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Ufa - Spartak 11.11 Free soccer tips




Free soccer tips


The Sunday program in the RPL will be opened by a duel that will take place at the Ufa stadium "Oilman". Ufa will take Spartak Moscow in their home walls, who last Thursday had a great match in the Europa League against the Rangers Glasgow, managed to beat the opponent with a score of 4: 3 and stay in the holder of play-offs.

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In the departure area

Ufa cannot win since September 29, when Tomarov’s team proved to be stronger than the Krasnoyarsk Yenisei, having beaten an opponent with a score of 2: 1. After this Victoria, the "townspeople” held 4 meetings in which they achieved three draws with one defeat. Luz was recorded in the match against the Wings of the Soviets, they broke up in peace with Arsenal, Rubin and the Urals. In the standings of the Russian championship, Ufa is on the 15th line in the peloton, with 11 points in the asset.

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The "people's team” continues to amaze, then the "red-and-whites” limply lag behind the Urals 1: 2, then they beat the Rangers 4: 3 in heroic style. Such a victory should raise the fighting spirit of Muscovites, who dropped out of the top three in the RPL standings, are in the sixth position, behind Krasnodar 4 points. On the road, Spartak, within the framework of the Russian Championship, played 6 matches, in which he won twice with 4 draws.



Ufa is a good team, but under Tomarov, the "citizens” are no longer playing so well on the defensive, and mentally the Ufims have noticeably lost compared to last season. Spartak after a successful match in the Europa League goes to Ufa with the desire to win. It is very likely that the "red-white” in the upcoming game will score more than one ball. Our free game prediction: Spartak individual total is more than 1.0

Free soccer tips

In the last round, "Ufa” lost at home to the "Wings of the Soviets” and interrupted its series of five matches without defeat. Will Spartak be able to leave the hosts without glasses again? The answer is in our forecast.


In the heat of the struggle for the group stage of the Europa League, Ufa overlooked the start of the Premier League, for which it pays to this day. "Citizens" for 13 rounds were able to score only 11 points and are now in the penultimate place, ahead of "Yenisei" by five points. However, the situation for Ufa has not yet acquired signs of a global catastrophe - the saving 12th line is four points and you can get there in two successful tours.

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In the last match, "Ufa" took home the "Wings of the Soviets" and was considered the clear favorite of the meeting, but in the end was not able to take even one point. Samara club opened the scoring in the first half, which the hosts managed to equalize only in the 68th minute. However, the guests did not keep the draw and scored the winning goal in added time, having upset the local audience greatly.


After this failure, Sergey Tomarov lost his post, while Dmitry Kirichenko was appointed in his place with the prefix.



"Spartak” this season, "fever” from the very start, but so far the "red-white” manages to keep on the relative proximity to the zone of the Champions League. After 13 rounds, "Spartak” is in seventh place, behind the third "Krasnodar” four points. In the last round, Raul Riancho's team lost to Ural at home 1: 2, suffering a fourth home defeat of the season.

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During the week, Spartak met with the Scottish Rangers in the Europa League and showed an excellent result. Everything was initially not very good for the hosts - the Scots went to the break when the score was 3: 2 in their favor. However, in the second half of the meeting, the red-and-white managed to reverse the game and win - the goals of Luiz Adriano and Sophian Hanni brought them victory.


Spartak went to Ufa without a number of important players - Roman Zobnin, Roman Eremenko, Mikhail Ignatov, and Dmitry Kombarov will not help their team in this match.



Only in one of the last five matches "Ufa" did not miss

"Ufa" four times took home "Spartak" and only once was able to stay dry

Spartak has not lost yet this season - two wins and four draws

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Only in one of the last eight away games "Spartak" did not score

Odds for Match Ufa - Spartak



Bookmaker 1 X 2

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1xStand 3.16 3.1 2.46

League Betting 3.15 3.05 2.55

Marathon 3.16 3.1 2.44

Free soccer predictions


"Ufa” in the last round lost to the "Wings of the Soviets” and made life much more difficult for itself - now it lacks four points to 12th place. Especially bad things are going to "citizens” in the defense - not the most attacking and effective "Wings of the Soviets” without any problems opened it twice. Spartak also has problems in defense, but the red-and-whites are all right with the attack, which they demonstrated in the last match with the Rangers. Success in the Europa League will certainly give the guests strength, and the status of an opponent obliges them to play only to win.

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We believe that the owners can not remain dry. Prediction - the individual total of Spartak is more than one goal. In 1xStavke such an outcome is proposed with a coefficient of 1.64


Former Spartak midfielder and Ukrainian national team, and now website expert Maxim Kalynychenko shares his prediction for the match of the Russian Premier League Ufa - Spartak.

"Ufa" in the stadium "Neftyanik" takes Moscow "Spartak", is experiencing a change. Both teams are relatively unsuccessful playing lately.

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The "townspeople” changed the head coach, more precisely, so far they have found only the acting officer, and not a full-fledged replacement for Sergey Tomarov. Changes were the result of an intermediate penultimate position in the RPL, which is a disaster for a member of the Europa League. Long ago, the Ufim team didn’t win, but the defeat of Krylya Sovetov with a score of 1: 2 was the last straw, and the decisive goal was scored by the end of the meeting. In addition, the club scores very little - only nine goals.


"Red-and-whites” have also been unsuccessfully playing lately, although they have not yet dropped below the tenth position. Massimo Carrera is fired, and the new coach has not yet been appointed. Muscovites in the Premier League still don’t know victories with Riancho, but in the Europa League they took part in a real thriller against the Rangers (4: 3), making a triple comeback and, finally, snatching Victoria. There are problems in the attack, but on average the "gladiators” miss exactly the goal per game.

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Both teams have serious personnel problems. The owners only recently left the head coach, but the guests have long been driving Raul Riancho. After such an energy-intensive game of LE at the beginning of the meeting, Muscovites will have a hard time. Ufimtsev may try to prove their viability to the new coach by running from the first minutes to the attack.


Put on the first goal of "Ufa" in the match for 2.34

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"Ufa” after thirteen rounds is one of the outsiders of the Russian Premier League. Ufimtsy scored only 11 points and are located on the penultimate line of the tournament table.


In the current season, Ufa won only three victories, and only the aggravated Anji (3: 0), the Progress club from Luxembourg in the Europa League qualification (2: 1), as well as the main outsider of the Yenisei RPL, managed to beat. "(2: 1).

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After the victory over the Yenisei, which was mined on September 29, Ufa three times played a draw in four games, and lost to Wings of the Soviets in the 13th round (1: 2).


This season, Ufa is experiencing serious problems in the attack. In addition to the three victorious fights, in only one match of the season Ufa managed to score more than one goal - in the return match against the same Progress. In five more fights, the Ufimtsy differed once, and in ten cases the team left the field without goals.


The logical decision of the club management in this situation was to change the coach. On November 7, instead of Sergey Tomarov, Dmitry Kirichenko was appointed acting head coach of the Ufa team.

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"Spartak” is coming to the next round of RPL after the crazy victory over the "Rangers” in the Europa League. "Red and White” were inferior to the break, but managed to win thanks to goals on the 58th and 59th minutes - 4: 3.


This victory was for the team second in five games under the leadership of the acting head coach Raul Riancho. Under the leadership of the Spaniard, the "red-whites” also beat Anji in the Russian Cup (1: 0).

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In general, under the leadership of Riancho, "Spartak” has two victories with two draws and one defeat. Apparently, the match against Ufa will be the last for the Spaniard in the role of head coach. Oleg Kononov is expected to take the lead after a pause for the matches of the red-and-whites teams.


In the RPL, Spartak won the previous time on October 7, after which he suffered two defeats in three games (from Arsenal, after which Massimo Carrera was fired, and Ural in the previous round was the fourth home in the RPL in a row), and also played a draw with Rubin (1: 1).

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In the standings of the championship of Russia "red-white", gaining 19 points, occupy only sixth place.



On the victory of "Ufa" in this match, bookmakers give a factor of 3.60, a draw - 3.10, and on a victory of "Spartacus" - 2.24.


Changing the coach should shake the "Ufa". "Spartak” at the same time, only on November 8, had a tough match in the Europa League and is unlikely to approach this game in optimal condition - both physical and emotional. Do not forget about the pressure on the team, as well as the fact that Spartak coach Riancho and the players understand that, regardless of the result of the match with Ufa, the team is waiting for a change of coach.

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Our prediction for the match - "Ufa” will not lose by 1.67


On Sunday afternoon, Ufa in its field will take Moscow Spartak as part of the 14th round of the Russian Premier League.


Last season, the teams played a goalless draw at this stadium - 0: 0. I wonder if the players will even be able to please the fans with goals at least in the new season?

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Ufa simply terrifies with its game this season, because for no apparent reason the team occupies only the 15th line of the standings. The thing is that the "townspeople” scored 11 points for 13 rounds - 2 wins, 5 draws and 6 losses (the total score was 9:16). Recently, however, the team began to score stably, although it does not bring much points ... Well, it is worth noting that due to poor results Sergey Tomarov was fired, and Dmitry Kirichenko temporarily takes his place.


But Spartak at the start of the season was just a fairy tale, but now it occupies the 6th line of the Russian Premier League. The fact is that since September, the team "suffered a downward", because of what Carrera was fired as a consequence. The vacant post was temporarily occupied by Riancho, to whom the fans have already "rooted”. And in general, even with the new coach, the "red-and-whites” almost never win - only 1 win (1: 0 with Anzhi) in 5 fights.

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In the run-up to the duel, the bookmakers lean slightly toward Spartak, but is it reasonable? "Red and white” is not in the best form of the game, and the physical will be in question after the Europa League match. To this will add the fact that the hosts scored, so that they should not lose in this duel ...


Free match prediction for Ufa - Spartak Moscow: "Ufa’s victory or a draw”. Bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.7 for such an outcome.

Free soccer tips

In Ufa, a meeting of the fourteenth round of RPL will be held between representatives of the country in European competitions, who are now not in the best condition.


Ufa scored only eleven points and goes to the fifteenth place in the standings with a goal difference of 9:16. An evil joke with the team played a part in the qualification of the Europa League, when the Ufimtsy were forced to play on two fronts. And even after the departure from the European Cup their affairs did not improve. Tomarov's wards had the last four games unsuccessfully played - defeat 1: 2 from Krylya Sovetov and draws with the Urals (1: 1), Rubin (0: 0) and Tula Arsenal (1: 1).

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After thirteen rounds, Spartak with 19 points in the asset comes sixth with a score of 14:13. Although at the start of the season Muscovites confidently walked in the group of leaders. But the subsequent crisis threw the Red and Whites into the middle of the peloton. On Thursday, Riancho's wards in a spectacular style coped with the Rangers in the Europa League (4: 3), and before that sensationally gave way to the Urals already in the framework of the RPL (1: 2).


Since the guests have a stronger lineup, they are considered the favorites of this confrontation. An ineffective match is likely to be expected, since both teams will play only for the result.

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Total less than 2.5 at 1.6


In the 14th round of the championship of Russia, "Ufa” will play at home with the Moscow guest "Spartak”. Bookmakers.RF remind that the start of the meeting between the wards Dmitry Kirichenko and Raul Riancho is scheduled for November 11 at 14:00 Moscow time.

Free soccer tips

In the bookmaker's "League of Stakes" in the upcoming match consider the wards of Raul Riancho. Bets on the victory of "Spartacus" are accepted with a coefficient of 2.40. The bookmakers have drawn a draw with a coefficient of 3.05, and bets on the victory of Ufa are accepted with a factor of 3.35.



Six times in eight matches in the Premier League, these rivals have won the upper hand. The only exceptions were the game in Moscow before last season (1-0 in favor of the guests) and the meeting in Ufa in the past (zero draw).

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Fifteen goals scored in the last four games of "Spartacus” in the RPL (on average - 3.75). In each of them, both opponents differed, and two goals were only in Kazan, where the meeting with Rubin ended in a 1: 1 draw.



total goals in the match more than 2 with a factor of 1.80.

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