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Nice - Marseille 21.10 Free soccer tips



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One of the central matches of the 10th round of the French Football Championship will take place this coming Sunday, October 21, on the Allianz Riviera field in Nice, where the local team will host the Marseille Olympique. Despite the field factor, the bookmakers in this pair are on the side of Marseille, although it is worth paying attention to the fact that the Provençalers are not playing well at a party, even within the framework of the domestic championship.


12th place

Nice after 9 rounds is on the 12th position in the League 1 standings. There are 11 points in the asset of the future home team, which is only three points less than in Lyon, located on the sixth line. This suggests a high density of teams in the middle of the peloton of League 1, the situation changes noticeably after each played tour. In the last five matches, Nice managed to win twice with two defeats and one draw.


Not the best results

Marseille is one of the few teams in France that has gained in the offseason, but so far it does not affect the results. In the last five games, the Provençals won only twice: in their own field, Strasbourg and Caen, lost to Lyon and Lille away, tied 2-2 with Apollo. In the league standings, Marseille is in third place, but Olimpik is already three points behind Lille, 11 points, PSG.

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Marseille at the Velodrome is very dangerous, but on the road Garcia’s guys often act rather passively, which is reflected in the results. Nice is slowly finding his game, and Vieira is getting used to working at a level as high as Ligue 1. In this pair, the bet on the hosts looks like a good option. Our free meeting forecast: Individual Total Nice is more than 1.0



The team from the French coast has spent several years in the role of an ambitious football project, and now has returned to the status of the middle peasants of the national championship. The arrival of Patrick Vieira on the coaching bridge of Nice did not contribute to the fresh energy of the team. After 9 rounds, Nice ranked 12th in the standings, possessing one of the weakest attacking lines in the championship. Maybe something will change after returning from Balotelli's injury, but it’s not at all clear if the odious forward wants to play for such a weak Nice.

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Weak, precisely in the game plan, because on the part of the staff at this French club everything is pretty good. In addition to the star-studded Balotelli, such players as Sarr, Dante, Danilo, Ciprien, Saint-Maximin and Maoulida play in Nice as part of. Patrick Vieira will have to make a high-quality team of these guys, otherwise there will be big doubts in his coaching abilities.



But Marcel is not going to stop in his development, gradually turning into a strong and competitive club. Marseille is now in fourth place in the standings, setting a goal to break into the Champions League zone and fight for medals. According to the playing handwriting, Marcel is a very aggressive team, with a quality attack, but not a particularly reliable line of defense.

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In the successful future of Marseille, there is confidence only thanks to the person of the team’s head coach, Rudi Garcia, who is a skillful and flexible specialist. Garcia is able to create efficient teams, and with strong financial support from the owners, the coach is able to create a really cool team. Mandanda, Rami, Chaleta-Tsar, Luis Gustavo, Strootman, Toven, Payet, Mitroglu, Sanson - all these famous players now defend the colors of Olimpik, making him a real contender for the championship.



In this match, despite the guest status, the favorite is Marseille, whose victory is estimated by the bookmakers for 2.19. The success of Nice is estimated at 3.32, and a draw outcome of the standoff is quoted at 3.78. This alignment in this match seems to be justified. Total bets on the game are quoted by bookmakers as follows: "total is less than 2.5” for 2.20, "total is more than 2.5” for 1.75. Here bookmakers are confident in the high performance of the match.



Nice under the leadership of Vieira clearly degraded on the background of its results in recent years. In rivalry with Marseille, Nice has minimal chances for a positive result, because Olympic is a really powerful football club. From the point of view of advantageous bets on this confrontation, the most correct option is to opt for high performance.

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Bet: total over (2.5) – 1.75.


To beat the results of the tenth round of the French League 1 this time had the opportunity to fight Nice and Marseille. The battle will take place on the Allianz Riviera, but even this fact did not affect the bookmakers' decision to put future guests in the status of a favorite. We can and should argue with this opinion, because the white-and-blue statistics of the field looks like a real nightmare.


The home team also does not shine in the home arena - just one win in four games. The reporting game is worth seeing just because of this - the guys who are weakly supported by the fans will stand up to the guys who are having difficulties in someone else's stadium. Predicting the outcome of such a meeting is not easy, but we still need to give you a reliable bet.

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Not long ago, the Eaglets fired loudly within the framework of the French championship, but they failed to consolidate their success. Last season they had real chances to cling to the qualification zone of the Europa League, and this year they are unlikely to even repeat this achievement. For ten rounds of League 1, the team collected eleven points, being placed on the twelfth line in the standings.


From the departure area of ​​"gymnasts" separates only five points. It opens this zone of Monaco - there is no doubt that the "Monegasques” will easily leave it over time, therefore, Patrick Vieira's wards need to urgently take their heads. The team for the four extreme home games only once managed to earn three points. The remaining matches football players lost dry, conceding eight goals.

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"Provence" well hold in third position in the standings. Keeping up with PSG is not a real challenge, so the only possible option is the struggle for League 1 silver. In the current season, Lille is the main competitor of the white-and-blue ones, who managed to create an advantage of three points for himself.

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The main problem of Rudy Garcia’s charges is a weak line of defense. The team has sixteen holes - according to this indicator, the club is second only to Gengam, firmly entrenched in the tail of the peloton. For the three championship games, the Southerners conceded nine goals, even the modest Apollo in the Europa League managed to score twice. After such a dry victory over Kahn looks like a real miracle.


Prediction for this match

Future guests are in the status of a favorite, but after seeing the number of goals they missed in the extreme fights, the language does not turn to call them that. The home team must take advantage of problems in the defense of the opponent in order to catch the points. It is difficult to determine the winner, it is easier to play for the number of goals.


Bet - total more than 2.5.

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The tenth round of Ligue 1 will close the "Nice” and "Marcel”. If you look at the 3 extreme in-person fights, then the current guests were stronger. Will the owners to interrupt this series? Let's try to figure it out.


"Eagles” are not at all pleased with their game, and therefore they are located on the twelfth position of the tournament. The players of Vieira have only 11 points in their assets - 3 wins, 2 draws and 4 more matches remained without points, and the total score was 7:13. The main reason for the failures was the fact that the new mentor had long picked up the keys to the team, but now everything is fine.


"Provencers" are a little better, because they have 16 points on the account. Garcia's squad won in 5 cases, there were still world and three fiasco with scoring statistics 21:16. That's just with all the bad trips, because they missed 14 goals in five rounds.

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The forecast for the match "Nice" - "Marseille", TB2.5. All-knowing with a small margin on the side of the guests, but then the hosts added and play in their field. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the performance, which should please us.


Experts of the information-analytical site Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 10th round of the French-Nice championship - Marseille, which will be held at the Allianz Riviera stadium on Sunday October 21, beginning at 22:00 (MSK).



In this game, bookmakers consider Marseille a favorite, although they estimate the probability of his victory below 50%. After nine days of gaming, Marseille shares third place with Montpellier, gaining 16 points. In the last round, he beat Kahn in his field with a score of 2: 0, scoring both goals at the end of the first half. Five consecutive rounds of Marseilles alternate home wins with guest defeats. On the road, he won just one of six previous matches, losing three times. And just for the last five fights in a foreign field, Marcel missed 15 goals and never less than two per game. It is worth adding that in eight of the last nine away matches of Marseille in Ligue 1, both teams scored.

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Nice before this round takes the 12th place, gaining 11 points and yielding Angers and Rennes by additional indicators. In the last round, she tied 1: 1 to Toulouse. Of the last four matches in the French Championship, Nice managed to win only one. And at home she lost three of the four previous fights and in each lost match was left without goals scored. Nice has suffered as many defeats in her field in 13 home games before that.

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Last season, Marseille won against Nice in both matches in the French championship - 4: 2 on the road and 2: 1 in his field. In general, he won her three games in a row, although before that he could not beat Nice in four fights in a row, having suffered three defeats. In six of the last eight matches, more than two goals were scored. And in six of the seven previous matches between Nice and Marcel, both teams scored.



The site experts Bookmakers.rf believe that the match will end in a draw, and both teams will score in it. In the bookmaker's 1xStavka predict a 1: 1 draw (coefficient 6.50). Marseille’s 2: 1 victory is highly rated (odds 8.50). Bets on the fact that both teams will score will be accepted with a odds of 1.63.

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Nice's victory - 3.21, a draw - 3.53, Marcel's victory – 2.17.


In the tenth round, the last to come on the field "Nice" and "Marcel". Will the guests take away two points from the local Allianz Riviera? - Details in the forecast of our experts.



Change coach did not go to "Nice" in favor. Lucien Favre left the Eagles in eighth place. With Patrick Vieira, they are the twelfth. His team has three victories and two draws. In the passive - four defeats. In late September, the former bronze medalist of Ligi 1 lost outright at his Paris Saint-Germain Stadium. And before the October break, the world was separated from Toulouse.

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Marseille is second in Ligue 1 after PSG in the context of matches with TB (2.5). Rudy Garcia players win and lose equally brightly and also draw. In the overall standings, Olympic takes the fourth place and, if successful in Nice, can castle with the third Lion. In the last round, the only grassroots match with the participation of Marseille took place. With the score 2-0 in their favor, the goal of "Kan” was canceled.



"Nice" missed in 8 of 9 matches.

"Marcel" did not score only in Lille.

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In 7 fights, the total of Marseille exceeded 1.5 goals.

Last season, "Marseille” beat "Nice” at home and away, 2: 1 and 4: 2.

"Marcel" scored "Nice" more than 1.5 in the last four personal meetings.



"Nice” is already the second season is not a threat. Marseille is an attack-oriented club. Dry defeat "Lill" - rather the exception to the rule. Then the "Olympians" squandered scoring chances, and the Great Masses played on the counterattack. We believe that guests will own the initiative on Sunday night and successfully complete their numerous attacks.

Free fixed picks

We predict a total of the second more than 1.5 in the BK League of Betting with a odd of 1.98


Closing the 10th round of the new season of the French League 1 will be a duel in Nice, where the eponymous football club will take the Olympic Marseille.


The last 3 face-to-face meetings between these teams were left for the Provençalists, but maybe it's time to stop this series?

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Nice does not shine at all in the new season, and today is the 12th team of League 1. So, Patrick Vieira's players managed to score 11 points for 9 rounds - 3 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses, and the total score was 7:13 . It is worth noting that the new coach could not immediately put the "Eagles” game, which is why the team simply failed at the start of the season. But now the team wins more often, but it can also fail at any time ...


But Marseille performs much better, having already gained 16 points. In total, during the new season, the wards of Rudi Garcia produced 5 victories, once played in a draw and lost three times, while the total score was 21:16. But on a visit, the Provençals miss too much - 14 goals in 5 games of the season (in all tournaments).

Free fixed tips

Bookmakers slightly lean towards the side of Marseille, and this despite the fact that in France it is very difficult to play away. In fact, Nice does not shine at all, but Marseille en away is not a fairy tale. Both teams miss a lot, to which I propose to deliver ...


Free prediction for the match Nice - Marseille: "Total is over 2.5". Bookmaker Marathon offers a coefficient of 1.8 for such an outcome.


Nice in the 10th round of the French First League will play against Marseille at the Allianz Riviera stadium on October 21, 2018 at 22:00.

Free fixed tips

It doesn’t matter that Nice plays at the start of this season and, coming up to the tenth round, is on the twelfth line of the French championship. Football players scored only eleven points for their piggy bank, and have a 7:13 goal difference between scored and missed goals. Nothing helps the club to establish a game within the composition, and therefore the results are jumping and there is no stability. The last time at home "Orlyata" defeated PSG. Generally, in their field, "Gymnasts" only once out of four won Victoria.


Marseille is on the fourth line of the standings, with a score of sixteen points. Marcel this season is very good and the players after nine rounds managed to score 21 goals, and missed sixteen. In contrast to home confrontations, on the road with the "White-Blue” everything is very bad, because they were able to get Victoria only once, out of four possible.

Free fixed tips

Three confrontations in a row Marseille came out the winner from matches against Nice, and the players scored at least 2 goals against his opponent. There are problems for both clubs, but the guests look much better, so they can not lose in this meeting. Bet: Marseille will not yield - F2 (0).


Forecast: F2 (0) with a coefficient of 1.65


At the equator of the first round of the championship of France, the roles for the participants of this meeting were defined. Nice will be a strong middle peasant of the elite, while Marseille is going to impose a struggle for the top three.


After nine rounds, Nice scored eleven points and comes in twelfth place with a goal difference of 7:13. In the last two rounds, the Eaglets did not win - 0: 3 defeat from PSG and a 1: 1 draw with Toulouse. And in the course of the season, Vieira's players are not pleased with stability, constantly alternating between positive and negative outcomes of matches.

Free fixed tips

Marcel is also an unstable club in terms of results. To date, he occupies the third line of the standings with sixteen points in the asset. Over the last month, the wards of Rudi Garcia alternated home wins with away defeats. The wins 4: 0 at Gengam, 3: 2 at Strasbourg and 2: 0 at Caen were leveled by failures 2: 4 from Lyon and 0: 3 from Lille.


Despite the high results in Ligue 1, Marseille's guest form does not please the eye. Therefore, the probability of their victory in the match with uncompromising Nice is extremely low.


Nice will not lose (1X) at 1.77

Free fixed predictions

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