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Locomotive Zagreb - Fast Vienna. 08/26/20. Free soccer tips

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Locomotive Zagreb - Fast Vienna. 08/26/20. Prediction and betting on the game

The third football match of the season between the teams Lokomotiv Zagreb and Rapid Vienna will take place on August 26, 2020. In the first match, the Lokomotiv Zagreb team won 2-0, in the second game, FC Rapid Vienna were 3-2 stronger. This game starts at 7:00 p.m. Moscow time and should show which team is stronger this season. The fight takes place as part of the national cup, so the title is at stake.

The meeting between the Lokomotiv Zagreb team and the Rapid Vienna team, which will take place as part of the soccer championship, promises soccer fans a real extravaganza. Both clubs have shown excellent form in the opening games of this season, the team's strikers are ready to realize whatever moments partners create for them. It seems that there is no defense for them that they cannot play off. Head-to-head confrontations between these football clubs are also effective. Last season, the teams achieved the overall goals proposed by the bookmakers before the break. So it makes sense to score more goals overall in this game. Of course, this is a far cry from all the predictions we have prepared for this game. You can find detailed information on the selection of our experts below. Note that at the beginning of the season, club managers pay special attention to scoring points in each game. This is the foundation on which the clubs' success throughout the season is based. Given that football experts consider the teams to be one of the contenders for first place in the championship, our forecasters concluded that winning this game is extremely important for both clubs. Remember that the teams include famous footballers. So it makes sense to assume that they will try to prove all of their skills in this game. So there is something to see here.


Lokomotiv Zagreb win - 2,744, draw - 3.48, Rapid Vienna win - 2,744

Match prediction Lokomotiv Zagreb - Rapid Vienna (UEFA Champions League, national reverse match, Sunday 22 September): Lokomotiv Zagreb football club received an offer of 2.744 from the bookmakers, and with a coefficient of 2.744 you can bet on the victory of FC Rapid Vienna . Draw bets are accepted by offer.

Personal meeting history

Big football fans are happy that the new season has started and immediately brought a number of interesting and spectacular confrontations. Today our forecasters will try to identify the game that the Lokomotiv Zagreb team and Rapid Vienna team players will play in. Both clubs are approaching the direct confrontation in a good mood. The teams performed well last season in which they achieved high places in the overall standings. In the off-season, the clubs did not sit idly by. The scouts acted actively and invited talented players to the teams. The managers then took up the case and assessed the chances of newcomers to use the club. Serious work was done with the remaining ones, the newcomers were actively used in friendly matches, where they played the basics together with the players. In general, the teams prepared for the season at their usual pace. We would like to remind you that both clubs are always viewed from the perspective of the main candidates for the top spots in the championship. Nothing has changed this season. The team from Lokomotiv Zagreb and the team from Rapid Vienna fight again on the football field for the right to be recognized and recognized as the best football club. With the season just beginning, players on both teams will try to prove themselves to get more playing time from the manager or the opportunity to play on the starting line-up. Personal meetings last season, as well as the players' desire to prove themselves, lead our forecasters to believe that the game will be spectacular and both clubs will show excellent football in which they can score many goals to the delight of their fans.

Locomotive Zagreb - Rapid Vienna 08/26/20
The next round of the national championship begins with the Lokomotiv Zagreb - Rapid Vienna soccer game, which is scheduled for August 26, 2020. Like most of the bouts in this tournament, this meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. Moscow time. The statistics of past encounters speak for the guests who have achieved six wins in the last seven games when there were only two defeats. But one of them was this season and with a devastating score of 1-4

Pre-game analysis and bookmaker predictions

For the Lokomotiv Zagreb team and the Rapid Vienna team, who will compete against each other in the next championship game, the meeting is of a fundamental nature. Both clubs have strengthened significantly in the off-season, which means that management has set high goals for the teams. This game will determine the readiness of the teams for the season and the battle for the top spots in the championship. Therefore, the Lokomotiv Zagreb team and the Rapid Vienna team will be very careful on the field and will first think about defending their own goal. If we look at the teams' games last season, they always acted with defense in mind, but at the same time they managed to score a lot of goals for their opponents. But now the game has a completely different schedule so the most likely bet here is a bet on less than the total number of goals scored. But the favorite in such a confrontation is very difficult to determine. Apart from the home advantage, the Lokomotiv Zagreb team has nothing else. The opponents are not inferior to each other in the choice of players and in coordinated actions on the field of play. This means that an accurate shot can decide the outcome of the game, making it difficult to give preference to either opponent. But what you can talk about with confidence is the number of yellow cards. The opponents will try to disrupt each other's attacks in the middle of the field, which will lead to a large number of violations. Given the status of the game, the referee will be forced to punish the animal with warnings, so this bet is perfectly reasonable.

Forecast Lokomotiv Zagreb - Rapid Vienna (August 30, 2018), odds

Lokomotiv Zagreb football club has not played at home for two weeks, but on August 26, 2020, the hosts' players will finally be able to please their fans by returning to their home stadium. In this fight, the hosts' rival will be Rapid Vienna, so there is no doubt that there will not be a single free seat in the stands at 7:00 p.m. Moscow time. There is always an abundance of goals in the encounters between these rivals, as in the last confrontation between these teams the score was 3-3.

Zagreb locomotive

In recent years, the Lokomotiv Zagreb football club has established the image of a strong middle peasant, as the team has not been threatened with relegation from the division for more than ten years. But, and the hosts do not have any particular successes, because over the years they only managed to get into European cups twice, but there were departures in the early stages. This season the team is stable again, because despite the elimination of the two front runners in the off-season, the coaching staff managed to find a good replacement in the person of the youth academy players, so that the newcomers got into the game very quickly and now none Lack of deceased players there. At the moment, Lokomotiv Zagreb football club is eighth in the championship, nine points ahead of the underdogs. And since the hosts have no drops in the game, the team is unlikely to drop significantly in the standings. There have only been two defeats in the last ten rounds and in this game Lokomotiv Zagreb football club can play with the strongest squad thanks to the lack of injuries.

Fast Vienna

The football club Rapid Vienna regularly takes part in this tournament, but the team is gradually playing worse and worse, so that many fans have already forgotten the days when the battle for qualification was fought in European competitions. This season it is important that the guests stay at least in the top division, as the football club is above the relegation zone, from which it is only separated by three points. The team can play against the underdogs after this round, as they play badly away, having only won one away win with six defeats so far. There are only three players among the guests who show really good football and the team's weak point is the right flank where there are no fast players at all so this does not pose a threat to the opponents. Rapid Vienna Football Club cannot win in six games because they have drawn four times and suffered two defeats. The defender has to miss the game for family reasons.

Interesting facts before the game Lokomotiv Zagreb - Rapid Vienna

The Lokomotiv Zagreb team had excellent training before the season. In the friendlies and the opening games of the new season, the manager tried to involve all players in order to choose the most optimal squad. It seems he was successful as the Lokomotiv Zagreb team is an impressive force at home that can cause problems for any team. So far, guests have only been drawn into the season. Compared to the previous championship, the Rapid Vienna team has changed significantly: some players have left and new players have been invited to replace them. While the newcomers are only just getting acclimatized to the new club, it is difficult to expect constructive action from them in the first few games. In face-to-face meetings the Lokomotiv Zagreb team has the advantage and today our forecasters see no reason for the home team not to win. We therefore recommend betting that Lokomotiv Zagreb will win the match. Regarding the number of goals, we are still inclined to believe that the game will be productive, as can be seen from the statistics of the face-to-face meetings, as well as the fact that both teams have enough players capable of playing with their technical actions to achieve a chance to score on the opposing goal. We assume both clubs can do great things in this game so the grand total is broken. Separately, I would like to point out another good result - corners. Both clubs actively use the flanks when building their attacks, so that so many corners are taken in all games. We believe today that they will blow the corners set by the bookmakers.

The meeting ended in a draw - 3.48, victory in the Lokomotiv Zagreb opposition - 2.744, victory in the Rapid Vienna opposition - 2.744.

Locomotive Zagreb - Rapid Vienna. Prediction and betting on the game. UEFA Champions League August 26, 2020

The organizers of this football tournament have decided to postpone the Lokomotiv Zagreb - Rapid Vienna game on August 26, 2020, when some of the most titled European teams will meet. It is not surprising that there will not be a single free space on the soccer field at 7:00 p.m. Moscow time, as all tickets for the game have long since sold out. The last time Lokomotiv Zagreb and Rapid Wien met was a year and a half ago, and then the teams ended in a 3-3 draw.

Zagreb locomotive

Previously, the success of the Lokomotiv Zagreb football club was a strong home game, thanks to which the team even crossed the finish line in the European competitive zone. However, before the start of this season, the team changed mentors so the hosts cannot find their game as the draws have become too frequent and the number of wins has dropped significantly. A streak of bad luck of twelve rounds led the management to dismiss this coach when the team fell in the relegation zone in the table and only two points separated the hosts from the underdogs. The arrival of a new specialist, not a coaching post, made it possible to get two wins in three games under his leadership, thanks to which Lokomotiv Zagreb football club easily moved away from the relegation zone. It is remarkable that both wins were at home so the team is looking forward to another strong home performance. Now the hosts have no more staff losses as there are no first-team representatives among the injured players.

"Fast Vienna"

Despite the fact that Rapid Vienna Football Club did not manage to get back to European competitions last season, the president did not give up on his ambitious project, which is why a new coach was invited who boasted for his non-standard approach the training process is known. In addition, a lot of money was spent on strengthening the defensive line as there were two defenders who had previously played in clubs with more titles but did not have constant match practice. So far, the football club Rapid Vienna has got off to a good start to the season, thanks to which the team even finished third in the overall standings, just four points behind the leaders. The key to success is a strong home game, but away from home the team plays too defensively, so the most common result is a draw. As part of Rapid Vienna football club, the right winger and two midfielders are injured, and left and center defenders who missed the final round due to minor injuries are not allowed to enter the game.

Statistics and face-to-face meetings

The team from Lokomotiv Zagreb and the team from Rapid Vienna showed high quality football last season. The clubs were among the leaders in the championship in terms of the number of goals scored. Thanks to the clever management policy, the teams managed to keep almost all of the key players, which means that in the new season the clubs will again delight fans with offensive and productive football. Therefore, according to our forecasters, one of the best bets on this game is the grand total bet. Both teams have a big offensive and center line, with both clubs playing offensively. In general, a multitude of factors speak in favor of our choice, so we recommend this tariff. We chose the favorite of this confrontation and took care of the home team, as the team played very confidently at home last season and even the championship leaders who won on the Lokomotiv Zagreb team were very, very difficult were. We are confident that the team's management will continue to play at home this season, so the home team will have a clear advantage in this game. Lokomotiv Zagreb team and Rapid Vienna team always play hard, players are not afraid to play until the end, so there is a high chance that the game will be difficult. On this basis, we recommend another bet - the total is above the yellow cards. At personal meetings of the teams last season they beat the specified amount, so our forecasters see nothing that does not allow this this season.

Lokomotiv Zagreb - Rapid Vienna: who is the favorite of the upcoming meeting?

Locomotive Zagreb - Rapid Vienna. Football forecast (08/26/20)

Choosing a favorite in the game between Lokomotiv Zagreb and Rapid Vienna was pretty easy. The home team split from almost all leaders after a successful performance last season. Now this team, although with young footballers, has practically no experience of performing at such a high level. Many can say that experience is profitable business, the main thing is desire and pursuit. We can agree, but not in a match with a team like Rapid Vienna. The guests are very strong, having performed with the same line-up for several seasons with minor changes. In games with teams like this, it is always difficult because the players understand each other at a glance. Our forecasters believe that the Lokomotiv Zagreb team is not yet ready to play on an equal footing with the players of the Rapid Vienna team and our favorite in this game are the guests, whose victory we recommend betting on. We already mentioned that a well-coordinated club is not only very difficult to beat, but also very difficult for them to score. Given that the Rapid Vienna team don't score many goals even against their rivals, we are sure there won't be many goals in the game. Hence, the sum less is also a good bet in this confrontation. The direct clashes between these clubs last season were pretty tough. The players used tough techniques against their rivals, for which the referee punished them with yellow cards. Something similar is worth waiting for today as the game is going to be tough. Hence, the total number of yellow cards on the team will ask for more

Lokomotiv Zagreb - Rapid Vienna: We look forward to another productive game

Fans know what to expect from the confrontation between Lokomotiv Zagreb and Rapid Vienna. It has not occurred to anyone that such famous football teams will be drawn by lot in the first rounds of the new championship. The Lokomotiv Zagreb Team and the Rapid Vienna Team are always fighting for high places in the championship, the clubs are known for their glorious past and no less glorious present. Famous soccer players who absolutely want to see many soccer clubs in the world in their squads play here. And the managers at the top of these teams - famous soccer players themselves in the past - make their rivals tremble with fear, as they can surprise them with a well-chosen tactical decision on a particular game that will turn out to be fateful. Today we are waiting for a game with such clubs, teams of secrets about which only one thing can be said for sure - they always try to play for the result and act to the end even in the most hopeless games. We hope that the clubs will play to the end today and give us a spectacular and effective confrontation. And our forecasters have already taken care of the bets on this game, choosing the most interesting offer from the bookmakers, which will allow you to get a solid plus for the original bank at some distance.

In order to analyze and find interesting predictions for the game between Lokomotive Zagreb and Rapid Vienna, our experts had to work through a large amount of information. This includes last season's games played by clubs, as well as friendly matches that teams played in the off-season. We also worked with the lineups to find out how useful the players are who left, stayed, and came. All of this allowed us to draw certain conclusions, which are reflected in our projections. Lokomotiv Zagreb and Rapid Vienna are clubs that played offensively last season. However, for one of the teams this style of play will not be acceptable as a number of players who were responsible for creativity and implementation have left the club. New performers have been added in their place, but it is unlikely that the mentor will immediately build the entire team's games through newcomers. Most likely, the club will choose a defensive style and try to threaten the opposing goal when counter-attacking. The other team kept their leaders so we believe the coach didn't touch on the old tactical scheme here and left it unchanged. So our forecasters see several options for the development of events in this game, but the most realistic one will be if one team is constantly attacking and the other is trying to destroy the attacks, resulting in lightning-fast counter-attacks. Regardless of the tactics the mentors choose for their players, we believe the game will turn out to be interesting and will satisfy the "hunger” of fans who miss football.

Lokomotiv Zagreb - Rapid Vienna: Statistics and head-to-head history

The experts of our resource always carefully monitor the statistics of football matches. This allows us to do a more thorough analysis of the bookmakers looking for interesting bets with a high percentage of traffic. In the match between the Lokomotiv Zagreb team and the Lokomotiv Zagreb team, our experts were able to find a number of interesting offers in the bookmaker's offices. All of our thoughts on this game are listed below. We believe that in this game it will be possible to place interesting bets not only before the start, but also during the game. Recall that now almost all bookmakers offer a wide range of bets during the game, including bets not only on the main results of the game, but also on statistics. If you take into account the opinions of our experts and know the offers of the bookmakers before the start of the game, you can place profitable bets during the game. In some hands you can risk a small amount but end up making a solid profit. In terms of expectations for the game, we believe the players on both teams will try to get the most out of their skills. Therefore, we expect an interesting and productive game, especially since the media say that none of the teams have significant problems with the squad ... So we are waiting for an interesting game, the result of which directly from the desire and efforts of the Lokomotiv Zagreb team's players and the Rapid Vienna team.

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