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Inter - Napoli 27.12 Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips



Italian mafia decided to follow in the footsteps of their colleagues from the foggy island. As a result, for Christmas in Serie A is also expected the next, already eighteenth round. A lot of amusing confrontations will take place on the reporting day, but we decided to stop at the Inter-Napoli couple. The event can be dubbed one of the central for the game day. For these teams want to watch, as if for a young lady who wash the car.

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No matter how sharp your eyesight is, you cannot grasp something of obvious superiority in bookmaker quotes. There will be two teams that are fortunate enough to be at the top of the standings. Oh, they forgot to mention that the event will take place in the arena of "Giuseppe Meazza", which is periodically transformed into the "San Siro". Let's try to find a clear bet.



In the previous round of the domestic championship "black and blue" failed. On the twenty-second, I had to play an away duel against Chievo. Back in the first half, the guests managed to score with Perisic’s efforts. Everything went to a logical conclusion, but in the ninety-first minute Pelisie equalized. Spallet should be unhappy, because in the current season there have already been a couple of such responsible failures.

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After seventeen rounds, the "snakes" twisted in third position. For such a long period, we managed to accumulate thirty-three points. We are not talking about the championship race for a long time, at the moment the main task of the team is to stay in third position. The gap from the future opponent as much as seven points. The main advantage is the home arena where the team won six times out of eight.



In the last round, the Neapolitans accepted a team called SPAL at the dear "San Paolo”. This noun vividly describes the events that took place on the field. The only goal was scored by Albiol at the very end of the meeting. Then the rivals decided to shut themselves in, like a shy introvert. By the way, on the sixteenth, our today's heroes defeated Cagliari also with a score of 0: 1.

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In fact, the future guests are the only decent competitor for Juventus in the title race. If you look at this question from such an angle, then Napoli has no moral right to lose in the next round. How much do the players themselves believe in the possibility of killing the king? The gap from the "old seniors" as much as eight points. Outside their native walls, Neapolitans played eight matches, six of which were victorious.


Prediction for this match

"Snakes" in their native lair play solidly. The hosts have a chance to compete for points in sparring against the silver medalist. In such a situation, you can take the risky step, and put in the direction of the owners.


Bet - Inter will not lose.

Free soccer predictions

Former Spartak midfielder and the Ukrainian team, and now website expert Maxim Kalinichenko shares his prediction for the Serie A Inter match - Napoli.

"Inter” after a few days will play again in the domestic championship, now against "Napoli”. In the last two in-person meetings, the teams did not score goals.


"Snakes” too often played in a draw recently - 1: 1 with "Chievo” and 2: 2 with "Roma”, as well as 1: 1 with PSV, which deprived the chances of continuing the struggle in the Champions League playoffs. The squad Luciano Spalletti in all these matches led the score, but in the second half, they lost their advantage. Thus, the "interists" occupy the third line of the Serie A, but the second and first place is incredibly far.

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"Blue" comfortably go to second position, behind the leader by eight points. The defeat from "Liverpool” (0: 1) knocked out the "Parthenopeytsy” from the main European tournament, and Milik became the main anti-hero of the match, not equalizing the score in added time. In the last matches of the regular championship, we managed to outplay Cagliari (1: 0) and SPAL (1: 0). In both cases, the Neapolitans scored in compensated time.


Applicants for trips to the Champions League reveal the strongest. In my opinion, both teams are worthy to get into this tournament, so the chances in this match are equal. The home field factor can be decisive, and guests can relax a bit.

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I take a net home win for 2.88


"Napoli” is the main pursuer of "Juventus” and is coming to a duel with "Inter” with a series of four victories. Will the partyenopists be able to win in Milan? The answer is in our forecast.


"Inter” performs quite decently this season in Serie A - the team of Luciano Spalletti is on the third line in the table and has five points of advantage over the fourth "Lazio”. It is unlikely that the Nerazzurri are able to really impose the fight for Juventus for the Scudetto, so the upcoming match with Napoli would be a great chance to try your hand at fighting for silver.

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In the last round, "Inter” stupidly missed two points in the game with "Chievo”. At the 39th minute, Ivan Perisic brought the Nerazzurri ahead, and the guests confidently brought the matter to victory, until at the 91st minute, "Chievo” did not destroy these plans, equalizing the score. Thus, Spalletti did not manage to get the second consecutive victory in the championship, which probably made the fans very angry, considering the same inept departure of Inter from the Champions League.


Will not play in the match Shime Vrsalko, Raja Nainggolan was also removed from the base, he has problems with discipline.

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"Napoli" as well as its today's rival, could not overcome the group round of the Champions League, finishing third. The situation of the last season was repeated and now in the 1/16 of the Europa League "partyenopeytsy” will play with the Swiss "Zurich”. In Serie A, Carlo Ancelotti’s team is doing much better - Napoli is in second place with eight points behind Juventus leader.


In the last round, the Neapolitans easily beat the houses of the SPAL - everything was decided by the goal of Raul Albiol in the time added to the first half. In the second half of the meeting, Napoli did not force the event and confidently brought the matter to three points. This victory was the fourth in a row for the Neapolitans, but in general they have already collected 13 of them this season.


The infirmary at Napoli is empty - only the ever-injured Vlad Kirikesh will not play.

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Only in one of the last six games Inter did not miss

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"Inter" has played this season 11 matches in his field in all tournaments and only one of them could not score

In each of the last six away games "Napoli" scored



"Inter” is already quite firmly entrenched in the third line, but probably wants to climb higher - if you can hardly get to the leader. Until the Nerazzurri silver can still compete. However, problems in the defense prevent the Spalletti team from getting close to Napoli, they are especially acute in the last fights.

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Both teams love and know how to attack, on the edge of each of the team there are great players, which should affect the performance.


In our opinion, there will be goals in the match. Forecast - both score. In 1xStavke such an outcome is proposed with a coefficient of 1.67

Free soccer tips


Nerazzurri, with 33 points after 17 rounds, is in third position in the Italian championship standings. From the upcoming opponent, who occupies the second place, they are separated by eight points.


In view of matches in all tournaments, Inter has a 3-game unbeaten run, where he finished two draws and celebrated a victory in one game.


First wards Luciano Spalletti tied with the Dutch PSV (1: 1) and flew from the Champions League to the Europa League. Then, in the championship match, they minimally defeated Udinese (1: 0) at home, and in the final round of the championship they tied with Chievo (1: 1) at a party.

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Eight home games this season, Serie A brought the "snakes" six wins with one draw and a defeat, the goal difference - 16: 4. At the same time, at the moment they have a 6-game winning home series, in which in the last five matches the Milanese keep their gates shut.


Due to suspension, the upcoming bout will be missed by midfielder Raja Nainggolan.



Football players Carlo Ancelotti before the 18th round occupy the second row in the Serie A standings, having 41 points in their assets, which is eight less than the first Juve.

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In the internal arena, the "partyenopians” do not know the bitterness of defeats in 10 fights in a row. At the same time, they invariably won the last four of them.


Alternately, they beat Atalanta (2: 1) and Cagliari at a party, as well as Frosinone (4: 0) and SPAL (1: 0) at home. But in this segment, Napoli lost to Liverpool (0: 1) in the Champions League, and just as Inter will continue to play in the Europa League.

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Transfer digest. December 18-24

Where in the end will be Rabio, who among the Swedes attracted the attention of Krasnodar, who in the future will benefit from Ramsey and other recent news transfer news? Yesterday

On the road in this drawing of the Italian championship, the "blue” held eight meetings, in which they won six victories with two defeats, the goal ratio was 14:10.


In the infirmary of the team is the Romanian defender Vlad Kirikesh.

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Last season, both matches between these clubs ended in goalless draws.



In this fight, bookmakers give a slight preference to the owners. On their victory offer - 2.70.

Free soccer tips

To win the guests give - 2.80, a draw is estimated - at 3.30.


In the duel of the two leaders of the championship do not have to wait for an extravaganza of goals scored.

Free soccer tips

The eighteenth round will be held by Inter and Napoli. The pair is quite interesting, and there is no favorite in it. In the past game year, rivals overlapped, and then the winner could not be identified - 0: 0. Let's see how the match ends today.


"Nerazzurri" in third place, because it turned out to score 33 points. Team Spalletti achieved 10 victories, 3 more peaceful outcomes and 4 defeats in the scoring goal 29:14. The truth is now that the "snakes” are not the best period, since they won only in one out of the last six duel.


"Parthenopeytsy" go second, because the score is 41 points - 13 wins and 2 draws each with losses, and the score is 34:14. Note that in the six extreme meetings there were 5 victories, and 1: 0 rebounded in the Champions League from Liverpool.

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The forecast for the match "Inter" - "Napoli", X2. Now the home team is not in the best shape, so it’s not worth betting on their victory. Most likely, the guests will hold the match more powerful and not lose.


The central match of the eighteenth round of Serie A will be held in Milan, where they will play two members of the Champions League and the main pursuer Juventus in the fight for Scudetto.

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Inter is located on a comfortable third line with 33 points in the asset and goal difference 29:14. However, the December results of Neradzurri leave much to be desired. During this time, Spalletti's wards coped only with Udinese (1: 0), having painted the world with Chievo (1: 1) and Roma (2: 2), as well as giving way to Juventus (0: 1).


In turn, Napoli does not particularly shine in the game plan, but continues to go second with 41 points and the statistics of successful strikes 34:14. The previous four meetings within the framework of the championship ended for Parthenopei on a positive note - SPAL (1: 0), Cagliari (1: 0), Frosinone (4: 0) and Atalanta (2: 1) became their victims. Despite such a confident move in the distance, the eight-point lag from the Juventus leader from the wards Ancelotti has not gone away.

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Both teams have approximately equal chances for triumph in this meeting. Perhaps there are slightly more of them among guests who have been consistently showing high results for a long time. But Inter is now frankly not impressive, so that the Milanese will not be able to cling to the full three points.


Napoli victory with a handicap (0) at 1.9


On the eve of the most important match with Napoli, Inter's leadership voluntarily lost one of the strongest players in the team. Raja Nainggolan was suspended for breach of discipline - there are no official details, but it is said that the Belgian was regularly late for training, and the new club director Beppe Marotta decided to take action.

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Between Napoli and Interview exactly the same distance as between Napoli and Juventus - eight points. Victory is essential if the Nerazzurri are counting on second place, because playing such a gap will be extremely difficult. Nainggolan would not hurt, but apparently the management is very confident in Luciano Spalletti - the coach must figure out how to cope without Raji.


Two victories in six rounds, departure from the Champions League - Inter's latest results do not inspire optimism on the eve of the Napoli match. Neapolitans also left the Champions League, but in Serie A they are doing well. Parthenopey do not lose since September 29, when they lost to Juventus. Since then, Carlo Ancelotti has eight wins and two draws. And in the last five matches Napoli missed only one goal - from Atalanta on the third of December.

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From Inter Napoli has not missed four games in a row: 0: 0, 0: 0, 1: 0, 3: 0. The last time the Nerazzurri won the Southerners in April 2016 (2: 1), but had not won since 2012. One victory over Napoli in the last 11 games of Serie A, the total score - 10:17.

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If we take into account the matches on Giuseppe Meazza, then Napoli has one defeat in his last six visits to Inter. On the other hand, Nerazzurri has very good home statistics - six wins in a row, with the last five without any goals conceded.


But the rivals were no match for Napoli: Cagliari, Milan, Genoa, Frosinone and Udinese. In addition, the team of Luciano Spalletti is now far from the ideal form, and this was confirmed by the recent match with Chievo - the Milanese could not beat the last team of the championship. It is logical to put on the guests.

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Indicative compositions

Inter: Handanovich - Vrsalko, Shkriniar, De Vrey, Asamoah - Vesino, Brozovic, João Mariou - Politano, Ikardi, Perisic


Napoli: Meret - Husay, Albiol, Coulibaly, Gulam - Kalekhon, Allan, Hamshik, Fabian Ruiz - Milik, Insigne

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