, our forecasters see the score's handicap as a good bet in this game. We also like the total stakes more. Of course, the Atletico Madrid team will play within their home walls and act as the first number all the time. It will definitely score a goal or two, and the guests' counterattacks should also result in a goal scored. It turns out that overall more goals in this game is a very promising bet. We should also mention violations. Both clubs are not rude teams and receive very few warnings. The game is not so important that the players cripple each other or make them rude. We therefore recommend that you play fewer yellow cards in the game overall.

Prediction of Atletico Madrid - Besiktas (August 30th, 2018), odds and odds of winning

Atletico Madrid football club has not played at home for two weeks, but on August 7, 2020, the hosts' players will finally be able to please their fans by returning to their home stadium. In this fight, the rival will be Besiktas' hosts, so there is no doubt that there will not be a single free seat in the stands at 9:00 p.m. Moscow time. There are always plenty of goals in the encounters between these rivals, because in the last confrontation between these teams the score was 3-3.

Atletico Madrid

The football club Atletico Madrid were champions of the country for several years in a row, but did not have the best start this season, which is why the team could not break out into the top group. At the moment the hosts are second and four points behind the leader. Now the football club Atletico Madrid is not showing its best football either, because in the last five rounds there have been three wins and two defeats. The team is playing well at home but has already lost to the current league leaders this season with a score of 1-2. As Atletico Madrid often buy the best players from other teams in the championship, the hosts will be up at the next transfer window act the same way and try to strengthen the squad. Now the football club has an obvious problem in the middle of the field, with two central midfielders injured and the defensive midfielder in poor physical shape not ready to spend ninety minutes on the field.


The Besiktas football club regularly takes part in this tournament, but gradually the team is playing worse and worse, so that many fans have already forgotten the days when the battle for qualification for European Cups took place. It is important this season that guests stay at least in the top division, as the football club is above the relegation zone, from which it is only three points away. The team can go to the underdogs after this round as they play badly away after having just won one away win with already six losses. Among the guests there are only three players who show really good football and the team's weak point is the right flank where there are no fast players at all so this does not pose a threat to the opponents. The Besiktas football club has already failed to win six games after drawing four times and suffering two defeats. The defender has to miss the game for family reasons.

Interesting facts before the game Atletico Madrid - Besiktas

The Atletico Madrid team had excellent preparation for the season. In the friendlies and the opening games of the new season, the manager tried to involve all players in order to choose the most optimal squad. It looks like he has succeeded because at home the Atletico Madrid team is an impressive force that can cause problems for any team. So far, guests have only been drawn into the season. Compared to the last championship, the Besiktas team has changed significantly: some players have left and new players have been invited to replace them. However, the newcomers are currently acclimatizing to the new club, so it is difficult to expect constructive measures from the first games. In personal meetings, the advantage is on the Atletico Madrid side, and today our forecasters see no reason for the home team not to win. We therefore recommend betting that Atletico Madrid will win the game. However, in terms of the number of goals, we are inclined to believe that the game will be productive, as can be seen from the statistics of the personal matches, and the fact that both teams have enough players able to use theirs technical actions to score a chance on the opponent's goal. We assume that both clubs can perform excellently in this game, so the total is broken. Separately, I would like to point out another good result - corners. Both clubs actively use the flanks when building their attacks, so that so many corners are taken in all games. So we believe that today they will reach the corners set by the bookmakers.

If Atletico Madrid wins the game - 1.75, the game Besiktas wins - 3.44, the game ends in a draw - 4.62.

Atletico Madrid - Besiktas. Prediction and betting on the game. FIFA August 07, 2020

Atletico Madrid's footballers will host their next home game on August 7, 2020, and everyone hopes that it won't be very difficult since Besiktas will have to host at home, and this is far from the strongest team in this tournament. Nevertheless, at 9:00 p.m. Moscow time, the home fans will fill the stands of the stadium completely to support their favorites and experience another home win. After all, the hosts couldn't beat these opponents for the last time four years ago.

Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid football club fans were delighted to have qualified for the European competition last year and are now hoping that their team will avoid relegation. After a successful season, the team management sold more than half of the first squad so that the hosts in European competitions ended their way in the second round and in third place in the championship of the football club Atletico Madrid. The team are two points short of exiting the relegation zone and the head coach is not trying to do anything but his players are very far from last year's football. The hosts have no problems only with the goalkeeper, but on the other hand, the team has serious problems because Atletico Madrid conceded a goal in every game, but the attackers don't often excite the fans with goals. Half of the current main team was at the youth academy last year, and management doesn't promise the coach transfers to strengthen the team's game.


Even the most desperate fans of Besiktas football club don't believe their team can escape relegation. The guests have been in the last ranking since the second month and so far there are no requirements for the team to leave the relegation zone. To do this, the Besiktas football club has to close the ten-point gap, and now the guests are in bad shape, because in the last ten rounds there was only one win and in three more games it turned out to be a draw and six games got lost. In four games the result was generally devastating as the team's defense is weak as there are no constant fake four players and the head coach experiments too much, which is why there is no mutual understanding between many players. On the way, Besiktas football club has not yet seen any victories and it will definitely not be possible to interrupt a number of mistakes in this fight as the guests also have enough staffing problems. The right and center backs will be disqualified and injuries will prevent the attacking midfielder and right striker from entering the field.

Statistics and face-to-face meetings

The Atletico Madrid team and the Besiktas team showed great football last season. The clubs were among the leaders in terms of the number of goals scored. Thanks to the clever management policy, the teams managed to keep almost all of the main players, which means that in the new season the clubs will once again delight fans with offensive and productive football. Therefore, according to our forecasters, one of the best bets on this game is the total bet. Both teams have an excellent offensive and center line, with both clubs playing offensively. In general, a multitude of factors speak in favor of our choice, so we recommend this tariff. We chose the favorite of this confrontation and took care of the home team as the team played very confidently at home last season and even the championship leaders to win the Atletico Madrid team on the field are very, were very difficult. We are sure that the team's management will also play at home this season, so the home team will have a clear advantage in this game. Atletico Madrid team and Besiktas team always play hard, players are not afraid to play until the end so there is a high possibility that the game will be difficult. Based on this, we recommend another bet - the total is above the yellow cards. At personal meetings of the teams last season they beat the specified amount, so our forecasters see nothing that will not allow this this season.

Atletico Madrid - Besiktas: who is the favorite of the upcoming meeting?

Atletico Madrid - Besiktas. Football forecast (08/07/20)

A very interesting game - the meeting between the Atletico Madrid team and the Besiktas team. Judging by the friendlies, the off-season and break were good for the players on both teams. Not only were the clubs able to determine the line-up they would play in this season, but they were also able to resolve a number of personnel issues - saying goodbye to some players and inviting others to join the team. It is still too early to say how the newcomers will prove themselves in their new clubs as their main games are still ahead. Suffice it to say that now all the thoughts of footballers and managers are focused on performing well this season. And for this you need to lay a solid foundation in the form of victories at the beginning of the championship. We would like to remind you that these clubs had pretty heated arguments last season in which the players were fighting for every goal. Most likely something similar awaits us in this game as well. We therefore recommend playing more yellow cards. Given that the players have only recently got back from vacation and have not had enough practice given official games, we think that the total of the game should be played longer as the partners have not yet been played properly, which can lead to errors. And the Atletico Madrid team and Besiktas team have a good center line and a good attack where there are a lot of players with a good finish. If you choose the favorite of the game, the compassion of our forecasters is on the home team's side. Atletico Madrid's squad still have a stronger squad and the domestic standing factor also speaks for the home team. Although the guests here can play enough for a tie.

Atletico Madrid - Besiktas: There will be a lot of individual fights, no goals

A wonderful football evening awaits all fans of this sport. The Atletico Madrid team and the Besiktas team delighted their fans with a great game last season. According to the managers of these football clubs, the game of the teams will noticeably improve in the new season, which will not only bring new victories and successes at club level, but also allow fans to love their club even more. The matches between the Atletico Madrid team and the Besiktas team are always interesting as these teams have always played against some of the best footballers of our time. Something incredible has always happened here that can be compared to fairy magic. We expect something similar from this confrontation. Club managers said that now, as the championship is just picking up steam, it is extremely important to start your journey with wins. This strengthens the team spirit and allows you to feel more secure in the future, especially when the European tournaments begin, in which one and the other teams participate. We therefore recommend watching the match between the Atletico Madrid team and the Besiktas team. Both football clubs will try to demonstrate quality and efficient football here and our experts have taken care of the predictions.

In order to analyze and find interesting predictions for the game between Atletico Madrid and Besiktas, our experts had to compile a large amount of information. These include last season's games played by clubs and friendlies in which the teams played in the off-season. We also worked with the lineups to find out how useful the players are who left, stayed, and came. All of this allowed us to draw certain conclusions, which are reflected in our projections. Atletico Madrid and Besiktas are clubs that played offensively last season. However, this style of play will not be acceptable to one of the teams, as a number of players responsible for creativity and implementation have left the club. New performers have been added in their place, but it is unlikely that the mentor will immediately build the entire team's games through newcomers. Most likely, the club will choose a defensive style and try to threaten the opponent's goal in counterattacks. The other team kept their leaders, so we believe that the coach hasn't touched the old tactical scheme here and left it unchanged. So our forecasters see several options for developing events in this game, but the most realistic one will be if one team is constantly attacking while the other is trying to destroy the attacks, resulting in lightning-fast counterattacks. Regardless of the tactics the mentors choose for their players, we believe that the game will prove interesting and will satisfy the "hunger" of fans who miss football.

Atletico Madrid - Besiktas: statistics and head-to-head history
Our experts always try to choose the most interesting football matches from the entertainment point of view for prediction. In the near future there will be a game between the two football clubs which are showing excellent results this season. Atletico Madrid and Besiktas have been bitter rivals for some time. At the same time, these soccer teams simply show fantastic soccer in face-to-face meetings. The games between these football clubs will be remembered for a long time as the players play with full commitment and try to show their maximum skills. Team managers use unusual tactics to prepare each other's surprises. In general, there is a real show taking place on the football field, which the fans are indescribably enthusiastic about. We expect something similar in this game. According to the team managers, all key players are ready to take part in the game from the first minutes of the meeting. This means that today the fans will have an unpredictable game as the team leaders can come up with a non-standard solution in any game situation. Our experts have prepared predictions for this game. You can find them in detail below. We recommend placing bets on this confrontation not only before the game but also during the game, as the bookmakers may come up with a good offer with high odds.


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