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Schalke 04 - Lokomotiv Moscow 11.12 Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips



In the current season, the team from Gelsenkirchen again shows extremely unstable results, performing well in the Champions League, but clearly failing in the national championship. In the Champions League, Schalke guaranteed himself second place in the group and in the final round of the group stage is quite capable of fooling around. But Domenico Tedesco is now in a precarious position, and the Italian coach will demand maximum commitment from his players in this confrontation. Schalke has serious problems in the national championship, where the Pitmen are on the 13th line in the standings, with such results not even trapping in the European Cup zone.

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In the current season from Schalke, many expected a significant increase in results, but almost all the acquisition team went past the box office. Ut, Scribsky, Serdar, Mascarell, Rudi and Mendil failed to become important players of the team. The only bright spot in the club selection is Salif Sana, who instantly became one of the team leaders. In addition to the Senegalese in the composition of Schalke are such players as Fermann, Nastasich, Bentaleb and Kalijuri.



Champions RPL last season, like Schalke, show a clear regress against the background of past performances. Lokomotiv badly spent the Champions League group stage, managing to score points only in the last game against Galatasaray (2-0 win), thereby giving himself certain chances to get into the Europa League playoffs. The locomotive needs to win this match, because according to the results of the face-to-face matches, the "railroad workers” are inferior to Galatasaray.


The Moscow club does not look the best in the national championship, where Semin’s wards are barely held in the top four of the standings. It is worth noting that in the extreme matches of Lokomotiv, there is still an improvement in gaming performance, but this increase came too late, and may cost the team a disastrous European Cup season (in the case of fourth place in the group).

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In this confrontation, the German club is considered the favorite. For the success of Schalke, leading bookmakers give a coefficient of 2.04, for a draw of 3.52, for a victory of Lokomotiv 4.02. We received from the BC a distinct advantage of the German club. Popular bets on performance with average values ​​from BC have the following quotes: "total is over 2.5” for 2.03, "total is less than 2.5” for 1.88.



The German club will be motivated in this match not so much in the tournament plan, as in terms of psychology, because Schalke is in dire need of local success. But Lokomotiv needs more results in terms of the tournament situation, and the Moscow club will try to achieve it at the expense of greater desire.


Bet: Lokomotiv win or draw (X2) – 1.89.

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On Tuesday evening, the 6th round of the Champions League group stage will take place in Gelsenkirchen, in which the local Schalke will take on Lokomotiv Moscow.


In October, the Pitmen won on the road with a score of 0: 1, but now the "railroad” needs more victory ...


Schalke for 5 rounds of the group stage scored only 8 points, but this is enough for the 2nd line in the group. Moreover, gelsenkirhentsy even secured a ticket to the playoffs, so they can relax. However, we should not forget that Domenico Tedesco's wards did not yield to the houses - a draw with Porto (1: 1) and a victory over Galatasaray (2: 0). But we should not forget that now the Pitmen have a bad time ...

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But Lokomotiv is still the main outsider of the group, and only a victory can lead the team to the Europa League playoffs. In total, in 5 rounds, the wards of Semin scored 3 points, and that thanks to the victory in the 5th round - 2: 0 with Galatasaray. On the road, the "railroad workers” both times failed - 3: 0 with Galatasaray and 4: 1 with Porto. Well, do not forget that now Muscovites have a busy schedule, and they show weak football ...


Bookmakers are more inclined to win Schalke, but Lokomotiv needs this victory. In fact, gelsenkirhentsy can play "slipshod", and Muscovites will "chew on the ground." Nevertheless, on the road "railroad" only disappoint, missing too much, and fatigue will make itself felt ...


Free match prediction for Schalke vs Lokomotiv Moscow: "Individual total Schalke is greater than 1”. Bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.4 for such an outcome.

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In the sixth round of the Champions League group stage, German Schalke will take on Lokomotiv Moscow in his field. In terms of tournament motivation, superiority is on the side of the "railroad workers” who have not yet lost the chance to play the Europa League playoffs in the spring, while Schalke will definitely take second place in Group D, regardless of the outcome of the upcoming meeting. But do not forget that the Champions League matches are of particular importance, besides the "cobalt” will be after a home defeat in the Ruhr derby, Schalke will certainly do everything possible to get satisfaction for the failure.


Need a positive

Schalke did not win since November 24 and the match against Nuremberg, since then the "cobalt” ones lost to Porto 1: 3 and Borussia Dortmund 1: 2, tied with Hoffenheim 1: 1. In the standings of the German championship Schalke in 13th position, 14 points in the asset, and in their field in the Champions League Tedesco team held two meetings: a 2-0 victory over Galatasaray and 1: 1 with Porto.

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Two wins

Locomotive in the last two meetings won twice, first in the Russian Cup Rubin 1: 0 was beaten, and after a few days, the "railroad workers” beat Orenburg 2: 1 in their field, although during that meeting, the team of Semina lost with a score of 0: 1.



In Schalke, quite possibly, not all the strongest will enter the field, Tedesco can take care of one of the players for the upcoming fight against Augsburg, but this does not negate the fact that the "cobalt” will do everything to win the Champions League match, especially the opponent "In the teeth" Gelsenkirchen. Our free game prediction: Schalke will score first

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In the 6th round of the group stage of the Champions League on December 11, 2018 at 8:55 pm Schalke will receive Lokomotiv Moscow at the Feltz Arena stadium.


Schalke was selected in the next stage of the Champions League in advance, and he is in 2nd place, with a goal difference of 5-4. There are 8 points in the team box and only 2 standings were won for the tournament. At his stadium, the club has not lost in fights against rivals. The last time Galatasaray was beaten up at home, 2-0 dry, mainly due to the goal and the accurate transfer of Burgstaller. The last round of the Pitmen played against Porto and lost, with a score of 1-3. The only goal against his opponent was scored from the penalty spot, to complete the confrontation.

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Lokomotiv Moscow is located in Group D at the very last place, but still has chances in the last match to count on the place of the passage in the LE. At the moment, the club has 3 points and the goal difference is 4:11, and only 1 point is missing from the next position. For five games played, the team achieved Victoria only 1 time, losing all the rest. On the road, footballers lost to Porto and Galatasaray, with a total score of 1-7. In the previous round, the "Railwaymen” played at home against the Turkish rival, who is the main competitor of the table, and won 2-0 dry.


Against Moscow’s Lokomotiv Club, Schalke had only one fight in history and won 1-0 dry. The home team can relax, because from their place they are not going anywhere, and for the guests it is a very important match in terms of further struggle in European competition. At the weekend, Schalke lost at home in the Ruhr derby 1: 2 Borussia D. Therefore, in the upcoming game should play at the maximum, and I think no points will be left. Bet: Schalke won't lose - F1 (0).

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Forecast: F1 (0) with a coefficient of 1.5


The final sixth round of the Champions League group stage will delight us next Tuesday. A lot of amusing events will take place on the reporting day, but in this article we would like to make a stop at Schalke vs Lokomotiv. The event will take place in the city with the heaped name Gelsenkirchen. The Russian team is no stranger to break into German territory, the grandfathers fought and the players will be able to.

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"Faltins Arena" is the main argument among bookmakers who put the Germans in the rank of favorite. It is difficult to argue with such an inference, but the hosts have absolutely no tournament motivation, while the "railroad workers” can cling to the Europa League zone. All stars for guests must converge this coming Tuesday. Our astrologers are ready to make an accurate forecast.


Schalke 04

In the "cobalt" crisis period. Our today's heroes last won another twenty-fourth day of last month. Then it turned out to win the Nuremberg process with a score of 5: 2 Then followed two losses from Porto and Borussia Dortmund. Also in the memory of the world was deposited with Hoffenheim. Such statistics can hardly be called successful.

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Despite all the negativity that our experts poured out in the opening paragraph, the Cobalt is doing well in terms of the European tournament struggle. After five rounds won back, the guys collected eight points, which guarantees participation in the play-off of the most authoritative club tournament. All this is fine, but you need to apologize to your fans for the unfortunate period. This time the Russian team will arrive, which gives additional motivation.



The "railroad workers” had a bright period, (yes, it happens) - the guys won in the two extreme mats, and the pretentious melody from The Expendables played in the background. Let's pay tribute to the fallen victims. On the fifth of the country cup, the lads blackened Rubin, and after three days in the RPL they managed to kill Orenburg with a score of 2: 1. It is noteworthy that in both cases the "locomotives" triumphed with a minimal advantage.


With Europe, the Russian team did not work out. After five rounds won back, our second heroes scored only three points. Such a meager figure is worthy of the nickname of St. Petersburg Zenith. Lowering your knees to the floor is still too early, because there is a chance to cling to the Europa League, which is trying with all its might to escape from the "railway workers”. The third Turkish Galatasaray only one point more.

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Prediction for this match

It is difficult to imagine that Tadesko could not release the main squad for such a match. "Cobalt” rarely play in the Champions League, so the guys need to savor each match. It's like tangerines that you eat only once a year, but before the loss of pulse.

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Bet - victory for Schalke.


Lokomotiv still has the opportunity to qualify for the Europa League, but in order to do this, it needs to win away from Schalke. Will the "railroad workers” cope with their task? The answer is in our forecast.


Schalke failed the start of the season in the Bundesliga, but the club’s management is not in a hurry to part with Domenico Tedesco, who last season brought the Pitmen to second place. While the club from Gelsenkirchen is on the 13th line in the table with 14 points, ahead of the teams from the relegation zone by three points. In the last round, "Schalke” lost to "Borussia” from Dortmund in the Ruhr derby with a score of 1: 2, notably upsetting their fans.

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In the Champions League, Schalke do much better - they have already secured a place in the playoffs, but have given Porto their first line. Tedesco has eight points in its assets, which is four more than the third Galatasaray, and five more than the fourth Lokomotiv.



"Lokomotiv” after a weak start managed to add to the game in the Russian Premier League and by the winter pause came in fifth in the table. The team of Yuri Semin has 28 points, which is only two points less than the CSKA in the Champions League zone. In the last round, Lokomotiv hardly beat Orenburg in his field with a score of 2: 1, losing in the course of the meeting.

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For Lokomotiv, the current campaign in the Champions League is not successful - before the last round, the "railroad workers” have no chance of getting out of the group, but still retain the opportunity to be in third place. To do this, they need to beat on a visit "Schalke” and hope for the failure of "Galatasaray” in a duel with the "Port”.



In the first round "Schalke" won 1: 0

In the previous two home games, "Schalke” missed one goal, and that from the penalty spot

Lokomotiv scored just one goal in the previous two away matches

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"Schalke” has already decided the issue with the release of the group, but Tedesco is unlikely to allow players to relax. In the existing situation, any defeat to Schalke can inflame the situation in the club to the limit, especially after losing in the Ruhr derby. "Lokomotiv” on the game looks very good, but to beat the strong "Schalke” for it will be a super-complex task, the game is now much more powerful for the owners. The Pitmen will certainly try to get a victory, but it is hardly worth waiting for the defeat, because the Lokomotiv’s defense will not be easy for the hosts to pass.

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We believe that guests will not be able to win and the match will not be productive. Forecast - Schalke win or draw with a total less than (3.5) goals



Schalke quite successfully conducted the first round of the group stage in the Champions League, in three games Domenico Tedesco's team scored 5 points.


First, the Gelsenkirchens in their field played a draw with Porto (1: 1), then in Moscow they beat Lokomotiv (1: 0) to a minimum, then took the world from Istanbul, where they met with Galatasaray (0: 0).

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In the home match with the Turks, "cobalt” won with the score 2: 0, and the departure to visit Porto ended in defeat with the score 1: 3.


However, Schalke guaranteed himself access to the playoffs from second place. The German club scored 8 points and was out of reach for Galatasaray (4 points), but Porto (13) cannot keep up with it.

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In the last match of the championship of Germany "Schalke” at a party played a draw with "Hoffenheim” (1: 1), and in his field lost to Dortmund "Borussia”


According to the results of 14 rounds, the current vice-champion ranks 13th in 4 points from the relegation zone and 3 from the line of butt fights for the right to remain in the elite.


In the upcoming match will not play the injured striker Mark Ut, Bril Embolo, Franco Di Santo and defender Abdul Baba.

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The start of the capital team in the Champions League was a failure - in Turkey, Loko was defeated by Galatasaray with a score of 0: 3.


October began with a home defeat by the outsider of the Bundesliga Schalke (0: 1). The only ball "Railway" missed in the last minutes.

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Then followed two defeats in the matches with Porto. If in the home game Muscovites managed to impose a struggle on their rival, although they lost with the score 1: 3, then on the road Loko was defeated with the score 4: 1.


The first points in the Eurocup "Lokomotiv” scored in a home game with "Galatasaray”, which won with a score of 2: 0.


As a result, Loko closes the quartet with 3 points. To enter the Europa League, Muscovites need to win and hope for the defeat of Galatasaray.

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Victory for Loko: a brilliant comeback or a valid rebound?

The willful victory of Lokomotiv over Orenburg is in our press review yesterday

In the last matches, the Semina team lost on the road "Spartak” (1: 2) as part of the RPL, defeated Rubin (1: 0) in the Russian Cup and struggled to cope with "Orenburg” (2: 1) in the championship. After 17 rounds, Lokomotiv is in 5th place.

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In the upcoming match, defender Boris Rotenberg and midfielder Alexander Kolomeitsev will not play.



Bookmakers consider Schalke a favorite of the match. The odds are 2.05 for the home team, while 3.15 for a draw, and 3.45 for the success of Lokomotiv.

Free soccer tips

Lokomotiv has failed in European competition this season, and the victories in the last matches of the Cup and the RPL were literally "on the teeth”. We predict that Semin’s team will not get the victory he needs in Germany.


The match is unlikely to be full of goals - put on the "bottom". Options are interesting TM 2.5 for 1.80 and "both score - no" for 1.95

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Tuesday will be pleased with the final round of the Champions League group part, in which Schalke will fight with Lokomotiv. Recall that their first match ended in a win from the German club 0: 1. What are we waiting for now? We'll figure out.


The Pitmen have so far 8 points and are on the second line. The team has already won a place in the playoffs, so you can relax. Tedesko footballers for a long time did not tolerate losses in their field, and in the tournament - 1: 1 with Porto and 2: 0 beat Galatasaray.


The "railroad workers” go to the very bottom, because the assets of Semin’s squad are only 3 points, which they managed to earn in a recent meeting with Galatasaray. It is important to note that the capital club has a difficult calendar, and the team does not demonstrate the best game.


The forecast for the match "Schalke" - "Lokomotiv", TB1 from the owners. Bookmakers do not really believe in the victory of the Russians. But we better pay attention to performance. The Pitmen are simply obliged to please us with a goal.

Free soccer tips

Schalke, with any result of the match with Lokomotiv, will remain in second place, which entitles the Gelsenkirchen team to play in the Champions League playoffs. Lokomotiv has a chance to cling to third place and a ticket to the Europa League - for this you have to beat Schalke and hope that Galatasaray will not win Porto at home. Chances are very slim, but primarily because Lokomotiv is weak enough to win in Gelsenkirchen.


Schalke, though he solved the tournament task in the Champions League, but he is unlikely to play at all as a reserve team - Tedesco's team too often loses and another defeat, even in a meaningless match, may be the last straw that will overwhelm the leadership. Therefore, one should not expect that the club, whose sponsor is Gazprom, will fall under the Russian club.

Free soccer tips

The locomotive, moreover, doesn’t really need the Champions League - in the chaos that is going on in the Russian championship, where five clubs claim to be the champion at once, since everyone plays unstable and constantly loses points, you can grab another title. Therefore, it makes sense to abandon European cups and focus on your own sandbox, where you can win more often and feel more comfortable without receiving painful blows from European middling.


It is difficult to predict the outcome of such matches, where one club has no motivation at all, and the other has a very arbitrary one, but suppose that Lokomotiv wants to finally show that he was not such a notorious outsider of the group and play in an open style, and Schalke will take advantage of it. Betting on more than 2.5 goals is a good option, but you can also bet on Schalke’s victory if the team is close to the main one.


Match 6 tour group stage of the Champions League Schalke 04 - Lokomotiv will be held on Tuesday, December 11 at 20:55 (MSK) at the Veltins Arena stadium.



In this match, teams from the quartet D, in which Porto and Galatasaray also play, will come together. Bookmakers consider Schalke a favorite of the match, taking bets on his victory with a factor of 2.00. You can bet on Loko win with a quote of 3.90. On the one hand, such an assessment is fully justified - the wards of Yuri Semin, who became the champions of Russia last season, are not spending the best football year, and in the Champions League their performances did in fact fail.

Free soccer tips

On the other hand, Schalke this season does not shine with the results, if we take into account his game in the domestic arena. In addition, before the last round of the Champions League group stage, Domenico Tedesco’s charges have no motivation: they scored eight points and took second place in their quartet ahead of schedule. But Lokomotiv, whose asset is three points, can still move up to third place and reach the Europa League. To do this, he needs to beat Schalke and expect that in a parallel meeting Galatasaray will not win at home against the leader of the Porto group. Only such a scenario will allow the "Railwaymen” to rise to the third position. However, given that in five rounds, Lokomotiv scored just one victory - at home over Galatasaray in the last round, in the upcoming meeting with Schalke, he will most likely not be able to score more than one point.

Free soccer predictions


In four of five matches, Schalke scored less than three goals in this Champions League. But in three of the five matches of Lokomotiv, the performance, on the contrary, exceeded two goals. In their internal duel, most likely, there will be few heads. By the way, Schalke scores an average of one ball per game in this Champions League, while Muscovites score 0.8 goals per game. So the bet on the total is less than 2.5 goals in this case is more appropriate than the bet on the high total.



draw in the match; total less than 2.5 goals.

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