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Hertha - Paderborn 21.09.2019 Free soccer tips





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More relegation battle is not! We would probably come to this decision, if the meeting between Hertha BSC and SC Paderborn would be a match of the 32nd matchday. However, because the tail light from the capital and the newly placed promoters from East Westphalia face each other on Saturday afternoon only in the context of the fifth matchday, remains for both clubs at least the hope for improvement.

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Nevertheless, it should not go unmentioned that a lot is at stake for the two teams over the weekend. It's about keeping the table midfielder and celebrating the first win of the season in the Bundesliga. Between Hertha and Paderborn, according to the quotas, the hosts are given better prospects for this endeavor.

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The team of coach Ante Covic is so far not good at all from the starting blocks. The only, very lucky, point win recorded the "old lady" on Matchday 1 of all of FC Bayern Munich. However, three defeats followed, in which Keeper Jarstein had to grab at least twice.


Even the SCP has booked after four matchdays only one counter on the credit side. Especially in foreign countries, the Baumgart-Elf could make decent performances. Anyone who wins a draw in Wolfsburg and also smells a draw at the Champions League participants in Leverkusen, can definitely calculate justified chances for the guest appearance in the Olympic Stadium.

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Since the prices in our eyes turn out too clearly towards the insecure home team, we predict that before the encounter between Hertha and Paderborn, a tip on the double chance X / 2 would mean a much more promising value. The kick-off takes place at 15:30. Of course, the game can be seen live - as usual - on Sky.


Hertha - Statistics & Current Form

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Being a follower of the Berlin Hertha is currently quite painful. For many fans, the main question is whether it is strange that city rivals Union Berlin in the ranking in front of the "old lady" or whether the 18th place after four matchdays is the provisional low point.


The fact is that the capital club so far lags far behind its own expectations and only scored for the opening match at Bayern by a flattering 2: 2. It was followed by three defeats at home against Wolfsburg, Schalke (each 0: 3) and in the previous week in Mainz (1: 2).

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It is hard to argue that the players are still struggling to internalize the new signature of coach Ante Covic. However, this is not really surprising, because after all the majority of the squad has been confronted in recent years exclusively with the security-oriented playing style Pal Dardai's.


The conversion is more complicated than expected, especially since the 44-year-old native Berliner - especially in training - makes high demands on his players. The aim of the trainer and the acting decision makers was to make football in the capital more attractive and offensive. After four matchdays, this project must be called failed for the time being.


No other Bundesliga scored so far fewer goals than the BSCler. In addition, only the FC Augsburg scored fewer shots than the "old lady", who also forgave the few high-percentage injection options too negligent.

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"We now need countables to take the next step together. You have to try to take the pressure away. Sport works best with a certain laxity, but without forgetting what this is about. "

Ante Covic

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All these statistics are an indication that on Saturday between the Hertha and Paderborn a tip on the supposed outsider can plausibly justify.


In addition to the harmless offensive, but also the defensive at this early stage of the season is anything but sad on the way. The capital club is thus the only Bundesliga club that conceded at least two goals in all four matches played.


Even if coach Covic, who is still inexperienced at the professional level, makes a loose outward impression, the lack of results could soon prove to be a fatal one. In our eyes, it can also be assumed that the players on the course will also feel the homemade pressure situation on the weekend. Performance enhancing should probably not affect the enormous importance of the match against the also winless SC Paderborn.


Due to injury only full-back Peter Pekarik will not be available. It is quite possible that the coach will change his system from 3-5-2 to 4-4-2 compared to the late 1: 2 defeat in Mainz. Dilrosun pushes into the team as well as Lukas Klünter. Dodi Lukebakio, on the other hand, is threatening the bank after disappointing performances.

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Expected formation of Hertha:


Jarstein - Klünter, Stark, Boyata, Plattenhardt - Skjelbred - Grujic - M. Wolf, Dilrosun - Ibisevic, Selke


Last Games by Hertha:

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14.09.2019 - Mainz vs. Germany Hertha 2: 1 (Bundesliga)

31.08.2019 - Schalke Vs. Hertha 3: 0 (Bundesliga)

25.08.2019 - Hertha Vs. Wolfsburg 0: 3 (Bundesliga)

16.08.2019 - Bayern vs. Germany Hertha 2: 2 (Bundesliga)

11.08.2019 - Eichstätt Vs. Hertha 1: 5 (DFB Cup)

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Paderborn - Statistics & Current Form


One thing you can not blame Steffen Baumgart in his first Bundesliga season as a coach: lack of courage! Already in the summer of the ex-pro announced self-confidently that he - also a major league - from his team an offensive style of play, which is designed primarily for goalkeeping and not defending wants to see.


After four matchdays, it should be noted that the 47-year-old native Rostock has kept his word. The Ostwestfalen rely on an extremely courageous approach and currently pay quite a bit of apprenticeship. Expressed in bad terms, one could also say that the climber was too naive in many phases.

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The best example was last Sunday's game against FC Schalke 04. However, after an early lead by Cauly, the blue-blacks failed again to manage a lead or even build up a lead. After a 1-1 halftime break, the Royal Blues overtook the sports club on the second pass, eventually adding a bitter 1: 5 clap.


Nevertheless, the coach is still unreasonable in view of the growing criticism that one must stabilize their own defensive more, so as not to lose early the connection to the midfield.

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From a subjective point of view, however, we do not see the table penultimate as skeptical as others. The Paderborns were so far in all four games in a position to earn chances to score. Four of the five goals scored are also scored in the first quarter of an hour.


"Then it's time to run aground against Hertha with full concentration. We know that Hertha is just as bad as we are in terms of points. [...] But we will also try to play offensively in Berlin and simply have to improve things that did not work well. "

Steffen Baumgart

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If Mamba, Michel, Cauly and Co. act even more cold-blooded in front of the opponent's goal, we are very much in the likelihood of being able to score important points in the near future, whether at home or away.


Already at the start in Leverkusen (2: 3) as well as the only point win in Wolfsburg (1: 1) we could observe that the Baumgart protégés are currently easier in the distance. This is primarily due to the fact that the newcomer gets more rooms and usually develops a more open exchange.


Because the Berliners are probably even more under pressure than the SCP and feel the pressure in front of their own fans, between Hertha and Paderborn we hold a prognosis in the direction of the guests for a serious alternative, although the Ostwestfalen is the first newcomer in six years Years, who remained without victory on the first four matchdays.


With the exception of Sebastian Schonlau all men are available. The Luxembourg international Jans and Holtmann are alternatives in the back-to-back positions, in which Dräger and Collins had defensive problems. New signing Sabiri is also pushing for the youngest training performances in the starting eleven.

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Expected formation of Paderborn:


Huth - Dräger, Strohdiek, Hunemeier, Collins - Vasiliadis, Gjasula - Oliveira Souza, Antwi-Adjei - Mamba, Michel

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Last matches from Paderborn:


15.09.2019 - Paderborn Vs. Schalke 1: 5 (Bundesliga)

31.08.2019 - Wolfsburg vs. Germany Paderborn 1: 1 (Bundesliga)

24.08.2019 - Paderborn Vs. Freiburg 1: 3 (Bundesliga)

17.08.2019 - Leverkusen Vs. Paderborn 3: 2 (Bundesliga)

11.08.2019 - SV Rödinghausen vs. Paderborn 3: 3 (DFB Cup)

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 Hertha vs. Paderborn Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights


Overall, there have been seven matches on competitive level between Hertha and Paderborn. The "old lady" leads the direct comparison with four victories. The SCP had at least two successes, while only a clash ended without a winner.

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The hitherto only two direct duels in the Bundesliga date from the season 2014/2015. At that time each won the home team. Berlin at home in the Olympic Stadium with 2: 0; the Ostwestfalen with their own backdrop with 3: 1.


Hertha against Paderborn Tipp & Prognosis - 21.09.2019


On Saturday afternoon, in the basement duel of the Bundesliga with Hertha BSC and SC Paderborn face the only two teams without a win. The "old lady" currently graces the end of the table and was able to record the only point so far just FC Bayern Munich. The Ostwestfalen, meanwhile, are also waiting for the first full sense of achievement.

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Especially in foreign countries, the team of coach Steffen Baumgart presented to date but absolutely competitive. Both in the 2: 3 in Leverkusen and 1: 1 in Wolfsburg came the blue-black to their chances and presented the clearly favored counterparty before unexpectedly big problems.


Key Facts - Hertha Vs. Paderborn tip


  • Hertha has conceded at least two goals in every match so far

  • Paderborn impressed especially in Leverkusen (2: 3) and in Wolfsburg (1: 1)

  • The greater pressure weighs on the shoulders of the captains

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Because the Berlin under the new coach Ante Covic on the first four matchdays offensive and defensive revealed greater weaknesses and have lost the only home game against Wolfsburg 0-3, we would be careful with it, at Hertha and Paderborn the low odds for a forecast to play the home win.

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Instead, we once again expect a courageous guest-elf, who despite the table situation, has to deal with less pressure. The "old lady", however, is under pressure to move and must after the bitter 1: 2 bankruptcy in Mainz from the previous week necessarily make amends. However, since the home side's self-confidence is not overcooked, this endeavor could prove extremely complicated.

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The bottom line is that between Hertha and Paderborn we see in the betting odds for the tip on the double chance X / 2 the more attractive value. The up-and-comers should be in a position to pose problems to unsettled capitalists. The bookmaker Sportingbet offers quotes of 2.15, which we allude with a bet of five units.


Am Samstag, den 21. September 2019, findet das Deutsche Meisterschaftsspiel zwischen Hertha und Paderborn statt. Das Spiel beginnt um 16:30 Uhr Moskauer Zeit. Speziell für Fans von Statistiken im Fußball veröffentlicht Bookmakers.rf weiterhin interessante Statistiken zu Gegnern in der deutschen Bundesliga.

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Hertha - Paderborn. Vorhersage für den Sieg von Hertha:


  • Dies ist ein Zusammentreffen der beiden einzigen Mannschaften, die bei der aktuellen Auslosung der Deutschen Meisterschaft keinen einzigen Sieg errungen haben.


  • Hertha gewann keines der 14 bisherigen Bundesligaspiele, bei denen sie den letzten Tabellenplatz belegte. Ihren letzten Sieg in einem solchen Spiel gewann sie im Februar 2004 gegen Stuttgart.


  • Hertha hat drei Spiele hintereinander verloren und zum ersten Mal seit April kann ihre Pechsträhne vier Kämpfe erreichen.


  • Hertha hat keines der drei Spiele gegen Paderborn in allen Turnieren verloren (+ 2 = 1).

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Hertha - Paderborn. Wette auf das Ergebnis:

Die Experten der Website Bookmakers.rf glauben, dass Hertha in diesem Spiel gewinnen wird. 1,752

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Hertha - Paderborn. Statistik Prognosen für Tore (gesamt):


  • In vier Runden erzielte Hertha nur drei Tore - nur Hoffenheim erzielte genau so wenig.


  • In zwei vorangegangenen Spielen im Rahmen von Paderborn erzielte Cowley ein Tor und war möglicherweise der erste Spieler in diesem Team, der in drei aufeinanderfolgenden Bundesligaspielen ein Tor erzielte.


Hertha - Paderborn. Wette auf Tore laut Statistik:

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Die Experten der Website Bookmakers.rf glauben, dass weniger als drei Tore im Spiel erzielt werden. 2,72


Hertha - Paderborn. Vorhersagen für den Rest der Linien:


  • Hertha-Cheftrainer Ante Kovic und Paderborn-Mentor Steffen Baumgart haben sich bereits kennengelernt - in der Saison 2015/16 in der Landesliga-Meisterschaft wurden Gastsiege ausgetauscht (Kovic arbeitete mit Herthas Reservisten, Baumgart mit dem Berliner Verein).

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  • Zum ersten Mal seit der Saison 2009/10 belegt Hertha den letzten Platz in der Gesamtwertung. In dieser Saison beendete sie die Meisterschaft in der Abstiegszone.


  • Nach vier Runden hat Paderborn sieben Punkte. Er hatte in seiner ersten Saison in der Bundesliga die gleiche Menge - im Jahr 2014.

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  • Zum ersten Mal in seiner Geschichte wird Paderborn im Bundesliga-Meisterschaftsspiel gegen die Mannschaft auf dem letzten Platz spielen.

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Hertha - Paderborn. Handicap-Gewinnwette:


Die Experten der Website Bookmakers.rf glauben, dass es eine Wette geben wird, dass mindestens eine Mannschaft kein Tor erzielt. 2.60 beide erzielen ein Tor – Nr


Deutschland Fußball. Hertha - Paderborn. Match-Vorhersagen


21. September 2019

Free soccer picks


Hertha - Paderborn. Wer ist der Favorit des Spiels?

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In diesem Spiel setzen die Buchmacher Hertha auf den Sieg, nachdem sie die Wahrscheinlichkeit eines solchen Ergebnisses auf über 50% geschätzt haben. Nach vier Runden erreicht sie mit nur einem Punkt die Abstiegszone und Paderborn ist die einzige Mannschaft, die genau so wenig Tore erzielt. Im ersten Spiel der Meisterschaft überraschte Hertha mit einem 2: 2-Unentschieden gegen Bayern. Dann erlitt sie jedoch drei Niederlagen in Folge mit einem Gesamtscore von 1: 8. Auch am vergangenen Samstag unterlag sie mit 1: 2 gegen Mainz, wo sie in der 88. Minute einen entscheidenden Ball einfing. Herthas ungeschlagener Lauf hat fünf Spiele, von denen sie vier verloren hat. Bei den letzten 14 Kämpfen in der Bundesliga konnte sie nur zweimal gewinnen. In seinem Feld gewann der Club der Hauptstadt nur 3 der 15 vorherigen Spiele, verlor sechsmal und verlor unentschieden. Davor gewann Hertha drei Heimspiele in Folge.

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Paderborn kehrte nach vierjähriger Abwesenheit in die Bundesliga zurück. Am vergangenen Sonntag unterlag er Schalke mit 1: 5. Der einzige Punkt, den er in der dritten Runde gegen Wolfsburg - Paderborn erzielte, stand 1: 1. Berücksichtigt man nur die Hauptzeit, so beträgt die Win-Win-Serie von Paderborn bereits sechs Spiele, von denen vier er verlor. Und auf der Straße gewann er keinen der fünf vorherigen offiziellen Kämpfe - zwei Remis und drei Niederlagen.


Hertha - Paderborn. Wie hast du miteinander gespielt?

Free soccer predictions

In der Saison 2014/15 tauschten Hertha und Paderborn die Heimsiege mit zwei Toren Unterschied aus. Hertha hat drei von fünf vorherigen Spielen gegen diesen Gegner gewonnen und nur einmal verloren. Und in ihren letzten drei Spielen gegen Paderborn erzielte sie genau zwei Tore.

Free soccer picks

In den letzten sieben Spielen erzielte die Hertha in der Bundesliga mehr als zwei Tore.

In sechs der acht vorangegangenen Heimspiele erzielte Hertha in der deutschen Meisterschaft beide Mannschaften ein Tor.

In jedem der fünf Spiele von Paderborn in dieser Saison erzielten sowohl die Gastgeber als auch die Gäste Tore in allen Turnieren.

Paderborn hat jedes der letzten 16 Gastspiele in allen Turnieren verpasst.

Free soccer picks

Tipp für das Spiel Hertha - Paderborn:


Die Experten der Website Bookmakers.rf sagen den Sieg von Hertha voraus und wetten, dass beide Teams in diesem Spiel ein Tor erzielen werden. Im Büro des Buchmachers prognostiziert 1xBet den Hertha-Sieg mit einer Punktzahl von 2: 1 (Koeffizient 7,50). Ein Unentschieden von 1: 1 ist etwas weniger hoch bewertet (8.00 Gewinnchancen). Wetten auf beide Teams werden mit einem Koeffizienten von 1,52 angenommen.

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