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Free soccer tips


On Thursday evening, in one of the matches of the 5th round of the group stage of the LE, Spartak Moscow will take the Vienna Rapid.


In September, the "green and white" with their fans beat the "red and white" (2: 0), but what awaits us in the new season?


Spartak does not shine at all in the current season, although it takes the 2nd place in the group in the LE. In fact, the "red-whites” have only 5 points in their assets, so they can both go to the playoffs and fly out of the tournament. In general, in 4 rounds Muscovites beat the Rangers (4: 3), drew twice and lost to Rapid (2: 0). But do not forget that now the team has a new coach - Oleg Kononov.

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At the same time, Rapid is the main outsider of the group today, although he has 4 points in assets. That is, during the group stage, Goran Dzhurichin's wards beat Spartak (2: 0) at home and tied with Villarreal (0: 0), and also lost twice on the road (3: 1 with Rangers and 5: 0 with Villarreal). And in general, even in the framework of the championship on the road "green-white" only disappoint ...


Bookmakers are completely inclined to the victory of Spartacus, which is quite reasonable. The "red-and-whites” came to life with the arrival of Kononov, and the "green-and-whites” on the road are completely lost. Most likely, the hosts will manage the match, so it’s better to bet on them ...

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Free match prediction Spartak Moscow - Rapid: "Victory of Spartak”. The bookmaker pari-match offers a coefficient of 1.74 for such an outcome.


In the framework of the fifth round of the Europa League, Moscow Spartak on Otkrytie Aoen will receive the Rapid Vienna team. Both teams still have chances of getting into the TOP-2 of Group G, both the "national team” and the Vienna team, it is necessary to win this coming Thursday. It is worth recalling that Spartak recently replaced the head coach and under Kononov, the "gladiators" had already managed to get the first victory, having beaten Krylya Sovetov in his field with a score of 3: 1.

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On the third place

Spartak after 4 rounds played in the Europa League is in third place in the tournament table of group G. Muscovites have 5 points, as much as Glasgow Rangers, one point more than Villarreal, one less than Rapid. In addition to the fight against Rapid, Spartak still has a match in Spain ahead.


At the bottom

Rapid in the Europa League began with a confident victory over Spartak 2: 0, but in the future. the Viennese team no longer won, tied 0-0 with Villarreal at home, lost 1: 3 to Glasgow Rangers and 0: 5 to the Spaniards. Statistics show that Rapid has big problems with away matches, Spartak should use this situation.



In Spartak, a very decent selection of players, at least, the Viennese Rapid must be beaten in native walls. In addition, after the arrival of Kononov, the morality of the "gladiators" rose, which will also certainly help the hosts win on Thursday. In this pair, the bet on Spartak looks like a good option, in case of loss of points in the home game, Muscovites can say goodbye to thoughts about the playoffs LE. Our free game prediction: Spartak to score first

Free soccer tips

On Thursday, we are waiting for the opposition of the fifth round of the LE, in which Spartak will fight with Rapid. Not so long ago, the rivals met, and then the Russians bounced - 2: 0. What will please Muscovites in the second leg? We'll figure out.


"Red-and-whites” are not at all pleased with their performances in the current season, however, in this tournament they are second with 5 points in the account. Kononov's squad beat the Rangers, there were also two world fiascoes from the current opponent.

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"Green-and-white” outsiders of the group, but earned 4 points, so the players of Dzhurichin have the opportunity to get into the playoffs. But with the game tone of the club, everything is not going smoothly, since lately they have only been distressing. Even in the championship things are not going the best way.


The forecast for the match "Spartak" - "Rapid", P1. The Russians are recovering a little bit, but the guests have big problems with away games. Most likely, we will be waiting for the victory of the Moscow team.


In the quartet G of the Europa League, the situation is as confusing as possible - there is only two points between the first and the last place. So each match here turns into a serious battle for entering the next stage of the tournament.

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Spartak scored five points and ranked second. In the first round, the Muscovites lost 0: 2 to Rapid, but then there was a 3: 3 draw with Villarreal and the duel won with the Rangers was 0: 0 and 4: 3. In such a scenario, Kononov's players are one step away from the 1/16 finals of the Europa League. The day before they had a championship match, where they confidently coped with the Wings of the Soviets at home - 3: 1.


But Rapid is only one point behind the Russians, but at the same time occupies the last line in the group. The Austrians started the group tournament with the aforementioned victory over Spartak, but then they were followed by failures - away defeats 1: 3 from the Rangers and 0: 5 from Villarreal, as well as a home draw 0: 0 with the same Spaniards. In the previous round of the Austrian Championship, the club from Vienna lost at home to LASK with a score of 0: 1.


The favorites of this meeting are the hosts, who have much more experience playing in the European Cup arena. In addition, Spartak is gradually emerging from the crisis and more than ever in need of victories, especially in front of the tribunes.

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Spartak wins at 1.74



Very confusing situation in the group of Moscow Spartak, where there is no clear leader before the fifth round. Spartak shares second place with the Scottish Rangers and concedes 1 point to Villarreal. This situation for the Russian club looks shaky, given the obvious gaming problems in Spartak. Since November 12, 2018, Spartak has changed its head coach, who is now Oleg Kononov. He won his starting match at the helm of the Moscow team Kononov (victory over the Wings of the Soviets (3: 1)), which indicates good prospects for this cooperation. In the Europa League Spartak, it is desirable to achieve two victories in the final rounds, which will enable the Russian club to reach the playoffs of the Europa League.

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The legacy of Kononov from the previous mentors of Spartak got really cool composition, with which you can work and solve serious problems. Kononov prefers a game of two forwards with active flanks, which we saw already in a game with "wings”, where a couple of forwards were Luis Adriano and Zé Luis, and on the flanks worked Hannie and Lomovitsky.

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The Austrian club now occupies the last place in the group, but the density in the standings gives Rapid a chance to even win this race. In the group, Rapid was marked by a victory in the starting round over Spartak (2: 0), who was then in the deepest gaming crisis. Rapid also managed in his arena to take points from Villarreal (0: 0), showing good resistance in the defense. But the away matches with the Rangers and Villarreal, the Austrian club completely failed, being twice defeated (1: 3, 0: 5).


Rapid works under the direction of Dietmar Kühbauer, who sets the team typical football for Austrian clubs - to the best of technical skill and maximally focused on the physical condition of the players. Also, the main task of the club is to prepare players for profitable sale, which will fill the Rapid budget.



Place: Discovery Arena Stadium (Moscow).

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Date: November 29, 2018 (Thursday).


Start of game: 18:50 (MSK).


Tournament: EUROPE - Europa League - Group stage - Round 5.

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Favorite match bookmakers called Moscow club, whose victory is estimated at 1.74. A draw in the match is quoted for 4.24, and Rapid's victory for 4.70. This alignment in this game looks completely natural. Classic total bets on the match have the following quotes: "total over 2.5" for 1.73, "total less than 2.5" for 2.23.



Rapid is a strong team that always delivers difficulties to its opponents, but is too attached to the games in its arena. Kononov needs to pay attention to how the Scottish Rangers dealt with Rapid and choose similar tactics. The Belarusian specialist has always been an excellent tactician and a good motivator, so here we are waiting for success from the Moscow club.

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Bet: the victory of Spartacus (P1) – 1.74.


Next Thursday the next, already the fifth Europa League tour starts. On the reporting day, the choice of the audience will be given a brood of amusing confrontations. For example, Spartak will take the Vienna Rapid. The event will be held in the capital of the Russian Federation at the "Discovery Arena". The fight starts at 18:50 Moscow time.


I want to clarify as quickly as possible that both teams have excellent chances to break into the top two. Recall that the teams are sown in the basket G. The betting line brightly hints that you need to bet on the "people's team." One could agree with such a position, but we are talking about the Russian team, and in this country nothing is stable other than civil servants.

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I want to devote the first paragraph to Kononov. Oleg not so long ago came to the "people's team", but already managed to get a victory. In the final round of the regular Russian championship, our hero outplayed Krylya Sovetov with a score of 3: 1. "Gladiators" in the domestic arena are beginning to achieve some success after a completely failed start of the tournament. The change is not a coaching bridge has a good effect on the team.


It was time for Kononov to restore order in European cups. At the moment, "gladiators" are located on the third line in the group. Five points does not allow the guys hoping for a place in the top two, but the lag behind the Rangers as such is not, the Scots are a step higher only due to additional parameters. If you try, you can catch up and Villarreal, who ran only one point.

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Rapid Vienna

The "green-and-white” had problems. If the guys started the tournament in a positive way - they beat Spartak Moscow in their native arena with a score of 2: 0, then the black stripe came on. You can recall the home world against Villarreal and two away defeats from Glasgow Rangers and all those Spaniards. It is noteworthy that outside the native walls guys missed as many as eight goals.


You do not need to have an analytical mindset in order to understand that all four points scored were obtained at the home stands. How embarrassing it turns out that on the coming Thursday you need to go to Moscow, which is not easy to conquer. Even with all the difficulties mentioned above, future guests have a chance to cling to the top two, but for this you need to play the upcoming match adequately.

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Prediction for this match

The Moscow team with all responsibility comes to the Europa League. In the group at the moment, nothing is clear, there is a complete orgy. The only weighty evidence is the terrible statistics of away matches of the Vienna team. In such a situation, putting on guests is not recommended.


Bet - the victory of Spartacus.


"Spartak” has the opportunity to make a serious bid to leave the group, beating "Rapid”, but is it possible for the "red-white” to accomplish this? The answer is in our forecast.

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"Spartak” this season does not please the fans with a bright game and results - after the failure in the Champions League qualification, there was a recession in the Premier League, the result of which was Massimo Carrera’s resignation. In the Europa League, the "red-whites” are also not very impressive with the results, although they have already given out a couple of bright matches, one of which happened in the last round - in Moscow with the score 4: 3 the Rangers were defeated.


At the moment, the team is headed by Oleg Kononov, under whose leadership Spartak has already won the first victory in the national championship, beating home 3: 1 Krylya Sovetov. At the moment, the Russian club is second in the group with five points, behind the first Villarreal one point.

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Rapid Vienna

"Rapid" was originally considered one of the main outsiders of the quartet, and as the first four fights showed, the Austrians fully justify their status. The team of Dietmar Kyubauera has four points in the asset, but retains the chances of reaching the playoffs - the Rangers and Spartak have five points each, the first Villarreal has six points. In the last game, Rapid managed to defend at home a goalless draw in the game against Villarreal, thereby interrupting a series of two defeats in a row.



Spartak have won three of their last four home games

In his field, "Spartak” in the Europa League did not lose - victory and a draw

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Rapid lost both away matches in the Europa League with a total score of 1: 8


Pari-Match 1.74 4 4.4


"Spartak” had a great match with the "Wings of the Soviets” at the weekend - in a very difficult duel the "red-whites” showed character and obtained a victory in a beautiful style. This success should give the team strength, the new mentor managed to refresh the team's game and now Spartak looks much stronger than a few weeks ago. "Rapid” at a party is a pitiful sight, Kononov’s team should beat such an opponent without any problems.


In our opinion, guests can not count on anything. Forecast - Asian handicap (-1) on Spartak. In the Betting League, such an outcome is proposed with a coefficient of 2.18

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The former midfielder of Spartak and the Ukrainian team, and now the expert of the website Maxim Kalinichenko shares his prediction for the Europa League match Spartak vs. Rapid.

In Moscow, meet "Rapid" and "Spartak." Both teams are sidelined for the playoffs, but have a crowded infirmary.


"Red-whites” in the course of the entire tournament experienced a huge crisis, but still retain the second position in the quartet, having suffered only one defeat from today's opponent with a score of 0: 2. Oleg Kononov came to the coaching bridge and in the very first game he was able to win a landslide victory over Wings of the Soviets (3: 1). In the last round of the European Cup Muscovites lost three times in the account, though they won anyway.

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"Green-and-white” cannot win already four games in a row, including in this series a European Cup draw with "Villarreal” (0: 0). She threw the crowns to the last position of the quartet, but nothing is lost, since they are only two points behind the leader. In the Bundesliga, everything is much worse - the intermediate eighth line and the total goal on average for the match. Will not accept the participation of Ivan, who belonged to Krasnodar.


Muscovites are changing, and the new coach began immediately with a victory. The segment in late November - early December will be very important. Can Kononov reanimate "old men"? I personally believe in it, but it is difficult to establish the game in defense in a short time.


My prediction is that the hosts win in combination with both score for 2.96.

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November 29, 2018 at 18:50 Spartak Moscow will play against Rapid in the framework of the 5th round of the LE group stage at the Otkritie Arena stadium.


Spartak Moscow in group G is in second place, having 5 points in his piggy bank and the goal difference is 7: 8. Only in one match, the team lost in the European tournament against Rapid, dry 0-2. At that time, the club was in a state of crisis, but with the arrival of Oleg Kononov everything should change. Effectively, the players held the first meeting on their own lawn, in which they tied 3-3 with Villarreal. Perfectly played that match Zé Luis, who noted the double. The previous confrontations turned out to be interesting, in which, losing to the Rangers 2-3, the Red-and-Whites were able to win an enchanting 4-3, largely due to the last ball from Hanni.

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I played well in the four rounds of LE Rapid, but due to the intense competition in the table, it ranks last, with 4 points. Over the past period, the team was able to score only 4 times at the opponents' goal, having missed 8. The only currently victoria club gained in the match against Spartak Moscow, 2-0 dry, thanks to the goal Murg and an own goal from the opponent. In the previous guest confrontation, Green-and-White defeated Villarreal, with a score of 0-5.


For the history of confrontation, Rapid twice defeated Spartak, but only on his own lawn, not missing. With the arrival of the new coach, the hosts had 1 match, defeating Wings of the Soviets 3: 1. In the attack, the Muscovites added, and in defense there is still a lot of work. This season the Austrians play poorly on the road, so Oleg Kononov has excellent opportunities to start in Europe with a victory, Rapid is not a team that Spartak will not beat at their stands. Bet: Spartak win - P1.

Free soccer tips

Forecast: П1 with a coefficient 1.75


Match 5 of the group stage of the Europa League Spartak Moscow - Rapid Vienna will be held on Thursday, November 29 at 18:50 (Moscow time) at the Otkritie Arena stadium.

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Spartak Moscow - Rapid Vienna: betting on the match

In the bookmaker Leon the favorite of this match is Spartak, whose bets on winning are accepted with a odds of 1.70. Rapid's chances of winning a meeting are estimated three times lower - by a factor of 5.10. And bookmakers from Leon offer to draw with a factor of 4.25. Match performance, according to the bookmakers, will be quite high. Thus, bets on the total more than 2.5 goals are accepted with a odds of 1.73, and you can bet on the total of less than 2.5 goals with a quote of 2.24.


At the weekend Spartak held its first match under the leadership of Oleg Kononov and won a strong-willed victory over the Wings of the Soviets with a score of 3: 1. In the Europa League, he won only one match out of four, but it was in the last round, when he beat the Rangers with a 4: 3 score, thanks to which he is now second in the quartet G. By the way, in two home games of Spartak in this Europa League draw a total of 13 goals were scored and more than five goals were scored both times.

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Rapid beat Spartak in the first round with a score of 2: 0, but after that for three matches he scored only one more point. He fits the match in Moscow after two consecutive defeats in the domestic arena. And his lose-lose series is already four fights. Experts from the bookmaker Leon believe that the Austrian club will not be able to score points in the upcoming game against Spartak and will lose the match, having missed at least two goals. By the way, bets on the individual total Muscovites more than 1.5 goals are accepted with a coefficient of 2.25.


Spartak Moscow - Rapid Vienna: statistical facts

• in 11 of 14 previous matches of Spartak in the Europa League, both teams scored;

Free soccer tips

• in four of the last seven Rapid matches in the Europa League, the performance exceeded three goals;


• Rapid lost five away matches of the Europa League in a row with a total score of 3:13 and did not win any of the seven previous matches in a foreign field.


Match forecast Spartak Moscow - Rapid Vienna (Europa League, group stage, 5th round, November 29): Spartak win; individual total Spartak more than 1.5 goals.

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