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Russia - Turkey 14.10. Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips



Irish football in recent years is very stable, and the national team of this country is among the strong middle peasants, with ambitions to fight for the finals of the European and World Championships. The team is led by the most experienced mentor, Martin O’Neal, who is known for his work with Aston Villa, Celtic and Sunderland. In the League of Nations, the path to Ireland began the match against Wales, and this duel was very unsuccessful for the "greens” (defeat 1: 4). Next in line is confrontation with Denmark, a serious and ambitious team that aims to win in the group.

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Irish footballers traditionally play for themselves mainly in English clubs from the Premier League or the Championship, thus gaining experience of the highest level of confrontation. Ireland is not a star team, but this team may well be a star team, because it brings together real fighters - Randolph, Duffy, Clark, Coleman, Hendrick, Walters and Long.



Much more interesting than the Irish team looks like Denmark, working under the leadership of Aigi Hareida. At the recent World Championship, the Danes managed to reach the 1/8 final, where the Croats beat, and in the League of Nations started with a confident victory over Wales (2: 0), beating the Welsh at the expense of higher team speed and a well-established combinational game. Now Denmark is experiencing a time of rebirth, because the national team has got a good composition able to achieve high results in the international arena.


Selection of performers from Denmark looks simply luxurious, because not every football team can boast the presence of K. Schmaichel, Christiansen, Eriksen, Sost, J. Poulsen, Dilani, Kyair and Westergaard. The team is already experienced, which allows Denmark to show a stable game over a long period of time.



The best bookmakers call the national team of Denmark a favorite of the match, assessing the victory of the Danes for 2.53. The success of Ireland is estimated at 3.04, while a draw outcome of the match - for 3.10. As you can see, the advantage of the Danes in terms of the coefficient in this match looks miserable. Popular totals for the performance of the game from the leading bookmakers are as follows: "total is over 2.5” for 2.66, "total is less than 2.5” for 1.53. Bookmakers are confident in the low impact of the match.

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The Irish played with Denmark in the qualifying round for the 2018 World Cup, then losing to them in the home game with a score of 1: 5. Games involving the Irish national team have been very productive lately, just like the matches of the Danes. Here we will not see sluggish rolling of the ball in the center of the field, because both teams need only a victorious result. This means that a lot of goals will be scored!


Bet: total over (1.5) – 1.47.

Free soccer tips

This coming Sunday, the League of Nations will continue, the fourth round we will have to go through. On the reporting day, the national teams of Russia against Turkey will clash. The event will be held in the resort of Sochi at the stadium "Fisht". We remind you that the teams live in the second group of Division B, where, in addition to our today's heroes, the Swedes are also cooking. In the reporting match will be decided who will lead the standings.


On the side of the home team bookmakers. Well, still, in connection with the latest current events, it is dangerous to start a dispute with Russian football players, because you can even grab a chair over your head. The guests have no official gaming experience lately, but does that make them so obvious outsiders? Let's try to figure out whether the hosts after the triumphant World Cup can continue the positive trend.



It is necessary to clarify instantly that the Cherchesova team had recently met with bearded peasants who like to smoke hookah. It happened on the seventh of September at the "Shenol Gunesh” stadium. The stereotypical Russian tourist arrived in a resort country and began to impose his own set of rules. Thanks to the goals of Cheryshev and the talented Dzyuba, our today's heroes managed to win 2: 1.

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At this squad Cherchesova decided not to calm down and enthusiastically accepted the Czech national team. Guests felt clamped, but their gates were generous - as many as five goals conceded. In the last match of the League of Nations, the Russian guys were already a little disappointed - not a single goal was scored in the home match against Sweden. Despite this, the hosts continue to hold the lead in the group.



We have already recalled the match of the first round against the Russian Federation; Let's translate the flywheel of time for three days later, on the tenth of September, the Turkish squad went to visit the Swedes. Most of the powerful and well-read mouths of our planet have declared that the owners will win. In fact, it turned out a little unexpectedly - after two goals in the performance of Sweden, Stockholm saw a real shock ... The Turks managed not only to recoup, but to win that battle with a score of 3: 2.


This success should have inspired future guests, but more than a month has passed. The Turkish team has never been stable and in a friendly match against Bosnia and Herzegovina, we again publicly examined all the weaknesses of our today's heroes. The rivals decided not to break the virginity of the gates of each other and we watched "intriguing" football for ninety minutes.

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Prediction for this match

The Russian team will play for themselves and for Kokorin with Mamaev in the near tour. Cherchesov and his guys can solve a lot by victory. In such a situation, it is a sin not to believe in the favorite.


Stake - the victory of Russia.

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For Russian football fans, the central match next Sunday will be a duel in which the "eagles” at the stadium in Sochi will host the Turkish national team. Future rivals not so long ago, just a month ago, played each other in Trabzon, and then the Russian team celebrated a 2: 1 victory. Given this result, the exposed line is not surprising, while the Turks are only being built, the team at Lucescu is promising, but unstable.


Two wins and a draw

The Russians already have a practice in October, last Thursday the "eagles” in Kaliningrad took the Swedes, played with the "third round” in a 0: 0 draw. This result can not be called perfect, but he strategically arranged for the Russian national team. It is worth noting that the squad Cherchesova first played at zero after winning the first round of the World Cup over Saudi Arabia.

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Strong-willed victory

After a home defeat by the Russian team, the Turkish team had another fight in the League of Nations, this time away, in Swedish Solna. Representatives of Asia Minor in the course of that meeting "burned" 0: 2, but somehow inexplicably managed to win 3: 2. Two goals in the game recorded at his own expense, who replaced instead of Topal, Akbaba. This success will undoubtedly give strength to the Turks on Sunday, only the question is whether there is enough fuse to replay the strong masters.



In a short period, the Russian national team has become an outcast in a very strong contender, with which even the giants of world football have to be considered. In the upcoming game exactly the bet on the "eagles" looks like an ideal option. Our free meeting forecast: Victory of Russia with a handicap 0


In the fourth round of the UEFA League of Nations at the Fisht Stadium on October 14, 2018 at 19:00 Russia will host Turkey.


Russia was inspired by the home world championship and continues to show good results already in the league of nations. At its stadium, the team looks more than confident and it has its own leaders, who for the first time in a long time even perform in Europe. Dziuba, Cheryshev, Golovin, they all look great in attack. It is very difficult now to cope with the defense of the national team, and even despite the departure of Akinfeev, the gate is perfectly protected by Guilherme.

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Turkey just spent its first round against Russia, but at its stadium. There the players lost, with a score of 1-2, but they looked good. Already in the next fight, the team managed to correct their situation in the table and justify themselves to the fans. Away, in a very stubborn fight, the team beat Sweden, with a big score of 3-2, which allowed them to score the first points in the second group.


Most recently, Turkey played against Russia in the first round of the League of Nations, but lost on its lawn. Naturally, the hosts will feel more confident, because before this fight they already beat the Turks. The team Terim was already able to score points on the road with the Swedes, who on Thursday showed how to play away with Russia. Bet: Turkey will not lose - X2.


Forecast: X2 with a coefficient of 1.83

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On the 14th, there will be a confrontation between the League of Nations, in which Russia and Turkey will fight for the next points in the tournament. The last time the Russians were stronger - 1: 2. What will the Turks answer in the tour? We'll figure out.


"Red Car” was pleasantly surprised by its play at the last tournament, and many were expecting a recession, but the team of Cherchesov continues to delight with their performances in the League of Nations. First, the team beat the current opponent, and then defeated the Czech 5: 1. That's just in the extreme confrontation the team shared a 0-0 draw with the Swedes.

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The Turks add a little bit, so the team is able to fight the Russians. The footballers Lucescu lost in the first round, but after they beat 2: 3 the Swedes. Here are just a recent fight - 0-0 with Bosnia.


The forecast for the match Russia - Turkey, TB0.5 from the guests. Yet the guests get stronger with each fight. Most likely, that they will be able to score the owners, and put it on it.


In the first match between these teams, the Russians celebrated a rather unexpected victory. But Turkey has not turned off the fight and continues to claim to win the group. We will have an interesting and uncompromising confrontation.

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After the first round in group B2 of the League of Nations, Russia ranks first. She started in the tournament with a 2: 1 away victory over the Turks, and last Thursday Chercesova's players played 0: 0 with the Swedes. Now they are in the best position and depend only on themselves.


After losing to Russia, the Turks were immediately able to beat 3: 2 Swedes, yielding 0: 2 during the meeting. Thus, wards Lucescu once again demonstrated that they can not be underestimated. On the eve of the Reds, they held a friendly sparring, in which they painted a zero draw with Bosnia.


Bookmakers give the Russians a slight advantage in the match. But the Turks have not yet said their last word, so they probably will play from the attack. So we should expect a productive match with the exchange of goals scored.

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Both score at 2,04


On Sunday at the Olympic stadium "Fisht" in Sochi, the Russian team in the League of Nations match will take the national team of Turkey. Will the rivals please with scored goals? Our forecast will help you determine the rate.



A month ago, rivals have already played among themselves in the League of Nations. The game took place in Turkey and ended in victory for the Russian team with a score of 2: 1. In that match, Cheryshev and Dzuba scored goals for Russia.

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The match in Turkey proved once again that the players of Stanislav Cherchesov play well on the counter. Of the nine shots on goal, two were on target - and both were effective. But with the game number one, the Russians have problems, and the match with Sweden is proof of that. The Russian national team could not do anything disciplined and well-organized defense. Up to the 80th minute of the match, nothing serious was organized at the gates of the Swedes. Total Udin hit the target gate of Sweden.


So far, after two rounds, the Russians have scored four points and are leading the group. Turkey has three points, Sweden has earned only one point so far.

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As for the personnel situation, there is practically no specific losses for the Russian team. Artem Dzuba and Alan Dzagoev are engaged in an individual program. Questionable is also participation in the match Andrei Lunev.



The national team of Turkey, despite the defeat in the home game, has not yet lost the chance to fight for victory in the group. At home the Turks tried to play in the attacking key, for which they were punished. After the failure in that match, the wards Mircea Lucescu successfully went to a duel to Sweden, where they beat the hosts with a score of 3: 2, having built their game just on the counter.


The leaders of the Turkish national team Halkan Chalkhanoglu, Cenk Tosun and Yunus Malley are in full combat readiness. The only serious loss for the guests will be Mehmet Topal’s injury.

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Only in one of the last five official matches Russia scored more time in the main time.

Turkey on the road won only one of the four previous official fights.

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In two of these four matches, the Turks did not score.

Opponents have played in the entire history of five matches. The Russian national team won in three of them, two ended in a draw.

In four out of five in-person fights, the bet on "total less than 2.5” was played.

In three out of five full-time matches, only one team scored.

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It is unlikely that the match for the Russian team will be easy. The Turks have very skilled players in the attack, and, despite the attacking style of the game, they can quite well play on defense. It’s hard for the Russians to play in the first number, but a draw can quite suit them. It is unlikely that the opponents will force events, so we do not expect a lot of goals in the match.

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Our forecast is total less than 2.5 for 1.69.



The Russian national team before the start of the home championship was an object for fans' mockery, but the results of the team’s performance made it almost the idols of the nation.


At the 2018 World Cup, Stanislav Cherchesov’s wards did not just go to the playoffs, but they sent Spain home, after which they were close to the semi-finals, but in a penalty shootout they lost to the future finalist, the Croatian team.

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Now the Russian team has to prove that it was not an accident. Cherchesov creates a new team, many new people appeared who did not speak at the world championships. They are Guilherme, Shunin, Jikia, Raush, Nabiullin, Chalov, Zabolotny and others.


In addition, Igor Akinfeev, Sergey Ignashevich and Alexander Samedov ended their careers at the international level.

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The start of the team in the League of Nations can be called successful - a victory in Istanbul took place over the Turks with a score of 2: 1. Then the gates of the hosts hit Denis Cheryshev and Artem Dzyuba. Also in September, the wards of Stanislav Cherchesov had a friendly match with the Czech Republic, which they defeated in Rostov-on-Don 5: 1.


Then again there was the League of Nations - a meeting on October 11 with the Swedes in Kaliningrad, which ended without goals.



The Turkish team experienced difficult times. At the 2018 World Cup, the Turks could not be selected, they lost to Romania (0: 2) and Albania (2: 3) in friendly matches - last year was frankly dark.

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But in this squad Mircea Lucescu issued a five-match series without defeat. In March, the "Janissaries” beat the houses of Ireland (1: 0) and missed the victory over Montenegro (2: 2) on the road, skipping the last minutes. Next were Iran (2: 1), Tunisia (2: 2) and Russia (1: 1).


In the League of Nations, the Turks met again with the Russian national team, but this time they lost in Trabzon - 1: 2. With the Swedes, also in September, it was already better - a 3-2 win away. Turkey brought the optimal squad to Sochi - Cenk Tosun from Everton, Milan player Hakan Chalkhanoglu and many others are all in the ranks.

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It is worth noting that on October 11, Turkey had a friendly game with Bosnia and Herzegovina (0: 0). Mircea Lucescu gave a load to his leaders, but not more than 45 minutes.


Forecast: Victory of Russia with a handicap 0

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In group 2 divisions in Russia and Turkey had two matches. Cherchesov's team now has four points in the asset and the first place, the Turks have three points and the second.


The Russians have the main problem - the goalkeeper, since Akinfeev left, and Andrei Lunin due to injury on the field will not work. His place will be taken by Guilherme. Nevertheless, in the home walls nothing should prevent the Russian team from celebrating their success, although it is not worth waiting for an easy walk. We bet on the victory of Russia, taking into account the odds of 0 for 1.57On Sunday, October 14, at 19:00 (Moscow time), a match of the fourth round of the group stage of the UEFA League of Nations between the national teams of Russia and Turkey will be held. The game will be held in Sochi on the field of the Olympic stadium "Fisht". The forecast for the match Russia - Turkey from the expert Footballtips Vedran Ostoich can be found below.


In this pair, the Russians still hold the brand, since a month earlier, the wards of Stanislav Cherchesov beat their Turkish counterparts away and still lead their group. The scandal connected with the illegal actions of Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamayev to one of the Moscow officials has not subsided until now, so these guys are not allowed to be accommodated by the national team and, apparently, they will be charged a very impressive fine. The rest of the hosts are ready to receive their southern guests and obviously will play to win.

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The national team of Turkey is in the second place of its trio and has in its asset three points after an away victory over the Swedes. It should be noted that the coach Mircea Luch2ku set before his charges the task of compulsory passage to Euro 2020 according to the results of the League of Nations, but while the statistics work against, because the class of Russians is clearly higher.


According to preliminary estimates of the majority of football analysts, this meeting will be held with the territorial advantage of the Russian team and will end with its victory. Vedran Ostoich assumes elements of open football and advocates for high performance with three or more goals in the overall standings. Then the specialist presented a more detailed report on the upcoming fight, and also shared his valuable tips and predictions for the game.

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Earlier it was noted that representatives of this country adequately bear the title of the best team in the Middle East region, as the Turks constantly became participants in the final stages of the European and World Championships, but then due to high competition, the national team weakened and lost significantly in the international rankings. An experienced Romanian mentor Mircea Lucescu, who most recently was the head coach of the St. Petersburg Zenith, was called to help. Now, under his leadership, the Turks are playing in an open manner and attacking with a large number, but this tactic did not work in the first match with the Russians and ended in a 1: 2 defeat. Following the guests went to rainy Sweden and took advantage of the connivance of the Scandinavian defenders, winning away with the score 3: 2. By all indications, the Turks leveled their game in the base zones and, according to SportNation experts, can bring the upcoming fight to a logical conclusion in their favor. The bookmaker proposes to bet on a difficult away victory of the Turkish national team with any score at a factor of 4.00. This alignment will allow guests to lead their own group, but do not forget that Stanislav Cherchesov strengthened defensive redoubts, as a result of which the Turks can count on a global outcome. Exactly to the same result, analysts of the K8 exchange are inclined and deliver their verdict - a draw with any account and the rate at the quote of 3.40.

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The home team did not cool off from the home world championship, in which for the first time in their 25-year history they were able to leave the main group and reach the quarter-final stage. Neither the administration of the team, nor the coach Cherchesov himself expected such a scenario, so he did not change tactics and continued to give good results. On Thursday, the Russians took the Swedes in Kaliningrad and, surprisingly, their own fans did not open the gates of their rivals, and in the first half they never hit the target. In general, the attack looked good and Artem Dzyuba and Alexander Golovin received the highest marks. In the camp of the Russians, the main goalkeeper Lunev is injured, so, apparently, Marinato Guilherme will take his place. Not to say that the guard of the Lokomotiv goal played at the peak of his uniform, but what helped out in two moments is a matter of respect. Turkey is not Sweden and is unlikely to dry the game, so the Cherchesov guys will have to tie the opponent back pressure. A group of specialists from Unibet believes that, despite the psychological imbalance that Kokorin and Mamayev sowed, the Russian team will demonstrate good football. The bookmaker recommends making a bet on the home victory of the Russians with any score at a rate of 1.85.

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Speaking about the possible performance, it should be noted that Anton Zabolotny may appear in the composition of the Russians, who caught courage and charged with an aimed blow. Everyone perfectly remembers the friendly control match with representatives of the Czech national team, in which the Russians shipped five balls to the gate of their counterpart (5: 1). It is against this background, coupled with the last match of the Turks, experts at William Hill predict at least three scored goals and recommend placing a bet on the total total of more than 2.5 goals at a rate of 2.30.



In face-to-face confrontations, the Turkish side loses to the Russians, as it has not won a single match in the last five meetings (3 losses and two draws). The last match was held in Turkey and Cherchesov's players took three points (2: 1). The guests won away from Sweden (3: 2) and are ready to consolidate their success on the shores of Sochi.

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home win with any score, total over 2.5 goals


The Russian team, starting in June, has met with the Turkish team for the third time. In the first case, the team of Stanislav Cherchesov played a draw, and in the second - won. Before the second leg of the League of Nations, Pavel Osipov, an expert of the magazine "Home Bet” and the League of Stakes BC, examines the teams' opposition and concludes that there is an effective duel waiting for us.

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Bookmakers.RF remind that the beginning of the meeting wards Stanislav Cherchesova and Mircea Lucescu is scheduled for October 14 at 19:00 MSK.



Three goals were scored in the last match between these rivals, which took place on September 7 in Trabzon. In this case, the final score (2-1 in favor of the Russians) Artem Dzyuba set already in the 49th minute.


Six matches (not counting the last game with the Swedes) were held by the Russian national team under the leadership of Stanislav Cherchesov without goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev, who announced the completion of appearances for the national team. They rivals excelled 28 times (15:13 in favor of the Russians) - 4.7 goals per game average! Only in one meeting the "bottom” was recorded: last year, at the same time (October 10), the match Russia - Iran in Kazan ended with a score of 1: 1.

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Eight goals scored in the first two games of our group - the best result among all four groups of the League of Nations B. In the starting game, Turkey lost to our team (1: 2), but then beat the Swedes (3: 2).


Twice the Russian team played in Sochi, and in these matches 10 goals were scored. Last year, the friendly match with Belgium ended with a score of 3: 3, and in the quarterfinals of the 2018 World Cup, Russia and Croatia played 2: 2 (although two goals were scored in extra time).



Seven last matches (excluding the game with Sweden) from the start of the home world championship, the Russian team prefers open football. In these meetings, 27 goals were scored (an average of 3.9).

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Four games in a row with the participation of the Russian team scored both teams.


Once in the last 17 meetings, our national team was able to play "to zero." True, she herself scored five goals in that game - in the opening match of the world championship against Saudi Arabia.


Fifteen goals were scored in the three October matches of the Russian national team at Cherchesov. In 2016, our team in Krasnodar lost to Costa Rica (3: 4), and in 2017, in Moscow, beat South Korea (4: 2) and drew in Kazan with Iran (1: 1).

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Two meetings were held by the Turkish national team in October last year, and in both was the "top”. In the qualifying tournament of the 2018 World Cup, this team lost to Iceland at home (0: 3) and tied with Turku and Finland (2: 2).


Fifteen goals - the total performance of the four guest meetings of the Turks in 2018. And they have not lost once. First there were three draws (2: 2 with Montenegro and Tunisia, 1: 1 with Russia), and in the last game - the victory over Sweden with a score of 3: 2.

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Eight matches in a row (excluding the friendly game with Bosnia and Herzegovina) are scored by the Turkish team. During this time, she excelled 14 times (1.75 goals per game). And the last time she failed to hit the opponent's gate in November last year, she was visiting Romania (0: 2).


Once in the last six matches with the participation of Turkey was recorded "bottom". True, this happened ... in Moscow in a game with Russia before the start of the World Cup (1: 1).

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total goals in the match will be more than 2.5 for 1.75


Match 4 round of the group stage of the League of Nations Russia - Turkey will be held on Sunday, October 14 at 19:00 (Moscow time) in the stadium Fisht. In this game, the favorite is Russia, whose chances of winning the bookmakers are estimated to be just under 50%. Wards of Stanislav Cherchesov for the first two matches in the League of Nations scored four points, beating Turkey away with a score of 2: 1 and tied 0: 0 at home with Sweden. And the Turkish team now has three points scored - after losing to Russia, she beat Sweden 3: 2 on the road, although it was 0-2. Russia needs to win in order to practically secure first place in the group. If she manages to beat Turkey, she will become unattainable at least for her. At the same time, Sweden will catch up with Russia only if it wins and is visiting Turkey, and at home with our team.

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This week, the Russians took the Swedes in their field and were content with a goalless draw. If we take into account only the main time, then Russia lost only one of the nine previous matches, having won four times and tied. At the same time, I must say that in the last 16 matches, the team of Stanislav Cherchesova only once was able to play at zero.


Turkey played a friendly match with Bosnia and Herzegovina on Thursday and also tied 0: 0. Over the last eight matches, she suffered only one defeat, having won three victories and four times in a draw. At the same time, in the match with Bosnia, the eight-match effective series of Turkey was interrupted.

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Before the September match in the League of Nations, Russia and Turkey four times played each other in friendly matches and our team did not suffer a single defeat, having won twice and played in a draw. By the way, in those four matches, only four goals were scored and never more than once per match - the September bout was the first one to be highly effective for confronting Russia and Turkey. Experts at the site Bookmakers.rf believe that the upcoming game also will not bring a large number of goals, although the owners and guests should score.



Russia's victory - 2.19, a draw - 3.14, a Turkish victory - 3.56.

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draw in the match; both teams will score. In the bookmaker 1xStavka predict a 1: 1 draw (coefficient of 6.00). The second most popular Russian victory is 1: 0 (a factor of 6.50). Bets on the fact that both teams will score, are accepted with a coefficient of 1.99.


In Sochi, the Russian national team gives emotional and productive matches, but the result is still negative. What will happen this time?

Free soccer tips

The game in Turkey, Russia was given relatively easily. The guests led the score 0: 1, then 1: 2. There were chances to score more. Well, the ending turned out so-so. The initiative completely passed into the hands of the owners, they stormed the gate Lunev, but the goalkeeper was at the height. As a result, the question is: is it just the ending that happened or the opponent found the game, and Russia will continue to fight back? With the Swedes, the team Cherchesova played quite cautiously and did not take much risk. Only closer to the finish line did the Russians dictate their terms, but this was not enough to win. But there was complete order in the defense.


The Turks are still extremely controversial. Mircea Lucescu gives out almost the worst result among all the last coaches of this team. Far from the flattering words from the press and high-ranking fans are heard in his address, but no one is going to interrupt the contract. Apparently, expensive. Or maybe the federation is patiently waiting for progress. Here from Sweden managed to bring an amazing victory. The same question, how to interpret it. Sweden dictated the conditions and led them for a long time, but in the end the guests not only equalized the score, but also snatched victory in compensated time. And now the match in Russia is becoming key. The victory of the owners almost provides them with the first place, and the Turks just leaves behind. A draw is not particularly needed by either one or the other.

Free soccer tips

Russia in the past six months, demonstrates an amazing game, gnawing every result. In September, Cherchesov’s charges clearly achieved victories over Turkey (1: 2) in the League of Nations and the Czech Republic (5: 1) in a friendly match. However, in October, the Russians started having problems, mainly due to injuries of football players. Well, it is worth noting that the match on Thursday against Sweden squeezed out a lot of strength from the Russians - a draw with a score of 0: 0.


Turkey gradually improves its games every year, building a new team. In fact, Mircea Lucescu has done a lot of work, which allows the team to perform well in the framework of the League of Nations. Yes, the Turks lost the first match in the tournament (1: 2 with Russia), but in fact they won the second match - 2: 3 with Sweden. But in October, the "moon star” was content with just sparring with Bosnia, which turned out to be quite boring - a draw with a score of 0: 0.

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Nov 28, 2021Italy: Serie AAS RomaTorinoover 2.752.021:0LOSE
Nov 28, 2021England: Premier LeagueChelseaManchester UtdChelsea -0.751.741:1LOSE
Nov 28, 2021Sweden: AllsvenskanKalmarMalmo FFunder 2.52.050:1WIN
Nov 28, 2021Ireland: FAI CupBohemiansSt. Patricksunder 2.251.840:0 (1:2 PEN.)WIN

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  • Coefficient between 1.70-3.30
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  • Recommended bookmakers: BET365,BWIN,188BET,SBOBET,PINNACLE


  • 1X2
  • Over / Under
  • Asian Handicap
  • Double chance


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