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Liverpool - Manchester City 07.10 Free fixed tips



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On October 7, at 18:30 Moscow time, Liverpool will meet Manchester City in the framework of the 8th round of the English Premier League. The fight will take place in the city of Liverpool at the famous Anfield stadium.


Liverpool is playing great football this season, the Klopa team shows excellent form and practically does not lose points. During the seven rounds played, the team played a draw only once, while winning six matches. In the standings in England, "Merseidians” are currently in second place and have 19 points in their record. On the lawn, the Reds are still winning, so the club in the last home round simply defeated Southampton, with a score of 3: 0.

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Manchester City last season showed its strength and easily took the gold of the championship of England. In the new season, the team is also in good shape and easily replays its rivals. In the City standings at this moment is on the first line, with 19 points in the piggy bank. The attack of Manchester was at the height and was able to play 21 goals in another goal, while three goals were missed in its net. Visiting Manchester City also looks strong and in the final round, the club Guardiola destroyed Cardiff, with a score of 5: 0.


It is worth noting that Liverpool lost to Manchester City only in its native walls, and that was back in 2003. In the upcoming fight, the Reds are by no means favorites, considering the games this week, but I still think the hosts will score points. Bet: Liverpool will not lose - 1X.

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Forecast: 1X with a factor of 1.52



In the central match of the Premier League tour, Jurgen Klopp's team will confront Manchester City, and this will be a real war between the two contenders for the championship. Now Liverpool and Manchester have the same number of points - 19 points for each team. Leaver slowed down a bit in extreme matches, losing in the Chelsea Cup (1: 2) and in the Napoli Champions League (0: 1). Also Klopp's wards failed to defeat Chelsea in the last round of the Premier League (1: 1). It is unlikely that we can talk about the crisis of the team, just the players have accumulated a certain fatigue, because of which the performance of some players have decreased.

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First of all, we should talk about the decline of the form in Firmino, in the second - in Fabinho, Lovre, Keita and Salah. Egyptian and not nearly so effective in the current championship, which Salah was in the last season (only 3 goals in 7 games). On the other hand, Liverpool’s defense reliability indicators (3 missed goals) have improved significantly, which is a consequence of the strengthening of the center line of the team and the presence of excellent goalkeeper Alisson Becker.



The current champions of England are now in good shape and are enthusiastic to defend the champion title. Manchester City leads a series of four consecutive victories, and the club has reformed for defeat against Lyon in the Champions League (1: 2), beating Hoffenheim in the second round (2: 1). Josep Guardiola has a powerful and very experienced team at his disposal. That experience is an important trump card for the current Manchester. Football players such as Aguero, De Bruyne, Otamendi, Fernardinho, Silva and Company have gone through many top fights in their careers, and it is difficult to surprise them with something on the football field.


We note the progress of young players in Manchester - Sana, Zinchenko and Sterling, each of whom gets more and more playing time on the football field. Manchester City loves the attacking style of the game, so that this club is so popular among fans around the world.



Bookmakers give almost equal chances for success in this match for both teams: Liverpool win for 2.60, draw for 3.62, Manchester win for 2.78. As a result, we see a modest advantage for the home team, which is reinforced by the factor of the home stadium. The following quotes are popular among total game betters: "Total over 2.5" for 1.63, "Total less than 2.5" for 2.45.

Free soccer tips


Liverpool and Manchester City always give their fans a real football play that deserves attention. In this pair of opponents is very important factor of his field, which is now on the side of Liverpool. For secure bets on the home team should make a choice in favor of a zero handicap.


Bet: Liverpool victory with a handicap (0) – 1.89.


Liverpool vs. Manchester City will converge next Sunday in the next, already the eighth in a row, the tour of the English regular season. This opposition must be instantly raised to the rank of the center in the whole tour. If someone resists to use this adjective, then just poke him in the face of the tournament table, preferably printed in A1 format.

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Do I need to talk about favorites in a similar match? Here you do not want to meticulously study the numbers, such fights are just to enjoy. Even through the television picture, we feel the whole atmosphere that prevails at Anfield. In this battle, it will be decided who will lead the submarine standings in the next couple of weeks. It's time to figure out who to put.



"Red" jumped from fire into the fire. The team last week spent two whole matches against Chelsea London, and then traveled to Italy as part of the Champions League. About everything in order, "blue" our today's heroes lost in the League Cup, but managed to snatch the world in the domestic championship. For Azar's goal, the mersisides could not find arguments for a long time, but Sturridge managed to restore parity at the ninetieth minute.


In the championship league, the Reds failed. In Naples, they were met by a formidable mafia, who closed himself as a student on the defense of a diploma. However, the brazen Italians at the end of the match were able to carry out an effective attack and win. Let's return to the Premier League. Before the next round, the team is located on the second position, but the leader in the person of the MC has exactly the same indicator of points scored. In such a situation, you can not even talk about the motivation of the owners.

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Manchester city

Pep Guardiola's squad absolutely no difference where to get points. For example, on the road, our today's heroes in the Premier League have already had three matches in which they have never lost. During the reporting period, there were two victories against Cardiff and the London Arsenal, as well as the world with Wolverhampton. The guys in the awesome form - in the four extreme matches of the Premier League, they only won.


Thus, the "eagles" are located on the first line of the championship, but they have nineteen points in their assets, which corresponds to the "red" indicator. Future guests have more decent statistics of goals scored / missed goals. The Spanish specialist also drove his children to another country in the middle of the week. Unlike Liver, the MC in the second round of the Champions League managed to overcome the hard-nosed Hoffenheim.

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Prediction for this match

The next match will be the last before a short break for the games of national teams. The whole cycle of the guys were in the same breath, therefore, it is difficult to imagine a situation in which the clubs will simply fold their legs. In such a situation, it is not worth hoping for greater efficiency.


The bet is total less than 3.25.



Liverpool is gorgeous. Or kosher - who is closer. How not to call it, but only everything goes to the fact that this season will be the best for Klopp at the helm of the mersyside club.


A draw in the final round against Chelsea (1: 1) was the first loss of the red points in the new championship. According to the result, it’s not scary yet, more excitement is caused by the game itself of German enthusiasts. After all, won back something "Liverpool" a minute before the end of the match.

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Headache for Klopp. Defeat from "Napoli" pointed to the problems of "Liverpool"


Skipping in the end is a typical feature of the current composition of "red". In the League Cup, Chelsea began the winning move from the 79th minute. In the first round of the Champions League, Mbappa played the second goal in the 83rd minute. Tottenham in the fifth round of the Premier League scored a prestige goal on the 93rd.


As a result, the last match in the Champions League ended pitifully. "Napoli" scored the winning goal in the 90th minute and tore off three points, as if from a bush.

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"Manchester city"

Manchester City is the undisputed leader of the Premier League in terms of gaming performance. An elementary averaged number of shots per match (24) already commands respect. So, according to detailed statistics, the "citizens” are ahead of the rest.


For example, they hold the first place in the number of shots from the limits of the goalkeeper's field - an average of 2.4 per game. This is a very serious indicator of the depth of attack, especially considering that the closest pursuer of Chelsea has a figure of 1.6 shots per game.

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And most importantly - after the 61st minute, the "Sir Alexis” scored seven goals to their rivals within the framework of the English Championship.


ManSiti has passed a character test, but there are problems


The winning goal to Hoffenheim in the Champions League also flew too late - in the 87th minute. In a word, both Guardiola and we have something to ponder ...

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Forecast: "1st half: OZ”


In the last five personal meetings with all the tournaments, "Manchester City" could only win once. And during this time there was not a single draw.


By the way, all these fights were "top" - for TB 2.5. Usually in the matches of "Sir Alex" flies 3.4 goals. In fights "mersisaydtsev" - 2.6 goals.


Prediction: "1st half: X"

Free soccer tips

Before the break, national teams have the opportunity to give even 200%. We predict that the teams will not be put off until later. Therefore, we offer you two bets: "1 time: OZ” for 3.52 and "1 time: X” for 2.30.


Closing the 8th round of the English Premier League will be the central match of the tour - Liverpool will take Man City.

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Last season, the mersysaydts knocked out the Sir Alexis from the Champions League (3: 0 and 1: 2), so that the "citizens” still have a grudge against the "red” .


Liverpool started very powerfully in the new season, therefore they are fairly among the leaders of the championship. So, for 7 rounds, Klopp's players scored 19 points - 6 wins and a draw, while the total score was 15: 3. However, one should not forget that a week and a half ago, the "Reds” began to fail - defeat by Chelsea (1: 2) in the Cup and a draw with Chelsea (1: 1) in the championship. Yes, and the match on Wednesday against Napoli was very hard for them ...


In turn, Man City is as powerful as last season. At the moment, in the Premier League Guardiola wards are in the lead, having gained 19 points - 6 wins and 1 draw, having played with the score 21: 3. Yes, there were no debacles in the last matches, but the team won. But on Tuesday, "citizens" pulled out a strong-willed victory over Hoffenheim - 1: 2.

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Bookmakers practically do not single out any of the teams, which is quite reasonable. Liverpool passed a little, and Man City on the road is not always so stable. However, the composition of the guests will be more fresh, and therefore put better on them .


Free match prediction for Liverpool - Manchester City: "Man City win or draw". At such an outcome bookmaker 1hBet offers a factor of 1.6.


The central match of the eighth round will be held at Anfield, where Liverpool will fight with Manchester City. Future rivals approach the upcoming meeting in a slightly different mood. The thing is that in the mid-week "the Reds” and "Eagles” played their matches in the Champions League, both the Klopp team and the Guardiola squad were playing away games. But if the "citizens" were able to snatch victory in the end of the meeting, then Liverpool, on the contrary, in the end missed one point.

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No victories

It's amazing, but Liverpool is coming to a match against Manchester City with a three-match series without a win. First, the Reds lost to Chelsea in the League Cup. Then, they could not beat the "blue” already in the Premier League, with great difficulty, "scratching” one point thanks to the goal of Sturridge. And in the past mid-week, the mersisayds lost on Napoli's Sao Paolo with a score of 0: 1.


Already the first

And Manchester City, on the contrary, is doing great now, the "citizens” in the last round of the Premier League beat Brighton 2: 0 and thanks to a draw of Chelsea and Liverpool, ahead of the "reds” in the table by secondary indicators, came out on top. The MC has also improved its position in the Champions League. In Sinsheim, Hoffenheim was the first to open the scoring, but the Englishman's higher individual skills bore fruit: a 2: 1 victory away from a strong contender.

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The fight against Napoli showed that Salah is now far from his optimal form, and Keita was injured and could not play on Sunday. Manchester City has no new patients, and Kevin de Bruyne is already beginning to train slowly. Our free forecast for this meeting:

Manchester City will not lose


The leaders of the championship will meet in this duel - Liveupl accepts Manchester City. Will the teams be able to please the goals? We offer your prediction for the match.

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Liverpool to a duel with Manchester City is preparing in a somewhat depressed state. Jurgen Klopp's team lost to Napoli Champions League this week (0: 1). It is not even the fact of the defeat of the Mercysides that is depressing, but how they lost. "Liverpool” for the first time in a long time looked toothless in the attack and did not deal a single blow to the target. However, the "red” failures in the cup competitions did not affect their positions in the championship at all. "Liverpool” in the Premier League has not yet lost, and in the last round was able to score points on the road in a duel with "Chelsea” (1: 1).


Houses "red" with the top clubs this season, the Premier League has not yet met. And on the "Enfield" "Liverpool" still did not miss a single ball. Wards Jurgen Klopp in their own arena defeated "West Ham” (4: 0) and "Southampton” (3: 0), and also beat "Brighton” (1: 0). Although more revealing before the match with "Manchester City” is a duel of the "Reds” with PSG in the Champions League. Recall that in it the mersisides won (3: 2).

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In addition to Oxlade-Chamberlain and Adam Lallana, almost all the players of Liverpool are already in the ranks. Damage to the match against Napoli was received only by Nabi Keita, but it turned out to be frivolous. It is possible that on Sunday he will enter the field.



Manchester City continues to give the impression of a team that succeeds very easily. This is especially true of internal tournaments in which "citizens" do not notice competitors. Wards Guardiola this season, beat the Chelsea Super Cup (2: 0), and in the Arsenal Championship (2: 0). The only team that selected points in the MC is Wolverhampton (1: 1).

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However, in the Champions League "Manchester City" for some reason, playing is much more difficult. In the first round, the "townspeople” lost to Lyon (1: 2) at home, while in the second round, only in the last minutes they pulled out a victory in a fight with Hoffenheim (2: 1). Although owned by the advantage in the course of the match.


Visiting Manchester City in this championship, besides a draw with Wolverhampton and a victory over Arsenal, he also defeated Cardiff (5: 0).

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Good news comes from the "citizens" infirmary. After the injury, Benjamin Mendy has recovered and is almost ready to enter the pitch Kevin de Bruyne. Until now, only Claudio Bravo, Elyakim Mangala and Fabian Delf have healed. Ilkay Gundogan is also close to returning.



Liverpool's win-win series in the Premier League is eight matches.

At home, Liverpool won in eight of the nine previous bouts in the Premier League.

Eight home games in the championship in a row "Liverpool" at "Anfield" does not miss.

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The unbeaten Manchester City series in the Premier League is 13 meetings.

On the road to the submarine "citizens" won eight of the last nine fights.

In full-time confrontation "Liverpool" and "Manchester City" the advantage is on the side of the "red". Merseysides defeated the "citizens” in the three previous in-person fights.

At Enfield, Liverpool has not lost to Manchester City since 2003.



Despite the fact that "Liverpool” and "Manchester City” are among the sharply attacking teams, the in-person match between them promises to be very tense. Still, there are two leaders of the Premier League. "Citizens" are now in a better psychological state than the "red". But on the other hand, the team of Jürgen Klopp is extremely important to show that the defeat of "Napoli” was a one-time failure. It is possible to wait for goals from both sides.

Free soccer tips

Our forecast is that both will score and the total is less than 5.5.


Former Spartak midfielder and Ukrainian national team, and now Maxim Kalinichenko, an expert at the AllProSport Portal website, shares his prediction for the English Premier League match Liverpool - Manchester City.

The current champion of England, Manchester City, is staying with the Liverpool Champions League finalist. Will the match script match the sign?


The Reds were successful at the start, and in the last round for the first time in seven games they lost points by tied with Chelsea at his stadium. In the European Cup mersysaydtsy also failed and were weaker than the Italian "Napoli” (0: 1), although the game also took place on the road.

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Wards Josep Guardiola won the championship and seek to protect the title, because they occupy an intermediate first position. In the asset "blue" six wins and one draw with "Wolves" (1: 1). Both matches of the Champions League ended with the score 2: 1, although it was only Hoffenheim that could be beaten.


Both teams are good this year, so you should expect an interesting football. Last season, the Liverpool team successfully played against today's counterparts. The hosts were bad in European competition, so today they will be angry and intend to win back at their home stands.


I take the net victory of "Liverpool" in the BC 1xStavka for 2.53.

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In the central match of the eighth round, the Premier League will play two championship leaders who approach this game in a diametrically opposite mood.


Liverpool started this championship very well - with six victories in a row. But in the last round, the mersisides played a 1: 1 draw with Chelsea, and on Wednesday they lost 0: 1 to Napoli in the Champions League. Jurgen Klopp's wards are obviously very tired of such a busy schedule and cannot yet demonstrate the maximum level of concentration on the football field.

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But for Manchester City, the previous weekend was a great success. At first, Citizens predictably beat Brighton in the Premier League (2: 0), and in mid-weekend they won the Champions League League (2: 1) with no problems. So far, the Guardiola wards have not turned on maximum speeds and are beating their rivals in economy mode.


Given the home status of the match and Klopp's ability to play against Guardiola, Liverpool is considered a small favorite of this confrontation. But Manchester City now looks much fresher, so on Sunday the guests will not lose.


Manchester City will not lose (X2) at 1.58

Free soccer tips

On Sunday, 7/10/2018, the English Championship match will be held between Liverpool and Manchester City. Kick-off is scheduled for 18.30 Moscow time. Especially for fans of statistics in football, "Bookmakers.rf" continues to publish interesting statistics on the statistics of rivals in the Premier League.



Liverpool have not lost any of the 17 previous home games against Manchester City (+ 12 = 5). He suffered his last defeat at Anfield in May 2003 with a score of 1: 2 in the Championship of England;

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Manchester City lost three matches in this calendar year to Liverpool (in the Premier League in January and twice in the Champions League in April). Only two times in their history "Citizens” lost more than three matches to one opponent in one calendar year - in 1936 by Grimsby Town and in 1993 by Tottenham;


Liverpool and Manchester City passed the starting segment of seven matches in the Premier League without defeat. The last time after the seventh round of the in-person match of the Championship of England there were teams that did not lose before in the 2011/12 season - then Manchester City and Newcastle met in the 12th round;

Free soccer tips

Liverpool did not miss a single goal in eight previous championship matches in his field. Only in the 2006/07 season did he manage to play nine consecutive fights in his native walls without missing goals;


Manchester City lost only 1 of the last 25 away games in the Premier League (+ 20 = 4) - Liverpool last season with a score of 3: 4;


Liverpool has not lost any of the 24 previous home games in the Premier League (+ 16 = 8) - the longest running home win-win series in the tournament;

Free soccer tips

Liverpool did not lose any of the 13 previous Premier League home games against teams from the Top 6 (+ 6 = 7). The last defeat in such a game he suffered in January 2016 from Manchester United with a score of 0: 1;


Mohammed Salah scored five points on the Goal + Paz system in three games against Manchester United this calendar year (3 goals and 2 assists). In each of these three fights he managed to score;


Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero has played Enfield nine times in his career (7 matches for Manchester City and 2 matches for Atletico Madrid) and has not scored a single goal, having dealt only 11 shots, including only 3 shots on the target;

Free soccer tips

Manchester City mentor Pep Guardiola did not lose as many matches to any other specialist as Jürgen Klopp (7–3 times against Borussia from Dortmund and 4 times against Liverpool);


Guardiola lost both away matches against Liverpool in the English Championship. Now for the first time, he can lose three guest bouts of a championship in a row to one opponent;

Free soccer tips

Aguero scored 148 goals in the Premier League - only Thierry Henry scored among the players scoring for one English club more (175 goals for Arsenal);


Only eight players scored more goals in the Premier League than Aguero;


Sadio Mane scored four goals in Premier League games against Manchester City - only he scored more Crystal Palace (6).

Free soccer tips

The forecast for the match Liverpool - Manchester City according to statistics: no more than two goals will be scored in the game, and it will end in a draw 1: 1 or 0: 0.

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