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Barcelona - Inter 24.10 Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips



On Wednesday evening in Barcelona there will be a match of the 3rd round of the Champions League group stage, where the eponymous football club will take on Inter Milan.


The last time these teams met in the Champions League playoffs was in 2010, when they exchanged home wins (3: 1, 1: 0), but then the Nerazzurri went on. I wonder if blue garnet will be able to take revenge after so many years?

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Barcelona is doing well in the Champions League, because so far the team has not stumbled. So, Valverde's charges managed to crush PSV (4: 0) and Tottenham (2: 4). Yes, before the break for the national teams, the Catalans began to "fade”, but the break stirred them up a bit. But the problems in the defense became only more, because the "blue garnet” left only 2 central defenders ...


In turn, Inter noted his return to the Champions League with the help of two victories at the start. That is, first Spalletti's wards managed to snatch a victory from Tottenham (2: 1), and then - from PSV (1: 2). And in general, now the Nerazzurri has a great run, but the Milan derby took a lot of energy from the team ...


Bookmakers are fully inclined to win Barcelona, ​​because in general, Inter gives them. However, the Catalans have problems with defense, and the Milan team is quite a powerful attack. Most likely, the guests will be able to surprise, at least a scored goal ...

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Free prediction for the match Barcelona - Inter: "Inter will score." The bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.5 for such an outcome.


The third round of the championship league will continue on Wednesday. By tradition, a lot of intriguing sporting events are expected on the reporting day. One of the main will be the confrontation between Barcelona and Inter. Catalonia is ready to accept someone who, in 2010, brazenly cut off the dream of the entire autonomous community for the final against Bavaria. Camp Nou did not forget the offender.


In addition to the clubs that appear on the poster that you read, Tottenham and PSV are also in group B. It is in the future two-part confrontation that the first line will be largely decided. "Blue garnet" quite unexpectedly (sarcasm) are considered the favorite. The Italian team is far from the one that, so eight years ago, managed to bring the favorite to its knees. Therefore, faith in the guests is not enough.



In a separate paragraph I want to talk about the match of the last round of the regular Spanish championship, in which the Catalan team confronted Seville. It was the twentieth of October that managed to win the first line in the La Liga tourist table. The visiting guest resisted, even scored two goals, but this was not enough for four accurate shots from the Blaugrandas. Despite the victory, Barca fans will be remembered for the match because Messi broke his arm.

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Let's go back to the championship league. In the starting two rounds of the most prestigious club tournament "blue garnet" won twice. Both Tottenham and PSV received four goals in their own goals. There is no doubt that in the next match, even without Messi, but the hosts will try to play efficiently. The benefit ahead runs a brood of talents, which together can replace the Argentine.



Like the future opponent, the "snakes" are in excellent psychological condition. There is no doubt that in the plane, which will land in Catalonia, not a single ten jokes will sound. The reason for this is simple - in the last round of the Italian regular championship, the "blue-blacks” managed to defeat Milan with the score 1: 0 in the principle match. Gattuzon is probably angry now.


However, the Italian mentor has nothing to kick for bad luck, because the "snakes" were obliged to close the Milanists with a more confident account. After such a triumph, the "black and blue” reached the third spot in Serie A. In the Champions League team, everything is fine too - two wins in the starting rounds. It remains only not to fall into the mud of his face in Barcelona. The guests will come in order to check the hardening of the back line in the most combat conditions.

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Prediction for this match

At the "Camp Nou” will not leave the idol of modern football, sad to say, but Messi will not help the team in the near future. Even this loss should not affect the creative component of the Catalans in the next match.


Bet - Barcelona win with a handicap of -1.5.


Next Wednesday, Barcelona at the Camp Nou will receive Milan Inter. The situation in group B is such that the Catalans and Milanese are leaders, with a maximum of points, while PSV and Tottenham share the third-fourth place with zero points in the asset. Accordingly, who will win the upcoming meeting, he will lead the peloton. Bookmakers consider Barsik as obvious favorites and it’s hard to argue with the exposed line, despite Messi’s injury and his absence in the upcoming game.

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Sure win

Barcelona won Seville on October 20 with a score of 4: 2 and regained its leadership in the La Liga standings. At the moment, the Catalan assets have 18 points, the Blaugranas has a handicap in front of the closest pursuers, Espanyol and Alaves, in one point. In the first two matches of the Champions League, against PSV and Tottenham, Barca achieved two victories: 4: 0 and 4: 2, respectively.


Derby win

Inter flies to Barcelona in a great mood, the team from Milan this past weekend turned out to be stronger than the Gattuso team, beating their sworn enemy in the Milan derby with a score of 1-0. It should be said that Victoria turned out to be well-deserved, the "snakes” should have scored Donnarumme in the first half, lacked a little accuracy. After this victory, Inter came out on a clean third place in Serie A, six points behind Juventus.



Barca has lost its leader, but in his field the Catalans and without Messi are able to win anyone with a crushing score. Inter is currently a force in Europe, but it is unlikely that the Italians will succeed in taking at least one point at the Camp Nou. Our free prediction for this meeting: Barcelona victory

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Barcelona will take on Inter at Camp Nou in the third round of the Champions League. It is clear that the hosts will be favorites, however, without Messi, getting the final victory will be somewhat harder.


Leo broke his arm and will miss not only the game with Inter, but also the closest classic, who is also probably in the head of Barcelona football players. Nevertheless, in the Champions League is a very important struggle for leadership in the quartet. I see an uneasy duel here and it will be much harder to overcome defensive constructions of interists without a genius, so maybe a very viscous match awaits us.

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Inter in the derby was able to once again use the help of Spalletti time and won against Milaan in stoppage time. The team gave a lot of strength, nevertheless, the game looked viscous and now this model of building the game must be transferred to Camp Nou. Surely, without the ball, Inter will be running more, but the team is ready physically and psychologically for the control room and go and break its defense. In any case, black and blue will fight ..


I see a very viscous football in this game, which a priori because of the style of playing guests cannot be top-level, and even the blue garnet attack has suffered greatly, so they will be a priority, while the alternatives of X1 P1 and the favorite's victory through TM 3.5.

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The Spanish Grand goes to the current draw without a loss, having two wins in a row, but in the championship, Barcelona is not doing so smoothly, even if the club is leading in the standings. The defeat of Leganes and the draw against Athletics, Girona and Valencia slightly undercut the hegemony of the Catalans in Example. Barca will have to spend a difficult season, and we have no doubt that the wards of Ernesto Valverde are able to achieve maximum results on its results. In the Champions League Barcelona will have a duel for leadership in the group with Inter, who, like the Catalans, scored six points in the starting rounds.


The composition of Barcelona, ​​perhaps the best in the world. Valverde has almost unlimited choices at every position. See for yourself, if you completely remove the players of the base, we still get a powerful team: Silessen - Sergio Roberto, Lengle, Vermaelen, Samper - Wiedel, Arthur, Rafina - Dembele, El Hadaddi, Malcolm. Apart from Barcelona, ​​there is only Messi, without which this team would lose the gloss and status of an invincible car.

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The resurrection of Inter European ambitions is more than successful. The team claims to enter the playoffs in a very difficult group, showing a fairly high level of football. Under the leadership of Spalletti, the Milan Grand found some stability in terms of the game being demonstrated, which instantly affected the team’s results. Inter claims a high position in the championship, where the priority will try to dislodge Napoli from the second second place.


The composition of Inter seriously strengthened over the two extreme seasons. Inter can now flaunt the presence of such players as Screenriard, Miranda, Asamoah, de Vray, Vesino, Nainggolan, Martinez and others. The leader and captain of the team is the Argentine striker Mario Icardi, who is not particularly in demand in his national team due to the presence of stars like Messi, Aguero and Dybala in it.



Barcelona and Inter will hold one of the most interesting matches of this game of the day in the Champions League, and here we have every chance to see football of the highest level. Barcelona is considered the favorite of the standoff, to win which bookmakers give a coefficient of 1.50. We have a odds ratio of 4.84 for a drawn match, and 6.70 for Inter victory. Popular total bets on a match are estimated by the following figures: "total is over 2.5” for 1.47, "total is less than 2.5” for 2.61.

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Barcelona will have a clear advantage over Inter, because the Spanish Grand has a much more harmonious game and elegant style. It’s too early for Inter to fight with football monsters, like Barcelona, ​​and in this match we are waiting for the confident victory of the Catalan grand in our arena under the roar of the crowd.


Bet: Barcelona win (P1) – 1.50.


In this duel two leaders of group "B” will play. Inter will try to take away points on the road from Barcelona. We offer an expert forecast for this meeting.


"Barcelona” at the weekend effectively returned the lead to itself, having beaten Sevilla (4: 2) in a full-time match. The Catalans won and did with the score (3: 0), but in the end missed two goals. However, this is only the second such success of the Valverde team over the past six meetings. In other fights of La Liga, "blue-garnet” played a draw with "Girona” (2: 2), "Athletics” (1: 1) and "Valencia” (1: 1), lost to "Leganes” (1: 2), and in the Champions League, Tottenham won (4: 2). In the first round of the Champions League, we recall, Barça did not leave a stone unturned in PSV, defeating the Dutch (4: 0).

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However, the Catalans suffered one significant nuisance. Lionel Messi received a fracture of the radius, so he will not play in the upcoming fight. Besides him, Barça's defenders Samuel Yumtiti and Thomas Vermalen are injured.



"Inter" this weekend also achieved an important victory. Neradzurri in the derby minimally won Milan (1-0), scoring a goal in the last minutes of the match. It is worth noting that in Serie A "Inter” began to win after successes in the Champions League. The start of the season Spalletti team failed, winning only one of four fights. But the victory over Tottenham (2: 1) in the first round of the Champions League was the first triumph in the seven-match winning streak of "black and blue”. In the Inter championship, during this period, Sampdoria (1: 0) and Fiorentina (2: 1) won, and in the second round, the Champions League gained a strong-willed victory away from PSV (2: 1).

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Inter also has losses before meeting with Bars, although they are incompatible with Catalan. Raja Nainggolan will not be able to play in Spain. In addition, some problems are present in Ivan Perisic and Marcelo Brozovich.



Barcelona have won only two of the last six fights.

The win-win home series of the Catalans at Camp Nou in the Champions League reached 27 matches.

All six previous home meetings in the Champions League "Barcelona" won with a difference of more than one goal.

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Inter's winning streak is equal to seven fights.

On the road, the Nerazzurri won four games in a row.

Barcelona and Inter have played ten fights together. Five of them were won by the Catalans, and in two by the Italians. The last confrontation of these clubs dates back to 2010, when Inter won at home (3: 1), and lost to Camp Nou (0: 1).



 Despite an amazing winning streak, Inter is now too early to sign up for the grants of European football, because only Tottenham Hotspur was the only really strong contender of the Nerazzurri during this period. The Spalletti team in the upcoming meeting could be helped by the absence of Lionel Messi, but Barça has someone to score without the legendary Argentine. Dembele and Coutinho were played out, can take on the burden of leadership Suarez. Considering that the teams will play at the Camp Nou, we will put a small handicap on the hosts here.

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Our forecast is Barcelona victory in 1-2 goals for 2.26



Last matches. Until mid-September, everything went like clockwork. Then there was a draw with "Girona”, the defeat of "Leganés”, again a draw with "Athletics” from Bilbao and the division of points with "Valencia”. But this is all a domestic championship, and in the Champions League everything is great: 2 matches - 2 wins, 6 goals, 2 missed ones.

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Personnel situation. The main news is the trauma of the ideological mastermind of Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi. The Argentine idol broke the radial bone of his right hand and now will definitely miss this match and the legendary El Classico.


For the first time in 11 years, by the way. We will remind that earlier Umtiti and Vermaelen were registered in the infirmary.


What to look for. The Catalans almost do not use horse game. According to the number of "top” won, "Barcelona” ranks second from the bottom. This means that it will be possible to view the bets on horse duels in favor of Inter.

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Last matches. With the Champions League, Inter's winning streak counts seven matches already. But only one win was two goals away. All others are minimal. But also note that in five of the last seven matches, Spalletti's guys scored at least twice.


Personnel situation. The Snakes also lost a leader. Not so large, but it is worth considering. In the last match against Milan, Raja Nainggolan dislocated his ankle, and now it is not clear whether the Belgian will play against the Catalans.

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What to look for. Inter's players distribute 2.5 times as many long key passes as Barcelona players.



Key programs may follow standards. If anything, the Italians serve an average of 4.5 crosses in the game, and the Spaniards - only 0.5 cross.


Plus angular. The average "blaugranas” - 4.5 korner per game. Y Nerazzurri has exactly 7. We predict the control of the ball from Barcelona, ​​and the Italian club's contra actions may well lead to a good fight for submissions from the corner of the field.

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Our forecast is "Corner: F2 (+2.5)” for 2.00.


In the 3rd round of the Champions League in the group stage on October 24, 2018 at 22:00 at the Camp Nou stadium, Barcelona will host Inter.


Barcelona takes the first position in Group B, with six points scored and a goal difference of 8: 2. Excellent results, allowing to count on the passage in the playoffs. The striker Messi is in excellent shape. He has already managed to score five goals against his opponents and heads the list of the top scorers in the Champions League. In the first round at home, Barça defeated PSV 4-0, after which, with a big score of 4-2, she defeated Tottenham. Not bad things are going with "Catalan” and in the home championship, where they defeated their main rival Seville.

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Inter may surprise many this year and now the team is in second place in Group B, gaining the same number of points with the leader. Over the past two tours, the club scored four goals, two of which were put in the goal by football player Icardi. In Serie A, the Italians are already winning five meetings in a row.


Speaking against Inter at Camp Nou, Barcelona won all three fights, and did not miss a single goal. "Catalans" are superior to their rival in composition and, being supported by their tribunes, will be able to defeat Inter, despite its successful performance. Bet: Barcelona victory - P1.

Free soccer tips

Forecast: П1 with coefficient 1.5


On Wednesday in Barcelona, ​​the undisputed leaders of Group B of the Champions League will be able to sort things out. But if this status of Barcelona was predictable, then from Inter few expected a serious breakthrough.


After 4: 0 victories over PSV and 4: 2 over Tottenham, the Catalans climbed to the top spot in their group. Despite the problems with the results in La Liga, the Champions League for Valverde wards runs more than smoothly. However, in the last round of the championship, where Blaugrandas won Sevilla 4-2, there was an unpleasant event - the injury of Lionel Messi. As a result, the club leader flew for several weeks and created serious problems for him in the attack.

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Inter surprised everyone with his will to win. The matches against Tottenham and PSV ended with the same score 2: 1, while Neradzurri was inferior in the score 0: 1. Luciano Spalletti managed to instill iron character and self-confidence in his wards. This was evident in the last duel in Serie A, in which the Snakes celebrated a 1-0 victory in the Milan derby.


The obvious favorite of this confrontation is the owners. In the Champions League at Camp Nou, they are almost invincible. And Inter, despite its current form and results, is unlikely to be able to stand on a par with Catalan stars.

Free soccer tips

Barcelona victory with a handicap (-1) at 1.75


Quite an exciting confrontation Wednesday, will be the match between Barcelona and Inter. The extreme confrontation between them is the match of 2010, in which the teams delighted with their home wins - 3: 1 and 1: 0, but the Italians managed to go on.

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"Blue garnet" quite powerful act in the Champions League, and in the championship so far are leading. In the first game, Valverde squad defeated 4: 0 PSV, while in the second they went around 2: 4 to Tottenham. It is important to note that the team has difficulties with protection, because many players are basics in the hospital.


Nerazzurri celebrated their return to the Champions League quite well, since the team started with two wins - 2: 1 for Tottenham and 1: 2 for PSV. Now the club has a white stripe, and in the extreme duel they managed to beat 1: 0 Milan.

Free soccer tips

The forecast for the match Barcelona - Inter, TB0.5 from the guests. Of course, the owners look more powerful, but they have difficulties with protection, besides Messi was damaged and will miss the fight. Most likely that the "snake" will be able to score.

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