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Chelsea - Crystal Pelas 04.11. Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips


The English feast this coming Sunday will not please us with a wide variety of battles. Only two matches will take place on this day. In one of these, Chelsea will face off against Crystal Palace. Unstable "eagles" will fly to London and land directly on the Stamford Bridge. The guardians of this holy place are conducting a shadow struggle for the crown of the English state.


But is it worth saying that the "aristocrats” are the clear favorite in this confrontation? The status and reputation of the teams go far ahead. To argue with the position of the omniscient is the same as switching to you with a representative of an English-speaking country. However, would we start writing the article, if at the end we would recommend to put at a factor of 1.24? Such assumptions cause only a feeling of resentment.

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World vs Manchester United on the twentieth had a positive effect on the team of Surry. After the annoying loss of points, the guys won three battles in a row. In the Europa League, BATE was crushed by authority. In the regular championship, Burnley suffered, and in the English League Cup match, he managed to finish Derby Kaundi, who, by the way, is coached by Frank Lampard.


The top of the NPS standings looks promising. There are no more arrogant "citizens" who, at the start of last season, came off so that even the glittering toes were not visible. Literally one successful coincidence of circumstances "pensioners" can climb to the first line. The gap between Manchester City and Liverpool is a measly two points. It is simply impossible to overestimate the importance of the coming battle.


Crystal Palace

It is difficult to look at the statistics of the last matches of the "Eagles”. In five extreme battles, our sad heroes lost four times. There is also a reason for pride - on October 28, our heroes of today managed to snatch a draw at the eighty-third minute against the London Arsenal itself. Such a bright spot does not cover brown spots from lesions against Everton, Wolverhampton, Bournemouth and Middlesbrough.

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Despite the long black band, the guys managed not to fall into the relegation zone. At the moment, the team lives on the fourteenth stage. The separation from the danger zone is only five points. The guests also have a strong tournament motivation, only there is no composition that could compete with the "blue". On the road, the Eagles skated five matches, and only in two cases did they manage to impose their own charter.


Prediction for this match

Under the new Italian coach, the "aristocrats” played in more colorful football. In the home arena, football players no longer try to park the bus, they ride bikes to push opponents. It sounds pathetic, but such a banal line is suitable for the future match.


Bet - Chelsea's individual total is over 2.0.


November 4, 2018 at 19:00 at the Stamford Bridge Stadium will be a match between Chelsea and Crystal Palace as part of the 11th round of the Premier League.


Still in the 18/19 season, Chelsea has not lost to anyone in England, therefore, is on the third line of the championship, with twenty-four points and the difference is scored and missed 24: 7. This season, the Pensioners are really excellent, and the previous round was marked by a crushing victory over Burnley, with a score of 4-0. This shows the ideal shape of the players in the squad, and Azar heads the list of the top scorers in the Premier League, having 3 assists and 7 goals.


The fourteenth place, with eight points and a goal difference of 7:13, is taken by Crystal Palace, who won in only one out of ten fight, and in six lost to his opponents. The team could not win the five previous meetings, but in the past confrontation it showed excellent results against Arsenal, on its own lawn, because it finished the match 2-2.


Taking the Crystal Palace in the home stadium, Chelsea was last able to win, with a minimum advantage of 2-1. There is no doubt that the hosts are superior in all guests and above them in class, so they will get Victoria. But not a big one, so a plus handicap on guests looks like an excellent option. Bet: Crystal Palace will not lose more than 2 goals - F2 (+2).


Forecast: F2 (2) with a coefficient of 1.66


Closing Sunday evening game of the 11th round of the Premier League will be the match in London - Chelsea will take the Crystal Palace.

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Last season, these teams exchanged home wins with the score 2: 1, but will this series continue in the new season?


Chelsea literally burst into the season at once, which is why it is confidently considered one of the leaders of the Premier League. So, in 10 rounds, Sarry’s players scored 24 points - 7 wins and 3 draws with a total score of 24: 7. In addition, the "pensioners" have never lost a season! Well, it should be noted separately that the "pensioners" are now wound up and have been clearing up ...


But Crystal Palace shows a weak game, but so far it is being held on the 14th line of the tournament table. The thing is that in 10 matches, Roy Hodgson’s players have scored only 8 points - 2 wins, 2 draws and 6 losses, and the total score was 7:13. And now it's funny - now the "Eagles” are not the best series, because after 4 extreme rounds of the Premier League, the team scored only 1 point.


Bookmakers are fully inclined to Chelsea victory, as Palace is clearly weaker. Yes, the "eagles" are able to surprise, but mostly at home, but on the road they are only disappointing. In addition, the "pensioners" are now scribbled and are unlikely to stop ...


Free match prediction for Chelsea - Crystal Palace: "Chelsea victory with a handicap of -1.5”. At this outcome, the bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.8.

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Over the past five years, Crystal Palace has become a very difficult opponent for Chelsea. But now the aristocrats are in such good shape that they practically do not look at the statistics.


In the ten rounds of the Premier League, Chelsea won seven times and tied three times with a goal difference of 24: 7. Thus, the wards of Sarry are third and only two points behind the leaders. Their recent results are impressive - wins 3: 1 over BATE in the Europa League, 4: 0 over Burnley in the Premier League and 3: 2 over the Derby in the League Cup.


Crystal Palace - one of the contenders for the fall in the class. This conclusion can be made after the start of the season. Now the Eagles are fourteenth with eight points in the asset. Last week, Hodgson's team stopped Arsenal’s winning streak (2: 2), and before that there were three defeats in a row - 0: 2 from Everton, 0: 1 from Wolverhampton and 1: 2 from Bournemouth.


The home team is the obvious favorite of this confrontation. But many players from the current generation of Crystal Palace already have experience of successful games with Aristocrats, so they are not going to give up without a fight. Most likely, we will see an exchange of effective blows, since both teams include world-class creative players.


Both score at 1.975


Experts of the information and analytical site Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 11th round of the Championship of England Chelsea - Crystal Palace, which will be held at the Stamford Bridge Stadium (Stamford Bridge) on Sunday, November 4, beginning at 19:00 (MSK).



In this game, bookmakers consider Chelsea to be the clear favorite, believing that Maurizio Sarry’s players will win with a difference of at least two or three goals. In the Premier League standings, Chelsea is ranked third with 24 points and two points behind the leading Manchester City and Liverpool. Last weekend, the "Aristcorats” left no chances for Burnley, defeating him away with the score 4: 0 - Morata, Barkley, Willian and Loftus Chick scored a goal. This season, the London club has not lost any of ten matches in the championship of England, having won seven victories and three times in a draw. At the same time, Chelsea won only 4 out of 11 previous matches at home with the same number of draws and three defeats. He scored in the last 11 fights at Stamford Bridge, but only three times during this time left his own goal intact.


Crystal Palace before this tour shares the 13th place with West Ham and Burnley, gaining only eight points and being three points from the relegation zone. Last Sunday, he tied a 2-2 draw at home with Arsenal - Luka Milivojević scored two goals from the penalty spot. Before that, Crystal Palace lost three games in a row with a total score of 1: 5. And he won only one of the nine previous matches, having suffered six defeats. Before that, Palace had not lost in seven league games in a row, winning five of them. On the road, they lost three of the last four matches and in each lost match they missed two goals. Before that, Crystal Palace did not lose in a foreign field in five games in a row, winning three of them and scoring two goals in four cases.

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Last season, these teams exchanged home wins with the same 2: 1 score. For more than 23 years, Chelsea and Crystal Palace have not played a draw since March 1995, when their meeting ended with a score of 0: 0. After that, they met each other 14 times and won Chelsea in ten matches, and Crystal Palace won four more times. It is also worth saying that in six of the last ten matches with each other, the score was 2: 1, and in three of the four remaining matches of the segment, the score was 1: 0.



Site analysts Bookmakers.rf predict Chelsea victory and bet that both teams will score. In the bookmaker's 1xStavka Chelsea win with a score of 2: 0 or 2: 1 (coefficients 6.50 and 7.50, respectively). Bets on the fact that both teams will score will be accepted with a odds of 1.975.

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Chelsea victory - 1.26, a draw - 6.10, Crystal Palace victory – 11.58.


Yes, Chelsea is good, it goes smoothly. He preaches open football, he scores a lot, and he also misses a lot, especially when he plays with stronger teams. For the last 5 games there were three draws for the team, two of them with tops, 2 victories over Southampton and Burnley.


With Burnley sorted out without problems. Despite the absence of Azar, the team played powerfully. Although it is worth noting that the "maroon" is now about nothing, today they missed 4 from BX, so everything is clear.


Chelsea is no luzzo this season. It is strong. Although they have not played with MS and TTX, but they played with Arsenal and Liverpool, where they showed very good football. The team in the Champions League will be, but more is unlikely to pull. Too sweepingly they sometimes play, and defense can be a key aspect in achieving the goal.


Crystal Palace looked very good with Arsenal. Played 2-2. They deserved a draw, even if they scored both goals from the penalty spot. Moments had without them. But the "gunners” there both goals scored after the standard position. Despite this, I really liked the "eagles”. They attacked more, created more chances. Were good on counters, and the movement with the ball and without it was at a high level. The team is not bad at Hodgson, they needed a positive result, it was necessary to grope their game, and I think it worked out with Arsenal. Then the team has two more stamps, and it is unlikely they should be written off with a bill. At the time, they picked up the course, and can fray nerves.


Chelsea Azar is ready for the line-up, but Surry says that the Belgian is unlikely to play 90 minutes. Maybe a replacement. Guests have no new losses.


In this game I will push off from Crystal Palace. "Eagles” at a party slaughtered more than at home. On the counter, the team is good. Not only scored in 1 out of 5, Everton, and then did not score a penalty. What's interesting is that Chelsea missed 6 of 7 missed goals at home. The dry played only with Bournemouth. Cardiff scored here, Derby, even BATE, not talking about tops that scored 2 goals each. Big forces go forward, and on the oncoming courses the opponent often distresses the "blue” gates. And then the derby picks up the Crystal move, plus the derby. The "Eagles” is not a very pleasant rival for the "aristocrats”, it scores more points at a party than at home.

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Only 1 time in 6 home games of the Premier League Chelsea won with a difference of 2 goals or more, and even then in 2005. Since 2013, 5 games 3 wins minimum for the "blue” and 2 for the "eagles”. Over 6 visits KP scored 7 goals, not scored only 1 time. I expect a stubborn fight here, and goals in both directions. KP will score, but will Chelsea score 3 or more? Is not a fact. These teams have a favorite score of 2-1, I fully expect another goal exchange and a similar score.


Surely launched this season, Chelsea will try to take three points in the London derby with Crystal Palace. Will the "glaziers” not lose in this meeting? About this - further in the forecast.

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Contrary to the expectations of skeptics, Maurizio Sarri was able to quickly find a common language with his wards. His Chelsea started quite successfully this season and is fighting for the champion title. At the moment, the "blue" are in the standings on the third line, behind the "Manchester City" and "Liverpool" only two points.


This season, losing to the "citizens” the Super Bowl bout (0: 2), Chelsea did not know more than the bitterness of defeat in any of the tournaments. This week, Semi-reserve team was able to defeat one of the leaders of the Derby County Champions League at home in the match for the League Cup, breaking into the next round of a prestigious tournament.

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Crystal Palace is much worse off. The Eagles have not won in the English Premier League for five games in a row, being in the group of fighters for survival. However, the previous round definitely had to add confidence to Roy Hodgson's wards, because in it "Palace” played at home in a draw with "Arsenal” (2: 2), having risen due to this to the 14th line.


But even if this is so, then the subsequent defeat in the League Cup against Middlesbrough could undermine this confidence (0: 1). Before the match with Arsenal, the glaziers in the Premier League lost to Everton (0: 2), Bournemouth (1: 2), Wolverhampton (0: 1) and tied with Newcastle (0: 0) .


Three footballers are injured in Crystal Palace: Connor Wickham, Joel Ward and Christian Benteke.

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Chelsea win-win series reached 15 matches.

Four of eight previous home bouts Chelsea played in a draw.

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The losing series Crystal Palace has reached five meetings.

On the road, the Eagles lost all the last three matches.

In five of the seven past bouts of Crystal Palace in the Premier League, the bet was "Total less than 2.5".

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In the face-to-face meetings of Crystal Palace and Chelsea, none of the teams have any advantage recently. Both clubs have won in the last six fights three times. Last season, Chelsea and Palace beat each other in home games 2: 1.



The Crystal Palace could have created some problems for Chelsea, but lately it has been in terrible shape. "Blue", by contrast, with the middle peasants this season dealt with amazing ease. The last match against Burnley (4: 0) is a direct proof of that. Considering that Chelsea successfully performs in both halves, we will make an appropriate bet here.

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Our forecast is that Chelsea will win the first half and the match in 1.79.



Chelsea beat Burnley (3: 2) in the League Cup, Chelsea ripped Burnley out of the championship (4: 0), Chelsea beat BATE in the Champions League (3: one).


This list can be continued until August 5, when the "aristocrats” suffered the first and so far the only defeat of the season (the match for the English Super Cup).

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But three annoying draws so far keep the team of Surrey on the third line of the standings. Rather, two annoying draws (missed victory with "Liverpool” and bad luck with "West Ham”) and one saving (wagering in the 96th minute against "MJ”).


A distinctive feature of the "pensioners" in the current season can be considered their accuracy and peacefulness in relation to rivals. In ten games, Chelsea received only nine yellow cards.

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Crystal Palace

With all the tournaments unsuccessful series of "eagles" has been going on for five matches. But even if we take into account only the game of the championship of England, the numbers are also not very pleased: one victory in the last nine fights.


True, in the last round, thanks to the kindness of Martin Atkinson, Crystal Palace gained one point in a game with Arsenal (2: 2). The referee took pity on Hodgson's team and gave her two penalties.


The second was just seven minutes before the final whistle, so that the "Gunners” simply did not have time to recapture the advantage.


In terms of fouls, the glaziers are not very restrained - 18 yellow and one red in ten matches.

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Last season, the teams exchanged 2: 1 home wins. And with such an outcome ended the last three personal fights.


At the same time in the matches of last season there was no particular rudeness - the referee gave three yellow cards. This confrontation will be judged by the patient Michael Oliver (2.3 LCD on average per match).

Free soccer picks

Therefore, we propose to put on the "Cards: TM 3.5" for 1.83.


Finishing Sunday's Premier League program will be a duel between Chelsea and Crystal Palace, one of the variants of the London derby. The obvious favorites of the pair are the "aristocrats”, the team of Sarry continues to fight for leadership in the Premier League, and I really would not like to lose points in the home game against the middle peasants of the division. In turn, the "eagles” in the last round of the English championship were forced upon the fight by Arsenal, they will do everything possible to take at least one point in the upcoming game.

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Three wins

After a 2-2 draw in a home game against Manchester United, Chelsea had three fights in three different tournaments and won all three. First, the "blue" were stronger than BATE in the home game, by 3: 1. After that, the team of Surry defeated Burnley in the away match 4: 0, and in the past mid-week, the "aristocrats” overcame Derby County 3-2 in a difficult match.


No victories

Crystal Palace has never been able to win in the last five meetings, the "eagles” tied with Arsenal 2: 2, lost to Bournemouth, Wolverhampton, Everton and Middlesbrough. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the "eagles” were killed during this period only at the gate of the "gunners”, which indicates the weakness of the attack of the Hodgson squad. In the standings the submarine KP is located on the 14th line, 8 points in the asset.

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Chelsea always plays very effectively in his field, and for sure with the Crystal Palace the "aristocrats” will try to improve the goal difference. Manchester City had +24 before the reporting round, Chelsea had +17. Crystal Palace misses, as for the submarine a little, but regularly. Our free forecast for this meeting:

Individual total Chelsea over 2.0

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