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Manchester United - Crystal Palace 24.11. Free fixed tips



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One of the matches of the 13th round of the English Premier League will be a duel between Manchester United and Crystal Palace. In this pair of bookies on the side of the "red devils", which is quite logical, given the possibilities of future rivals. You should also pay attention to the fact that both the MJ and the KP are not spending their best season and are under pressure from fans and the press.



In eighth place

The fact that Manchester United is located on the 8th place in the Premier League tournament after 12 rounds, no one likes among the fans of Mankunians. Mourinho has now not sweet, especially after the defeat in the derby from Manchester City with a score of 1: 3. There is no doubt that the match against the "crystal" from the "devils" will be enough motivation. As part of the English championship of the current season, Manchester United at Old Trafford held five matches in which + 3 = 1-1, 8: 8.

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No victories

It is already obvious that Roy Hodgson at Crystal Palace does not get anything, but for now the club’s management is not going to say goodbye to this specialist. At the same time, the "Eagles” have already fallen to 16th place in the NPS standings, they have 8 points in the asset, which is the same amount as Cardiff, who is in the relegation zone.



Manchester United has problems with large teams, with the teams of the Crystal Palace level, the mankunians are doing quite well. In addition, the "crystal” has little to do in the attack, the main threat comes from Za, as all the teams of the Premier League are well aware of. There is no doubt that the "devils" will play as closely as possible with Wilfried. Our free game prediction: Victory Man


. The forecast for the match Manchester United - Crystal Palace from the expert Footballtips John Wilde you can read below.

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The home team continues to perform with varying success and are still representatives of the central part of the domestic championship standings. Mentor Jose Mourinho painfully perceived another defeat in the Mankunian derby with Manchester City, so he will strive to rehabilitate himself in front of his own public. United also continues to fever, but in general sports observers give a favorable forecast for this match.


Guests continue to suffer defeat after defeat and have already dropped to the 16th line in the team event. Head coach Roy Hodgson is already hanging on the pencil of his leadership, so that in the event of another failure, the mentor will be removed from his post. At the exit, Palace plays according to a closed concept, so the maximum that shines to the guests is a draw.

Free soccer tips

According to the preliminary estimates of the majority of football analysts, this meeting will be held behind the clear advantage of the hosts and will end in their victory in both halves. John Wilde assumes an average performance and does not see in this match more than three exact shots. Then the specialist presented a more detailed report on the upcoming fight, and also shared his valuable tips and predictions for the game.

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In the camp of Palace, many specialists of the coaching category "B” worked, until at the beginning of last season the club was headed by the Dutch specialist Frank De Boer. No one suspected that the former Ajax player would drive Palace into bondage of defeats and by decision of the board of directors De Boer was removed from his post after seven defeats at the start. Then President Siven Parish’s eye lay on the old-timer of the Premier League Roy Hodgson and after his appointment the hosts played in a completely different way and began to score. This team spent most of the season with a priority on victories in home games, thanks to which Palace quickly crawled out of the relegation zone and finished the tournament with a relative positive. Due to the high competition, the current football year was a failure, because in 11 rounds, Hodgson's wards scored only two victories over Fulham (2: 0) and Huddersfield (1: 0), and also played two draws with Newcastle (0: 0) and Arsenal (2: 2).

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In the penultimate round, Crystal Palace stayed in West London, where in all respects he lost to the Chelsea aristocrats (1: 3). Next, Hodgson's wards took their urban neighbors from Tottenham at the Selhurst Park arena and gave in to the result of the ball conceded from Juan Marcos Voith (0: 1). In the upcoming clash with United, the coach deliberately removed one striker and strengthened the defensive line, so he will pursue the goal of a peaceful outcome. Similarly, experts from Betfair consider and offer to bet on a draw with any account at a rate of 5.00. This result, according to the bookmaker, is an absolute ceiling for guests, but also does not exclude sensation and appreciated the ghostly victory of Palace with any individual total at the quote of 9.00.



As for the home team, now around football players are seething around mankunians, because their latest results do not fit in with the history of the club. The fact is that Manchester frankly ruined the start of the season and now has already lost four games only in the framework of the Premier League. Plus, coach Moura was hit by a barrage of criticism due to defeat from Derby County in the English League Cup (crash), and then United lost to Turin Juventus in the Champions League (0: 1). With such results, it’s not that you think about winning the European Cup, even thinking about success in the domestic championship, and the management agenda is aimed at playing a monstrous head start on points and entering the top submarine. After losing to West Ham (1: 3), Manchester slowly began to improve and in the last four rounds of the domestic championship, scored seven points as a result of victories over Newcastle (3: 2), Everton (2: 1) and draws with Chelsea (2: 2)

Free soccer tips

It is important that the management of the club went on about the Portuguese coach and is ready to allocate about one hundred million pounds sterling for winter transfers. This step was thought out at the highest levels, and with a greater degree of confidence we can say that Mourinho is given a real and possibly last chance to improve the situation in the team and rehabilitate himself in front of a whole army of fans. In the last match before the break in the UEFA League of Nations, Sir Alex met the eternal rivals from Manchester City and lost 1: 3, although previously the Red Devils took revenge on Juventus and scored an away victory 2: 1. In a match with Palace, Moore recommended his players to focus on accuracy in the programs, so there is no doubt about the success of the hosts. William Hill analysts do not see obstacles in the set of three points and recommend putting on a home win


Saturday evening will be generous, on this wonderful day of ordinary football fans will expect a lot of joyful events. The battle between Manchester United and Crystal Palace can be attributed to such. The event will take place at one of the most unfortunate stadiums of the day - Old Trafford. The "red” people in Manchester have already forgotten what big trophies and world recognition mean.

Free soccer tips

You do not need to be a bookmaker to guess who you need to set the favorite rate. "Devils" are a leader in the political race, but in fact, the squad outrageous Portuguese specialist often sit on the wet. The situation obliges to the proceedings, and the coefficient of 1.42 something is not very impressive to our voracious experts. As you already understood, the analytical expedition is equipped.


Manchester United

The "devils" are extremely tense situation, the team is already sort of rallied around Mourinho, but the result did not come. Especially fans were struck by the recent defeat from Manchester City with a score of 1: 3. The motivation of the guys José should fall out of cowards, because in the current season there are still goals that can be reached. "Old Trafford” has already seen five matches this season, in three of which local favorites won.


One of the most difficult quests of our time is to find a satisfied fan of mankunians. After twelve rounds, our heroes are located on the eighth line in the standings. Twenty points scored do not allow the "devils" to break even into the zone of the Champions League. The backlog of the fourth Tottenham is seven points. Of course, still playing twenty-six rounds, but this gap is impressive.

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Crystal Palace

The previous cycle to remember the fans of "eagles" as a period of stagnation. In the last five matches, our second heroes never managed to earn a victory. During the reporting period, the heroic world is listed with Arsenal and the pockets of Everton, Chelsea, Middlesbrough and Tottenham. It is easy to see that the calendar for future guests is not easy. And here again it is necessary to go on a visit to the top representative of island football.


In the piggy bank at the "eagles" is eight points. After twelve rounds won back, a similar result looks extremely dubious. The sixteenth position can be a guarantee only a headache until the end of the tournament. In Cardiff, that is safely in the relegation zone exactly the same indicator, but they are inferior to our heroes for additional indicators.

Free soccer tips

Prediction for this match

Fans of the "devils" will converge under the dome of the "old" stadium with a meaningful expression. Crowd need spilled blood after a failed match with Manchester City. "Crystal" is the best fit for the role of a punching bag.

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Bet - Manchester United victory with a handicap of -1.


A match of the 13th round of the Premier League will take place in Manchester on Saturday night, in which Manchester United will take on Crystal Palace.


The last 4 meetings of these teams ended in victory for the Red Devils, but maybe it's time to break this dominance?

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After 12 rounds, the MOJ is located only on the 8th line of the nuclear submarine, since the team faced serious problems within the team. In November, the cases of the "red devils” seemed to have gone up, and they even won 3 matches in a row (all with a score of 2: 1), but in the last match they lost again - 3: 1 with Man City. But in general, in 12 rounds of the Premier League, Mourinho's wards extracted 20 points - 6 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses, while the total score was 20:21.


But Crystal Palace shows a rather weak game this season, which led the team to the 16th line of the standings. In total, for 12 matches, the wards of Roy Hodgson scored 8 points - 2 wins, 2 draws and 8 losses, and the total score was 8:17. But for the last 7 matches, the "Eagles” got only 1 point - a home draw with Arsenal (2: 2) and 6 defeats.


Bookmakers are fully confident in the victory of Manchester United, because in general the Crystal Palace is weaker. And in general, the "eagles” now can not show anything, and on the road and that fail. So in this match the "red devils” have a chance to please the fans again, which I expect ...

Free soccer tips

Free forecast for Manchester United - Crystal Palace: "Victory Manchester United”. At this outcome, the bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.42.


On Saturday evening we will be delighted by Man United and Crystal Palace. The teams will converge in the thirteenth round of the Premier League. It is important to note that in the four recent rounds only Sir Alexis took the upper hand. Will they be able to continue in the same vein? Let's figure it out.


The "red devils” are so far on the eighth line, since they cannot solve their internal differences. Despite this, the team managed to achieve three wins in a row, but in the last match they bounced 3-1 from Man City. In general, the squad of Mourinho scored 20 points - 6 victories, 2 world and 4 times left with nothing, and the score on goals 20:21.

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"Eagles" are located on the sixteenth position, after all scored only 8 points. Footballers Hodgson won in two rounds, the same number of peaceful outcomes and 8 times left with nothing, scoring score 8:17. It is important to note that in the seven recent games to get only 1 point.


The forecast for the match "Man United" - "Crystal Palace", P1. The big difference is in the class, so guests have no chance to catch on even a draw.

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In this match, Manchester United will try to get closer to the leaders of the championship, beating the modest Crystal Palace at Old Trafford. We offer our forecast for this meeting.



Manchester United worthily went through a difficult six-month period from October to November. The Red Devils played away with Chelsea (2: 2), won Bournemouth (2: 1), Everton (2: 1) and Juventus (2: 1), losing the same game the old signore ”(0: 1) and" Manchester City ”(1: 3).

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Now the team will have a lighter segment, but this does not mean that the "red devils” will get it better. In the home bouts of this season, MJ has already played a draw with "Valencia” (0: 0), "Derby” (2: 2), "Wolves” (1: 1) and lost to "Tottenham” (0: 3). None of the home victories during this time, the "red devils" are not mined with a difference of more than one goal. After losing to the derby, Manchester United dropped to eighth place.


To help Manchester United in this match will not be able to disqualified Luke Shaw, and the participation of Lukaku, Bayi, Rushford and Fellaini in question. But in the general group, Antoni Marcial is already training.

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Appointment of Roy Hodgson as head coach of the Crystal Palace gave only a short-term result. Glaziers superbly completed the last season in the middle of the table. However, by the 13th round of "Palace" is approaching almost the same indicators. The "eagles” after 13 rounds in the past season had just eight points, how much can this time be in case of defeat at Old Trafford.


"Palace" can not win seven games in a row, six of which "glaziers" lost. In the last five fights, the Hodgson team was upset by Everton (2: 0), Tottenham Hotspur (1: 0), Chelsea (3: 1) and even the modest Middlesbrough (1: 0). Only with Arsenal, Crystal Palace somehow managed to play a draw (2: 2). According to the results of such results, the Eagles occupy the 16th line, ahead of the 18th Cardiff only in additional indicators.

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Even the infirmary in teams, in which only Christian Benteke is one of the important players, cannot serve as a justification for the team’s results. Although it is also questionable for this match Wilfrid Zaa, Van Bissaka, James Tomkins and Mamadou Sako. If these players do not appear, it will significantly weaken the team.



Manchester United have won three of the last four matches.

At Red Trafford, the Red Devils have only two victories in the seven past meetings.

Missed Manchester United in all five home matches of this championship.

Free soccer predictions

The losing series Crystal Palace reached seven meetings, six of which the Eagles lost.

Away team Hodgson lost all four past match.

MJ beat Crystal Palace in all six past in-person meetings.

And on the "Old Trafford” "red devils” beat the "glaziers” in the previous three fights with a difference of at least one goal.

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In general, in whatever condition Manchester United would be in, the mankunians should have enough strength to defeat such a Crystal Palace. Moreover, Manchester United will try to win confidently in this match, because the fans of the club have already been waiting for similar victories at Old Trafford. Moreover, the recipe for confident victories over the "glaziers” of MJ is familiar.


Our forecast is Manchester United's victory with a handicap (-1) for 1.71

Free soccer picks

After the failure in the Manchester United Derby, the situation in the Premier League was seriously aggravated. However, in the next meeting with one of the outsiders, the most titled club in England has a chance to rehabilitate.


Twenty points after twelve rounds, the goal difference 20:21 and the current eighth place - such figures are unlikely to satisfy the Red Devils fans. Although over the past month their favorite team has repeatedly demonstrated its character. In the last five rounds, Mourinho's team lost only to Manchester City (1: 3), while celebrating victories over Newcastle (3: 2), Everton (2: 1) and Bournemouth (2: 1) and a draw with Chelsea (2: 2) .

Free soccer tips

Crystal Palace is on the sixteenth line, having a total of eight points with a very modest goal difference of 8:17. Wards Hodgson for a long time can not win - in the previous five meetings to their asset can be written only a draw 2: 2 with Arsenal. But the fiasco from Tottenham (0: 1), Chelsea (1: 3), Everton (0: 2) and Wolverhampton (0: 1) brought Orlov as close as possible to the danger zone.


Obvious favorites of this confrontation are considered to be the hosts, for whom it is extremely important to start winning again. And Crystal Palace will try with a high head to go through a difficult segment of the calendar, so that in meetings with less dangerous opponents, we can slightly improve our standings.


Manchester United victory with a handicap (-1) at 1.7

Free soccer tips

"Manchester United"

In the last round of the English Premier League, everyone could see the real strength of the charges of Jose Mourinho this season.


On the road, Manchester United lost 1: 3 to their city neighbors. At the same time, the indicators of the "red devils” were not that confused, but they were so embarrassed.

Free soccer tips

Six hits, but only one of them - on the target. Possession of the ball in the first half was only 31%, and in total for the entire match, "Sir Alex” allowed the "citizens” to hit their goal 17 times.


Although we note that before this, Team Mourinho had a series of four matches without defeat: three wins and a draw with Chelsea (2: 2).


Crystal Palace

The team of Roy Hodgson also has a series, however, it is extremely negative - already seven games in the framework of the Premier League Crystal Palace can not win.

Free soccer tips

Moreover, during this period there were only two draws (with Niyukaslom, 0: 0 and Arsenal, 2: 2). The match against Manchester United closes the heavy segment of the calendar of glaziers.


Recall that before that, they spent four matches against the leaders and just pretty strong Everton. In the final round, there was a home bout against Tottenham.

Free soccer predictions

It seems that the "eagles” imposed their game (11–11 on strikes, 12–9 on fouls), it seemed that the opponent was not given a lot of liberties ("spurs” only twice hit the "Crystal Palace” shots), but only equal to Hodgson's team was waiting for a loss of 0: 1.



Crystal Palace has similar performance indicators with the German Stuttgart. The "Shvabs" also scored a little disgustingly, especially in their own field.

Free soccer tips

For example, in the six matches at Selhurst Park, the glaziers pushed two goals into force. In other people's stadiums - six more. And on the alien grass, Londoners have never played a draw.


Apparently, native tribunes instill too much responsibility for the "eagles”, so they feel freer on the road.


Not to say that Old Trafford will have a lot of freedom, but Roy Hodgson’s team will also have moments. Nevertheless, we predict the continuation of pragmatics from the "Especial”, and this is a key factor. Therefore, our rate - "TM 2.5" for 2.14.

Free soccer tips

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