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"Valenciennes" - "Po". 08/22/20. Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips


"Valenciennes" - "Po". 08/22/20. Prediction and betting on the game

The next round of the national championship begins with the Valenciennes-Pau football match scheduled for August 22nd. Like most of the bouts in this tournament, this meeting begins at 10:00 PM Moscow time. The statistics of past encounters speak for the guests who have achieved six wins in the last seven games when there were only two defeats. But one of them was by a devastating 1-4 that season.

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The meeting between the Valenciennes team and the Po team will be of interest to all football fans. The level of the teams has risen significantly in recent years. The bosses invest large sums of money in clubs, which not only enables the retention of talented students, but also invites famous footballers who have considerable experience in various famous teams. Thanks to experienced managers who have been able to organize teams ready to fight, the Valenciennes team and the Po team enter the championship race annually and try to force the giants to fight. The participation of these teams in various international cups is now the order of the day.

Free soccer tips

Our forecasters therefore recommend all football fans to watch the personal confrontation between these teams, especially since we have prepared several interesting betting offers for this game. Statistics show that the game between the Valenciennes team and the Po team turned out to be interesting and productive last season. The teams remained fascinating throughout the game and gave a real extravaganza at the end of the second half. Based on the games the teams have already played this season, our forecasters assume that the game between the Valenciennes team and the Po team has remained tactically unchanged. The clubs are still playing offensive football, scoring a lot of goals themselves and allowing their opponents to do so. Today we're also looking forward to an offensive and productive game because this type of football is what fans like.


Valenciennes to win - 1.69, tie - 3.1, Poe to win - 4.88

Prediction for the game Valenciennes - Pau (French championship, national backlash, Sunday 22nd September): The Valenciennes football club received an offer of 1.69 from the bookmakers and at odds of 4.88 you can win on FC Bet Pau. Draw bets are accepted by offer.

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Personal meeting history

Our forecasters drew attention to the game between the Valenciennes team and the Po team for a reason. There will be two famous soccer teams playing in this game, each of which includes famous soccer players. Therefore, at first glance, it was very difficult to choose the favorite of this game. We used a variety of different sources to learn not only about the line-up of the clubs, the history of their confrontation, but also about the work of the teams in the off-season. Note that the teams actively use the off-season to rotate the roster and play various tactical combinations. In friendly matches, both managers actively used various tactical schemes, for the implementation of which they presented all the players on the pitch.

Free soccer tips

This made it possible to form the backbone of the main team, which will solve the tasks set by the management of the clubs this season. Recall that, as clubs with a rich history, the Valenciennes team and the Pau team fought for many seasons just for the highest places in the championship, as well as for the trophies of the tournaments in which they participate. Statistics show that the current season should also exceed the proportion of teams in such a fight. However, every year it becomes more and more difficult to reach high positions in the overall standings as more and more teams emerge ready to fight on an equal footing with the championship leaders. On this basis, the managers of the Valenciennes team and the Pau team have prepared their players for wins from the first games of the new season. Hence, this confrontation should turn out to be an interesting one as both opponents have a rich arsenal with which to count on success in this game.

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Valenciennes - Until 8/22/20

The next round of the national championship begins with the Valenciennes-Pau football match scheduled for August 22nd. Like most of the bouts in this tournament, this meeting begins at 10:00 PM Moscow time. The statistics of past encounters speak for the guests who have achieved six wins in the last seven games when there were only two defeats. But one of them was this season and with a devastating score of 1-4

Pre-game analysis and bookmaker predictions

For the Valenciennes team and the Pau team, who will play against each other in the next championship game, the meeting is fundamental. Both clubs have strengthened significantly in the off-season, which means that management has set high goals for the teams. This game will determine the readiness of the teams for the season and the battle for the top spots in the championship. Therefore, the Valenciennes team and the Pau team will act very carefully on the pitch, thinking first about defending their own goal. If we look at the teams' games last season, they have always acted with defense in mind, but at the same time they scored a lot of goals for their opponents.


Free soccer tips

But now the game has a completely different schedule, so the most likely bet here is a bet on less than total goals scored. But the favorite in such a confrontation is very difficult to determine. Apart from the home advantage, the Valenciennes team have nothing else. The opponents are not inferior to each other in the choice of players and in coordinated actions on the field of play. This means that a precise shot can decide the outcome of the game, making it difficult to give preference to either opponent. But what you can talk about with confidence is the number of yellow cards. The opponents will try to disrupt each other's attacks in the center of the field, which will lead to a large number of violations. Given the status of the game, the referee will be forced to punish the animal with warnings, so this bet is perfectly reasonable.

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Valenciennes Pau prediction (August 30, 2018), odds and bets

The Valenciennes-Pau football match was postponed to August 22, as too many players had previously been appointed to the national teams in the composition of both teams. This meeting starts at 10:00 p.m. Moscow time and is the second this season. In the first clash, Valenciennes football club had a two-goal lead, but lost it at the end of the game and ended in a 2-2 draw.


In recent years, the Valenciennes football club has established the image of a strong middle peasant, as the team has not been threatened with relegation from the division for more than ten years. But, and the hosts have not achieved any particular success, because over the years they have only managed to get into European cups twice, but there were departures in the early stages. This season the team is stable again, because despite the elimination of the two front runners in the off-season, the coaching staff managed to find a good replacement in the person of the youth academy players, so that the newcomers got into the game very quickly and now none Lack of deceased players there.

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Valenciennes Football Club is currently eighth in the league, nine points ahead of the underdogs. And since the hosts have no drops in the game, the team is unlikely to drop significantly in the standings. There have only been two defeats in the last ten rounds and in this game Valenciennes football club can play the strongest line-up thanks to a lack of injuries.

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Po Football Club remains in the relegation zone, although guests are short of points. The team plays terribly away and does not yet know the guest victories, which prevents them from breaking out of the championship lead, as the points scored on their field are not enough. The underdog conceded twice as many goals as he scored, and the same weak teams could only beat Po football club on their own field. The team is unlikely to be able to avoid being downgraded because, aside from a poor tournament position, there are still no such players at the Po football club who can take the initiative and lead the rest. This season the guests have never shown character, so it is already known that if the football club concede Po first, the fight will definitely end in defeat. Two defenders were immediately suspended and the attacking midfielder was out of action for two months.

Interesting facts before the Valenciennes-Po game

If you choose the favorite in the game between the Valenciennes team and the Po team, the opinion of our forecasters is completely in line with the opinion of the bookmakers, who believe that the guests are now in better shape than the home team. Note that both clubs finished last season positively, while the guests not only managed to keep all the key players but also signed a number of famous players and the home team sold their leaders, but not a single or so far a less significant acquisition would help bolster the game.

Free soccer tips

There was an equal confrontation at personal meetings between these clubs last season. Given the team changes, we would recommend betting on the guests' victory in this game as we see their game more confidently. We also consider a total yellow card bet to be a good bet in this game. The essence of the game of both teams is the rapid transition from defense to attack, which means that the players cannot always keep up with their opponents. This should also play into our hands, and both teams played pretty dirty in personal meetings last season, so our bet on warnings is well justified. We see the total goals in this game for more as both clubs have good offense and not the best defense. So they should exchange goals here which will improve our prediction.

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The meeting ends in a draw - 3.1, wins in the Valenciennes confrontation - 1.69, wins in the Po confrontation - 4.88.

Valenciennes - Po. Prediction and betting on the game. Championship of France August 22nd

On August 22nd, the Valenciennes club players will seek revenge and beat the Pau FC players on their own field. The guests won the last meeting of these teams very easily, sending four unanswered goals into the goal. However, if we play the last ten encounters, each team has three wins. This fight begins at 10:00 p.m. Moscow time.

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Valenciennes football club fans were delighted to have qualified for the European competition last year and now hope that their team will avoid being downgraded. After a successful season, the team management sold more than half of the first team, so that the hosts ended their way in European competitions in the second round and in the championship the Valenciennes football club is in third place from the end. The team are two points short of exiting the relegation zone and the head coach is not trying to do anything but his players are very far from last year's football. The hosts have no problems only with the goalkeeper, but on the other hand, the team has serious problems because Valenciennes concedes in every game, but the strikers don't often excite the fans with goals. Half of the current core team was in the youth academy last year and management does not promise the coach any transfers to bolster the team's game.

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In the summer, the management of the Po football club did not save any money on strengthening and hired the striker and two midfielders who already have experience in this championship and should improve the team's results. But at the beginning of the season the striker was seriously injured and the midfielders could not come to an agreement with their partners, so there were no improvements in the game. On the contrary, the guests play worse as the coach tries to introduce newcomers to the game so that there is no team interaction and the butt club players make mistakes in simple situations.

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The president of the team has set himself the task of fighting for the title, but now it is already clear that at best the guests can be included in the battle for the Europa League, as they are only in seventh place and already ahead of the champions League zone are already far behind. Poe plays worse on the road than at home because the last away win was at the beginning of last month. The left midfielder and the central defender do not help the guests in this game.

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Statistics and face-to-face meetings
The Valenciennes team and the Po team showed first class football last season. The clubs were among the championship leaders in terms of the number of goals scored. Thanks to the clever management policy, the teams managed to keep almost all of the key players, which means that in the new season the clubs will once again delight fans with offensive and productive football. Therefore, according to our forecasters, one of the best bets on this game is the grand total bet. Both teams have a big offensive and center line, with both clubs playing offensively. In general, a multitude of factors speak in favor of our choice, so we recommend this tariff.

Free soccer tips

When we chose the favorite of this confrontation, we took care of the home team as they played very confidently at home last season and even the championship leaders to win the Valenciennes team on the field were very, very were difficult. We are confident that the team's management will continue to play at home this season, so the home team will have a clear advantage in this game. Valenciennes team and Po team always play hard, players are not afraid to play to the end, so there is a high chance that the game will be difficult. On this basis, we recommend another bet - the total is above the yellow cards. At personal meetings of the teams last season they beat the specified amount, so our forecasters see nothing that could prevent this this season.

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"Valenciennes" - "Po": who is the favorite of the upcoming meeting?
Valenciennes - Po. Football forecast (08/22/20)

Our forecasters disagree with the bookmakers when it comes to setting the odds for the game between the Valenciennes team and the Po team. Most likely, the bookmakers are building on the club uniforms from last season. Indeed, the Valenciennes team were significantly stronger than their rivals, but a whole group of players left the club in the off-season and even the arrival of new players cannot yet be considered an equivalent replacement. The Valenciennes side have embarked on a major restructuring which is of course likely to have an impact on the club's results. Team Po was able to save its leaders while the club's scouts wasted no time after managing to make several successful transfers. So now we can say that Po's side are in better shape compared to last season and the club's footballers are perfectly capable of fighting their rivals.

Free soccer tips

We therefore assume that the Valenciennes team is unlikely to break the odds stated by the bookmakers in this game and it will be very difficult for the home team to fight for victory so bolder bettors can bet on that Po team does not lose in this game. ... Our forecasters expect an effective confrontation. Both teams play offensive football and actively use the flanks. So apart from the total number of goals in this game, we're waiting for the total number of goals to be higher. Last season has shown that the Valenciennes team and the Po team are among the championship frontrunners in this indicator.

Valenciennes-Pau: The hosts play their own football

Sports betting was banned for a long time. With the growing popularity and availability of the internet, betting on soccer is no longer a big problem. In addition, you can already choose which bookmakers and which events you want to bet on a particular football game. Yes, our forecasters note that today bookmakers are trying to attract new customers with a wide range of bets on the most important and additional events of football matches. Above we wrote that at the beginning of the season it is still very difficult to determine the true strength and skills of the teams, as some footballers have not yet become part of the team while other footballers are not ready for the season to start.

Free soccer tips

It is very difficult to determine the readiness of the team for the season. In the search for worthy forecasts, we only have to process a huge stream of information in which we select grains of important information, analyze them and offer weather as a forecast. For today's game, in which the opponents will be the players of the Valenciennes team and the Po team, we were able to make several good predictions which should or should not be used - each bettor will decide for themselves but we will give you anyway advise to watch these teams play as we are sure it will turn out to be interesting.

Free soccer predictions

A very difficult game is played by football clubs - the Valenciennes team and the Pau team are ambitious rivals who are always considered favorites in games with other teams. Therefore, it is difficult for them to resist, as it is believed that this game will determine the best team in the championship. Needless to say, famous soccer players who are famous all over the world play on both teams' rosters. Given that the prices for footballers have skyrocketed recently, the cost of these footballers playing for the Valenciennes and Po team is hard to imagine. Not only are they the real leaders of their teams on paper, but in practice they prove their usefulness by achieving key goals and participating in key combinations of goals. Both clubs can be viewed from the perspective of machines, where each player is a mechanism responsible for the performance of a particular area.

Free soccer tips

As a result, these teams rarely attract new players, and when this happens they are gradually introduced to the main squad. So it's no wonder that the game Valenciennes vs. Po will have practically no new faces compared to the previous season. However, it doesn't make the game any less spectacular. The Valenciennes team and the Po team always try to impose their game on the opponent for the full 90 minutes of the game. This is very interesting to watch, but very difficult to predict. However, our experts have tried and below you can see the fruits of our labor and use them.

Valenciennes-Poe: Statistics and Head-to-Head History

The statistics of the performance of the teams do not always reflect the essence of what is really happening on the football field. For example, in the confrontation between the Valenciennes team and the Po team, according to our experts, the game will be completely different from what these teams are used to playing. Both clubs are champions of the championship, in games with their rivals they are used to playing first numbers. In a game, the teams must either operate on a collision course or one of the teams must play the second number.

Free soccer tips

Obviously, the club managers face a difficult decision as the Valenciennes and Po ranks now face certain issues with the main players and the exit of some of them is in question. Much will depend on the tactics managers choose for this game. However, our experts decided not to guess the tactics of the teams. We'll try to focus on this game's stats. Fortunately, the bookies offered a pretty decent number of bets on the game between the Valenciennes team and the Po team, believing that this confrontation will be the central game of the weekend. A detailed analysis of the game can be found below. We think the game is perfect for in-game betting as events on the field will develop quickly. So the fans will not get bored, they will see an interesting game with an unpredictable outcome.

Free soccer predictions

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