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Bayern - Herta 02/23/2019 Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips


Bayern have had some teething problems in the Bundesliga this season. In the meantime, the record champion is clearly better on the way and could perhaps crown his catching-up on the front runner Dortmund with the championship. In the next two games Bayern will be particularly hot, because against Hertha and then against Gladbach there were two quite bitter bankruptcies in the first round. But now the crucial phase starts and now the Bavarians can afford no more slips. Of course, they are the big favorite against Hertha on Saturday, but the Berliners certainly have what it takes to act as a stumbling block.

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The Munich but can not use that will do everything possible to further reduce the gap of three points to BVB. At first glance, a prediction for a home win should be consistent in the duel between Bayern and Hertha, but caution is appropriate. In the last season, the Berlin fought one point in the Allianz Arena and are unbeaten in four games against the top 3 of the league this season. In addition, the captains away from home were finally strong on the road. In the classification, the team of Pal Dardai are ninth, but only three points behind sixth and the Europa League. The Berliners are still in the midst of the fight for Europe. Perhaps Berlin could take something away with the recent good away results. It seems at least not completely excluded to use the odds on the double chance for the Berlin in the game between Bayern and Hertha. These are with up to 5.50 enormously high and equally interesting. Bayern could also be the match of Tuesday in the Champions League in Liverpool in the

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Bayern - Statistics & Current Form

Bavaria logo

A game against Hertha is still something special for Niko Kovac. But the Croatian feelings about his first professional club and also about the capital have to be faded out, because the Bavarians have smelt fools and are still active on three weddings. It can be seen that the first half is self-explanatory, but that it only really matters in the crunch time of the season. Meanwhile, Bayern Munich has been unbeaten for four games. The Munich have made in the Bundesliga a big step, have played with the victory in Berlin in the quarter-finals of the DFB Cup and created by the 0-0 in Liverpool not a bad starting position for the second leg in three weeks. The Bavarians are thus in attack mode, have shown weaknesses here and there. Especially on the defensive it did not go well, let's just say from the game on Anfiel Road. Niko Kovac still has a lot of work to do. We think it will be hard to be so focused on Saturday's defense.


Therefore, we would give in the duel between Bayern and Hertha a tip that both teams will meet. That was actually planned on Tuesday in Liverpool. Tactically, the Bavarian but delivered a mature performance. However, this lacked in the offensive on the necessary penetration.

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"From the game against Liverpool we can take a lot, including for the game against Hertha. We want to present in the championship fight and catch up with BVB at least until Sunday. "


Niko Kovac

At the end there was a 0: 0 to Beech. Bärenstark Thiago and Javi Martinez presented next Mats Hummels. If the two Spaniards were together on the pitch in the Bundesliga, there were six wins in six games. On Saturday, both should play together again in central midfield. Niko Kovac makes it clear that the defensive work of Tuesday is to serve as an example for the duel against Hertha and that a victory is important to put Dortmund under pressure. The question is whether Mats can support Hummels, who returned from England with a cold. Otherwise, only Arjen Robben and Corentin Tolisso will be missing. Some actors might get a little break on Saturday. It can be assumed that the internationally suspended Thomas Müller will start against Hertha.

Expected formation of Bavaria:

New - Kimmich, Süle, Hummels, Alaba - Javi Martinez, Thiago - Gnabry, Müller, Ribery - Lewandowski - Coach: Kovac

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Last matches of Bayern:

19.02.2019 - Liverpool Vs. Bayern 0: 0 (Champions League)

15.02.2019 - Augsburg vs. Germany Bayern 2: 3 (Bundesliga)

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09.02.2019 - Bayern vs. Germany Schalke 3: 1 (Bundesliga)

06.02.2019 - Hertha Vs. Bavaria 2: 3 n.V. (DFB-cup)

02.02.2019 - Leverkusen Vs. Bayern 3: 1 (Bundesliga)

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Hertha - Statistics & Current Form

Hertha logo

It was always a great strength of the Berliners that they were successful in their own stadium. In some cases, the Hertha kickers have always been called out-of-doors-dubs in recent years, because they usually only appeared abroad as a point supplier. In the last few weeks, the situation has changed somewhat. In 2019, the Berlin won no home game, but recently won away twice, including at Borussia Mönchengladbach, the team that has previously won nine home wins in a row. With the capitals so also in the Allianz Arena should be expected. We can imagine to make a prediction on a division of points in the game between Bayern and Hertha, but hold the double chance X2 for the better variant. In addition, the Berlin have to do something good, because at the beginning of the month there was a defeat in the DFB Cup against Bayern, but only after extra time. Even then, Hertha could keep up with the record champions.

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The Elf of Pal Dardai suffered a bitter loss last Sunday. Davie Selke brought his team early in the lead 1-0. Although the visitors of Werder Bremen were a bit stronger, the Berlin kept the lead until the sixth minute of stoppage time before Werder came to equalize. This match has again shown that the Hertha is unpleasant to play and therefore the confidence in Pal Dardai is very large.


"We do not go to Munich just to be there and participate. We also want to take something there. "

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Pal Dardai

He definitely makes it clear that he does not travel to Munich for tourism purposes, but wants to take something countable home with him. Personally, the Berlin are severely shaken. Luckassen, Pekarik, Kade, Dilrosun, Plattenhardt, Torunarigha and Leckie will all be missing. Vedad Ibisevic also has a yellow card suspension. In addition, there is a question mark behind the health of Arne Maier. His mission will probably decide finally on Saturday.

Expected formation of Hertha:

Jarstein - Lazaro, Stark, Rekik, Mittelstaedt - Lustenberger - Grujic, Maier, Duda, Kalou - Selke - Coach: Dardai

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Last Games by Hertha:

16.02.2019 - Hertha Vs. Werder Bremen 1: 1 (Bundesliga)

09.02.2019 - Gladbach vs. Hertha 0: 3 (Bundesliga)

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06.02.2019 - Hertha Vs. Bavaria 2: 3 n.V. (DFB-cup)

02.02.2019 - Hertha Vs. Wolfsburg 0: 1 (Bundesliga)

25.01.2019 - Hertha Vs. Schalke 2: 2 (Bundesliga)


Bayern vs. Hertha Germany Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

Overall, Bayern München and Hertha BSC faced each other in 74 games. The direct comparison is a clear affair for the record champions with 42:12 victories. However, the Hertha has the Bayern also a further 20 times a draw buttoned. In the Bundesliga, the Munich have not won since four games against Hertha. Three times, this pair came out with a draw, the first leg won the Berlin at home with 2: 0. In the DFB Pokal Bayern were able to retaliate when they won just over two weeks ago in Berlin 3-2 after extra time. Maximilian Mittelstädt scored the 1: 0 for Berlin. Serge Gnabry turned the tables over with a double. The 2-2 by Davie Selke meant the extension, in which Kingsley Coman marked the decisive goal for Bayern.

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Bayern v Hertha Germany Tipp & Prognosis - 23.02.2019

The Bavarians are working to regain their sovereignty. This has not been achieved regularly in the past few weeks as desired. However, the 0-0 draw in the Champions League in Liverpool was clearly a step in the right direction. Nevertheless, we still do not see the Bavarians at their zenith. In addition, Berlin has distinguished itself in recent years as a fear opponent of Munich. In the Bundesliga Bayern have been without victory in the last four games against Hertha and were able to prevail in the DFB Pokal recently also only after extra time. This sounds like it would be worthwhile before the match between Bayern and Hertha to have the odds on at least one point win the Berlin in mind.


Key facts - Bayern vs. Hertha tip

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Hertha did not lose any of the top three in the league this season.

Although Hertha did not win a home game in 2019, they remained victorious twice away in succession.

Bayern have not lost for four games.

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Another fact is that Berlin has taken three wins and a draw in four matches this season against the top three in the table. Especially against the top teams Pal Dardai seems to be setting up his team perfectly. Bayern have not lost in four games since. We expect a passionate appearance of the guests and have a heart for the outsider in this match. In the match between Bayern and Hertha we would dare to take a double chance X2.


Analysis of composition and tactics forecast

Bavaria 4-2-4 | Hertha 3-4-3

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Hertha with Bavaria has already played twice this season. Both times Gert played 4-3-3 in September with 4-2-3-1, Bayern and the last game of the Cup with 4-2-3-1. In this game 4-3-3 are waiting for Herta, which is very similar to the 3-4-3, with defender Lustenberger being almost the 3rd CH. ). Ibishevich will miss the match, but was taken to the bench by Davy Zelke. All questions on the left edge of the defense. Two players beat Plattenhardt and Tarounaring. But there is Mittelstadt, who played 3 positions left this season. Bayern 4-2-3-1. After the game in Liverpool Bayern will most likely return to a more offensive system.


Prediction for the match Bayern - Hertha

Bayern played a very careful game in Liverpool. It was obvious that Niko Kovac was afraid of a rival. Bavaria tried to work actively on the pressure, which of course costs a lot of energy. Hence, the search for breaks in any convenient and unpleasant event. In general, Kovac's tactic worked, although the opponent had several different moments, but the reaction was heavily influenced by the "breath of the opponent". Again very strict trying to play Bayern. Of course it will not be easy to recover from such a game.

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Herta makes a good impression with her game. An extremely balanced team in all areas. The main problem of Hertha is the infirmary. In the second round, however, the situation has improved noticeably.


Hertha is a young team, in good shape, almost all young stars of the team in the ranks and in good shape. Judging from the game in the away games this season, the team feels confident in the away game, especially among the leaders (DB, BM).


There are questions about Bavaria. Switch to Bavaria on the attacking wave. Nevertheless, the game against Liverpool was by no means standard in Munich. The overall match depends on it.

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But this time I do not put Bayern on. I expect a goal from Hertha and the fight for points.



The flagship of German football risked this season's championship of Borussia Dortmund, which is three points ahead of the team from Munich. Such a gap looks miserable, because the German teams still have a long tournament distance in front of them. Niko Kovac's districts recently had a tough game against Liverpool, in which Bayern had previously suspended the game, minimizing the danger at their gates (0: 0). Bayern recently played with Gerta in the German Cup, and Bayern won (3-2 (2-2)).

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Niko Kovac has the best team in the German championship, but many players of this team are not at the peak of their form. Footballers like Boateng, Ribery, Muller and Tiago Alcantara do not show the best football. On the other hand, the progress of players like Gnabri, Koman, Süle, Goretsk and Kimmich is noticeable. Given the financial capacity of the Munich club, there will undoubtedly be a qualitative restructuring of the team this coming summer.



The capital club has a pretty good reputation in national football and many expect Herta a place in the European Cup. However, Hertha can not show consistently high results throughout the tournament. Now the team is in ninth place in the table. Now the Berlin team is three points behind the European Cup zone, and this is just a miser that Paul Dardai stations can easily regain from their competitors.

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For fans of the capital club, the financing of Garth is unfortunately not at the highest level. The management is in no hurry to spend millions on strengthening their offspring. Therefore, we should not expect a significant jump in results of this team. Leaders of modern Hertha are players like Kalu, Duda, Lazaro, Gruić, Rekik and Yarstein.



The favorite of the game is the home team, and the bookies do not particularly believe in the victory of the capital club. On the victory of the Munich team give the bookmakers a coefficient of 1.23, a draw of 6.85 on a victory of the capital club 16.00. Interesting numbers of bookmakers received popular total bets: "total over 2.5" for 1.35, "total under 2.5" for 3.10. Here BC relies on the high performance of the game.

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In Bavaria there are eternal problems in full-time confrontations with Gerta. If the team from Munich and wins, then it does so with difficulty and with a minimum advantage over the rivals. Bookmakers allow us to make a profitable bet on the visiting team with a profitable plus handicap, which will be our prediction.


Bet: Herta's win with a handicap (+2.5) – 1.62.

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Vadtsat third number five games of the twenty-third round of the German elite football championship. In this analysis I would like to discuss the topic of the confrontation between Bavaria and Hertha. The whistle sounds at 17:30 Moscow time. The stadium, popularly known as the "Allianz Arena", will be responsible for such an event. Sign looks decent.


Do we have to say that the powers are simply too weak to bring the Reds in the domestic arena to the rank of outsider? Each time a story repeats, no matter what state the Kovacs troop is in, the "omniscient" people continue to believe it as if the farmers had intoxicating properties of water. Let's try to find a profitable quota because the number 1.23 is not good.

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The team put together the framework after a humiliating away defeat by Bayer on 2 February. Then came the positive streak that has three wins and one world. I would like to comment on the draw result. On January 19, the boys visited Liverpool in the knockout stages of the Champions League. The event proved to be tense, but none of the teams could open an account. World 0: 0 plays the leg of the Germans.

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Also in the inner scene there are own problems. On the eve of the mission, the boys are still in second place. How well did it turn out that the opponent in Dortmund, who is in front of him, started a fateful line. The gap to gold medals is currently only three points. In the home stadium Bayern won fifteen times in 22 games.



The Berlin team is in questionable condition - in the last five bouts there is only an away win against Borussia from Mönchengladbach. In the last round of the championship the boys brought Werder to their own territory. The event was offensive. How else can one describe such a picture - Zelke opens the scoring in the middle of the first half, but Pizarro compares the score in the 96th minute.

Free soccer picks

The loss of points took place on a level surface. On the eve of the twenty-third round of "peasants" are in the ninth row. This impressive piece of the season scored thirty-two points. Boys look towards the European Cup, where there is a bright future. It is also necessary to mention the exit statistics. In eleven such sparrows four victories took place.


Prediction for this game

The hosts were silent throughout the game with Liverpool. Now the players want to express themselves. The guests look good outside of the local walls, so we can expect a mutual exchange of punches.

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Bet - both teams will score.


On 23 February Bayern will try to take revenge for the defeat of Hertha in the first round of this season. Will the potential owners win breakers? - All details in our forecast.


Defeat of "Bayer" (1: 3) was the only fly in the Bavarian honey barrel. The current German champion had ten fights at this time of the year and beat his rival in nine. In the last round, "Bavaria" met with "Augsburg" in his field. A modest club moved into the middle of the first half (2: 1).

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Then Kingsley Coman scored a goal "in the locker room" and David Alaba in the 53rd minute gave no sensation. Our prognosis is that both wills were (yes) right.


The team of Niko Kovacs is second with 48 points, the leader - Borussia D is three points more, the third Borussia M is five points less. In the week, the FC Hollywood reached in the first knockout round of Anfield (0: 0) an acceptable result. Today Kingsley Coman, Arjen Robin and Corenten Tolisso mentioned above will not play for him.

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Last week, "Hertha" miraculously did not hold the winner's score in the duel against the "Bremen". The game was close to the final whistle. Claudio Pizarro scored a penalty in the 96th minute. Not the most dangerous blow was a problem for the old lady keeper Rune Yarstein. In this meeting we gave a forecast for F1 (0) and got a refund at the rate.


The Capital Club scored 32 points and finished ninth. In the beginning of February he lost a minimum to the Berlin "Wolfsburg" (0: 1). Seven days later he beat Borussia in Mönchengladbach (3: 0). Vedad Ibishevich, Martin Plattenhardt and others will not play for the guests today. In the next round they play with Mainz at the Olimpia Stadione.



Statistics and personal meetings

In the winter Bayern scored four wins with 2.5 goals difference.

This season, "Hertha" had two losses with 2.5 goals difference.

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The personal meeting of the first round in Berlin ended with 2: 0.

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"Bavaria" is not so convincing this season. The hosts returned home after a difficult visit to Liverpool. "Hertha" is the club that can tickle the nerves of every opponent.


Our forecast is that Berlin wins with a handicap (+2.5) and a bet with odds of 1.62

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Bavaria is second in the Bundesliga ranking. The team has 48 points, 3 points less than the leader Borussia Dortmund. "München" has a good lead of 5 points with the next pursuer, which does not give the club the right to relax.


In the last 6 games of the tournament Kovacs Wards won 5 times and lost once. The point loss occurred in the game against Bayer. The victory "Bayern" celebrated in games with "Eintracht", "Hoffenheim", "Stuttgart", "Schalke" and "Augsburg".

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In the home field, the Red had lost in October against Borussia M., after which the team had an excellent win-win series of 6 games.


In 6 past matches of the Bundesliga with the participation of "Bayern" he scored more than two goals. In addition, the club won in 9 of the last 10 fights.


Robben, Tolisso, Boateng and Goretsk can not participate in the game.

Free soccer picks


"Hertha" in 9th place with 32 points. The defeat in the upcoming game can reduce the team a little, because Bremen "Bremen", which has one point less, pushes from behind.


The "Hertha" is not so smooth in the championship. The visitors lost twice, tied twice and won twice in the last 6 rounds. In matches with "Nuremberg" and "Borussia" M, the team won a victory. With one point they managed to score with "Schalke" and "Werder". Stronger than the "old lady" were "Bayer" and "Wolfsburg".

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Away, Gert won two consecutive wins, before losing two in a row. It is also noteworthy that more than two goals were scored in 6 out of 7 away games of the club.


German quality The Bayern scored a valuable draw at Anfield

Five important conclusions for the first match of the knockout round of the Champions League

Lykkassen, Leki, Pekarik, Gersbeck and Dilrosun may not be used.

Free soccer picks


Bayern is the clear favorite in the fight - 1.21 against 13.0. A draw is estimated at a factor of 7.70.


The teams have already met twice this season. First in autumn as part of the Bundesliga. Then "Hertha" unexpectedly won 2-0. In the German Cup in the main time a draw was recorded (2: 2), the "Munich players" but scored in injury time promotion to the next round.


"Bavaria" had a difficult match this week with "Liverpool" in the Champions League, but in the composition there are other players who can replace the tired ones. Most likely, there will be no problems with the owner's physical condition.

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Therefore, we predict their victory, because now they can lose no more points and keep up with the "Dortmund" even more. Our forecast is a handicap 1 (-2) with a coefficient of 1.86.


On Saturday afternoon, one of the games of the 23rd round of the Bundesliga will be held in Munich, where the local Bayern will compete against Berlin Hertz.


Only two weeks ago, these teams met in the German Cup, as Munich won only in extra time - 2: 2 and 2: 3 after extra time. I wonder what awaits us in the championship game.

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Bayern is the second team in the championship after 22 rounds and this can already be considered a success. A total of 48 points in the fortunes of Niko Kovac's stations, and the distance to Borussia is only 3 points. In any case, Munich could win 15 times this season, play three times in a draw and lose 4 times with a total of 50:26 points. Well, it's worth noting that the team that traveled did not lose Liverpool 0-0 in the Champions League.


In return, Hertha only occupies the 9th tournament table and has currently scored 32 points. Pal Dardai's wins won 8 times, drew 8 times and lost 6 times. The total score was 35:32. Well, the "old lady" does not shine, because she has won only once in the last 5 games - 0: 3 with Menhengladbach Borussia.

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The bookmakers are totally in favor of Bayern's victory because Gert is clearly not in top shape right now. And Munich seems to have solved his defense problems, so there should be no mistake in front of his fans. However, we do not recommend creating a router because the owners are "not the same" anyway ...


Free prediction for the match Bavaria - Hertha: "Herth's win with a handicap of +2.5". The bookmaker pari match offers a coefficient of 1.64 for this result.

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Am Samstag, dem 23. Februar, wird in einem der Spiele der 23. Runde der Bundesliga der Gegner von Bayern und Hertha sein, der in München stattfinden wird. Die Gastgeber sind deutlich leistungsfähiger als die Gäste, mit denen sich auch Buchmacher einig sind. Nun ist die "alte Dame" jedoch nicht so einfach, was bedeutet, dass Sie es nicht einfach auf die Champions setzen sollten ...


Champions sind müde

Im Moment kann Bayern noch nicht mit Borussia Dortmund mithalten, es liegt also in der zweiten Zeile der Bundesliga. Tatsächlich haben die Stationen von Niko Kovacs nach Oktober deutlich zugenommen, weshalb sie in 22 Spielen 48 Punkte erzielten. Aber 2019 glänzt der Münchner nicht, obwohl sie meistens gewinnen. Nur in den Stärken der Champions gibt es offensichtliche Probleme, und die Verteidigung ist nicht sehr zuverlässig. Vergessen Sie nicht, dass Bayern am Dienstag mit Liverpool unterwegs war und das erste Duell unentschieden endete - 0: 0.

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Keine Siege, aber keine Chance

Zur gleichen Zeit zeigt Hertha in dieser Saison einen akzeptablen Fußball, der es der Mannschaft erlaubt, in der 9. Zeile der Tabelle zu sitzen. Dies ist jedoch offensichtlich nicht die Grenze für die "alte Dame", da der Abstand zur 5. Linie nur 4 Punkte beträgt. Die Sache ist, dass die Stationen von Pal Dardai in der laufenden Saison 32 Punkte gewonnen haben, weil sie 8 Mal gewonnen und 8 Mal gezogen haben. Und schließlich zeigt das Team nun ein hartgesottenes Spiel, das in den letzten 6 Kämpfen nur einmal (in der regulären Spielzeit) verloren hat - 0: 1 mit Wolfsburg.

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Bayern übertrifft natürlich Gert an Macht und zu Hause wirkt es viel heller. Es darf jedoch nicht vergessen werden, dass die Münchner jetzt irgendwie deprimiert sind und offensichtlich die Reise nach England müde sind. Außerdem ist die "alte Dame" jetzt bereit, sich jeder Mannschaft zu stellen, was bedeutet, dass dort keine Niederlage erlaubt ist. Unsere kostenlose Spielvorhersage: Herthas Sieg mit einem Handicap (+2.5)

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On the 23rd there will be a confrontation between Bayern and Herta, which will take place during the next round of the German championship. The teams have crossed only a few weeks ago and then the current hosts were 2: 3 successful. Can you repeat your winnings? Let us find out.


The Reds are second since they have scored 48 points. The players of Kovac have 48 points in the account and the distance to the leader is only 3 points. The team was satisfied with wins in 15 rounds, three more draws and four failed times with a goal of 50:26. Let us remember that the club was pretty strong on Tuesday in the Champions League game against Liverpool 0: 0.


"Old Lady" got 32 points, so the team of Dardai in ninth place. The team scored victories in 8 fights, as many world and 6 defeats. Statistics on the goals 35:32. So far, we can not say that the club has achieved a decent shape, because the victory was only one in the five extreme laps.


The forecast for the game "Bayern" - "Hertha", F2 (+2.5). In general, the owners decided the difficulties with the defense, but now the attack does not like often. Most likely, guests can avoid defeat.

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In Munich there will be a meeting of the current state champion with an unpredictable middle-builder in the context of the twenty-third round of the Bundesliga. These teams have already played together twice this season and have always shown us a spectacle.


Bayern is in second place with 48 points in the net and goal difference 50:26, but the gap to the leader is only three points. So Munich can wave at the championship. Especially if they achieved an impressive move in 2019. Last month the Kovacs districts defeated 3: 1 Hoffenheim, 4: 1 Stuttgart, 3: 1 Schalke and 3: 2 Augsburg and lost 1: 3 against Bayer.

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Thirty-two points, the balls of 35:32 and the current ninth position - in principle, Gert should be satisfied with this situation. Last weekend she painted Werder the world 1: 1, before that there were spectacular victories 3-0 in Borussia M and 3: 1 in Nuremberg, a draw with 2: 2 against Schalke and a 0-1 defeat against Wolfsburg.

Free soccer predictions

The obvious favorites of this meeting are the hosts, who are still part of the cohorts of national giants. Most likely, the game will be productive, after all, praise both Bayern and Hertha ostroatakuyuschuyu style of play, but look in the defense is not convincing.


Bayern victory and a total of more than 2.5 at 1.5

Free soccer picks


Bayern have won none of the four previous games against Hertha in the German championship (= 3: 1). This is their longest running defeat in an altercation with everyone in the Bundesliga;


Hertha is the only Bundesliga team that missed out on a single goal from Bayern throughout 2018.


Hertha beat Bayern in none of the 23 away games of the German championship (= 5-18). The last victory over them in Munich she won in October 1977 with a score of 2: 0;

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Bayern won nine of their last ten Bundesliga games and only lost once. During this time she scored 27 points - most;


In five league games in 2019 Bayern has never played against zero, a total of eight goals. The last time she missed more than seven goals in the first five rounds of the second round of the 2001/02 season;

Free soccer predictions

The Bayern won four home games in the Bundesliga in a row, and now they can win six home games for the first time since February 2018. She won eight games in a row on the field and the series was interrupted by a goalless draw against Gerta.


Hertha lost none of the four games of the season against the teams that are now in the top 3 Bundesliga (two Borussia and Bayern), and won ten of twelve possible games in these games;

Free soccer picks

In 22 laps Hertha scored 35 goals. The last time she scored so much at that time in the 2008-09 season;


Hertha have already won two away games in the Bundesliga and can win for the first time since December 2013 in three internationals in a row abroad.


Hertha's Davy Zelke scored six points in the Goal + Paz system in five games of the second round of the German championship (2 goals and 4 assists). Only Julian Brandt scored many points after the winter break.

Free soccer picks


Both teams score and the meeting ends with the home team's victory. The overall performance of the game will surpass three goals.

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Nov 27, 2021Slovenia: Prva ligaAluminijTabor Sezanaover 2.252.013:2WIN
Nov 27, 2021England: Premier LeagueLiverpoolSouthamptonLiverpool -1.51.834:0WIN
Nov 26, 2021Spain: LaLiga2AlcorconLugoover 1.751.741:1WIN 1/2
Nov 26, 2021England: ChampionshipWest BromNottinghamunder 2.51.870:0WIN
Nov 26, 2021Germany: BundesligaStuttgartMainzover 2.51.862:1WIN
Nov 26, 2021Switzerland: Challenge LeagueThunKriensover 2.751.863:1WIN
Nov 26, 2021Switzerland: Challenge LeagueWinterthurSchaffhausenover 2.751.932:5WIN
Nov 26, 2021Netherlands: Eerste DivisieFC VolendamDen BoschFC Volendam -1.251.803:0WIN

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