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Liverpool - Arsenal. 04/30/20. Prediction and match betting

A large number of football matches will be played on April 30th, but Liverpool v Arsenal is the most appropriate game for everyone. At bookmakers, she doesn't accept bets before the game until 11:05 am Moscow time. The favorites are the owners who have already managed to win this confrontation this year after winning 2-0. The teams met twice last year, and if the first game ended in a tie, the Arsenal football club was stronger in the second.

Not only is it interesting, it's also informative to preview games in which rivals will be champions like Liverpool and Arsenal footballers. We always try to use different sources of information so that our forecasts have a high probability of continuity. Of course, the games we choose to forecast don't play the final role. For example, the game between the Liverpool team and the Arsenal team will be of interest to many football fans as well-known football players meet who fight annually not only for the title of the best football club but also for the title of the best football player. It is clear that what kind of fan can oppose betting on this game is rare, especially since bookmakers offer this confrontation only a huge line with simple and additional bets. Our job is to reflect our vision of the game by alerting the weather to the most interesting bookmaker deals. The Liverpool team and the Arsenal team are clubs whose game is always focused on one result - victory. And this game will not be an exception, on the contrary, winning this game will be the greatest wish of both teams, there will be even more dangerous moments than in any normal game. The main question is whether the game will be productive. And here we say the definitive "YES"!


Liverpool wins - 1.9, draw - 4.58, Arsenal wins - 3.01

Prediction for the match Liverpool - Arsenal (FIFA, national match, Sunday, September 22): The Liverpool Football Club received from the bookmakers a quote of 1.9 for their win and you can bet Arsenal FC with a odds of 3 To win 01. According to the offer, bets on a tie are accepted.

Personal meeting history

Both clubs, the game of which the experts from our portal have predicted, are well-known teams that only fight for the highest places in the championship every year. The Liverpool and Arsenal team showed excellent football last season that allowed them to take their rightful place in the overall standings. Based on the information from our forecasters' sources, the teams strengthened their rosters outside the season. Not only were team leaders saved, but new soccer players were also invited so that the leaders could rest in certain games. This is necessary so that the team has the strength to demonstrate quality football throughout the season. Keep in mind that the season isn't just a successful start and end, there are still quite a few games between them in which you want to show a decent result. The Liverpool team and the Arsenal team met several times last season. They showed great football and were able to satisfy the fans with goals scored. Given that the season is just beginning and players are hungry for football, our forecasters consider this confrontation to be quite active. We therefore recommend not to miss this game, to watch the development of events and cheer for good football and to place your bets on the recommendation of our forecasters. Remember that our predictions for this game can be found below. There are bets with a detailed description of each bet.

Liverpool - Arsenal 4/30/20

For the third time this season, the third football match between Liverpool and Arsenal will take place on April 30th. The Liverpool players won 2-0 in the first encounter, but Arsenal were stronger in the second game and won 3-2. This game starts at 11:05 Moscow time and should show which team is stronger this season . The fight takes place as part of the national cup, so the title is at stake.

Pre-game analysis and bookmaker predictions

Meeting neighbors in the overall ranking or teams from the same city or region is always interesting because clubs always play to the end in such games. The fight on the field lasts every 90 minutes. In addition, there is not just a fight on the soccer field, but an uncompromising confrontation in which rivals fight for the ball and do not spare themselves or the rivals. The Liverpool team and the Arsenal team have had similar debates over the past season, so our forecasters see no good reason why this will not happen again. This leads to bets on more warnings overall in games. If you choose a favorite, you will find the preferences of our forecasters on the guest page. The Arsenal team performed training more safely before the season. The club invited new players who should undoubtedly strengthen the team's game. And last season the guests had more stable results. The Liverpool team, despite speaking to their local fans, suffered too severe a loss of staff to play at the same level at a certain point in time. However, new players need time to play with partners. So our choice in this game is the Arsenal team's win. Due to the fact that the game is expected to be dynamic and also take into account the statistics of last season, we assume that many goals will be scored in the game. We therefore recommend placing more bets on the total.

Liverpool - Arsenal prediction (30th August 2018), prizes and chances to win

The Liverpool Arsenal football match was postponed on 30 April because there were too many players in the national teams in both teams. This meeting begins at 11:05 a.m. Moscow time and is the second of this season. In the first confrontation, the Liverpool football club had two goals but lost them at the end of the game and ended in a 2-2 draw.


The Liverpool football club used to fight constantly for the championship title, but after the head coach left the team three years ago, he lost ground, so the qualification of the host in the European competition is already considered a successful end of the season. The Liverpool football club is again lacking in stability this season. Now it is the fourth and the gap to the leader is already twelve points, which means that the hosts have already abandoned the championship race. The team is working well on the defensive, but has major problems with the realization of the points, as most goals scored are due to two midfielders, but the attackers rarely hit the opposing goal. But in the last two rounds of the football club, Liverpool showed excellent results by first defeating 2-0 outsiders and then staging a 4-0 championship leader. There is no serious loss of staff among the hosts as the mentor finds someone to replace the central midfielder who injured his leg during training.


After an unsuccessful last season when the Arsenal football club only finished sixth, management released four new players for transfers in the off-season. Almost everyone was able to quickly join the main team, so that the team significantly improved its results and now leads the championship by four points ahead of the next chase. The advantage of the guests was even greater, but in the last round the team unexpectedly lost on their field with a high score. Right at the exit, the Arsenal football club shows the best results without losing a single game and scores an average of almost two goals per game. The guests have the most reliable defense in the championship, but the Arsenal football club scores far fewer goals than the other representatives of the top five of the championship. This round misses the right midfielder due to a disqualification and the central defender does not play due to injury.

Interesting facts before the Liverpool - Arsenal match

If you choose a favorite in the match between the Liverpool team and the Arsenal team, the opinion of our predictors is entirely in agreement with the opinion of the bookmakers who believe that the guests are now in better shape than the home team. Note that both clubs have had an important performance last season, while guests not only retain all key players, but also signed a number of famous players and the home team has sold out their leaders, but not a single more or less significant acquisition would improve the game. In personal meetings between these clubs last season, there was an equal confrontation due to the changes in the team. We would recommend betting on the score of the guests in this game as we think their game is more confident. A good bet in this game, we're still thinking about putting more than just yellow cards. The essence of both teams' game is the quick transition from defense to attack, which means that players can't always keep up with their opponents. This should also play into our hands in personal meetings last season. Both teams play pretty dirty, so our bet on warnings is justified. We see more overall goals in this game because both clubs have a good attack and not a very good defense. That is why we have to exchange goals here, which makes it easier to pass on our forecast.

The meeting ends in a draw - 4.58, Liverpool wins in a standoff - 1.9, Arsenal wins in a standoff - 3.01.

Liverpool - Arsenal. Prediction and betting on the game. FIFA April 30th

Bookmakers started taking bets on April 30th. Among the football events you will find the Liverpool Arsenal meeting, which starts in Moscow at 11:05 a.m. Given the statistics from previous matches between these teams, guests are considered favorites as they won 34 out of 52 games played. In particular, they won this season and won 2-0 two months ago.


In the summer, the Liverpool football club managed to get many leaders back into its ranks, and fans hoped that the team would resume the struggle for the championship a few years later. However, the arrival of many players had no particular impact on the game of the hosts, who started the season well but then followed a strong recession. In eight rounds, the Liverpool Football Club cannot win by drawing three draws and losing five games. The head coach tries to get out of the situation with constantly changing players, but very few players show a decent level and most are in bad shape. Even in their field, the team started to do much worse, as there have been three home defeats this season, though there has been only one over the past year. There are no fake defenders in defense, so there is often not enough mutual understanding between the players of this plan, and this does not allow the dangerous situation near the goal to be quickly eliminated. The only loss to the hosts in this game is a defensive midfielder who went through the yellow cards.


In the off-season, the Arsenal football club tried to strengthen its ranks with two well-known players, but the leadership did not take into account the fact that both players are difficult in character and had problems with partners in each club. This team was no exception, so there soon became conflicts in the squad and the results declined as the head coach continues to release both newcomers from the start, even though they show no interaction with partners and only worsen team actions. Instead of fighting for European Cups, the Arsenal football club is in the middle of the overall ranking, so that the team is already seven points away from a ticket for the Europa League. The team's guest results are particularly weak as only two wins on the road this season came out and both went beyond the outsiders. The Arsenal football club has suffered three losses and won twice in the last five rounds. Two strikers will not help the team in this fight, one of which is a regular base player.

Statistics and personal meetings

The Liverpool team and the Arsenal team showed a high quality football last season. In terms of the number of goals scored, the clubs were among the leaders in the championship. Thanks to the clever leadership policy, the teams managed to retain almost all of the main players, which means that the clubs will delight fans again with offensive and productive football in the new season. Therefore, one of the best bets in this game, according to our forecasters, is betting on more overall. Both teams have an excellent attack and center line, while both clubs are offensive. In general, there are a number of factors that support our choice, so we recommend this bet. We chose the favorite of this confrontation and turned to the home team, as the team played very confidently in their home walls last season and even the championship leaders to defeat the Liverpool team on the field were very, very difficult. We are confident that team management will be playing home games this season as well, so the home team will have a clear advantage in this game. The Liverpool team and the Arsenal team are always playing hard, the players are not afraid to play to the end, so it is likely that the game will be difficult. On this basis, we recommend another bet - the sum is more than yellow cards. At personal meetings of the teams last season, they broke the stated amount so that our forecasters see nothing that this season does not allow.

Liverpool v Arsenal: who is the favorite of the upcoming meeting?

Liverpool - Arsenal. Football Prediction (04/30/20)

Choosing a favorite in the Liverpool vs Arsenal game was easy. After a successful performance last season, the home team separated from almost all leaders. Now, with young soccer players, this team has practically no experience of playing at such a high level. Many can say that experience is a business, the main thing is desire and striving. You can agree to that, but not in a match with a team like the Arsenal team. The guests are very strong as they have played with the same squad with minor changes over the past few seasons. In games with such teams, it is always difficult because the players understand each other from half a point of view. Our forecasters believe that the Liverpool team is not yet ready to play on an equal footing with the Arsenal players, and our favorite in this game are the guests we should bet on to win. We have already mentioned that a well-coordinated club is not only very difficult to beat, but also very difficult to hit. Given that the Arsenal team doesn't do much for their rivals, we're confident that there won't be many goals in the game. Therefore the total number is lower - also a good bet in this confrontation. The personal confrontation of these clubs in the past season has been pretty rude. The players used tough tricks against their opponents, for which the referee punished them with yellow cards. Something similar is worth waiting for today as the game will be rude. Therefore, the team will hit the total number of yellow cards for more.

Liverpool - Arsenal: The hosts will take care of the new arrival

Our experts chose the game between the Liverpool team and the Arsenal team because the composition of these football clubs has practically not changed compared to last season. The club leaders remained loyal to their teams and decided not to remain flattered by the large amount of money that was offered to them from all sides to stay with their teams for another season. Such actions are rare in modern football, which enables us to emphasize the special atmosphere in the locker rooms of the Liverpool and Arsenal teams. If the clubs have managed to keep all of their leaders, the managers have not restructured the team's game exactly, which means that we are witnessing the offensive football that both team players like to play. And managers are also fans of such game tactics because they believe that attacking football has more chances of realizing all of their moments, that is, more chances of success in the game. It is very difficult to argue with this statement as many clubs today play in an offensive style that allows them to demonstrate beautiful football and get the results they want. We hope that everything in our game will be nice, efficient and profitable.

In order to analyze and find interesting predictions for the match between Liverpool and Arsenal, our experts had to compile a large amount of information. These included last season games played by clubs and friendlies in which the teams participated in the off-season. We also worked with the lineups and found out how useful the players who went, stayed and came. All of this allowed us to draw certain conclusions that are reflected in our forecasts. The Liverpool team and the Arsenal team are clubs that have played offensively in the past season. However, this style of play will not be acceptable for one of the teams, as the club has blamed a number of players for creativity and implementation. New performers have been put in their place, but it is unlikely that the mentor will immediately build the entire team's games through beginners. Most likely, the club will choose a defensive style and try to threaten the opposing goal in counterattacks. The other team kept their leaders, so we believe that the coach has not touched the tactical scheme so far and has left it unchanged. Our forecasters see several scenarios in this game, but the most real one will be when one team is constantly attacking and the other is trying to destroy the attacks by performing lightning-fast counterattacks. Regardless of the tactics that mentors choose for their wards, we believe that the game will be interesting and will satisfy the "hunger” of fans who miss football.

Liverpool - Arsenal: statistics and personal meetings

Our experts always try to choose the most interesting soccer games in terms of entertainment for forecasting. In the near future there will be a game between two football clubs that are showing excellent results this season. The Liverpool team and the Arsenal team have been irreconcilable rivals for some time. At the same time, these soccer teams show amazing soccer in personal meetings. The games between these football clubs will be remembered for a long time as the players play with full dedication and try to demonstrate the maximum of their skills. Team managers also prepare surprises for each other with unusual tactics. In general, there is a real show on the soccer field that fans are amazed by. We expect something similar in this game. According to team managers, all key players are ready to join the game from the first minutes of the meeting. This means that an unpredictable game awaits fans today, as team leaders can find a non-standard solution in any game situation. Our experts have prepared predictions for this game. You can find these below. We recommend betting on this confrontation not only before the game but also during the game, as bookmakers may make a good offer with a high chance of winning.

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