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Open the ninth round of the RPL will be a confrontation between "Orenburg" and "CSKA". The teams crossed in 2017, and then both times the victory went to the Muscovites - 0: 1 and 2: 0. What will end the first fight of this season? We'll figure out.


"Gasovik" conducted on the field 8 fights, and so far, earned 11 points, due to which is located in the sixth position. Fedotov's team has won three times, two more games world and stumbled three times with scoring 10: 8. On Tuesday, the team managed to outplay - 0: 2 "Dynamo Barnaul" in the cup game.

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"CSKA" at the start experienced perestroika, but now they perform quite successfully. In the asset at the club 13 points - 3 winnings, 4 peace outcomes and 1 time bounced, all this with a total score of 13: 4. In recent fights, football players Goncharenko twice divided points - 2: 2 with "Victoria" in the championship league and 1: 1 with "Spartacus" in the championship.


Forecast for the match "Orenburg" - "CSKA", P2. The difference in the class is quite noticeable, most likely, that the guests will win without problems.

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Orenburg for 8 rounds RPL managed to score 11 points, which placed the team on the 6th line of the standings. So, the wards of Vladimir Fedotov won three times, twice in a draw and 3 times lost, while the total score was 10: 8. However, within the limits of the championship "gas specialist" can not win here 4 meetings in a row - draws with Krasnodar (1: 1) and Akhmat (1: 1), as well as defeats from Dynamo (2: 0) and Zenit (1: 2). Whatever it was, but on Tuesday the team finally won, although in the cup match - 0: 2 with Dynamo Barnaul.


But CSKA was not expecting the best of times due to the withdrawal of the abundance of players, but the team quickly rebuilt. As a result, now the "army team" occupies the 5th line of the RPL with 13 points in the asset - 3 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss, while the total score was 13: 4. It is worth noting that the players Goncharenko very anxious about the game in the defense, but in the last 2 matches missed - 2: 2 with Victoria in the Champions League and 1: 1 with Spartak in the RPL.

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Bookmakers are more inclined to the side of CSKA, with which it is not necessary to argue. In fact, the "gas specialist" is not in the best game form, and the players are tired after the cup match. At the same time, the "army team" managed to fully recover, so that they should take the victory more fresh ...


Free forecast for the match Orenburg - CSKA Moscow: "Victory of CSKA." William Hill bookmaker offers this odds ratio of 1.91.я

Free soccer tips

The ninth round of the Russian championship starts in Orenburg, where two neighbors will meet on the standings. However, the tasks of the teams are absolutely different - the struggle for survival and the zone of the Champions League, respectively.


Orenburg scored ten points in eight games and was placed on the sixth line of the table. However, recently the results of Fedotov's wards are rather mediocre - only two points in the last four rounds. At such rates Gasovikov is waiting for a return to the struggle for survival. Last week, Orenburg played a 1: 1 draw with Akhmat on the road.

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The exact same score was recorded in the last game of CSKA. But the rival of the army was much more serious - sworn enemy Spartacus. After slipping at the start of the championship, Goncharenko's wards significantly improved their performance. Now they are on the fifth place with thirteen points in the asset. Ahead of the Muscovites the most important match of the Champions League against Real Madrid, so in the nearest game of the championship they certainly will not play at full capacity.


That is why the victory of more powerful guests was under serious question mark. Orenburg managed to establish itself as a very unyielding team, so we have a competitive match with a small number of effective strikes.

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Total is less than 2.5 at 1.59


The ninth round of the Russian Football Championship starts on Friday, September 28, with a match between Orenburg and CSKA. The fight was made on the last working day of the week in view of the participation of the army team in the group tournament of the Champions League. Already on the second of October, "red and blue" will take in the native walls of the current winner of the Champions League Cup, Madrid Real. Bookmakers in the pair Orenburg - CSKA believe that the Muscovites have better chances for a positive result, which is quite logical, given that the team Goncharenko recently gained quite good momentum, but Orenburg after a successful start, is now in decline.

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Winning in the Cup

Orenburg in mid-udd won a victory in the match 1/16 finals of the Cup of Russia over Barnaul Dynamo with a score of 2: 0. Before this victoria, the "gas workers" did not know the victories during the 4 matches of the RPL. "Gas workers" lost 0-2 to the Moscow Dynamo and 1: 2 to Zenit, having twice drawn with Akhmat and Krasnodar. In the standings of the Russian championship, the future hosts are on the 7th line, they have 11 points in the asset.



Unlike Orenburg, CSKA did not play mid-wake, the army had the opportunity to fully prepare for the upcoming game, so it's no surprise that the capital team is the favorite of bookmakers in the standoff. In the last five meetings, "red-blue" has never lost, managed to rise in the tournament RPL to a high fifth place. In the piggy bank, Goncharenko's team has 13 points, behind the third in the peloton, Rostov, only two points.

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Our free forecast for this meeting: CSKA will not lose + TM 3.5


CSKA Moscow

CSKA began the season, beating in the match for the Super Bowl capital "Lokomotiv" (1 d.v.). In the first round of the RPL CSKA in Samara played a draw with the "Wings of the Soviets" (0: 0), then in their arena Muscovites lost to Rostov - 0: 1.

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In the third round, the team Goncharenko on the road divided points with the debutant of the elite division "Yenisei" (1: 1). And only in the 4th round the "army men" got their first victory in the championship, having defeated Tula Arsenal (3: 0) in their field.


Departure to Kazan ended in a draw with Rubin (1: 1), after which CSKA confidently defeated the Ural (4-0), and in the last match at the exit, figured out with Ufa (3-0)

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In the Champions League CSKA started a draw with the Czech "Victoria" (2: 2), twice conceding in the first half and leaving the defeat due to a penalty in compensated time.


In the last match of CSKA Moscow in the main metropolitan derby shared points with Spartak (1: 1), again missing before the break and having recouped in the second half.

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After 8 rounds CSKA with 13 points and goal difference 13-4 takes the 5th place in the standings.


Fedor Chalov with 6 balls is the best scorer of the championship. Another two goals and an assistant on the account of Abel Hernandez, Timur Zhamaletdinov and Kristian Bystrovich.


The match due to injuries will be missed by Konstantin Kuchaev, Victor Vasin, Alexander Makarov, Abel Hernandez, Khetag Hosonov and Hurdur Magnusson.

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Wards Vladimir Fedotov started the season with an exit defeat from "Spartacus" (0: 1).


Two subsequent matches, "Orenburg" won, first defeating in Samara, "Wings of the Soviets" (3: 0), and then in his field took over Lokomotiv (1-0) thanks to a goal in compensated time.

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Successful was the departure to Kaspiisk, where Fedotov's team won a strong-willed victory over Anji with a score of 3: 1. Having missed an early goal, Orenburg scored three goals after the break.


But then came a series of four lose-lose matches. Home victory over the "Krasnodar" orenburgers missed at the last minute - 1: 1.

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Moscow "Dynamo" team Fedotov lost on the road, twice conceding after the break - 0: 2. In the home match with the "Zenith" orenburgers twice missed in the first half and failed in the second to recoup - 1: 2.


In the away match with "Akhmat" Orenburg missed in the middle of the first half, but played after the break - 1: 1. And in the last match the Orenburgers defeated Barnaul Dynamo (2-0), leaving in the 1/8 finals of the Cup of Russia.

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After 8 rounds "Orenburg" in sixth place, gaining 11 points. The goal difference is 10-8. The best scorer of the team at the start of the season is Andrey Kozlov, who has three goals and an assistant on his account. Another 2 goals for Andrey Chukanov.



Bookmakers consider CSKA a favorite of the match. To win the Moscow team is given a coefficient of 2.10 while for a draw - 3.10, and the success of Orenburg - 4.20.

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Forecast: CSKA or draw and TM 2.5


Orenburgers in their field do not let even the leaders down, defeating "Loco", almost defeating "Krasnodar" and patting the nerves of "Zenith". A CSKA light 3 of 4 exit in a draw, also suffered a loss of personnel and held two heavy matches in the Champions League and RPL.

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Forecast: 2-3 goals in a match


You can predict that the meeting will end in a draw. Perhaps it will be productive, but the abundance of goals is hardly worth waiting for. Teams are often missed in the second half, most likely he will be more productive.

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Forecast: More goals in the second half


Also interesting are the options "CSKA will win one of the halves" for 1.60, TM 2.5 for 1.55 and "both will be scored - no" for 1.65


Experts of the information and analysis site Bukmeker.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 9th round of the Russian Orenburg-CSKA Championship, which will be held at Gazovik Stadium on Friday, September 28, starting at 17:30 (MSK).

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In this game, bookmakers are considered the favorite of CSKA, estimating the probability of his victory at about 50%. "Army men" after eight rounds take the fifth place in the table of the championship of Russia, having typed 13 points. Last weekend in the derby with Spartacus, they played a 1: 1 draw. And conceded 0-1, but played out due to the goal of Nikola Vlašić. The unbeaten series of Victor Goncharenko's wards now has six matches - three times they won and played a draw. During these six meetings CSKA missed only three goals and never more than one per game. Given the past season, Muscovites lost just 1 of 14 previous matches in the Russian championship. And on the road, they did not lose any of the eight Premier League games in the current calendar year: three wins and five draws.

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Orenburg for eight starting rounds scored 11 points and now divides the sixth place with Akhmat and Rubin. Last Saturday, wards Vladimir Fedotov played a 1: 1 draw at Akhmad's away - they missed the first, but Vadim Afonin helped Orenburg avoid defeat. At the same time, the team did not win for the fourth time in a row, although before that she won three matches in a row. In his field Orenburg lost only 2 of 12 previous matches in the Premier League, having won seven wins and three draws. Only in one match on this stretch he did not score and only once missed more than one ball.



The only two meetings of these teams took place in the season 2016/17, when Orenburg debuted in the Premier League.

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Experts site Bukmeker.rf believe that Orenburg's chances in this game are undervalued and he at least will not lose. It will be beneficial to bet on his win with a positive handicap (+0.5). In the bookmaker office 1xStavka believe that the game will end in a draw 1: 1 or a victory of CSKA 1: 0 (coefficient 6.00). The odds for Orenburg's win with a handicap (+0.5) are accepted with a coefficient of 1.88.



the victory of Orenburg - 4.29, the draw - 3.13, the victory of CSKA - 1.95.

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CSKA did not lose any of the eight previous away games in the Premier League;

Orenburg scored at least one goal in 11 of 12 previous home games in the top division;

for the last 14 matches in the Premier League CSKA never missed more than one goal.

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The capital of downy shawls can once again rejoice at the matches of your favorite team in the elite of Russian football. Orenburg, we hope, took into account the mistakes of the past and will demonstrate a powerful game in the RPL. The minimal goal of the team is to survive, and the maximum is to gain a foothold in the middle of the standings, which will be an excellent result for Orenburg. The beginning of this season for the wards of Vladimir Fedotov was simply excellent - the team after eight matches held ranked seventh in the standings. Unfortunately, in the four extreme rounds Orenburg does not know the taste of victory, which can speak of some decline in this cute team.

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In its composition Orenburg is not impressive, referring to the category of the weakest teams of the RPL. In the summer transfer window Vladimir Fedotov received at his disposal a number of good players who have experience of playing at a high level - Sivakov, V. Shakhov, Dovbnya, Bakaev, Ricardo Alves, Kulishev, Miskic and Depotovich. The young striker Andrea Chukhanov, who has Italian citizenship (7 matches 2 goals scored), is surprised with his quality game.

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CSKA Moscow

The metropolitan club has seriously changed compared to previous seasons, now Goncharenko is building a new team. In the summer, the center of defense of the "army men" was completely rebuilt, where three veterans of the club (the brothers Berezutsky and Ignashevich) left, and instead Magnusson, Bekao were signed and Nikita Chernov came from the youth team. In the center of the field are also serious rearrangements, where instead of the departed Wernbloom, Natho, Golovin and Milanov, now football players such as Bijol, Vlašić, Oblyakov and Bistrovic are lighting. In the attack, and a complete change of the guard, now for the goals scored, Hernandez, Chalov, Nishimura and Zhamaletdinov answer instead of Vitinho and Musa.

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After eight rounds, CSKA took fifth place in the standings, 9 points behind the leader of the championship. It is unlikely that in the current season the capital's club has champion ambitions, but for the place in the zone of the Champions League wards Victor Goncharenko will try to fight.



Bookmakers favorite this match is called the capital club, and the success of CSKA, we see a coefficient of 1.95. To win Orenburg from bookmakers, we got quotes in the area of ​​4.40, and on a draw of the match 3.26. Quotations for the effectiveness of the match have the following figures from the bookmakers: "total more than 2.5" for 2.51, "total less than 2.5" for 1.59.

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In history, these clubs met only twice, and both times the victory was for CSKA. Now the alignment of forces in the pair has not really changed, in spite of the obvious progress of Orenburg in terms of readiness for matches in the RPL. The game's favorite will be CSKA Moscow, but betters should be more interested in the bet on the low performance of the game, because we have not seen more than two goals in the confrontations of these clubs.

Free soccer tips

Bet: the total is less than (2.5) - 1.59.

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