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Milan - Genoa 31.10.Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips



October 31, 2018 at 10:30 pm in Serie A of the first round, the match between Milan and Genoa will be held at the "Giuseppe Meazza” stadium.


Milan is in the thirteenth place, having twelve points in the bank and the difference of goals is 15:11. The previous match, the club lost to Inter on the road, with a minimum score of 0-1. Less than all the "Devils" played on the home lawn, speaking in the new season, but did it qualitatively. After three passed rounds in their field, the players did not give up in any meeting and got seven points. The last time here was defeated Chievo, large 3-1.

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Genoa scored thirteen points and this allows the team to be located on the tenth line of the championship, having a goal difference of 13:15. The club shows rather bad results, playing on the road, where he lost two matches, out of four passed. The last confrontation can make you forget about these failures, because at a party, the Griffons could play a draw with Juventus, although they were clear outsiders.


Milan did not lose to Genoa on his lawn for the last three matches. "Devils” are better than their rival in status and level of composition, therefore, they will be able to achieve Victoria in this confrontation. Bet: Milan's victory - P1.

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Forecast: П1 with a coefficient 1.54



Milan since Shevchenko and Kaka are still warmly remembered by football fans with experience of 10 years or more. The modern Milan club is only an unstable team with minimal tournament achievements. So, now Milan occupies the seventh line in the Serie A standings (15 points), which differs from serious ambitions from the leadership of Rosso-Neri. The confrontation with Genoa is a postponed match of the 1st round, and in case of victory in this confrontation, Milan can claim the 4th position in the standings (Lazio 18 points scored). The team is led by Gennaro Gattuso, who managed to stabilize the game of his players last season, but failed the current start, giving rise to many rumors about the impending dismissal.

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Modern Milan is not bad in terms of personnel, and now it shows a good form, having 3 wins in 4 extreme matches. Milan has a lot of quality football players who are able to achieve high results - Donnarumma, Romagnoli, Caldara, Musacchio, Bill, Kessier, Bonaventure, Higuain, Cutrone and others.



Returning to Serie A, the leadership of this Italian team has long talked about European Cup ambitions and almost champion claims. Naturally, all these conversations were not destined to be realized, and Genoa was able to gain a foothold only as the middle peasant of the Italian football elite. Now the team firmly occupies the 11th line in the standings, just 1 point behind the European Cup zone. The team finished the last two matches with a drawn outcome (Juventus, Udinese), and the club had no victories for three rounds in a row.

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Croatian specialist Ivan Juric is currently working with Genoa, under whose leadership, in the summer, there was an almost complete restructuring of the team. As a result, the composition of Genoa has changed by 85% compared with last season. Now, the team has such skilled footballers as Lapadula, Pyatek, Romulo, Criscito, Lisandro Lopes and Miguel Veloso.



Leading bookmakers consider Milan as a favorite, whose success at San Siro is estimated at 1.51. The draw outcome of this match is quoted by bookmakers for 4.50, and Genoa's victory for 7.20. The advantage of Milan here looks more than serious. Total bets with average values ​​have the following coefficients from bookmakers: "total is more than 2.5” for 1.77, "total is less than 2.5” for 2.17.

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Milan has now gained a good pace in the championship, thanks to which the club is quite capable of improving its standings in the next rounds, wedged in the fight for the Champions League zone. In the game with Genoa, Gattuso's wards will not be easy for sure, but the victory in this match should still be for Rosso-Nari.


Bet: Milan victory (П1) – 1.51.

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The regular Italian championship for Milan and Genoa begins next Wednesday. This, of course, we bring to the fact that on the reporting day there will be a deferred match of the first round between these teams. At the legendary San Siro Stadium, two teams will face each other, divided by as many as four positions in the standings, but the distance between them is measured by only one point.


Bookmakers already out of habit expose the "red-black" team to the rank of favorite. We are not going to argue with this position, because the personnel potential of the teams is completely bipolar. The only time - is it necessary to bet 1.43 on the coefficient? We, as self-respecting people, accept such lawlessness only in express bets, and for a single option you need to look for better options.

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It is difficult to say that the "devils" in immaculate form. Yes, in the last round, we managed to grind out a victory over Sampdoria, but before that, there were two defeats. At first, the guys lost a principled match against Inter Milan, and four days later surrendered in their own arena to the Spanish Betis as part of the Europa League group stage. Indicators are dubious.

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On the eve of the first round of the Milan team is a sinful body in the seventh position in the standings. The assets of the guys fifteen points. The main task of the coaching and staff - to get into the zone of the Champions League. Lazio, which lives on the fourth line ahead of the "red-black” team by three points. There is no need to say too much about the motivation of the "devils".



The "griffins” with physical condition are still worse. In the last three matches, the guys have never won. Walk through the body of a half-dead patient with a chronological gait. On the seventh, a certain Parma came to visit and managed to win. After the traditional thirteen days, the already deceased soul managed to accomplish the feat and win back against Juventus himself. In the last round, the world is also listed, this time against Udinese.

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Nine matches of the domestic championship "griffins" have already won back. In his pocket rolls fourteen points. We recall that this is only one point less than that of the future opponent. There are chances to break into the European Cup zone, that for a team of similar rank, compare the victory at the World Championship. In such a situation, the result comes to the fore, and the guys are able to mine it exclusively with defensive football.


Prediction for this match

Despite all the trends in Italian football and the talk about how, they say, Serie A has become much more productive, and the typical macaroni matches often come across. "Devils" are not famous for attacking attempts, and the guests will come to play carefully.

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The bet is total less than 3.0.

On Wednesday evening, in Milan, the transferred bout of the 1st round of the Italian Serie A, in which Milan will take Genoa, will take place.


Last season at this stadium, the teams played a draw - 0: 0. I wonder what awaits us in the new season?

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Milan cannot cope with itself, which is why it is located on the 7th line of the Serie A. So, the unstable Rossoneri managed to get 15 points - 4 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses, while the total score was 18:13 . However, we should not forget that after the break for the national teams the Gattuso wards do not shine at all - defeats from Inter (1: 0) and Betis (1: 2), and after a strong-willed victory over Sampdoria (3: 2).


But Genoa shows a more stable, and less effective football. As a result, Ivan Yurich's wards are located on the 11th line of the tournament table, although they have 14 points in their assets - 4 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses, while the total score was 15:17. Well, it is worth noting that the last 3 matches the "griffins” do not win - defeat against Parma (1: 2), and after that there were draws with Juventus (1: 1) and Udinese (2: 2).


Bookmakers are completely inclined to the victory of Milan, but is it reasonable? In fact, the Rossoneri now have huge problems, mainly in defense. At the same time, the "griffins” are in perfect order: they are slaughtered by everyone and everywhere. Given these facts, it makes sense to put on a goal from the guests ...

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Free prediction for the match Milan - Genoa: "Genoa will score." The bookmaker pari-match offers a coefficient of 1.68 for such an outcome.


This Wednesday Milan will fight with Genoa in his field, it will be a deferred bout of the first round of Serie A. Milanese in this pair are clear favorites of the meeting, which is hard to argue, given the personnel capabilities of rivals, as well as the fact that Genoa is in bad sports form.

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In fifth place

In the last five matches Milan lost twice with three victories. All victories were home: over Olympiacos, Chievo and Sampdoria, the pockets happened from Betis and Inter. In the standings, Milan climbed to fifth place, in the asset of the "red-blacks” 15 points, but Sampa, Roma, Fiorentina and Sassuolo are at the bottom of the Gattuso team. The density in this part of the standings is the highest. It is also important to pay attention to the fact that Milan plays well in native walls, has three victories in 4 meetings in the framework of Serie A.


No victories

In the last three meetings, Genoa was never able to win, during this period there was 1: 3 defeat against Parma, draws with Juventus 1: 1 and Udinese 2: 2. After 9 matches played in the Italian championship Genoa on the 10th line in the tournament, 14 points in the asset, just one point behind the Milan and all other teams who have 15 points in the piggy bank.

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After losing to Betis, Milan did not just win, but scored three goals against Sampa, who has quite a good defense. They distinguished themselves in that game Cutrone, Higuain and Suso. There is every reason to believe that on Wednesday someone from this trio will also be able to distinguish himself, Gattuso will certainly put the foundation on Genoa. Our free prediction for this meeting: Milan will score first


This match of the first round was to take place as early as August, but due to the tragedy in Genoa (the collapse of the bridge), it was moved to the end of October. Now both teams are in the middle of the standings, and Milan is definitely not satisfied with such layouts.

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To date, the Milanese occupy the seventh line of the standings with fifteen points in the asset and goal difference 18:13. After a not quite successful start of the season, Rossoneri is gradually gaining momentum - in the last five games of Serie A, only one defeat against Inter (0: 1). On the eve, Gattuso’s wards in a beautiful style coped with another team from Genoa - a 3: 2 home victory over Sampdoria will surely inspire the Devils for new feats.


Genoa is ninth, only one point behind Milan, with a goal difference of 15:17. The griffins have already managed to change the head coach - Juric came to replace Ballardini. With the new coach, the Genoese tied twice - on the road with Juventus (1: 1) and at home with Udinese (2: 2), while continuing to preach open football.

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Bookmakers consider Milan to be the favorite of this confrontation, because now it shows very good results. Given the presence of high-quality attacking players in both teams, we can expect from them spectacular football and at least three goals scored.


Total over 2.5 at 1.76

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Milan takes Genoa.


The Rossoneri, led by Gattuso, reacted correctly to the failure against Inter, and at the moment Milan's head coach is out of danger. They stopped talking about resigning, although there are still plenty of questions for the game. Against Sampdoria at the weekend, Milan failed to play zero again - Gattuso's wards remain the only team in Serie A, which has never finished the match without conceding goals. Moreover, the total series of matches in Serie A, in which Milan misses, has already reached 15 games. Against Sampdoria, there were 2 such balls - the first goal was scored by Soriano, when the score was already 1-0 in favor of the hosts. The second almost immediately at his own expense recorded Quagliarella.

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Excellent form of the leaders again allowed Milan not to sit in a puddle in front of their fans. Unlike disgusting defense and Donnarummu again falling down, Higuain already has 5 goals, Suso has 3 goals + 7 assists, and Kutrone seems to be one of the few who understand what it means to defend the colors of Milan. In the end, it was they who organized the victory with a score of 3-2.

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It is worth noting Gattuso, who finally not only rearranges the players, but also makes tactical changes - Milan is now playing 4-4-2 with Higuain and Cutrone in the attack. The composition is very attacking, which emphasizes both the strengths and weaknesses of the team.


Genoa also plays brightly and effectively, and if Milan has never finished a match without a goal conceded, then Genoa consistently scores in each round of Serie A this season. After the resignation of Ballardini, Genoa had not yet won, but continued to score. Pentek with Juric did not upset the opponent, but without him there were performers who were ready to score - Bess scored for Juventus, Romulo and Romero scored for Juventus. Genoa misses just as much, against Udinese, the Genoese club led twice in the long run, but twice the goal was thrown into the goal by Radu. As a result - a combat draw 2-2.

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Milan misses in each round and scores a lot, Genoa in each round scores and allows much at their gates. With these introductory, the match can be effective, and we have the right to count on the balls in the gate of both teams. Despite good results, Milan still seems to me not as a single team, but as a set of high-class performers who can make mistakes in virtually any situation. Genoa will have a chance to take advantage of the opponent's weaknesses, so in this match I will bet on the weak side of Milan - on defense. I am waiting for at least one goal from the guests. The first bet - handicap +1 on Genoa.


"Milan” in the last round interrupted its series of two defeats and is coming to a duel with "Genoa” in a good mood. How will the match end? The answer is in our forecast.


Milan traditionally fails the first part of the season, being after nine rounds on the seventh line in the table. The team of Gennaro Gattuso has 15 points, but if he defeats Genoa today, he can get close to the Champions League zone. Last week was very difficult for both Milan itself, who lost two matches to Inter and Bestis, and Gattuso himself, for whom the Italian press was eagerly looking for a replacement.

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However, after the last tour, the situation for the Rossoneri became more favorable - they were able to beat Sampdoria, although the victory was given a very heavy price. Gattuso put in the start two strikers at once - Gonzalo Higuain and Patrick Cutrona, which bore fruit in the 17th minute when the second managed to score. However, the Doria fired a doublet in the first half, but Milan did not give up and won the match thanks to the goals of Higuain and Suso.



"Genoa” thundered at the beginning of this season far beyond the borders of Italy, but the reason for this was not the great game of the team as a whole, but the amazing goal series of its newcomer - Polish forward Krzysztof Pentek. In nine rounds, the Pole managed to chop nine goals and scored four more in the Italian Cup. "Griffins” are still in table 11, giving their rival just one point.

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In the last round, "Genoa” played at home with "Udinese” and was able to take only one point. The match for the "griffins” was quite successful - in the first half, they earned and realized a penalty, allowing the opponent to recoup only after the break. The second time, Genoa stepped forward in the 67th minute, but after three minutes missed again. The match ended in a draw 2: 2, and Ivan Juric was forced to explain to the press the goal lull for Pentek - in his opinion, the goals for the scorer will come and put pressure on him now.



In each of the last five home games, Milan misses

In the nine matches of the championship, Milan missed 13 goals already, this is the worst figure among the teams from the first seven

"Genoa” this season played four games away and scored in each of them

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Milan is trying to get out of a difficult situation and not fall out of the fight for the Champions League, but so far the team is far from the ideal form. Despite the victory over Sampdoria, which was largely mined in the class, the Rossoneri has plenty of problems, and the main one is defense. This situation is quite able to take advantage of "Genoa”, which even scored "Juventus” at a party. High-speed forwards "griffins" are able to penetrate not the most stable defense of Milan, to which they will certainly strive.


We believe that the owners will not remain dry. Prediction - "Genoa” will score. In 1xStavke such an outcome is estimated by the coefficient 1.67

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Until the last match, the Rossoneri lost two fights in a row. First, in the championship match, they lost 0-1 to Inter in Milan derby, and then turned out to be weaker than Betis (1: 2) in the Europa League.


With these failures, Milan interrupted the 8-game unbeaten run in all tournaments. In Serie A fights, football players Gennaro Gattuso in this period produced three victories and tied three times.

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But against the background of the frequent talk about the future dismissal of the young coach, his players in a dramatic match defeated Sampdoria (3: 2) last Sunday. Now, if the team wins a postponed meeting, then the difference in goals will be ahead of Lazio and will rise to the fourth position.



Genoa started the season well, defeating Lecce 4: 0 in the Italian Cup. This attitude remained with the team in the next five fights (taking into account the friendly match against Alessandria), in which four victories were won.


And although then the "Griffins” with a large score lost on the road "Lazio” (1: 4), the success immediately returned to the team. Chievo and Frosinone were defeated by the club on the road and at home, respectively.

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Mentor "rossoblu" David Ballardini was worth losing another fight - against Parma (1: 3) in his field, as he was expected to resign. The new helmsman, Ivan Yurich, has not yet been able to win, but with him the team did not lose either to Juventus (1: 1) or Udinese (2: 2), and in case of victory, it will rise to fifth place.



Bookmakers are naturally considered the favorite of the home team, the coefficient for winning is 1.50, while the success of the guests is estimated at 6.50, and a draw at 4.40.

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We recommend betting that Milan will win, and both teams will score in 3.10.


Match 1 round of the championship of Italy Milan - Genoa will be held on Wednesday October 31 at 22:30 (Moscow time) at the San Siro stadium.

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Milan - Genoa: betting on a match

This is a postponed match of the first round of the championship of the Italian Serie A. The bookmakers from the Leon office are considered to be the favorite of Milan and take bets on his victory with a odds of 1.48. You can bet on Genoa winnings with a quotation 7.55. And to put on a draw in this meeting is proposed with a coefficient of 4.70. Milan is now sharing fifth place with four more clubs, gaining 15 points. On Sunday, he beat Sampdoria in his field with a score of 3: 2. This was his third win in the last four matches. And in his field, the Rossoneri do not lose six fights in a row, winning five of them. And for these six matches, Gennaro Gattuso's wards scored 19 goals or an average of 3.2 goals per game.


Genoa is now sharing the tenth place with Torino, gaining 14 points. Over the weekend, she tied 2-2 with Udinese, although she was twice ahead during the meeting. This was the second consecutive draw of the Genoese, and for the third time in a row they could not win. Away Genoa won only one of ten previous matches and suffered seven defeats. Already seven away matches in a row, she can not play to zero, conceding during this time 17 goals.

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Experts from the bookmaker Leon believe that Milan will surely beat Genoa in the upcoming match. At the same time he will be able to score at least two or three goals in the opponent's goal. By the way, to bet on the individual total of Milan more than 2 goals in Leon is proposed with a factor of 2.12.


The recommended bet is a Milan win; individual total of Milan over 2 goals

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Milan - Genoa: statistical facts

• in five of the last six matches between Milan and Genoa at least one team did not score;


• in five of the eight previous matches between Milan and Genoa, the performance did not exceed one goal;

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• only 2 of the last 14 matches between Milan and Genoa ended in a draw (8 wins Milan and 4 wins Genoa).


Prediction for the match Milan - Genoa (Italian Championship, 1st round, October 31): Milan victory; Individual total Milan more than 2 goals.

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