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Juventus - Inter 07.12 Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips


This coming Friday, there will be one football match, which is able to overshadow even the start of the next round of the Ukrainian championship. As you may have guessed, this is a confrontation between Juventus and the Milan Inter. This is the battle that will open the program of the fifteenth round of the Serie A. The championship leader at the Allianz Stadium will receive its long-time enemy, who is gradually gaining strength.


Traditionally, we mention a little bit about the bookmaker line. "Zebras" are considered the clear favorite. It is difficult to argue with such a policy, given the recent results of opponents. However, even with all the apparent evidence of the outcome, our analysts could not get past such a sign. Let's try to figure out whether the powers that be are right, or if we should expect a sensation.

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There is no equal "old senor" in the domestic arena. Only in Europe there are sometimes brave souls who are ready to win (a hint of pockets from Manchester United). In Serie A, the competition is painfully small. For example, let's talk about a recent match against Fiorentina. "Violet" even when the native crowd could not resist the onslaught of "striped". The final score is 0: 3. Goals scored Bentakur, Chiellini and Ronaldo (from the penalty spot).


In the standings of the Serie A, and sometimes even looking is not interesting. Championship intrigue is dead. After fourteen rounds, the "old lord” has forty points. The closest pursuer in the face of Napoli is eight points behind. In their native stadium "whales" had seven matches, which means six wins. The only world came to fight against Genoa.

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Milan team in the last two rounds failed. Especially I want to mention the Tottenham luza in the group stage of the championship league. It was in that battle that the fate of the playoffs could be decided. Now the "snakes" are forced to live in constant fear, maybe Londoners will be able to beat Catalan Barcelona in the last round. The second of the "black and blue” painted the world with Roma 2: 2.


In the Italian championship, "snakes" managed to accumulate twenty-nine points. This result corresponds to the third line. Even the victory in the reporting match will not greatly affect the champion's intrigue. At the moment, the gap from the leader is eleven points. Away "Interists" skated seven matches, four of which managed to win.

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Prediction for this match

Exit statistics from the "snake" is not bad, but in the next round they need to go to visit the champion of the country. "Zebras” in Turin are trying to play at the maximum. It is difficult to imagine that such a status team does not gather to fight against Inter.


Bid - Juventus victory.

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Opening the 15th round of the Italian Serie A will be the central match - Juventus Turin in his field will take the Inter Milan.


Last season at this stadium, the teams played a draw (0: 0), but can someone prove their superiority in the new season?


After 14 rounds, Juventus is confidently leading in Serie A, breaking a significant number of points. In total, during the championship Allegri wards extracted 40 points - 13 wins and a draw with Genoa (1: 1). At the same time, Turintsy score quite a lot (31 goals), but they do not miss as many (8 goals). Well, it is worth noting that the extreme 4 meetings in all the tournaments "old signora" won "dry" - the total score was 8: 0.

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In turn, Inter shows excellent football this season, so it goes to the top of the standings. So, in 14 fights, Spalletti's men scored 29 points - 9 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses, and the total score was 27:12. Recently, however, the Nerazzurri had a heavy schedule, and they began to stumble - a home win over Frosinone (3: 0), 2 draws and 2 losses.


Bookmakers completely lean on the side of Juventus, which is quite reasonable. The Milan team does not feel very confident on the road, and in general the Turints are more powerful now. So there is nothing to think here - put on the owners.

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Free match prediction for Juventus - Inter: "Juventus victory”. The bookmaker 1xBet offers a factor of 1.62 for such an event.


The program of the 15th round of Serie A will be opened by a duel in which Juventus Turin will take on its field in Milan. The central match not only of the tour, but also as a whole, of the first round, in which bookmakers see zebras as an obvious favorite. At the same time, you should pay attention to the fact that opponents approach the game in a different mood, Juve has a 4-game series of victories, while Inter has recently been frustrating more often than vice versa.

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After 14 rounds, played in Serie A, Juventus is on the first line, this team has 40 points, 8 points of separation from the nearest pursuer, Napoli. The current form of the teams is excellent, after an accidental defeat from the MJ, Juve only won, and the Turints did it dry: 2: 0 Milan, 2: 0 SPAL, 1: 0 Valencia and 3: 0 Fiorentina.


On the third place

Inter is unlikely to be able to catch up with Juventus on the basis of the current championship, Milanese before the reporting round lose 11 points to Juventus, but such a status match as the upcoming one does not want to lose to the Milanese. On the road, "black and blue” played seven meetings in the framework of Serie A, have four wins with two defeats, 12: 8 goal difference. There is no doubt that Inter will focus on the defense of their gates, the "snakes" will be happy and a draw.

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Juventus is strong in defense, the Allegri team rarely misses. Inter is also able to defend himself, the Spalletti team will try to fight the champion, and this can be done only in the case of a quality game on the back line. In the last six one-on-one personal meetings, TB 3.0 made its way only once. Our free game prediction: TM 3.0



The main grandee of Italian football is now winning victory after victory in the championship, while at the same time securing itself access to the playoffs of the Champions League. In the framework of the 15th round, Juventus will have an interesting duel with Inter, who is now seen as the most dangerous competitor (along with Napoli) for the team from Turin. Juventus leads the championship with 40 points scored and 8 points ahead of Napoli. Allegri can admire the game of their wards, because they are excellent in defense and effective in attack. This season, only Genoa managed to take points from Juventus in the championship (1: 1), and in the Champions League, the "old signor” managed to beat Manchester United (1: 2).

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The composition of the Italian grandee looks just monstrous. Each position on the football field is closed by star players and high-quality reservists, which allow Allegri to rotate during the tournament distance. The leaders of this team are such players as C. Ronaldo, who scores in almost every match, Dybala, Matiudi, Pyanich, Chiyelini, Bonucci and Mandzhukich.



The Milan club is actively developing and is trying to minimize the difference in class with Juventus. So far, it is, because in the composition of Inter there are no stars of the level of Dybala and Ronaldo. But, the potential of many black and blue players is very high - Icardi, Skrignar, Nainggolan, Balde, Politano, Brozovich and others. It is worth noting the persona Luciano Spalletti on the coaching bridge of Inter, who perfectly knows how to work with strong teams and improve their playing characteristics.

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Inter now ranks third in the standings, 11 points behind Juventus. It is unlikely that the team will be able to fight for the championship, but to take second place from Napoli looks like a feasible task for the Milan club. The team lacks a bit of stability, but in general, the positive dynamics of the results of Inter visible to the naked eye.



Leading bookmakers highlight Juventus as a favorite of the match, whose victory is estimated by a factor of 1.62. The success of Inter is quoted for 6.50, and a draw outcome of the match for 3.98. Bookmakers give guests only ghostly chances for success. Popular totals received the following quotes from BC: "total is over 2.5” for 1.95, "total is less than 2.5” for 1.95.

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Juventus shows amazing football in the extreme matches, breaking all their rivals. Inter Spalletti could potentially create problems for the Turin club, but guests are unlikely to take away points from the arena hosts. At its stadium Juventus looks like an unbeatable lump. Therefore, in this confrontation of the Italian championship, we confidently put on the success of the home team.


Bet: Juventus victory (P1) – 1.62.

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The opening of the fifteenth round of the Italian championship will be the match between Juventus and Inter. Note that the last duel between them ended peacefully 0: 0. Who will be able to write down a victory? See the forecast.


"Old Signora” has a great season, as the team secured a place in the UC playoffs, and also leads with a decent margin in the local championship. Allegri players could earn 40 points - 13 victorians and 1: 1 world from Genoa. We also note that the club has not missed for a long time.

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Snakes demonstrate fantastic football, so the position in the standings is also high. So far, the team has 29 points - 9 wins, 2 world and bounced three times with a total score of 27:12. True because of the heavy graphics lately - 2 draws and the same fiasco.


Prediction for the match Juventus - Inter, P1. With departures from the Milan club, everything is not smooth, so the Turints should take 3 points.

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The central match of the fifteenth round of Serie A between the two contenders for the highest places will take place in Turin. However, the position of Juventus is now much safer, since he confidently heads the peloton.


In the fourteen games of the championship, the Turints lost only two points - this happened at a home meeting with Genoa a month ago (1: 1). In all other cases, there were only victories earned on the class. In the previous round, Allegri's players defeated Fiorentina 3: 0, and before that they laid down SPAL (2: 0), Milan (2: 0) and Cagliari (3: 1) on the shoulder blades.

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The first third of the season has developed for Inter very well. Now the Milan club takes the third place, having in its assets 29 credits with a goal difference of 27:12. But in the last rounds, Spalletti's wards lacked a bit of stability - on the eve they shared points with Roma (2: 2), having previously defeated 3: 0 underdog Frosinone and conceded 1: 4 to Atalanta.


The obvious favorites of this meeting are the hosts, who are now stronger than any opponent in Serie A. On Friday, Juventus must once again demonstrate its superiority in the class and take another step towards this predictable Scudetto.

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Juventus wins at 1.61


Two big Italian clubs are now in different weight categories. And do not say that "Inter” is bad.


"Juventus” has long and hopelessly for competitors leading in Italy. But now it turns into just a machine for earning points and titles. In Serie A, he has only one draw in 13 rounds, which he managed to snatch from him "Genoa”. Organically joined the Old Signor Ronaldo. Easily resolved issues in the group stage of the Champions League. Listen, well, once the players have to relax? Before the important February matches are still far away, you could afford a short pause. Or is it an attempt to wishful thinking?

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"Inter" is not fighting for the Scudetto, it is unrealistic, but a maximum for second place in the championship. And in this fight competition is high. Just went to a band of important meetings. With a direct competitor to the "Olympic" was able to take a draw. Although, "Nerazzurri” there led, but "Roma” crushed and deservedly won back. The guests looked great Keita. He returned to Italy and scored a gorgeous shape. Good Ikardi, Handanovich. But the game in defense causes a lot of complaints. With such actions in Turin, Inter will find it difficult to even count on a draw.


The prediction for the match Juventus - Inter: Juventus victory, and the total total goals in the match is more than 2.5.

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On the eve of the next match between Juventus and Inter, the former arbiter Piero Ceccarini reminded himself. Ceccarini worked on the scandalous Derby of Italy on April 26, 1998. Then, before the game, Juve was ahead of Inter by one point and won thanks to the goal of Alessandro Del Piero. The scandal broke out due to the fact that the referee did not appoint a penalty after a collision of Marc Julian and Ronaldo in the penalty box of Old Signora.


"I would not give a penalty, even now, when there is a VAR,” said Ceccarini. On the one hand, there is no need to pay attention to the voice from the past - Pierrot is simply trying to remind himself. On the other hand, his words are an echo of the once great confrontation. From the standpoint of the tournament table, the match between Juventus and Inter is important in the modern context - the first and third teams of the championship meet. But intrigue as a whole did not depend on the outcome of their meetings for a long time - the advantage of Turintsev is too great. Now they are ahead of Inter by 11 points. Regular tour for Juve, ambition check for Milanese.

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Bianconeri last week set a record for Serie A, gaining 40 points in the first 14 rounds. Fiorentina was also spoken about in the media as an opponent in principle, but in the 3: 0 victory there was nothing of principle. Only once did Juventus lose points - in a match with Genoa. 13 wins out of 14, a goal difference of 23, just eight missed and 31 scored - the statistics of the Old Lady sign looks deadly for her rivals.


Inter, at first glance, everything is not bad - the third place, three points from Napoli going second. But it could be better, because of the last three matches in a away Nerazzurri won one. And if you add the Champions League, it turns out that Inter has one win in five away games. Team Luciano Spalletti lost to Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčAtalanta and Tottenham, tied with Roma and defeated Lazio. With serious rivals outside of Giuseppe Meazza, Nerazzurri has problems.

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In the case of Juventus, this is not news. In Turin, Inter does not win within the framework of Serie A since November 2012, when the team of Andrea Stramaccioni won the double of Diego Milito and the goal of Rodrigo Palacio. The previous success happened in 2008 - for ten years, Inter won the Juve field only once. Moreover, in Turin, Nerazzurri have not been killed since 2015.


In the championship, Juve does not miss three rounds in a row and only in one case missed more than one goal - on August 18th, in the match with Chievo. But at the defense of Inter lately there are problems on the road - six goals conceded in two matches. Given the petty odds on the victory of Old Signora, it is better to pay attention to performance. Only Genoa Juventus scored less than two goals - in the remaining 13 cases, rivals of Turints missed at least twice. Inter, most likely, will not be an exception.

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Indicative compositions

Juventus: Schesny - De Chillo, Bonucci, Chiellini, Cancelo - Bentancourt, Pyanich, Matyuidi - Dybala, Mandzhukic, Ronaldo


Inter: Handanovich - D'Ambrosio, Shkriniar, Miranda, Asamoah - Vesino, Brozovic, João Mariou - Politano, Ikardi, Perisic

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