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Athletic Bilbao - Sevilla 01/10/2019 Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips


On January 10, 2019, at 21:30 at the San Mames stadium, Athletic Bilbao will play against Seville within the 1 / 8th Spanish Cup.


In the 1 / 16th Spanish Cup, Athletics Bilbao got a very weak opponent of Huesca, whom he beat in two games, with the same crushing score of 4-0. Actively played in the confrontation Aduris and scored 4 goals, topping the list of the top scorers in the tournament. Striker in every fight was marked with doubles. Under the direction of Giska Garitano, the team performs very poorly in the home championship, settling down in the relegation zone. Naturally, the "Basque" is to think about the example in the first place, and only then about the tournament.


In the 1 / 16th Spanish Cup, Sevilla played against Viljanovense in two meetings and was able to pass on. In the guest confrontation with a rival, the team failed to achieve success and ended the match in a goalless draw, completely surpassing the opponent in statistical indicators. Already at the home stadium, "Red-White” made a pass further, winning with a dry score of 1-0. The top scorer in the "Seviltsev” Silva on the 49th minute got the opportunity to score from a penalty, not hitting the first blow, but quickly finished off the ball.

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Athletic Bilbao wins Sevilla on the home field in three consecutive fights, constantly having the advantage in terms of performance. Most likely, the Basque coach is betting on the cup to justify the unfortunate performance of the season, so the players will be motivated playing at home and at least will not yield to the guests. Bet: Athletic will not lose - 1X.


Forecast: 1X by a factor of 1.5

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In the first matches of the 1/8 finals of the Spanish Cup, Athletic Bilbao will take Seville in his field. The bookmakers in this pair did not set an obvious favorite, considering that the opponents have approximately equal chances for success. In general, one can agree with the betting line, Athletic has always been a home team, moreover, the Basques have been making significant progress recently. But Seville has a quality season, the southerners show a good level of football.


No defeat

After the change of head coach, the Athletic had never lost, the Basques beat Huesca 4: 0, were stronger than Girona 1: 0 and Celta 2: 1, tied with Alaves and Valladolid. In the standings of the Spanish Examples of Athletic in the 17th position, after an away victory over Celta, the Basques rose from the relegation zone.

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Many draws

Sevilla at a good level spent the last match against Atletico, however, the Southerners could not win, only a draw 1: 1. Before that, the "red-whites” tied with Leganes 1: 1, beat Girona 2: 0. In the tournament of the Spanish elite, Seville is located on the third line, 33 points in the asset of this team. In the Seville Cup, with some difficulty, Valianovence passed 0: 0, 1: 0.



Athletic will try to give battle to one of the leaders of the Spanish La Liga, it’s obvious that it’s impossible to get into the European Cups through the Example this season, the Basques will try to fight for the second most important Spanish trophy, and for that you need to pass Seville. Southerners will not mind and a draw away, will play the first match carefully. Our free game forecast: TM 3,0



Already in the 1/8 finals of the Spanish Cup, we see a bright confrontation between two famous teams, each of which has a reputation as a cup fighter. Recall that Athletic won the Spanish Cup 24 times, being one of the best teams for this indicator. The team from Bilbao is very weak in the season in the regular season, where the "Basques" occupy the 16th line. Extreme official matches brought Athletics an improvement in tournament position, only five official matches without defeat. Gaizka Garitano gradually changes the game of their new wards, making it more reliable in defensive terms.

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The composition of the Athletics is quite combat-ready, which gives Garitano the opportunity to count on the team’s further progress in terms of the demonstrated results. The Spanish Cup has always been one of the priority tournaments for the Basques, so here we expect the team from Bilbao to have maximum commitment on the football field.



Coming to the coaching bridge Pablo Machina, so far, looks like a fully justified step from the leadership of the club. Sevilla plays in powerful style, showing impressive results. The team ranks third in the national championship, lagging behind the leading Barcelona by only seven points. In the extreme rounds, there were two draws (Atletico 1: 1, Leganes 1: 1), with Sevilla Machine showing stable football, which is the main factor in the success of this Spanish club.

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After leaving the post of director of the club Monchi, Seville had serious problems with the effectiveness of transfer policy. But, recently, this situation has begun to improve, and the club is working more and more efficiently. Andre Silva leased from Milan perfectly fit into the structure, Sarabia is rapidly progressing, veteran Ever Banega is working effectively. With such a selection of players, Pablo Machin may well qualify for prizes in the current championship.



In this match, bookmakers give only a slight advantage to the home team, assessing the results of the game with such factors: Seville's victory for 2.60, a draw for 3.20, Seville's victory for 2.86. Popular totals from the BC received the following coefficients: "total is over 2.5” for 2.15, "total is less than 2.5” for 1.78.

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The confrontations between Athletics and Seville have always been interesting to predict, because there are a lot of clear statistics here. For example, in the five extreme matches, the victory invariably went to the receiving side. A good form of athletics, as well as home status match for the Basques clearly speaks in their favor.


Bet: Winning Athletics or a draw (1X) – 1.44.

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This Thursday, big football will take a short pause, but the Spanish Federation decided to give us a couple of surprises. On this fast day, a troika of battles is expected within the framework of the 1/8 finals of the country cup. It is not difficult to guess that in this article we will tell about the battle of Athletics against Seville. The event will thunder in the Basque Country at the San Mames Arena.


Bookmakers have decided not to exhibit an obvious favorite in this confrontation. To be frank, we agree with this position. The home team has always been famous for the fact that even the best teams in Europe can stop at their home arena, and this season's guests are just great. What can we, simple gamblers, do in this situation? Let's try to predict the outcome of the battle.

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The leadership of the Basques, like Zhirinovsky, was tired of enduring complete defeats, and took radical measures. Right in the middle of the road, it was decided to change the leading horse, and a new specialist moored to the helm. After such a simple castling, the "athletes" began to play with new colors, however banal it might sound. In five extreme sparrings there are three wins with two world ones.


Separately, you can walk on the event that happened on the seventh. On this noble day, the guys went to visit Celta. After the first half, rivals exchanged precise punches, and in the second Williams set the final score 1: 2 in favor of our today's heroes. In the previous stage, the Basques easily dealt with Huesca, scoring that in two games as many as eight goals.

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Red and White are also in great shape, but for this they did not have to make radical replacements. In the last five matches, our second today's heroes skated three world with two wins. Statisticians are very fascinating, but worthy of our sincere respect. In the last match, the guys in their own stadium had every chance of defeating Atletico Madrid, but the "Indians” took a point.


It may be recalled about one small fact - the "red-whites” are currently fighting for the champion title. Will they risk putting the whole team on a cup match in such a situation? Thesis is controversial. We only recall that in the cup the team plays extremely carefully - in the previous round, the guys faced off against Viljanovense and scored only one goal.

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Prediction for this match

On the field will meet two teams who are not averse to sit in defense. Basques tried for some time to play from the attack, but it was during this period that too many points were lost. In this situation, we would recommend to bet on the total low.

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Bet - total less than 2.5.


On Thursday evening in Bilbao there will be a duel of the 1/8 final of the King's Cup, in which the local Bilbao will take Seville.

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Last season, these teams met only in the framework of La Liga, when they exchanged home wins - 1: 0 and 2: 0. I wonder what awaits us in the new season?


In the current season, Athletics is clearly "not going,” because the team fails wherever possible. In the national championship wards Eduardo Berisso hardly got out of the relegation zone, and then thanks to the last successful series. So, for the last 5 fights, the Basques have never lost - 3 wins and 2 draws. But at home the team lost only 2 times in 10 games of the season .

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But Seville is just good, because today it is struggling with Atletico for the "silver" examples. So far, the wards of Pablo Machin are inferior, but still in the 18 rounds of the championship, only 3 defeats were allowed. Now, the "nerionians” do not really shine, but they have not lost 7 fights in a row - 3 wins and 4 draws. However, the team always scores, everyone and everywhere ...


Bookmakers practically do not single out any of the teams, which is quite reasonable. Yes, the Basques have gained a good shape, but the Nerwians are more stable. In addition, the guests are able to select points from good teams, so that here will not be left without glasses .

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Free match prediction for Athletic Bilbao - Sevilla: "Sevilla victory or a draw”. The bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.51 for this outcome.


On Thursday, we will enjoy the representatives of Spanish football. In the framework of the Cup on the field converge "Athletic" and "Seville". In the past game year, teams overlapped and then gave home wins to fans - 1: 0 and 2: 0. Let's see what we wait for now.


"Basques" spend is not the most successful season, because the players Berisso with great difficulty, but so far escaped from the zone of decline. In extreme confrontations, the team did not suffer defeat - 3 Victoria and twice the world.

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"Nervedians" are fighting for prizes. Team Machina for all the time stumbled only three times in the championship. But now the game tone is not perfect - 3 victories and 4 peaceful outcomes. True team scores consistently.


The forecast for the match "Athletic" - "Seville", X2. Still, the guests are much more powerful spend the season. We bet that they can avoid failure.


One of the most intriguing duels of the 1/8 finals of the Spanish Cup will be held in Bilbao, where the main opening of the first round of La Liga will arrive. But the statistics of confrontations stubbornly testifies to the triumph of the Basques, who are slowly getting out of the crisis.

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In the last five matches, Athletic does not know the bitterness of defeat. During this time, he knocked out of the Huesca Cup with a total score of 8: 0, and in the championship shared points with Alaves (0: 0) and Valladolid (1: 1), and also beat Girona (1: 0) and Celta (2: 1 ). And even though the Lions are now only seventeenth, but to the European Cup zone there are only six points that can still be won back.


Sevilla is third in La Liga, but in the two previous duels she played with the same score 1: 1 with Leganes and Atletico, thereby aggravating her standings a bit. But Machin's wards are still claiming to finish in the Champions League zone. But in the National Cup, the Andalusians with great difficulty overcame an obstacle in the form of the modest Viljanovense - only 1: 0 in the sum of two games.

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Predictably, the favorites of this pair are the more experienced guests in the game plan, but their last eight visits to Bilbao within the framework of the championship have always ended in defeats. And now adding in all components of the Athletic will do everything possible to extend this trend. In addition, in the first match of the Cup teams are unlikely to intend to play sharply in the attack.


Athletic will not lose and the total is less than 4.5 at 1.63

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Match 1/8 finals of the Spanish Cup Athletic Bilbao - Sevilla will be held on Thursday, January 10 at 21:30 (Moscow time) at the stadium of San Mames. In this game, bookmakers rate the chances of the home team a little more highly. Athletic is traditionally strong in home games. Now he is preparing for the game with a series of five fights in his field without defeat. True, of the last nine games in Bilbao, he won only two with the same number of losses and five draws.

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And for all ten home matches of the season, Athletic only three times left its own goal intact. In the Spanish Cup, he started with two major victories over Huesca with the same score 4: 0. However, in the new confrontation the Basques will be much more difficult.


Sevilla on Sunday played a 1: 1 draw at home with Atletico. This was her second draw in a row. And the Andalusian club is not losing for seven fights in a row - three wins and four draws. Of the last 15 official matches, Sevilla lost only one - visiting the Liège Standard in the Europa League, while in the rest of the segment meetings she won eight times and played six draws. And in almost half of the matches - in 7 out of 15, Sevilla did not miss a single goal. On the road, she plays weaker than at home. So, in the last three away games, Sevilla was content with a draw, she won four matches in a row, away from home.

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Of the nine previous matches in foreign field, Seville won only one. Including she could not beat the modest club Villianovense in the Spanish Cup on the road - a draw 0: 0, after which the Andalusian team won at home with a minimum score of 1: 0. The last five matches between Athletic and Seville ended in victory for the team that played at home.

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In addition, none of their previous 11 matches ended in a draw - six wins in Athletics and five wins in Seville, and of the 18 previous matches between them, only one did not reveal a winner. Experts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that in the upcoming game you should not wait for a draw again - Athletic is likely to win, and the best bet will be on his winnings with zero handicap.



Athletics victory - 2.57, draw - 3.20, victory of Seville - 2.74.

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victory Athletics with a handicap (0). In the bookmaker's 1xStavka predict a 1: 1 draw (coefficient of 6.00). Athletic 1: 0 is the second most popular (coefficient 8.00). Bets on winnings of home team with zero odds are accepted with a coefficient of 1.86



"Athletic" after 18 matches of the championship of Spain earned 19 points and with so many points is one step away from the relegation zone - in 17th place, ahead of "Villarreal" just two points.

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In the last three rounds, there were two draws against Alaves (0: 0) and Valladolid (1: 1), as well as an away victory over Celta (2: 1).


After the change of mentor, things went better for the Basques. In the first fight with Gaiska Garitano, the "red-whites” repeatedly defeated "Huesca” (4: 0) in the King's Cup and advanced to the next stage of the tournament.

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Athletic is the home team, which is confirmed by the statistics - only two losses in ten matches of the current season.



Sevilla is the third team in the example at the moment. Comfortable on this position, the Pablo Machin team does not feel like it, because behind them, Alaves is running out, which is only two points behind.

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"Red and White” have not suffered a single defeat in the last seven speeches. There were four draws and three wins. In the last round, they failed to defeat Atletico at home (1: 1).


In the King’s Cup, the Nerwians started against the modest "VillainovÄ—ne” from Segunda B. A draw (0: 0) was recorded on the road, and at home, Sevilla got a 1/8 final thanks to a goal from Andre Silva - 1: 0.

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"Seville" missed in 5 of the last 7 meetings, with no more than one ball. The team has already secured the reputation of the cup and can easily compete for the trophy - the current form allows you to cope with rivals of this level.



The last time the teams met on the field, "Seville” - the hosts won 2-0, but before that on their territory was stronger "Athletic” - 1: 0.

Free soccer tips

"Athletic” has recently gained a very good shape and in its field it may well give the battle a far from ideal "Seville”, which can turn on the mode of caution, given the presence of a response game. We propose to put on the fact that both teams will score for 1.81.

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