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Southampton - Manchester City    30.12 Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips


Sunday will delight us with the confrontation of the twentieth round of the Premier League, in which Southampton and Man City will fight with each other. A couple of months ago, Sir Alex did not leave a living place on the opponent - 6: 1. Will they be able to repeat their success? Let's figure it out.


"Saints" are not pleased with their performances, because the team is located at the bottom of the list. Football players Hazenhuttlya managed to win in three matches. Note that with the advent of the new mentor, the team has noticeably added.

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"Citizens" continue to lose ground. Now the team is in third place with 44 points in the account. The fact is that the Guardiola squad lost two extreme rounds. It is possible that mankuniantsev now recession, but for how long is it?


The forecast for the match "Southampton" - "Man City", F2 (-1). Most likely, the "citizens" will gather with thoughts, and will delight their fans with a victory.

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On Sunday evening, the 20th round of the Premier League will take place in Southampton, in which the eponymous football club will host Manchester City.


Two months ago, the "townspeople” beat the "saints” with their fans with a score of 6: 1. I wonder what awaits us in the second leg?

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Southampton this season does not shine at all, so it is located at the bottom of the standings. In just 18 rounds of the Premier League, Ralph Hasenhuttl’s charges (new coach) managed to get only 3 wins, but 2 of them in recent meetings. Anyway, lately the "saints” began to play much more productively and "more merrily” ...


But Man City has already dropped to the 3rd line of the Premier League, passing Liverpool and Tottenham ahead. The fact is that Guardiola's wards lost the last 2 matches, and not to the strongest rivals - 2: 3 with Crystal Palace and 2: 1 with Lester. Even before these matches, the "townspeople” looked hard, but still they must once come to their senses ...

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In anticipation of the fight bookmakers are completely inclined to victory of Man City, with which one should not argue. In fact, the "citizens" are more powerful, and they will be more established. In addition, the "saints" had only 1 day to rest, and therefore physically they would yield. So in this game it is better to bet on the guests ...


Free match prediction for Southampton - Manchester City: "Man City win with a handicap of -1”. At this outcome, the bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.48.


Next Sunday, Manchester City, in the framework of the 20th round of the Premier League, will fight with Southampton in the field of "saints". Despite the recent results of the "citizens”, the bookmakers continue to consider the Guardiola team a huge favorite in any match, however, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the "red-whites” have recently found their game and, with Hazenhüttl, demonstrate a good football.

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At the 16th position

In the 19th round, Southampton in his field lost to West Ham 1: 2, although during the match it was the "saints” who first opened the scoring. West Ham was lucky to score a quick return goal, which threw the southerners in the state of groggy. And after a short time, Felipe Anderson made a double, which completely overwhelmed the hosts. Before the 20th round in the asset of Southampton 15 points and three points of separation from the relegation zone and Burnley.


Two lesions

Manchester City has not shown his best football lately, it is obvious that the Guardiola team is in a functional pit, besides, the big "citizens” infirmary interferes. It is worth noting that the MS in 9 recent games invariably missed their own goals, although quite recently the defense of Sir Alex was considered one of the best in Europe.

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Manchester City travels to the south of England for three points, but now the owners are not as bad as recently, they will surely give battle, and perhaps score a goal. In turn, it is always worth waiting for a successful football from the City, because as part of this team the best attacking football players of the planet play. Our free game prediction: TB 2.5


December 30 at 17:15 in the 20th round of the English Premier League, at the stadium "St. Mary" in Southampton, Southampton will demonstrate their skills Manchester City.


Southampton has a score of 15 points, which he scored in 19 tours conducted. The club managed to beat the opponent in 3 meetings, in 6 matches the strength of the opponents turned out to be equal, and in 10 games the team failed. As a result, the team is located on the 16th line of the tournament table of the championship of England. The club missed 35 balls into its own net, and threw 20 goals into the opponent’s goal. In the last 5 meetings, the club lost to Tottenham 1: 3, Cardiff 0: 1 and West Ham 1: 2, and broke the resistance of Arsenal 3: 2 and Huddersfield 3: 1. The club played 9 games at the home stadium and scored 8 points.

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Manchester City scored 44 points in 19 matches, and now he is in 3rd position in the Premier League. The club turned out to be stronger than the opponent in 14 games, the team lost in three battles, and played two times with an equal score. As a result, the difference between the goals scored was 51:15. Note that this season, the championship of England Manchester City has an excellent attack, and a strong defense. In the last 5 games, the club lost to Chelsea 0: 2, Crystal Palace 2: 3 and Leicester 1: 2, and beat Watford 2: 1 and Everton 3: 1. Away the club held 9 meetings, and scored 17 points.

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Since 1910, clubs have held 89 fights on the same field. Southampton won 31 matches, Manchester City won 33 fights, and 25 times the strength of the teams was equal. I can not believe that the "citizens” will lose points in the third match of the championship in a row, even on the road, the Guardiola team must take the maximum. Bet: Manchester City victory with a handicap - F2 (-1).


Forecast: F2 (-1) with a coefficient of 1.5

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In the twentieth round of the Premier League will be a duel of the applicant for the flight and the current champion of the country. However, recently the teams show almost identical results, but the class of the guests is still much higher.


At the end of the first round, Southampton took a modest sixteenth position with 15 points and a 20:35 goal statistics. Previously, the affairs of the Saints were even worse, but with the arrival of the Austrian Hazenhuttl on the coaching bridge, everything gradually improved. In the previous round, the Reds and Whites gave way to West Ham (1: 2), but before that they consistently dealt with Huddersfield (3: 1) and Arsenal (3: 2).

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But Manchester City in December braked sharply. Three defeats in the five extreme rounds certainly not included in the plans of Josep Guardiola. Now Citizens with 44 points and goal difference 51:15 are only third. On the eve, they lost 1: 2 to Lester, 2: 3 Crystal Palace and 0: 2 Chelsea, and also dealt with Everton (3: 1) and Watford (2: 1).


In a meeting with an outsider, Manchester City will try to return to the path of victories. However, in their current position it will be difficult to rely on a confident triumph. Most likely, both teams will have many chances to score, and they will take full advantage of them.

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Total over 2.5 at 1.57


Manchester City lost two matches in a row, losing even second place in the table, and now comes seven points behind Liverpool. The magic associated with the arrival of a new manager in Southampton is slowly evaporating - after two victories, the team of Ralph Heisenhuttlä lost to West Ham at home.

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Southampton did not look the best with West Ham, who had great personnel problems in the attack - the Saints could not hold back Felipe Anderson at the moment when they miraculously took the lead. The game of the southerners on Thursday was really not the best, but in general, they have recently shown signs of life, having played well with Manchester United and Arsenal, as well as away from Huddersfield. Restored Danny Ings scored, but there are some problems with the defense - the team is too easy to miss goals, which is unlikely to like Heisenhüttl.

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What is happening with Man City is difficult to analyze and understand, but first of all I want to draw attention to the fact that both defeats of the Citizens - with Crystal Palace and Lester, happened right after Fernandinho got sick in the infirmary. Left without a shield, the defense of Man City immediately appeared in its worst form, and in the center of the field rivals did what they wanted. All this is the retribution for the short-sightedness of the management, who has not bought someone for Guardiola for Fernandinho's safety net.


And yet - Man City is able to get together and interrupt an unsuccessful streak before the most important battle with Liverpool, which will either allow Guardiola's team to remain in the title race or provide an opportunity to focus on the Champions League. The match must be productive, as both teams are no different now the reliability of the defense, but have a great desire to win. Also in this game there can be a decent amount of corners.


Experts of the information and analytical website Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 20th round of the Championship of England Southampton - Manchester City, which will be held at St. Mary's Stadium on Sunday, December 30, beginning at 17:15 (MSK).

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Bookmakers in this game put on a confident victory of Manchester City. Pep Guardiola's wards lost two matches in a row in the Championship of England - Crystal Palace at home 2: 3 and Leicester on the road 1: 2, finishing the first round in third place. In the asset "Citizens" 44 points and they are already seven points behind the leading Liverpool. Manchester City for the first time since December 2016, lost in two meetings in a row (then he suffered a second defeat, as now, from Leicester). And the last time he failed to score any points in three meetings in a row in March 2016 - then Man City consistently lost to Tottenham, Leicester and Liverpool with a total score of 2: 8.

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The loss of Leicester was for the team the third in the last four rounds - the same time Manchester City lost 70 matches before that. Away, he conceded in the two previous meetings, conceding two goals each, although he had not lost before that in 14 meetings in a row, winning 11 of them.


Southampton on Thursday lost to West Ham at home with a score of 1: 2 - all goals were scored from the 50th to the 59th minute. And the account was opened by Southampton. He now shares 16th place with Cardiff. In the asset "Saints" 15 points and they are three points from the relegation zone. Before the match with West Ham, Southampton scored two wins in a row.

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Before that, he could not win in 12 championship matches in a row, gaining only five points in them. At the same time, until the defeat of West Ham, Southampton did not lose in his field in four games in a row, three draws and once winning. By the way, taking into account last season, he won only 2 of the last 20 home games in the Premier League.



In the first round, Manchester City defeated Southampton with a score of 6: 1. In that game, in the first 18 minutes, Man City scored three goals against his opponent. Since 2005, the Citizens won 11 out of 15 official matches against this opponent, having suffered only two defeats. At the same time in seven meetings, Manchester City scored at least three goals. By the way, in 11 of the last 15 matches between Southampton and Manchester City in all tournaments scored more than two goals. And in 11 meetings in this segment both teams were killed.

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Experts site Bookmakers.rf predict a victory for Manchester City and put on the fact that guests will score more than two goals. In the bookmaker 1xStavka predict a victory for Manchester City with a score of 2: 0 or 2: 1 (coefficients 6.50 and 7.50, respectively). You can put more than 2 goals on the individual total of Manchester City with a odds of 1.65.



Southampton win - 9.35, draw - 5.50, Manchester City win – 1.33.

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Southampton on St Mary accepts the reigning champions of England Manchester City.


The Saints lost to West Ham 1-2 in the last round, and lost by leading 1-0. Offensive defeat. The game was without a center, on a collision course. Obviously, Hassenhutl preaches open football, and his tactics with 3 defenders speak about it openly. A team with this tactic is very vulnerable with counter, the flanks are high and leave a lot of space behind them. That played the "holy" three games in a row in the riding style. True, the team played from a position of strength in all these games, and the opponents were quite playable with such tactics.

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Rival will be M. City, who lost 2 games in a row, 3 of the last 4. The same time the team lost in 70 previous games. Painful pockets. The problem with Guardiola is that he often tries to outshine the weak at the expense of his strengths. The main opornik Fernandinho injured, and instead he went out then the Stones, then Gyundogan, who could not cope with their work, and the "citizens” did not miss much. Yes, and the aura is not already in the team, they were very afraid, and now not. Everyone understood that they can be beaten, and this is rather a minus than a plus for MS.


The task of Guardiola, as soon as possible to establish a game on the back line, because after the game with the "saints" they are waiting for Liverpool, which will destroy them with such protection. Yes, and in the attack should be added. Fortunately recovered David Silva. Gaining momentum De Bruyne and Aguero.

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The owners Obafemi and Berntran out of the game, Lemin questionable. Guests Delph disqualified.


I do not think that the "saints" will try to play on a collision course. The team will play on the counter, sitting deep in defense. But, the City will win here, I'm more than sure. For the "citizens" this game from a number of masters of wines, you can not continue to let Liverpool. Moreover, the City had 2 days more, and this will be very noticeable in such a game. The "saints” had a shake-up, but they do not have a deep reserve, and in such a short period of time playing with an angry rival is not the best option. But I do not expect defeat. City will try not to miss what will be one of the main tasks. They need to return that confidence to the back line, and in front of the attack will do its job. By lichkam City won 4 of the last 4. This field does not miss in 3 of the last 4 trips. Victory in the classroom.

Free soccer tips

After two consecutive failures, Manchester City is going to visit Southampton. Will the London club, too, be able to take away points from the "citizens"? We offer your prediction for the match.


After the appearance on the coaching bridge of the "saints" Ralph Hasenhuttl, the team's game got a good splash. Two consecutive fights were won in which Southampton beat Arsenal in the home arena (3: 2), and dealt with Huddersfield (3: 1) on the road. Expected to continue the winning series from him and in the last round. However, West Ham showed that the possibilities of the "saints” were overestimated, beating them with the score 2: 1.

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Note that the victory over Arsenal is the only home so far in the current championship. Although the "saints" lost at home only three times. In addition to West Ham, they also lost to Leicester (1: 2) and Chelsea (0: 3). Five more home games they ended in a draw.


In the standings, Southampton continues to hold the 16th line, but only three points separate it from the relegation zone.

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Due to injury, Michael Obafemi will miss the match. Questionable on the game Cedric and Ryan Bertrand.



Closer to the equator of the championship, "Manchester City" began to falter. Earlier, a well-tuned car of Josep Guardiola repaired goals to her opponents with packs, but she herself did not miss much in the championship. It is not clear what happened to the "citizens”, but in the last two rounds, they were far from being the strongest opponents. First, at home, Manchester City lost to Crystal Palace (2: 3), and then approximately the same scenario could not beat Leicester (1: 2).

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Payback followed immediately. Wards Guardiola dropped to third place in the standings, conceding "Tottenham”. And the distance from Liverpool increased to seven points.


The infirmary little by little the team is getting empty. Now only Benjamin Mendi, Claudio Bravo and Elyakim Mangal are there. Vincent Kompani and Fernandinho may well appear on the field after examining the doctors. Serve suspension will Fabian Delf.



Manchester City in the last five rounds suffered three defeats.

"Southampton” won only one of the nine home games in the current championship.

Manchester City for nine guest meetings in the Premier League missed only six goals.

Free soccer tips

In the last four matches of Southampton, both teams scored at home.

Manchester City missed out in eight of the last nine championship bouts.

Manchester City beat Southampton in the last four in-person fights in a row.



Southampton scored well in recent fights. After the change on the coaching bridge, the team tries to play more on the attack. Although the defense of the "saints" as before many questions. "Manchester City” after two consecutive slap in the face will be very motivated. The attack on the "citizens” is an order of magnitude stronger than that of the owners, and may well ship more than two heads to the Soton themselves.

Free soccer tips

Our forecast is Manchester City victory and total is over 2.5 for 1.77.

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Southampton, after Austrian Ralph Hasenhuttl became the head coach, was able to win two fights with two defeats.


First, the "saints” lost in the away game to Cardiff with a score of 0: 1, but then they won victories in two games in a row in the matches of the English Championship. Arsenal (3: 2) and Huddersfield (3: 1) outclassed on their territory.

Free soccer tips

The scored six points allowed Southampton to break away from the relegation zone by three points. He now has 15 points and 16th position in the standings.


In the last round, the "holy" houses gave way to the West Ham, which gained momentum, 1: 2.

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"Manchester city"

Manchester City recently lost its leadership in the Premier League due to three defeats. Now the team of Guardiola is in third place with 44 points. Thus, the backlog of "Liverpool" is 7 points.


Nothing foreshadowed trouble, but in the end there was a real disaster that could deprive the "citizens” of real chances for the title.

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The bell was defeated by Chelsea (0: 2) on December 8, after which the team rehabilitated against Everton (3: 1). Then it seemed that everything was under control of Pep Guardiola, but there was a failure - the defeat of Crystal Palace (2: 3) and Lester (1: 2).


This is not to say that the team did not create moments or did not fight. There were chances, but these days everything was in favor of rivals.

Free soccer tips

Good news - back from the infirmary David Silva and Kevin de Brain. Playmakers are gradually gaining form and must "shoot." Moreover, there is simply no other way.



In the last game of the two teams, Man City was celebrating a crushing victory - 6-1. Before that, three matches also ended in favor of Manchester, so the opponent is convenient for them.

Free soccer tips

"Citizens” have nowhere to retreat, zero points behind in two games, which is unacceptable for a club with such ambitions. We are confident that Guardiola will correct the situation and make it bright. We put on the victory "City" with a handicap of -1.5 goals for 1.88

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