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Manchester United - Everton 28.10 Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips


The game evening of the tenth round of the Premier League will be closed by a duel between Man United and Everton. In the past game year, teams overlapped, and then Sir Alex were more successful - 4: 0 and 0: 2. Will the guests recoup? See the forecast.


The "Reds” are so far on the tenth line, because the players of Mourinho got only 14 points - 4 wins, 2 draws and three times the team was left with nothing. In the recent match of the Champions League, the team bounced 0: 1 from Juventus.

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"Toffee" is still the eighth. Silva squad scored 15 points - 4 Victoria, three draws and twice left with nothing, and the statistics on goals from 15:12. With the departure of the team is not all smooth, but now they have a good form - 3 winnings with a total score of 7: 1.


The forecast for the match "Man United" - "Everton", TB0.5 from the guests. Given the fatigue of the owners, "toffee" will be able to count at least on the goal.



After the departure of the great team of Alex Ferguson, Manchester instantly stopped getting trophies, and the team's game was stale, no matter what stars came to the club. Even the coaching genius Mourinho failed to bring results and seriously change the game of the club. Yes, Manchester United is classified as a candidate for a medal, the team plays in the Champions League, but more is expected from the Red Devils, and the team gives out advances rather by inertia. In the championship, Manchester United takes a terrible position for themselves - the tenth place, which automatically means a complete failure for the club. Mourinho is on the verge of being fired, especially since the team is weak in the Champions League, where Manchester United lost to Juventus in his field (0: 1), and before that failed to beat Valencia (0: 0).

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The reasons for such failures of the Ministry of Justice in the current season are clearly visible - weak work in the transfer market in the summer period, a decline in the form of potential team leaders, Mourinho's unwillingness to deviate from his tactical principles. But, the main element of failure, we still would call it the weak form of individual players - Pogba, de Gea (16 goals conceded in the championship) and Herrera.



Not far from Manchester United, the "toffee” ranks, occupying the eighth line in the NPS standings. Everton is facing serious challenges for the season - a place in the top 6 championship teams. To fulfill this task the team is quite capable, because the Portuguese coach Marco Silva is able to create efficient teams, and the personnel potential of the Liverpool team looks good. In the three extreme rounds, Ever invariably defeated his rivals (Fulham, Leicester and Crystal Palace), which reduced the gap from the Champions League zone to 6 points.

Free soccer tips

Everton bosses began to invest serious money in the team, and here it remains only to regret that such finances were not in the days of Moyes, when Everton was simply not enough staff to break into the Champions League. Now the club can afford to sign players like Mina, Ding, Richarlisson, Bernard and Sigurdsson, each of whom is an individually strong player.



Bookmakers continue to believe in the ability of Manchester to show a high level of results, assessing the victory of the home team by a factor of 1.77. A draw of this match is estimated at 3.90, and Everton's victory for 5.05. Such a solid advantage of Manchester in terms of quotes looks somewhat surprising, taking into account the results of the teams in the Premier League.

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Everton has not won in Manchester since 2013, and right now "toffee" have all the chances to overcome the grandeur of English football. Thanks to the bookmakers, the betters can use in this match a profitable plus odds in winning the visiting team, which gives high chances for a final win.


Bet: Everton win with a handicap (+1.5) – 1.43.

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One of the central battles in Albion this coming Sunday will be the confrontation between Manchester United and Everton. The bout will take place within the framework of the tenth round of the English Premier League, the venue is Old Trafford. Bookmakers believe in the success of the owners, despite their terrible results over a long period of time.


Future guests should not be underestimated, because for this they can seriously punish. The team had a whole week to rest and recover from the last match, so they approach the reporting game in a more recent form. The favorite has long won in his native walls - now the guys have the opportunity to somewhat embellish their statistics.


Manchester United

José Mourinho continues to masterfully balance on the head coach’s chair that is wobbling under him, while another specialist would have been dismissed a long time ago. The fact is that the Portuguese wards extracted only one victory in seven extreme fights. Triumph fell on the eighth round, when Newcastle came to visit. "Sir Alex" for the starting ten minutes, twice missed, but in the end still able to snatch three points.

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After the break for the national teams, the team was awaiting a difficult battle with Chelsea. Experts predicted that the "red devils” would have no chance against the current "aristocrats”, they were too sick under the guidance of Surry. As a result, it was the owners of "Stamford Bridge” who scored one point for themselves in the last seconds of the meeting. Last Tuesday, the club took Juventus in the Champions League, but minimally lost to the champion of Italy.



"Butterscotch" continue to move relatively stably during the season. The team does not take part in European competitions, and to get there next season looks unlikely - too many applicants for the cherished positions. Wards Mark Silva located on the eighth line in the standings with an asset of fifteen points.

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In order to have a chance to rise above, the team needs to improve their productivity, because at current rates they are six points behind Tottenham’s fifth points. In the three extreme matches of the championship "blue" certainly won. First, Fulham was defeated at home, then Leicester did not stand on the road, and after that Crystal Palace was beaten up in his native walls.


Prediction for this match

Future guests came out victorious in the last fights, but it is worth remembering that their opponents were middle class submarines. The reporting meeting at Old Trafford will be a real challenge for the children. The home team has not won a long time, but in recent matches, they showed good football. In the eyes of their own fans, they should not be disgraced again.


Bet - Manchester United victory.

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Manchester United"

Last weekend, the team of Jose Mourinho went to visit the squad of Maurizio Surry and almost took three points from London. Barkley, with one blow at the 96th minute, canceled the festive dinner of Seu Jose with Glazer.


What I would like to note seriously is the first half in the performance of the "Red Devils”: 1 blow by, 37% of possession and two yellow cards. Neither add nor subtract - "Shinnik."


In the Champions League the same confusion: in the match of the 3rd round against Juventus for the entire first half, Manchester United hit it only once again. True, this time hit. And specifically - hit the goal Dybaly, who eventually became victorious.

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The team of Mark Silva is trying to keep the brand. After an unsuccessful September (two losses and a draw with Huddersfield), Everton won three matches in a row and is now in eighth place in the standings.

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True, from the negative there was also a departure from the League Cup from Southampton in a penalty shootout. But most English managers honor the early departure from this tournament for their happiness. So Silva will also be taught.


Regarding the latest results: the matches in the winning series were far from being against the top teams, the only serious contender was Leicester. We can say that the "toffee” with the "foxes” was lucky, because they scored the winning second goal after the removal of the centerback Wes Morgan.


In a fight against "MJ”, we will have to look for other sources of "Victoria”, because it is unlikely that the "toffee” will succeed in entering the same river twice - they will melt more ...

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When Rooney was a Manchester United player, one could talk about the integrity of this fight. Now hardly.


Therefore, we propose to play the judicial punishments. Predict a calmer game and a moderate amount of fouls. The referee is Jonathan Moss, who averages 3.4 "mustard plaster” in 90 minutes.

Free soccer tips

The average performance of teams in yellow at a specific location is low: "MJ” receives 1.75 cards at home, "Everton” at the exit - 1.5 cards.


We consider it quite reasonable to put on "Yellow cards: TM 3.5” for 1.85.


The Sunday game evening of the 10th round of the Premier League will be closed by a match between Manchester United and Everton.

Free soccer tips

Last season, both of their meetings were left for the "red devils" (4: 0 and 0: 2), but maybe in the new season, the "toffee" will take revenge?


After 9 rounds, MJ is located only on the 10th line of the submarine, as the team has serious problems. It's all about the conflict between Mourinho and the players who refuse to understand him. As a result, for the 9 matches of the Premier League, the "Red Devils” scored only 14 points - 4 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses (the total score was 15:16). Yes, at home, the Sir Alexis are a little better, because they are stably slaughtered, but they still do not shine. Well, on Tuesday, the DOJ failed to beat Juventus at home in the Champions League.


But Everton is so far above Manchester United in the standings - the 8th line. In total, for 9 rounds, the wards of Mark Silva produced 15 points - 4 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses, and the total score was 15:12. "Toffees” do not shine away, but now they have a "white line” - 3 wins in the Premier League in a row with a total score of 7: 1.

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On the eve of the fight bookmakers are more inclined to win MJ, but is it all so simple? In fact, the "toffee" in great shape and slaughtered everything, but the "red devils" have certain problems. In addition, Sir Alex will be a little tired, so it is better to put on a goal from the guests ...


Free prediction for the match Manchester United - Everton: "Everton will score." At this outcome, the bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.53.

Free soccer tips

One of the central matches of the 10th round of the Premier League will be a duel between Manchester United and Everton. Sir Alex is a favorite of the meeting, which is more than logical, because, despite the defeat of Juventus, it cannot be said that the "devils" are in poor sports form. But Everton should not be underestimated, the "toffee” in the last two matches won exceptionally, they will try to bring glasses with Old Trafford this coming Sunday.


One win

Mourinho's chair continues to "stagger", the Portuguese won only one match out of the last five. The only Victoria came to fight against Newcastle, at the expense of that meeting 3: 2. Also in this period there were draws with Chelsea 2: 2 and Valencia 0: 0, defeat from West Ham 1: 3 and Juventus 0: 1. In mid-week MJ just lost to the champion of Italy. Honestly, judging by the course of the game, the chances of the "red devils” were few.


Statistics better

Unlike Manchester United, Everton has five victories in five extreme games: over Fulham 3: 0, Leicester City 2: 1 and Crystal Palace 2: 0. In the standings, the submarines "blue" are even higher than the "devils", namely, on the 8th line, in the asset "toffee" 15 points. Away, Silva's team spent 4 matches of the season, lost only once, with two draws and one win.

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Manchester United will try to start actively in order to gain an advantage already at the start of the match. Everton is a strong contender, but this is not Juventus, so Manchester United will have good chances to score a couple of goals. Our free prediction for this meeting: MJ will score first


October 28, 2018 at 19:00 at the Old Trafford stadium in the framework of the 10th round of the English Premier League will be a match between Manchester United and Everton.


Not everything works out with the players of Manchester United, so the club is located on the tenth line of the championship and scored only fourteen points. Even the goal difference 15:16 speaks about the poor state of the players, because the team missed more than it managed to score, despite its star cast. The latest results, clear-cut victory over Newcastle 3-2 and a draw at Chelsea 2-2, also speak about obvious problems in the defensive plan.

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Everton holds a good segment and now the team is located on the eighth line of the championship, having in store fifteen points and with a goal difference of 15:12. The club has only played two times this season and expects to go further up the table. Football players won in three bouts in a row and scored at least 2 goals for this segment, in each of the confrontations.


In the last two confrontations played Manchester United defeated Everton, scoring at least two goals and not missing. The shape of the guests is not inferior to the owners and the composition of the "Toffee" is powerful, so they are able to fight the "red devils" on equal terms. A bet with a handicap of 1 ball on guests looks at least win-win. Bet: Everton with a handicap - F2 (+1).

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Forecast: F2 (1) with a coefficient of 1.66


Experts of the information-analytical site Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 10th round of the championship of England Manchester United - Everton, which will be held at the Old Trafford stadium on Sunday October 28, beginning at 19:00 (Moscow time).

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In this game, bookmakers consider Manchester United a favorite, assessing the probability of his victory well above 50%. After nine days of play, Jose Mourinho’s players are in the tenth position with 14 points. In the last round, they tied 2-2 away to Chelsea, missing the victory in the sixth minute compensated. Sir Alexei lost just one of the six previous matches in the championship, but they won irregularly. For example, in the last eight meetings in the Premier League, they managed to win only three times. By the way, in each of the last five matches in the national championship, Manchester United scored and missed. In their field, the Red Devils won 10 of the 15 previous matches, losing only two times. In nine games in this segment, they scored more than one ball.

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Everton before this round shares eighth place with Wolverhampton, gaining 15 points. On Sunday, he beat Crystal Palace in his field with a score of 2: 0, scoring both goals after the 86th minute. It was his third victory in a row and each time, "Toffee" scored more than one ball. Before that, they lost two times in a row and could not win in four consecutive meetings. By the way, over the last three rounds, Everton won as many victories as he did 13 meetings before that. Away, he won only one of the five previous matches and lost 7 of the last 13 fights in a foreign field.



Last season, Manchester United twice beat Everton in the English Championship - 4: 0 at home and 2: 0 away. The Red Devils did not lose any of the seven previous matches of this confrontation, having won five victories and tied twice. It should be added that in 11 of the 15 previous matches between Manchester United and Everton at least one team did not score.

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Analysts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that victory in this game will be won by Manchester United. In this case, it would be advantageous to bet that at least one team will not score. In the bookmaker 1xStavka predict a victory for Manchester United with a score of 1: 0 (coefficient 6.50). A bit less highly ranked draw is 1: 1 (a factor of 7.00). Bets on the fact that at least one team will not score, are accepted with a factor of 2.10.



Manchester United win - 1.70, draw - 3.80, Everton win – 5.04.

Free soccer tips

In this fight, Manchester United will try to gain an extremely important victory in a duel with strong Everton. What is the forecast for this match?


After two hardest matches with Chelsea (2: 2) and Juventus (0: 1), Manchester United will have a dubious respite in the form of fights with Everton and Bournemouth. Despite the obvious strength of these rivals, the Red Devils must beat them. Mourinho's team closes the top ten, even Wolverhampton is on the table above Man.


With Chelsea and Juventus, Manchester United played Mourinho’s typical football from defense, with the Italians even trying to dominate a bit. But now the "red devils” have no choice but to try to beat Everton at home. Given that at Old Trafford in the past six matches of the DOJ, only Newcastle won, this may not be so easy for the team.

Free soccer tips

In addition to Juventus and Forty, Sir Alex played at home against Wolverhampton (1: 1), Derby (2: 2), Valencia (0: 0) and Tottenham (0: 3).


At the same time, three football players were injured in the MJ at once: Marouane Fellaini, Diogo Dalot and Alexis Sanchez. Jessie Lingard and Scott McTominee also played a part in the match.



Everton lounged around the basement of the standings not long ago. "Butterscotch" handed out glasses to almost everyone, although they did not meet with the teams from the first six. And now, after the defeat of Arsenal (0: 2), the mersidians finally came to life. "Everton” defeated "Fulham” (3: 0), won away "Leicester” (2: 1) and in the last minutes came home to "Crystal Palace” (2: 0). These three wins allowed Mark Silva’s team to climb into eighth place.

Free soccer tips

What exactly can not please the fans of "toffee", so it is almost empty hospital. But now there is only James McCarthy. Even Beni Baningheim is almost ready to return to the field.



Manchester United won only one of the last seven matches.

Homes in the Premier League "red devils” missed in six of the seven past fights.

Free soccer predictions

The "both score” bet played in all five previous matches of the MJ in the Premier League.

Everton's winning streak in the Premier League is equal to three meetings.

On the road in the championship "toffee" in the nine previous matches of the championship did not score only Arsenal.

"Butterscotch” from time to time create problems for MJ, but Everton has been unable to beat the "red devils” for six games in a row. In the previous season, the Merseysides lost at Old Trafford (0: 4), and at Goodison (0: 2).

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Apparently, the chances of competing for success with Everton are not so low, considering how Manchester United plays at home. The Red Devils conceded 16 goals in this PSN draw, which is more than Southampton, Crystal Palace and Newcastle. However, the composition and motivation of the MOJ is hardly inferior to the guests. Given the protracted series of failures and the statistics of in-person fights, we are waiting for the hosts to win.


Our forecast is Manchester United for 1.76

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