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Dynamo Moscow - Zenit 21.10 Free soccer tips



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In the framework of the 11th round of the RPL Moscow Dynamo at the "Khimki Arena" will fight with the St. Petersburg Zenit. The bookmakers in this pair are on the side of future guests, which is quite logical, considering the results of the teams in the current season and the possibilities of future rivals. The only thing that minus the stakes at Zenit is the presence of a large number of collections at this club, but on the other hand, the last matches in the national teams ended early on Wednesday, and the upcoming match is scheduled for Sunday, all the players had the opportunity to relax and prepare for normal the game.


Before the pause

Before the pause at the games of the teams, Dinamo Moscow had problems with the results in the RPL. Khokhlova squad in 4 extreme meetings has never been able to win, losing to Anji 0: 1, Krasnodar 0: 3 and Wings of the Soviets 0: 1, playing a draw with Lokomotiv 1: 1. Even according to these statistics, it is clear that the capital team has big problems with performance.

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At the same time in Zenit five extreme meetings, only one defeat against Anji with 4 victories. Victoria appear over Loko 5: 3, Volgar from Astrakhan 4: 0 in the Russian Cup, Prague Slavia and Krasnodar. In the standings of the Russian elite division, the St. Petersburg Superclub is on the first line in the table, it has 25 points in its assets, 6 points ahead of the nearest pursuer, Krasnodar.

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Dynamo can count on points in the upcoming game only in the case of a successful game in defense. Zenit on the road plays well, but not as efficiently as in native walls, and Dynamo scored goals on major holidays. Our free forecast for this meeting: TM 2.5


On Sunday afternoon, as part of the 11th round of the Russian Premier League, Moscow Dynamo will take over the St. Petersburg Zenith.

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In the summer, these teams held a sparring, which ended in a confident victory for the St. Petersburg team - 5: 0. I wonder if they will be able to take 3 points in the official meeting?


Dynamo as a whole shows a normal level of play, but recently the team has begun to deflate. So, for the last 4 matches of the RPL, Khokhlov's wards tied with Lokomotiv (1: 1), and then lost three times. And for these 3 matches Dynamo never scored! Well, in the end, after 10 rounds, the Moscow team is located in the relegation zone with 10 points in the asset - 2 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses, and the total score was 9:10.


But Zenit is very confident in the lead in the Premier League, and this is even in view of the unexpected misfires in September. As a result, after 10 matches in the asset, the Semak wards have 25 points - 8 wins, a draw and a defeat, and the total score was 20: 8. But here it is interesting: on the road "the blue and white” is often missed, and at the end of September, the St. Petersburg people lost Anzhi just on the road - 2: 1.

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Bookmakers tend to win more than Zenith, with which it is not necessary to argue. Pitertsy just more powerful, la and Muscovites are not in the best shape. Yes, the "white-blue” on the road is often missed, but after all the Dynamo players are not scoring at all now. So it is better to put on the guests ...


Free match prediction for Dinamo Moscow - Zenit: "Zenit victory”. The bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 2.0 for this outcome.


On Sunday, there will be a duel of the eleventh round of RPL, in which Dynamo will receive Zenit. In the summer, the teams played a friendly duel, which ended with a confident win from the St. Petersburg team - 5: 0. What can we expect from the official match? See the forecast.

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"White-blue” demonstrate a good level of football, but a little bit they slow down. If you take the 4 extreme rounds, then 1: 1 with Lokomotiv and three times they jumped away without scoring a single goal. Now Dynamo in the zone of decline with 10 points in the account.


"White-Blue" captured the first place, because in ten rounds it made 25 points - 8 world wins and a fiasco with a total score of 20: 8. If you take trips, then the team quite often misses, and at the end of last month, and at all - 2: 1 lost "Anji”.

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The forecast for the match Dynamo - Zenit, P2. If you take in general, then of course the guests are stronger, and the hosts are not on the move. We put on the fact that St. Petersburg people will achieve victory.


At the start of the season, Dynamo showed good football, but since September the team began to "deflate”. As a result, after 10 rounds, the Khokhlov wards have already descended into the relegation zone, after all, they have only 10 points in their assets. And in general, for the last 4 matches in the Russian championship, the Dynamo players never won - a draw with Loko (1: 1), after which 3 "dry” defeats went. Nevertheless, Muscovites miss very little in front of their home stands - only 2 goals in 4 home games of the season ...

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Zenit is quietly occupies the leader position in the Premier League, and the team broke away from the pursuers significantly - 25 points against 19 in Krasnodar. In general, in the championship of Russia "white-blue” stumbled only 2 times - a draw with Spartak (0: 0) and defeat against Anji (2: 1). It is worth noting that from mid-September, the Semak wards gradually relax, which led to the defeat of Anji ... However, in the last match, the St. Petersburg team beat Krasnodar - 2: 1. 2: 1.


On Sunday in the Russian elite championship passed a very entertaining match. The real battle of capitals will unfold in Khimki at the "Khimki Arena”. Local Dynamo will take poets from St. Petersburg, which are called Zenith. The leader of the championship needs to break away from their homes and go to the team that balances on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The history of the disease promises to be interesting.


This entire flight will take place over the nest of the eleventh round of the championship. In bookmaker quotes do not even need to look, it's like touching the water in order to make sure its aggregate state. Everyone understands that guests are quoted favorite. Do I need to risk and put on a clear victory? After all, we all remember the match against Anji. In order to avoid such troubles, let's take a closer look at the patients.

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"White-blue" are in a quandary. Before the break for the matches of national teams, our today's heroes had an unsuccessful stretch of five matches. During the reporting period, only Torpedo was able to be replayed minimally, that victory significantly depreciates, if we point out that the event took place within the Cup. Also remembered the world with the Locomotive and the defeat of Anji, Krasnodar and the Wings of the Soviets.


It is obvious that a person with the surname Khokhlov is difficult to cope with the Moscow team. The home team not only loses, but also feeds the fans with a painful expectation of a goal. One goal in the last four sparring is not enough for even a cactus. Such failures led to the fact that the "white-blue” were on the twelfth line in the standings. And everything began so vividly.

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The St. Petersburg team is doing well. Semak's squad completed the last cycle on a positive note. In the last five battles managed to outwit Krasnodar, Slavia Prague, Volgar and Lokomotiv. True, among the heaps of pretentious events, there was also a defeat on the road from Anzhi, who played the battles in the minority. Even the "anti-aircraft gunners" are childish surprises.


That fly in the ointment did not spoil the honey situation of the St. Petersburg team. At this moment, Semak his faithful athletes live on the first line in the championship. The closest competitor in the face of Krasnodar is six points behind. The problem may be the exit nature of sparring, but the guys have the best statistics in the championship. In five games there are four wins, only three goals are missed.

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Prediction for this match

"Anti-aircraft gunners" surpass the future opponent in all sporting parameters. Guests and on the road can play, and at home, and so, and syk. But the owners have problems with the psychological and physical form. The choice is obvious.


Bet - the victory of Zenith.

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September Dynamo players started quite cheerfully, defeating Orenburg in their field - scoring two unanswered goals in the second half.


The guest match with Lokomotiv ended in a 1: 1 draw, and the departure to visit Anzhi, which is experiencing a crisis, ended in an unexpected defeat with a score of 0: 1.


Then, thanks to a dubious penalty, Dynamo beat Torpedo (1: 0) in the 1/16 final match of the Russian Cup.

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But the last two matches were unsuccessful. At first, the blue and white were defeated by Krasnodar (0: 3) on the road, and in the last match they lost to the Samara "Wings of the Soviets” (0: 1) who replaced the coach.


As a result, Dynamo with 10 points and a goal difference of 9-10 is located on the 14th place. 2 goals were scored by Evgeny Lutsenko and Evgeny Markov.


In the upcoming match will not play defender Alexei Kozlov and striker Anton Terekhov.

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In the Russian Championship, Zenit won 8 matches out of 10, with the loss of points in the fall. In early September, St. Petersburg people in their field broke up with Spartak (0: 0).


After this match, the Semak wards won Orenburg (2: 1) on the road and tied with Copenhagen (1: 1) in the away match of the group stage of the Europa League.


Then, within the RPL Zenit in his field, he defeated Lokomotiv with a score of 5: 3, and led 4: 1 during the match.

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After the humiliation of the current champion, Sergei Semak checked the closest reserve in the Russian Cup match with "Volgar”, which was defeated with the score 4: 0.


But the away match with "Anji” led to the first defeat in the championship - the St. Petersburg team lost with the score 1: 2, despite the fact that they opened the score at the beginning of the second half and played the game in the majority.


The home match of the Europa League with Slavia ended with a minimal victory with a score of 1: 0, and in the last match of Zenit, Krasnodar won in his field with a score of 2: 1.

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After 10 rounds, Zenit leads the Russian championship with 25 points and a goal difference of 20-8. The top scorer with 5 goals is Artem Dzyuba, behind him, with 4 goals and 3 assistants - Alexander Erokhin. 3 goals from Oleg Shatov and Sebastian Driussi.

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In the upcoming match, the injured Christian Noboa and Alexander Kokorin, who had fallen into the scandal leading to criminal prosecution, will not be outdone.


Last season, Zenit won 2-1 in their field, and away with Dynamo in a draw with the score 0: 0.



Bookmakers consider Zenit a favorite of the match. On a victory of the Semak team, a factor of 2.0 is given, whereas on a draw - 3.20, and on the success of Dynamo - 4.35.

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Despite the misfire in Kaspiysk, the St. Petersburg group remains the most formidable force of the Russian championship, which they proved by defeating Krasnodar. Given the recent failures of Dynamo, we can predict the victory of the St. Petersburg club.


Given the effectiveness of Petrograd, you can put on the "top". interesting options for TB 2.5 for 2.45 and "both score - no" for 1.65.

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Dynamo gave a good start and in the first 7 rounds suffered only 1 defeat. However, the last three matches Dynamo lost with a total score - 0: 5. It seems that the team broke down an unexpected home defeat from an outsider Anji (0: 1). Further, Dynamo could not oppose the playing out of Krasnodar (0: 3) and in the last round, Samara lost to another underdog - Wings to the Soviets (0: 1). Both teams in attack, to put it mildly, did not shine, but the hosts showed a greater desire and zeal for victory. Dynamo is clearly not enough freshness in the legs, the players did not run as before. In the end, the loss of c / s Rykov due to injury in the debut match also came back.


Zenit ending also held not the best way. The first defeat of Zenit in the championship happened there, who no one expected. In Kaspiysk, Zenit lost the most to the underdog Anji (1: 2). Next was a victorious victory in the LE over Slavia (1: 0). In that match, the best in Zenith was goalkeeper Lunev, who only managed to help out partners. But, in the last round, the leader of the championship in St. Petersburg beat the main pursuer in the standings Krasnodar (2: 1). Match championship leaders turned out bright. Ambiguous was the victory of Zenith. In the first half, the St. Petersburg team failed again and again in defense, but the teams left for the break with zeros on the scoreboard. In the second half, it became noticeable that Krasnodar was hooked. Too many emotions and physical strength left Krasnodar in the match with Seville (2: 1) in the framework of the LE. Coach Zenit Semak time to make adjustments, releasing Kokorin. It was he who broke up the attack, which ended the first goal of the visitors. Zenit continued to look more interesting, scoring another goal. Krasnodar was able to answer only once, from a penalty.

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Zenit has again aggravated the situation with the main clip players. There was a very unpleasant story with the attacker Kokorin, who had just recovered from the injury and had already managed to bring strong support to the team, returning to the squad, but now he will be in prison at least until December 8. Because of the disqualification can not help his team opornik Paredes. In doubt another c / pz Erokhin. In Dynamo will not play c / s Rykov and another c / s Holmen, as well as striker Markov, very successfully went on to replace.


After 3 days, Zenit in St. Petersburg to play in the framework of the LE with Bordeaux. This match, too, must be kept in mind. A large group of players who have left Zenit for different teams can be a problem. On the other hand, goalkeeper Lunev, defenders of Smolnikov, Nabiullin, Ivanovich and Mamman, midfielders Yerokhin, Shatov and Marchisio were not involved. Dynamo had few collections, and this pause was supposed to help Khokhlov's team to put themselves in order.

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In general, due to the depth of the composition of Zenith should use a low level of the game Dynamo today. There was no problem for Rykov in the center of defense at the expense of Holmen, but he was also injured. The undead student of the club Evgeniev will play. There is no other powerful defender in the club like Rykov, so it would be easier for the bastard Dzyube in this zone to look for his chances. Shunichu alone will be hard there, and he often makes personal mistakes.


"Zenit” is leading in the championship and shows excellent football, can he beat such a strong opponent as Dynamo? The answer is in our forecast.

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"Zenit” started perfectly in the Premier League, breaking off for a third of the distance by six points from the nearest opponent. In the last round, the team of Sergei Semak managed to beat the houses of their main rival Krasnodar with a score of 2: 1, thereby the St. Petersburg team rehabilitated for the unfortunate defeat of Anji in the second to last round. On Thursday, Zenit will have a match with Bordeaux, but Semak is unlikely to experiment with the line-up, for him the championship is probably in the first place now.



"Dynamo” very inconspicuously holds this season, settling down after 10 rounds in the zone of transitional matches. Dmitriy Khokhlov’s team has 10 points and 12 are behind Anji only in additional indicators, but they have one less game. In the last round, Dynamo lost to the Wings of the Soviets with a score of 0: 1, extending their series of defeats to three matches in a row.

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Dynamo won in the last three games - three losses and one draw

Dynamo do not win against Zenit in the last six games - five losses and one draw

In 10 matches of the championship, Zenit won eight victories



Zenit is now in excellent shape and absolutely deservedly takes first place in the table. In the last round, the Semak team confidently beat Krasnodar, but more importantly, showed quality football. "Dynamo” is now far from the optimal form, "white-blue” lost in the last rounds to the main outsiders and could not score even one goal. "Zenit” in all respects now exceeds the "Dynamo” and is obliged to take their three points.

Free fixed tips

In our opinion, the owners will be left with nothing. Prediction - the victory of "Zenith". In the League of Betting, the outcome is estimated by a factor of 1.97.

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