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Inter - Sampdoria 02/17/2019 Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips



Luciano Spalletti's side are currently in third place, but in the event of a defeat they could move further and further towards a place that does not qualify for participation in next year's Champions League. Of course, Inter wants to prevent this. Prerequisite for this would be a home win, which in the game Inter Milan vs.. Sampdoria is classified as likely according to the quotas.



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1 Inter Milan - Statistics & Current Form

2 Sampdoria - Statistics & Current Form

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3 Inter Milan vs. Sampdoria Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

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6 Serie A Games from 15.02. - 18.02.2019 (24th matchday)

Underestimated Inter the guest from the northwest of Italy, however, by no means. Although "La Samp" is currently ranked only in ninth place, there is enough quality to put problems in the last three stages. But whether this is also the case in the current situation, may be doubted, because after two bankruptcies in a row and only a threesome from the last five encounters, it seems as if Sampdoria can not oppose even form-weak Milanese not much. With the Genoa side always scoring in eight out of the last nine games, it would be worth considering comparing Inter Milan and Sampdoria to meet "both teams". The match will be kicked off at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium on Sunday evening at 18:00.

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Inter Milan vs. Sampdoria - Betting Odds Comparison * - Serie A

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Italy Inter Milan - Statistics & Current Form

Inter Milan logo

As if there were not enough problems in Milan at the moment. After the sporting downturn of recent weeks, it is now seething on a personal level. The Milan club announced shortly before the Europa League game against Rapid Wien via Twitter, that the budget captain Mauro Icardi will no longer wear the captain's armband. Whether this decision helped to win Inter in Vienna despite the negative run in Serie A is of course in the stars. That his strike replacement Lautaro Martinez was the key scorer, but could be an indication of this.

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The reason for the degradation should probably be the long-lasting exchange rumors. Names such as Real Madrid made the rounds often.


"Things have happened that have not been pronounced, straightened, clarified."

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Inter-coach Spalletti on the deposition Icardis

From a sporting point of view, Inter Milan has been in freestyle in Serie A for weeks. Previously, together with Naples, Juventus's number one runner-up was Naples, so the focus is now on only one Champions League spot. Meanwhile, the lead in fifth place has shrunk to just five points. A defeat against Sampdoria and passing through could continue. Three of the last four games in Serie A have lost Inter. Only on the last matchday succeeded perhaps the decisive turn. Against Parma Calcio succeeded a 1-0 away win.

Despite the poor performance and numbers mentioned in the recent past, the fact remains that Inter is very compact at home. So it's not surprising that the Spalletti-Elf with five goals conceded the best home defense. The truth is that no team scored fewer goals in the top 8 in this classification. A good defense is therefore faced with a rather mediocre series of attacks.


Expected formation of Inter Milan:

Handanovic - D'Ambrosio, de Vrij, Skriniar, Asamoah - Vecino, Brozovic - Mario, Nainggolan, Perisic - Martinez


Last matches of Inter Milan:

09.02.2019 - Parma vs. Inter Milan 0: 1 (Serie A)

03.02.2019 - Inter Milan vs. Bologna 0: 1 (Serie A)

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31.01.2019 - Inter Milan vs. Lazio Rome 1: 1 (Coppa Italia)

27.01.2019 - Turin vs. FC. Inter Milan 1: 0 (Serie A)

19.01.2019 - Inter Milan vs. Sassuolo Calcio 0: 0 (Serie A)

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Italy Sampdoria - Statistics & Current Form

Sampdoria logo

Since Marco Giampaolo took over the post of head coach of Sampdoria, he was able to consolidate "La Samp" in the orderly midfield of Serie A. After the "almost descent" in 2015/16, this is a good performance for the time being. Giampaolo stands for a healthy mix of offense and defensive, which allows Sampdoria to continue to fight for international business this season. However, at the moment the team from Liguria are going through a dry spell and have not won four out of five competitive matches in 2019

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Analysis of composition and tactics forecast

Inter M 4-3-3 | Sampdoria 4-3-3


The basic scheme of Inter is 433, in this game Spalletti has serious problems with the composition. First, Ikardi continues - the Argentinian lost the captaincy, whereupon he refused to participate in the Europa League, which Spalletti said bluntly. The next day, Icardi suffered a sudden injury, and the official reason for the absence of a striker was damage. In addition, Balde Keita has not yet recovered, so that Inter in Torpaßsystem can not count on the two best players of the team. There is also a positive result - Politano returned after the disqualification and Brozovic and Sckriniar missed the game in the LE after they had additional peace. There are several questions about the positions - Vesino or Galliardini, João Mario or Nainggolan and Dambrosio or Cedric. Sampa also plays 433, in this game Murru returns and does not play against Sampdoria for disqualification. There are no new losses, there is a question at the base of Ramirez or Saponara and Defrel or Gabbaldini.

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Match Prediction Inter M - Sampdoria

Inter takes Sampdoria.


During the week, Inter spent two games in which he played in his usual style and played the first number, but again had problems with the creation. What has happened to Parma in Serie A and to Rapid in the Europa League Inter has been won by a substitute Icardi Lautaro Martinez in both cases. When we talk about Parma - in general, Inter again showed the same problems in creating and attacking, but there is progress. It was probably the best game of Inter in 2019 in terms of precise attacking action, but this is still very little. The Spalletti team was essentially in the first half and only began to create moments after the break. Parma could even stand, but 15 minutes before the end of the meeting Martinez scored the winning goal. The win was the first for Inter in 2019, interrupting a series of three consecutive errors. That happened in time - if I lost Inter points, the lead over the fourth Milan would be reduced to two points.

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Sampdoria also drove several consecutive rounds in a tight group of teams claiming to be in the European Cup tournaments, but the last two games left Sampa back on line 9 and already 5 points back to the European Cup zone. Giampaolo's team defeated Napoli first and Frosinone was unexpectedly defeated in the last round. Interestingly, Sampa did not score a single ball in these games, although she had previously scored in twelve rounds in a row. It is symbolic that the dry series coincided with the stagnation of Quagliarella, who could not beat the Batistuta record, after which two rounds in a row were played extremely poorly. Against Frosinone, the defeat proved to be very offensive - Sampdoria, although they did little in the attack, but the opponent scored after their only goal on the target.

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In recent days Spalletti has added problems - the attention of the team and the media is focused on Icardi, who first loses the captain's armband, then refuses to go to game LE, then he is injured. As a result, the Argentine sits at a physiotherapist and replaces the team at the key moment of the season - the game in attack at Inter is not going well and Milan has already narrowed the gap to a critical one. Inter now has tremendous mental pressure and it's hard to expect the team to focus fully on the game itself. Considering the fact that Inter and very seldom and rarely score points in the best conditions, Sampdoria visits a nearly ruined opponent who is currently strong, except for the names in the composition His level, João Mariou and Vesino permanently weak, Perisic has long since shot at the level of last season. Sampdoria has a great opportunity to score points with Giuseppe Meazza. But considering that Sampa has played badly even in the final rounds and Inter generally has one of Serie A's best defense mechanisms, the game may not be productive.

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On the 17th of this month, the twenty-fourth round of the regular Italian championship will continue. There will be a selection of good matches on the said day, but as you have already guessed, they are talking about the opposition from Inter to Sampdoria. The event starts at 20:00 Moscow time in the stadium "Giuseppe Meazza".


Future owners are considered favorites in this dispute. Does anyone have any doubt about that? Nominally, the guests have really little chance of success, but let's not forget that the "snakes" have already dropped several times this season because of the enemies of their own skin. The job of our analysts is simple - to try to predict the outcome of the game with surgical precision.

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The Milan team is forced to wander through the vastness of the Europa League. There was nothing to lose in the championship league. On the fourteenth our today's heroes went to Rapid. As expected, the event turned out to be restrained, as if an introvert were meeting a girl. The only goal was scored at the end of the first half with a penalty. Great job.


Twenty-three tours behind. During this time, the team has collected forty-three points. The indicator earns the third position in the table. The distance to the second Napoli is nine points. Obviously, the "snakes" have to concentrate to get this vantage point. In the home stadium, the Milan had eleven games, of which seven had a victory.

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Our second today's heroes are diving. This radical conclusion can be drawn from two extreme games. If you can pocket Napoli, fighting with Frosinone is difficult. This tragedy of the tenth world scale has happened. On that day, the Genoese accepted the enemy on their own territory. The guest was arrogant, Chiofani scored in the 25th minute. The battle is over.


In the current season of the domestic championship, the team played twenty-three laps. Thirty-three points could be accumulated over such a long period of time. The number corresponds to the ninth line in the rating. If you are really arrogant, you can even count on the European Cup Zone. The boys attended twelve games, three of which had a victory.

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Prediction for this game

The hosts will come with a complex Austrian excursion. Even in the match with Rapid, it was clear that the "snakes" were not at their best. A motivated rival will arrive in Milan and Europe on the horizon.


The bet is Sampdoria's win with a handicap of +1.0.

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"Inter" does not show high-quality football in recent games, but will it be corrected in a duel with Samdoria? Our forecast will answer that question.

Inter M

"Inter" was good in the first lap - the team of Luciano Spalletti could not participate in the title race, but held at the same time the third place and had a serious handicap to the competition. Now the situation has changed dramatically - "Nerazzurri" got into a crisis and the competitors came close to them.

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During the week, Inter traveled to the Vienna Rapid to compete in the round of 16 of the Europa League, where he scored the minimal victory. Lautaro Martinez's goal from a penalty was the only and victorious one. It is noteworthy that Mauro Icardi did not even arrive in Vienna, to whom Spalletti had robbed the captain's armband - apparently his appearance should not be expected today either.


Except that Ikardi Shime Vrsalko will not play, he has an injury.

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"Sampdoria" is very worthy of the current season - the team of Marco Giampaolo is in the ninth row of the table and is clearly aiming for the European Cup. The Doria has 33 points for 23 rounds, which is only five less than the sixth Roma. Play this handicap and is now the main task of Sampdoria, who has long dreamed of European competition.


In the last round the Jampaolo team became a real sensation, but for the "Doria" the taste was far from sweet. In the local "Luigi Ferraris" "Sampdoria" could lose "Frosinone" with 0: 1, this defeat was the second in a row for them.

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It does not help his team today Gianluca Caprari, he has an injury.


Statistics and personal meetings

Inter has not scored in the last three home games

Inter has not scored more than one goal in any of the last six games.

Sampdoria has not scored in the last two games

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"Inter" without Mauro Icardi went quite successfully to Vienna, but the opponent was obviously weaker, so that the problems of "Nerazzurri" were avoided. Today is a visit to the team Spalletti "Sampdoria", which can cause any opponent much trouble. Obviously, there are problems with the attack of the Inter. The team creates few opportunities, so it scores little.

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"Sampdoria" also had a "creative" crisis lately - even the "Doria" did not score a single goal, even with outsider "Frosinone", before that she was inglorious with "Napoli". It is unlikely that the meeting of two crisis teams with obvious attacking problems is effective, and the price of points for each team is very high.


In our opinion, the game is not productive. Forecast - less total (2.5) goals. In BC Fonbet such a result with a coefficient of 2.06 is proposed.

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On Sunday evening, one of the games of the 24th round of the championship in Italy will take place in Milan, where Inter Sampdoria will play.


In September Nerazzurri won 1-0 on the road, but can they get their courage at home?


After 23 laps, Inter is in the third row of the tournament table, but this is the limit for this team. Overall, Spalletti's divisions scored 43 points - 13 wins, 4 draws and 6 defeats. The total score was 32:16. It's worth noting that January was not set for "Nerazzurri" (4 games without wins), but now everything is fine. And on Thursday, the Milan team did not have the toughest match between LE and Rapid.

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Sampdoria was a little disappointed and dropped to the 9th tournament table. The fact is that Marco Gampaolo only scored 33 points in 23 divisions - 9 wins, 6 draws and 8 defeats (the total score was 39:30). The thing is, "Blue Eyed" only scored 4 points in 4 league games in 2019 - a home win against Udinese (4-0), an away game with Fiorentina (3-3) and two "dry" defeats.


The bookmakers are totally inclined to win Inter, which is quite true. At the moment the guests are disappointing, but the hosts finally found each other. Yes, the game on Thursday has taken some of its strength, but at home, "Nerazzurri" may even "break" tired. So it pays to rely on it.

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Free predictions for the game Inter - Sampdoria: "Inter Victory". The bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.57 for this result.


This Sunday, the 17th of February, one of the games of the 24th round of the Italian Serie A will take place in Milan, where the local Inter Sampdoria will host. In fact, these are different teams with different tasks for the season. The game will be played in Milan. So do not expect a miracle in this duel.

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At the moment, Inter is the third team of the Italian championship, and hardly anyone will throw the club out of this "height". Just Spalletti's stations earned 43 points, while their pursuers scored significantly less points. This season, the Milan team have won 13 times, 4 draws and 6 defeats. But at home, the Nerazzurri has a better coordinated game - only 2 losses in 11 rounds. Whatever it was, but lately there's something going on with the team because Inter never won 4 matches (3 defeats) at the end of January. Now the team started to recover, but still "not that" .


Even more dropouts

At the same time, Sampdoria was one of the teams to settle in the European Cup zone at some point. Now the stages of Marco Giampaolo have fallen to the 9th Serie A line because they have not released the best series. In the last 6 fights "Blue Blooded" won only once and then with his fans - 4: 0 with Udinese. Well, in the last two games, the team has lost completely "dry" - 3: 0 at Napoli and 0: 1 at Frosinone.

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Inter seems to be a favorite at this meeting, as it is totally superior to Sampdoria at the moment. Yes, the hosts have not come to their senses and will be a little tired after Thursday's game, but the guests still look helpless. In this particular game, Inter should easily take his 3 points to please the waiting fans. Our free game prediction: Inter Win


Sunday will bring on the field "Inter" and "Sampdoria". The teams converge in the fight for 3 points of the Italian championship. The clubs met in early autumn, and then the Milan team was 0-1 successful. Will the owners repeat their success? See the forecast.

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"Snakes" finished the top three because they managed to score 43 points - 13 wins, 4 more peaceful results and 6 times with a total score of 32:16. If you take the last month, everything went wrong. There was also a tough game against Rapid on Thursday in the LEs, and there is not much power left.


"Blucherkyati" are still in ninth place, scoring 33 points - they won 9 times, 6 draws and 8 losses with a total score of 39:30. In the new year, the team held 4 games and scored 4 points - 2 fiasco, 3: 3 with Fiorentina and 4: 0 defeated Udinese.


The forecast for the game "Inter" - "Sampdoria", P1. If guests usually get a little bit to their senses, the "Nerazzurri" are much stronger and we will bet on it.

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In Milan, the match takes place in the twenty-fourth round of the Serie A between the teams from the top of the table. However, the obvious favorite is still visible - Inter's ambitions are much higher.


After 23 games Nerazzurri scored 43 points with a goal difference of 32:16. With such indicators they go to third place and intend to keep them until the end of the season. However, the new Spalletti stations did not start optimally. Victory against Parma 1-0, zero draw against Sassuolo, 0-1 against Turin and 0-1 against Bologna - at this rate, snakes fall among the top 4 soon.

Free soccer tips

But Sampdoria takes ninth place and has 33 points with a statistic of 39:30. The Genoese posted a slight decline in earnings - in the last five rounds, they beat only Udinese (4-0). Defeats 0-1 at Frosinone, 0-3 at Napoli and 1-2 at Juventus, as well as 3-3 World Fiorentina defeated Giampaolos districts to their usual positions in the middle of the field.

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Inter's recent failures have cast doubt on his goal in the Champions League zone. On Sunday, the Milanese will do anything to hold their position. For this purpose, with the support of native tribunes, the strong middle peasants must be defeated, to which the snakes are quite capable.


Inter wins at 1.61

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In the championship Mauro Icardi has not met since 15 December. Seven rounds without goals - the longest dry series in the career of the attacker. The game with Sampdoria had to be interrupted according to statistics - in eleven games against his former team Icardi scored eleven goals. However, this will not happen as Samp Mauro will not play.


In the week at Inter, another scandal broke out. Icardi was robbed of the captain's armband, he freaked out and did not fly with the team to Vienna for the Europa League match against Rapid. In Sampdoria, Mauro will not be involved in the application, allegedly for a knee injury, but everyone understands that it is not a damage, even if it is an injury. Icardi does not comment on the situation, his wife and the agents of Wanda Nara throw stones at the car - everything is goodbye.

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Lautaro Martinez played with Rapid in the core and scored the winning goal. He was seventh in the season for the Argentinian - at the start he left at the same time. The young striker has excellent statistics, and the lack of Icardi in his current form may not even be a problem. Inter has big problems with the attack - they have to be changed by permutations.


In the championship in 2019, the Nerazzurri scored once in four games. In Giuseppe Meazza in Serie A they have not scored two games in a row - Inter has not had three home games without goals since the spring of 1992. But the arrival of Sampdoria suggests that Inter will interrupt the unsuccessful series - the Genoese miss in eight appearances in a row, and they miss 20 goals.

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On the other hand, Sampdoria scored and scored a goal - the last game with Napoli was the first game of Samp with no goals on 26 September. In the last three away games with Inter, bluemen also scored: 2: 3, 2: 1, 1: 3.


The last matches of the Spalletti team are "based", but Sampdoria are in dire need of recovering from the defeats of Napoli and Frosinone and Inter can not lose points as Milan is very close. Lautaro is also over-motivated - Martinez has to prove that Inter can safely say goodbye to Icardi.

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Indicative compositions

Inter: Handanović - D'Ambrosio, De Vray, Škrinjar, Dalbert - Vesino, Brozovic, João Mariou - Politano, Martinez, Perisic


Sampdoria: Audero-Berezhinsky, Colli, Andersen, Murru-Prat, Ekdal, Linetti-Ramirez-Defrel, Quagliarella

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In this confrontation, it is difficult to judge the favorites, as the teams have slightly different goals for the current season, but the hosts undoubtedly have the advantage of their field. Nerazzurri is now third in the standings and will most likely hold his own until the end of the championship. Only Napoli and Juventus ahead, and they know, as everyone knows, never their own. Inter coach Luciano Spalletti had a good game in the Europa League, so he will rely on the final result and continue.

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Sampdoria have seen mixed success this season, but compared to other clubs, the team looks very good: the club's latest results have seriously undermined confidence in coach Marco Giampaolo, so the guru wants to dispel the myth of his early release and will try to prove that Sampdoria can play and in Milan.


According to preliminary estimates by most football analysts, this meeting is on a collision course and guests will at least allow themselves not to lose. Vedran Ostoich does not imply a high realization of the moments and tends to a maximum of two accurate strokes in the overall standings. In addition, the expert provided a more detailed account of the upcoming battle and also shared his valuable tips and predictions for the game.

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The Inter players are still third in the national championship, but it seems that Neradzurri has already come to terms with Juventus hegemony and will challenge silver against Neapolitans. Of course, until the end of the domestic championship is still half of the season, but the lead by 20 points is no longer playing. Inter-mentor Luciano Spalletti wasted his chances in the Champions League, and after a draw with PSV Eindhoven and the move to the Europa League, he concluded that the blame for the failure lies with him alone.

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Inter's financial assets are beginning to increase, but Neradzurri has not participated in the winter transfer transactions, and nothing is known about Spalletti's preferences. As part of the domestic championship the guests could beat Milan 1-0. The highlight of the match, however, was that Inter only scored in the second minute of the second half, which the referee equalized. Lazio (3: 0), Genoa (5: 0) and Frosinone (3: 0) were defeated, but after the loss of stability Neradzurri lost in Bergamo sensationally against the local Atalanta (1: 4).

Free soccer tips

In addition, Inter flew back into the confrontation with Turin (0-1) and Bologna (0-1) after four good matches, and in the final round of the championship Neradzurri rehabilitated himself with his own fans and won a visit to Parma with one Score of 1: 0 The Milan club also held the first play-off game of the Europa League against the Austrian Rapid. The away game in Vienna took place in a rough condition, but Spalletti still took the upper hand (1-0) against the Austrians and had good prospects to reach the next stage. A team of specialists from Betfair believe the hosts will dominate in both halves in this confrontation and bring the match to its logical conclusion. The bookmaker offers to place Inter at home with Inter quota at 1.57.

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BETS AT FC Sampdoria

According to the latest data, composition changes are outlined in the Sampdoria camp, as the club is backed by individual investors and has already demonstrated its rights in the winter football market. Wards Marco Giampaolo started with a defeat against Udinese (0: 1) into the season and defeated rivals from Napoli and Frosinone with a total value of 8: 0 (3: 0 and 5: 0). In general, the Genoa club is considered one of the most unpredictable and the whole team is more confident in their arena. In the middle of the domestic championship Sampdoria did not lose, but won with two draws four victories with representatives of Lazio (2: 2) and Genoa (1: 1).

Free soccer tips

The Giampaolo stations scored a very important victory in Empoli (4: 2) and continued to maintain confidence with outsider Chievo (2: 0). According to their tactical characteristics, guests from Genoa can destroy opponents' defenses in meeting standards, and Luciano Spalletti knows that. After a very impressive series of the main tournament, Sampdoria lost the case to Juventus (1: 2), giving all players that Teams are ready for the urgent rehabilitation in front of their fans. The conditions are met, as the hosts already overcome in the preliminary stages of the Italian Cup the representatives of the clubs Viterbese (1: 0) and SPAL (2: 1)

Free soccer predictions


In this game, bookies consider Inter as the favorite and believe he will win with a difference of at least two goals. Now, Luciano Spalletti's stations are in third place in Serie A, scoring 43 points and four points ahead of their nearest rival - Milan. Inter Parma beat Parma 1-0 in the final round, with Lautaro Martinez scoring the only goal. This allowed him to interrupt the series with three games without wins and goals. At the same time, for the ninth time in a row, the Milanese did not score more than one ball per game. The last time they made it in December with the Roma, which ended in a draw 2-2. In his area, Inter scored only one point in the last two games and did not score a single goal. Previously, he won seven consecutive home matches with a total score of 15: 1.

Free soccer picks

Sampdoria before this tour is ninth and scored 33 points. Last Sunday she lost to Frosinone at home with 0: 1. This was her second defeat in a row without scoring goals. And the Genoese have won only once in the last five rounds, although they have previously won three consecutive wins and have not lost in six consecutive meetings. On the street Sampa plays much weaker than at home. In eight previous encounters in a foreign field, she won only one victory and lost half of the fighting. She missed at least two goals in all these games, in seven cases and at least three goals in four matches.

Free soccer tips


Inter had previously won three games against Sampdoria with a total score of 9-2. In the first round of the current championship draw, he beat them 1-0. In his field, Inter lost just one of 19 previous games against Sampdoria, scoring 12 wins and playing six draw. In addition, he scored in each of their last eight home games for them, in half of the cases, only one goal.


In Inter's games this season, an average of 2.09 goals per game are scored - less than in games of another team.

This season, 11 times in Inter's games, the result was 1-0 - no other Serie A team has more than six such games.

More than two goals have been scored in five of Sampdoria's last seven Serie A games.

In seven of Sampdoria's last eight away games, more than two goals have been scored in the Italian championship and more than three goals have been scored in six matches.


The expert website Bookmakers.rf predicts Inter's victory and believes he will not miss a single goal. In bookmaker's 1xStavka, Inter predict a victory with a score of 1: 0 or 2: 0 (coefficients 6.50 and 7.00, respectively). You can bet that Inter will not fail by a factor of 2.20.

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  • Recommended bookmakers: BET365,BWIN,188BET,SBOBET,PINNACLE


  • 1X2
  • Over / Under
  • Asian Handicap
  • Double chance


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