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Lyon - Bayern Munich. 08/19/20. Free soccer tips

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Lyon - Bayern Munich. 08/19/20. Prediction and betting on the game

The footballers of the clubs of Lyon and Bavaria will face each other in a direct duel on August 19th. This fight is very important for both teams as it will decide who will continue to fight for a ticket to the European Cup. Moscow time, the start of this meeting at 10:00 p.m. and this fight will be the second between the teams this season and the first ended in a 3-1 win for the Lyon club's players.

The meeting between the Lyon team and the Bayern Munich team will be of interest to all football fans. The level of the teams has risen significantly in recent years. The bosses invest large sums of money in clubs, which not only enables the retention of talented students, but also invites famous footballers who have considerable experience in various famous teams. Thanks to experienced managers who were able to organize battle-ready teams, the Lyon team and the Bayern team force their way into the championship race every year and try to force the giants to fight. The participation of these teams in various international cups is now the order of the day. Our forecasters therefore recommend all football fans to watch the personal confrontation between these teams, especially since we have prepared several interesting betting offers for this game. Statistics show that the game between the Lyon team and Bayern Munich's team turned out to be interesting and productive last season, the teams remained fascinating throughout the game and achieved a real extravagance at the end of the second half. Based on the games that the teams have already played this season, our forecasters assume that the game of the Lyon and Bayern Munich teams has remained tactically unchanged. The clubs are still playing offensive football, scoring a lot of goals themselves and allowing their opponents to do so. Today we're also looking forward to an offensive and productive game because this type of football is what fans like.


Lyon win - 12.5, tie - 7.5, Bayern win - 1.245

Prediction for the game Lyon - Bayern (UEFA Champions League, national backlash, Sunday 22 September): The bookmakers gave the Lyon football club a quote of 12.5, and with a coefficient of 1.245 you can expect Bayern to win bet. Draw bets are accepted by offer.

Personal meeting history

Both clubs, whose game was selected by the experts on our portal for forecasting, are well-known teams that only fight for the highest places in the championship each year. The Lyon and Bayern Munich teams showed excellent football last season that enabled them to take their rightful place in the overall standings. Judging by the information from the sources our forecasters used, the teams spent the off-season strengthening their rosters. Not only have the team leaders been retained, but new players have also been invited so that the leaders can rest in certain games. This is necessary so that the team has the strength to consistently demonstrate high quality football throughout the season. Remember that the season isn't all about a successful start and end, there are still some games between them that you need to show a decent result. Lyon and Bayern met several times last season. They showed great football and were able to please the fans with goals scored. Given that the season is just beginning and the players are hungry for football, our forecasters see this confrontation as quite active. We therefore recommend not to miss this game, to watch the development of events and cheer for good football and place your bets on the recommendation of our forecasters. Remember, our predictions for this game can be found below. There are bets with a detailed description of each bet.

Lyon - Bavaria 08/19/20

A large number of football matches will be played on August 19th, but one of the most suitable bets is the game Lyon - Bayern. The bookmaker's offices accept pre-game bets until 10:00 PM Moscow time. The favorites are considered hosts who have already won this confrontation 2-0 this year. The teams met twice last year and if the first game ended in a draw, Bayern were also stronger in the second.

Pre-game analysis and bookmaker predictions

Our forecasters have no doubt that the Lyon team will act as the first number in the game with the Bayern players, allowing the club to claim a landslide victory. Bookmakers rate the home team as low. Apparently, they are also sure that the home team cannot cause serious problems. The Lyon team had excellent preparation for the new season. The club was not only able to keep its front runners, but was also significantly strengthened by inviting cool football players. So now there is healthy competition on the team, which means the players will try to prove themselves to get into the main team. At home, the Lyon team play very confidently, always trying to attack a lot and never stopping, even when they win big. The guests are a team that played extremely unsuccessfully away from home last season and the team has not been very active in the transfer market. This indicates that there have been no significant changes in the team's schedule. We therefore believe that the Bayern team will act in defense. The home team's advantage is undeniable. We therefore recommend that you play the victory of the Lyon team and the chances that the bookmakers offer the hosts here. This also applies to the total. The Lyon side that scored a goal or two are unlikely to stop playing and be in defense. On the contrary, the owners will want to provide their fans with an effective game, so they will try to get more. This means that another good bet in this game is a bet on the Lyon Individual Total for more.

Prediction Lyon - Bavaria (August 30, 2018), odds and odds

The Lyon football club fans promise to arrange active support for their favorite team on August 19th, as it will be a difficult game as Bayern club players come to visit. It will be possible to watch this confrontation live at 10:00 p.m. Moscow time. The rivals have not yet met this year and there have been two games in the past in which the teams exchanged home wins.


The Lyon football club won the country's championship for several years in a row, but this season was not the best start, so the team has not yet broken out into the top flight. At the moment the hosts are second and four points behind the leader. Now the Lyon football club is not showing its best football either, with three wins and two losses in the last five rounds. The team is playing well at home, but they have already lost to the current leaders this season with a score of 1: 2. Since the Lyon football club often buys out the best players from other teams in the championship, the hosts at the next one Act transfer windows the same way and try to strengthen the squad. Now the football club has an obvious problem in the middle of the field, with two central midfielders injured and the defensive midfielder in poor physical shape not ready to spend ninety minutes on the field.


Thanks to a series of four victories, the Bayern soccer club was able to approach the European competitive zone, but then another recession followed, so that the team rolled back several lines at the same time and currently took eighth place. The guests are six points short of qualifying for the Europa League, and this season the team is not happy with the stability that alternates successful series with failures. Currently, FC Bayern Munich does not win three rounds after suffering two major defeats and one draw. The head coach likes to attack football, which is why the guests miss a lot, although they inspire the fans with regular goals. The team also likes to attack more on the road, but this does not often lead to success. So there were more losses than wins. As part of the football club, Bayern cannot play against two central and right midfielders and the left-back could miss the game.

Interesting facts before the game Lyon - Bayern

Team Lyon had a great pre-season training session. In the friendlies and the opening games of the new season, the manager tried to involve all players in order to choose the most optimal squad. It seems he was successful as the Lyon team is an impressive force at home that can cause problems for any team. So far, guests have only been drawn into the season. Compared to the last championship, the Bayern team has changed significantly: some players have left and new players have been invited to replace them. While the newcomers are only just getting acclimatized to the new club, it is difficult to expect constructive action from them in the first few games. In face-to-face meetings the Lyon team have the advantage and today our predictors see no reason for the home team not to win. We therefore recommend betting that Lyon will win the match. Still, in terms of the number of goals, we are inclined to believe that the game will be effective, as can be seen from the statistics from the face-to-face meetings, as well as the fact that both teams have enough players capable of playing with theirs technical actions to achieve a chance to score on the opponent's goal. We assume both clubs can do great things in this game so the grand total is broken. Separately, I would like to point out another good result - corners. Both clubs actively use the flanks when building their attacks, so that so many corners are taken in all games. We believe today that they will hit the corners set by bookmakers.

Win in the game Lyon - 12.5, win in the game Bayern - 1.245, the game ends in a draw - 7.5.

Lyon - Bavaria. Prediction and betting on the game. UEFA Champions League August 19th

The next round of the national championship begins on August 19th and begins with the game Lyon - Bayern. The footballers of both teams will appear on the field at 10:00 p.m. Moscow time as the game begins at that time. The statistics of this confrontation already includes 44 games, in which the hosts of this game achieved eighteen wins and the guests won thirteen meetings. The rivals have already met this season, and then the battle ended in a 1-1 draw.


Previously, the success of the Lyon Football Club was a strong home game, thanks to which the team even finished in the European competitive zone. However, before the start of this season, the team changed mentors so the hosts cannot find their game as the draws have become too frequent and the number of wins has dropped significantly. A streak of bad luck of twelve rounds led to the fact that the management dismissed this coach when the team fell in the relegation zone in the table and only two points separated the hosts from the underdogs. The arrival of a new specialist, not a coaching post, allowed him to claim two wins in three games under his leadership, thanks to which the Lyon football club moved a little away from the relegation zone. It is remarkable that both wins were at home so the team is looking forward to another strong home performance. Now the hosts have no more staff losses as there are no first-team representatives among the injured players.

Bayern Munich

Financial problems brought the Bayern soccer club so far that some players began to terminate contracts because they could not collect their salaries for several months. The situation in the team is not the best as there are practically no players left ready to fight for survival. And the guests are second to last in the championship, and seven points are not enough to leave the relegation zone. Given that Bayern are currently playing fourteen games without wins, it is unlikely that anything can save the guests from being downgraded. Management already fired two mentors during the season and the current coach has only been working with the team since week three. So far there have been no great successes, as the Bayern soccer club has lost all games under his leadership. Not only did the mentor have four defense attorneys, but one of them was also out of action for three weeks.

Statistics and face-to-face meetings

If you choose the favorite in the game between Lyon and Bayern, the opinion of our forecasters is completely in line with the opinion of the bookmakers, who believe that the guests are now in better shape than the home team. Note that both clubs finished last season positively, while the guests not only managed to keep all the key players but also signed a number of famous players and the home team sold their leaders, but not a single or so far Made a less significant acquisition would help bolster the game. There was an equal confrontation at personal meetings between these clubs last season. Given the team changes, we would recommend betting on the guests' victory in this game as we see their game more confidently. We also consider a total yellow card bet to be a good bet in this game. The essence of the game of both teams is the rapid transition from defense to attack, which means that the players cannot always keep up with their opponents. This should also play into our hands, and both teams played pretty dirty in personal meetings last season, so our bet on warnings is well justified. We see the total goals in this game for more as both clubs have good offense and not the best defense. So they should exchange goals here which will improve our prediction.

Lyon - Bayern: who is the favorite of the upcoming meeting?

Lyon - Bavaria. Football forecast (08/19/20)

If we look at the rivals - the players from the Lyon team and the Bayern team - our forecasters are at a loss as the bookmakers have made the home team the clear favorite of this confrontation. It is possible that the Lyon team was a bit stronger than its current rivals last season and even took a higher place in the overall standings. However, now the situation is completely different and it will be much more difficult for the Lyon team players to mentally adjust to this game as the fans are only expecting them to win. The Bayern team manager again did a good job. The club have strengthened significantly in the off-season, which should be an advantage for the team, especially in away games where the team showed sad results last season. Our forecasters believe that the home team does not have such an advantage that would allow them to crush their opponents. So our forecast for this game is a handicap for the Bayern team. We believe that the game will turn out to be productive as we have repeatedly mentioned that the start of the new season does not contribute to the coordinated actions of the defense teams. So we're waiting for goals from both teams, so the total of the game can certainly be played for more. Interestingly, the Lyon team and the Bayern team broke through the corners off ered by the bookmakers in the games last season. Given that nothing has changed significantly compared to last season, we think that today it is possible to score more corners in the game between Lyon and Bayern.

Lyon - Bayern: Guests can surprise the favorites

For the Lyon and Bayern teams who will meet in the next game, the result of the confrontation will be extremely important. The leadership of the teams gives them serious tasks and a loss at the beginning can be equated with a failure, which of course does not score points for either the manager or the players. If we look at these two clubs from the perspective of the championship candidates, the opinion of the world football experts here generally agrees completely with the opinion of our forecasters, who also consider the players of the Lyon team and the Bayern Munich team to be one of the main candidates for the championship . At least the team of coaches and the selection of players allow the clubs to play smoothly throughout the season and to take part in several tournaments at the same time. The Lyon team and Bayern team had a good preparation for the season, so they approach the face-to-face confrontation in excellent physical and mental conditions, but about winning this game - soon we will all find out. We hope that great football awaits us.

A very difficult game is played by football clubs - Lyon and Bayern are ambitious opponents who are always considered favorites in games with other teams. Therefore, it is difficult for them to fight each other as it is believed that this game will determine the best team in the championship. Needless to say, famous soccer players who are famous all over the world play on both teams' rosters. Given that prices for soccer players have skyrocketed recently, the cost of these soccer players playing for Lyon and Bayern is just hard to imagine. Not only are they the real leaders of their teams on paper, but in practice they prove their usefulness by achieving key goals and participating in key combinations of goals. Both clubs can be viewed from the perspective of machines, where each footballer is a mechanism responsible for the performance of a particular area. As a result, these teams rarely attract new players, and when this happens they are gradually introduced to the main squad. So it's no wonder that there will be practically no new faces in the game between Lyon and Bayern compared to the previous season. However, it doesn't make the game any less spectacular. The Lyon and Bayern Munich teams always try to impose their game on their opponents for the full 90 minutes of the game. This is very interesting to watch, but very difficult to predict. However, our experts have tried and below you can see the fruits of our labor and use them.

Lyon v Bayern Munich stats and head-to-head history

The experts of our resource always carefully monitor the statistics of football matches. This allows us to do a more thorough analysis of the bookmakers looking for interesting bets with a high percentage of traffic. In the game between the Lyon team and the Lyon team, our experts were able to find a number of interesting offers for bookmakers. All of our thoughts on this game are listed below. We believe that in this game it will be possible to place interesting bets not only before the start, but also during the game. We remind you that now almost all bookmakers offer a wide range of bets during the game, including bets not only on the main results of the game, but also on statistics. Taking into account the opinions of our experts and knowledge of the bookmaker's offers before the game starts, it is possible to place profitable bets during the game. In some hands you can risk a small amount but end up making a solid profit. In terms of expectations for the game, we believe the players on both teams will try to get the most out of their skills. Therefore, we expect an interesting and productive game, especially since the media say that none of the teams have significant problems with the squad ... So we are waiting for an interesting game, the result of which directly from the desire and efforts of the players of the Lyon team and the Bayern Munich teams depends.


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