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Free soccer tips



Prodigal club football returns after a short break for matches of national teams. Already in the coming Friday it will be possible to quench the sports hunger normally, because on this day the duty tours of the European championships will begin. The Russian championship decided not to give concessions to the world community and rolled out to an advanced match in which Lokomotiv vs Ural will meet.


The event will take place in the capital of the Russian Federation at the Russian Railways Arena stadium. Bookmakers do not even think about who to put a clear favorite for this confrontation. The powerful of this world believe in the home team and part-time champion of the country. Everything would be fine, but the Parfenov squad should not be underestimated, for the guys on the positive note completed the last cycle. Let's try to understand whether the guests can keep a positive pace.



We can already say with confidence that the "railroad workers” failed the group stage of the Champions League. Semin squad after four won back tour actually lost the chance even to a place in the European league. Similar results can knock out "steam locomotives”, but in the domestic arena there are much more chances to win, especially when it comes to home combat.

Free soccer tips

After not very stable start, our today's heroes managed to come close to the leaders of the championship. At the moment, the Moscow guys have collected twenty-five points. Yuri Semin and his team in the near future can climb to the second line. The backlog of silver Krasnodar is only one point. Of course, in the future round, the "red-greens” do not accept any result other than victory.



Ukrainian Dmitry Parfenov unexpectedly fruitfully works on the territory of the Russian Federation. His child before the break for the matches of the national teams showed stable results. In the last three matches, our today's heroes only won. In the internal field there were bits Orenburg and Spartak, and in the Cup of the country Nizhny Novgorod died the death of the brave.

Free soccer tips

Let's return to the domestic championship. "Bumblebees” after a couple of successful matches managed to climb to the seventh line. For fourteen rounds, the Ukrainian specialist managed to collect nineteen points. The Ural team can even think for a second about breaking into fifth position. The backlog of CSKA Moscow is only four points. There are chances to sniff Europe next season.

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Prediction for this match

Historically, the Orange-and-Blacks for Loko have become a convenient rival. In the last four sparrings, only future guests won. On the side of the "locomotives" will also be the native arena, which yearns for the second position in the tournament hierarchy.


Bet - victory Lokomotiv.



The current champion completely failed in the Champions League, but in the RPL for the last six weeks gives an excellent game.

Free soccer tips

At the end of October, the home match with Porto ended for Loko with a score of 1: 3, after which the capital club defeated Yenisei two times in a row - first with a score of 3: 0 in the championship, and then with a score of 4: 1 in the Cup of Russia.


In its own field, Lokomotiv also won the Arsenal of Tula (2: 1) - this victory was the fifth in a row in the RPL. Then, Loko on the road was defeated by Porto (1: 4) within the Champions League, losing the chance of leaving the group.


In the last match, Lokomotiv on the road played a draw with Rubin (0: 0), interrupting his winning streak in the RPL, but not interrupting the win-win, which is now six matches.

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After 14 rounds, RPL "Lokomotiv" with 25 points takes 3rd place in the table RPL, 6 points behind the leading "Zenith".


The goal difference is 19-12, the top scorer with 4 goals - Anton Miranchuk, 3 more goals from Manu Fernandes. In the upcoming match, the injured Alexander Kolomeitsev will not play.



Ekaterinburg club with 19 points is located on the 7th place. The difference is scored and missed 16-21, the top scorers with 4 goals - Eric Bikfalfi, Nikolay Dimitrov and Andrey Panyukov.

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October for the Yekaterinburg club began with a defeat against Rubin (0: 1) in the RPL away match.


The next two meetings brought the Ekaterinburg club into a 1: 1 draw, in their field they shared points first with Wings of the Soviets, and then with Ufa.


Then, in the framework of the 1/8 finals of the Cup of Russia "Ural” with a score of 2: 0 won the "lower Novogorod”, although both goals were scored already in extra-time.

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Spartak plays without a coach and against their fans


Cup victory started the winning series of three matches. On the road in Moscow, "Ural” defeated Spartak (2: 1) as part of the RPL. And in the last match, Yekaterinburg in their field defeated Orenburg (2: 1).


Last season, Ural lost both matches with Lokomotiv: with a score of 1: 2 away and with a score of 0: 2 at home.

Free soccer tips


Bookmakers consider Lokomotiv to be the favorite of the match. To win the team Semin given a factor of 1.65, while a draw - 3.85, and the success of the "Ural" - 6.0.


Railway workers are gradually approaching the leading Zenit and are unlikely to slow down. The Semin team will try to rehabilitate for failures in the last two matches. We predict Loko's home win.

Free soccer picks

It is hardly worth waiting for the abundance of goals in the match - the outcome of the meeting can decide one ball. We put on the "bottom". The options TM 2.5 for 1.70 and "both score - no” for 1.65 are interesting.


On Friday evening in Moscow, the match of the 15th round of the Russian Premier League will take place, in which the local Lokomotiv will take the Ural from Ekaterinburg.


The last 4 meetings between these teams ended in victory for the "railway workers”. But maybe "bumblebees" are able to interrupt this series?

Free soccer tips

Lokomotiv during the season shows a rather unstable football, but still managed to break out on the 3rd line of the RPL. So, in 14 rounds, the wards of Semin scored 25 points - 7 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses, while the total score was 19:12. However, in parallel with the RPL "railroad" act in the Champions League, where they fail match after match - 4 defeats in a row. Well, it is worth noting that Muscovites are more efficient at home ...


But the Urals gives an excellent result (as for themselves), so it is located on the 7th line of the tournament table. In total, during the new season, Dmitry Parfenov's wards earned 19 points - 5 wins, 4 draws and 5 losses, and the total score was 16:21. However, now the "bumblebees” are in excellent form, because they lost only once in the last 10 matches - 1: 0 with a ruby. And in general, more than 1 goal Yekaterinburg do not miss ...

Free soccer tips

Bookmakers are fully inclined to win Lokomotiv, but is it fair? Yes, it is easier to play at home, but the Ural has been very confident lately. Most likely, the guests will create problems for the owners, so it’s better to bet on them, but with reinsurance ...


Free prediction for the match Lokomotiv Moscow - Ural: "The victory of the Urals with a handicap of +1.5." Bookmaker Marathon offers a coefficient of 1.42 for this outcome.

Free soccer predictions

The second match of Friday in the RPL will be a duel between Moscow Lokomotiv and the Urals from Ekaterinburg. In this pair of bookmakers on the side of the future owners of the field, the current champion of Russia, the team of Semin failed the group tournament in the Champions League, and now concentrates on appearances in the domestic arena. As for the Urals, the "bumblebees” had a great past cycle, but it’s hard to believe that the "black-orange” players will be able to play at such a level for a long time.



Before the 15th round in the RPL, Lokomotiv is on the third line in the championship table, in the asset of the Moscow team 25 points, the gap from Krasnodar and second place, which will give the right to a direct ticket, only one point. There is no doubt that the red-green for the upcoming fight is the only possible goal - to win.

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On the seventh line

The team of Parfyonov climbed to the high seventh place, and the gap from Rubin and the sixth position, which may well become European Cup by the end of the season, is only one point. Obviously, the motivation of the "bumblebees” is high, but it is much easier to take off than to hold out, so you can expect a recession from the guests in the near future. At the same time, it is worth noting that in the last three matches the Urals only won: in the RPL there were beats Spartak and Orenburg, in the Cup of Russia Nizhny Novgorod fell.



Loko got into shape after a weak start, even if in the Champions League the "railroad workers” do not add up, but in the RPL Muscovites know how to win and achieve the desired result. Our free game prediction: Loko will score first

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On November 23, at 8:30 pm, Lokomotiv and the Urals will meet in the 15th round of the Russian Championship. The match will be held in Moscow at the stadium "Russian Railways Arena".


Locomotive looks great both in its stands and in a foreign stadium, but this was last season. As for the current championship, the team is also in good shape, but at the moment is only on the third line in the standings of the Premier League. The Piggy Bank "Zheleznodorozhnikov” is filled with 25 points, for 14 rounds played. On the native lawn, Lokomotiv rarely loses points, so in recent meetings the club defeated Tula Arsenal, with a score of 3: 1 and in a bitter struggle beat Rostov 2: 1. The team of Yuri Semin failing the European Cups, in his home championship does not know any failures for 6 matches starting from September 29.

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This season, the Urals are only surprising, the team in skill is not inferior to more qualified rivals, and if it continues in the same spirit, it will be able to get into the top 5 teams of the Premier League. Now Ural has 19 scored points for 14 matches played and May 7th line in the standings. But the club has weak spots, this is a game on the defensive, as 21 balls were missed, with 16 goals scored. On a strange lawn, the team may also surprise, as in the last guest tour, the Urals beat Spartak Moscow, with a score of 2-1, but before that, Rubin lost 0-1. A total of 5 away games Ural scored 6 points, winning twice and losing three matches.


Ural has never replayed at another stadium Lokomotiv, but achieved two times a draw result. Despite the good shape of the Urals, the victory will go to the home team, who are stronger than the rival in all respects and look great in their stands. Lokomotiv will continue the race for the championship, although at the start of the season it seemed to Semin’s team that there was no struggle for high places. Bet: Lokomotiv victory - P1.


Forecast: П1 with a coefficient 1.64

Free soccer tips

Friday will delight us with the game of the fifteenth round of RPL. On the field converge "Locomotive" and "Ural". It is important to note that in the four extreme fights between them, the victory went to the Moscow team. Let's see how the upcoming match will end.


"Railwaymen” demonstrate far from the most stable football, but still go in third place. The team managed to earn 25 points - 7 victories, 4 world and failed three times, and scoring score 19:12. That's just the club spends more power and champion League, in which so far only a fiasco.


"Bumblebees” is still on the seventh line, because the players of Parfenov earned 19 points - 5 wins, 4 draws and in five cases of defeat. Now the team scored a good move, because it lost in just one fight - 1-0 with Rubin. In addition, the team rarely misses more than 1 ball.

Free soccer tips

The forecast for the match "Lokomotiv" - "Ural", F2 (+1,5). Given the state of affairs, it is unlikely the owners will be able to defeat crushingly.


One of the most interesting matches of the fifteenth round of the RPL will be the confrontation of two teams that have not known the bitterness of defeat for more than a month. And if this could be expected from Lokomotiv, the Ural is frankly surprising.

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To date, the Railway workers have completely overcome the crisis of the start of the season and are now in third place with 25 points and a goal difference of 19:12. In the previous round, the wards of Semin broke up with Rubin (0: 0), but before that there were four victories in a row - 3: 1 over Tula Arsenal, 3: 0 over the Yenisei, 2: 1 over Rostov and 1: 0 over CSKA.


Ural also unconvincingly started the season, but over the past month has turned from a contender for departure into a strong middle peasants. Now the club from Ekaterinburg is the seventh, with 19 points in the asset and statistics of balls 16:21. The four extreme games of the Orange-Blacks did not lose - 2: 1 wins over Orenburg and Spartak, as well as 1: 1 draws with Ufa and the Wings of the Soviets.

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The favorites of this meeting are the hosts, because they are the current champions of the country. But there are no authorities for the Urals, and on Friday a modest team will ruin a lot of nerves for a member of the Champions League. It is possible that we will see an exchange of effective blows, since the attack of both teams is now in shock.


Both score at 2.15

Free soccer tips

This season, Lokomotiv has not yet lost at home, but will it be able to extend a successful series in a duel with Ural? The answer is in our forecast.



Lokomotiv badly started the championship and the coach almost lost his position, but in the end Yuri Semin thanked the management for their trust and brought Lokomotiv to the third place in the table. From the leader of "Zenith" "railroad" behind six points, which can not be called an insurmountable obstacle.


In the last round, "Lokomotiv” met with "Ruby” at a party and managed to take one point. The teams showed a rather boring football, the logical result of which was a goalless draw. Thus, the winning series of "railroad workers”, which by that time had five fights in a row, was interrupted. Next week, Semin’s team will play at home with Galatasaray, it depends on this match whether the team will play in the spring in the Europa League.

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"Ural” did not impress at the start of the season - the team of Dmitry Parfenov was very difficult to enter the season and for a long time lived near the relegation zone. Closer to the winter break, the Bumblebees finally added to the game and are now on the seventh line in the table, behind the Europa League zone by only four points.

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In the last round, "Ural" beat the house "Orenburg". Already in the 31st minute Nikolay Dimitrov opened the scoring in the match, and in the 86th minute the Bulgarian midfielder scored a double. "Orenburg” was able to answer only with a prestige goal, deservedly giving three points to the owners. Thus, the "Bumblebees" won a second victory in a row, but in general, their series without defeat is already four games.


"Ural” was preparing for the game with "Lokomotiv” in Cyprus - the harsh weather conditions in Yekaterinburg did not allow the "bumblebees” to fully prepare for the game with the champion of Russia at home.



Lokomotiv won the last four matches against Ural

Lokomotiv has not lost in the last six matches of the championship - five wins and one draw

"Ural” never beat Lokomotiv away - three losses and two draws

Free soccer tips


Lokomotiv scored a great shape and despite the failure in Kazan, it fits the fight with Ural in a great mood. The successful series allowed the "railroad" to come close to the "Zenith" and probably the champion intends to go on a winter break, at least, the second. "Ural” gave out some solid matches, but with a rival of the "Lokomotiv” level it will be much more difficult for him to fight, in the class with the team of Semin "bumblebees” it is still very early. The hosts are in excellent shape and have every chance to get hold of the next three points.


In our opinion, the guests have nothing to count on. Forecast - Lokomotiv victory. In 1xStavke such an outcome is estimated by the coefficient 1.60

Free soccer tips

Experts of the information and analytical website Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 15th round of the championship of Russia Lokomotiv-Ural, which will be held at the RZD-Arena stadium on Friday November 23, beginning at 20:30 (Moscow time).



In this game, bookmakers consider Lokomotiv a favorite. After 14 rounds, the wards of Yuri Semin take third place, gaining 25 points and one point behind the second-placed Krasnodar. The gap from the leading Zenith is six points. In the last round, the "Railwaymen” tied a 0-0 draw away from Rubin. Before that, they won five consecutive victories with a total score of 11: 2. The Muscovites' win-win series has already reached six matches and in four of them they did not miss a single goal. At home, Lokomotiv won three previous matches with a total score of 7: 2. And he suffered a last defeat in his native walls in September last year from Amkar, after which he played 15 matches in his field, scoring nine wins and playing six draws. In 10 of 15 of these meetings, he did not miss a single goal.

Free soccer tips

Ural is currently sharing seventh place with Akhmat, Orenburg and Spartak, gaining 19 points. In the last round, he beat Orenburg in his field with a score of 2: 1 - a double was awarded by Nikolay Dimitrov. This was his second consecutive victory. A win-win series Ural is four matches. He lost just one of the eight previous matches, scoring four wins and three times in a draw. By the way, in seven of eight of these duels, the Urals both scored and missed. As for his away statistics, he won two of the last three matches - the Yekaterinburg club won as many victories in 12 meetings on foreign field before that.



Last season, Lokomotiv won the Urals both matches - 2: 1 at home and 2: 0 away. In general, his winning streak in the confrontation with the Yekaterinburg club is already four matches. And in all these four meetings, Lokomotiv scored exactly two goals. He has not lost to the Urals since April 2015, having won five victories and played two draws.

Free soccer tips


Experts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that the chances of Lokomotiv in this game are too high and even if he wins, then with a difference of no more than one ball. In this case, a bet on winning the Urals with a handicap (+0.75) will be profitable - it will be split into two bets: to win guests with a handicap (+1) and to win them with a handicap (+0.5). In the bookmaker's 1xStavka predict Lokomotiv victory with a score of 1: 0 or 2: 0 (coefficients 5.50 and 6.50, respectively). Bets on winning the Urals with a handicap (+0.75) are accepted with a coefficient of 2.11.



Lokomotiv's victory - 1.60, a draw - 3.63, the victory of the Urals - 5.96

Free soccer tips


in the last seven home games in the Premier League, Lokomotiv played a draw five times for a break, but won in 90 minutes;

Lokomotiv has not lost 15 matches in a row at home in the Russian Championship;

in each of the last three home games in the Premier League Lokomotiv scored at least two goals.

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