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Barcelona - Athletic 29.09. Free soccer tips



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Barcelona on idea here should get more than a confident victory, as she took just one point in the last two matches, well, it does not go into any gates for this team. Yes, and with whom the Catalans lost them, with Leganes and Girona, with clubs, which at 3: 0 can and should have been beaten and forgotten about them. Very weak now looks like a defense line, very weak. The last four fights the Catalans are sure to miss, and all these seven goals fell on these four matches. So, as if here the desire to run forward again did not allow rivals to hit the Catalan gates several times, depriving them for the third time of points.

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But Athletic at the moment is not the same team that is here to use it. The club from Bilbao and this season is in a crisis form, now being placed again in the second part of the standings, having not had any victories for quite a boring game, scoring a little more than the ball on average for the meeting. So here the guests will be extremely difficult.



Barcelona powerfully started the season, demonstrating its superiority over rivals on all fronts. But, in the extreme tours of the Spanish examples, the Catalan monster began to malfunction, a draw with Girona (2: 2), a defeat against Levante (1: 2). As a result, the impeccable game of Messi and the company was replaced by negative conversations about the game of the Spanish grandee. In fact, in the last matches Valverde conducted some tactical and personnel experiments, which immediately resulted in problems for the Catalan club.

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In the game of Barcelona, ​​nothing has changed for many years, the team is still focused on the short pass and the individual qualities of their players. At Valverde, Barcelona has become a little more diverse and more reliable in terms of defensive work. The tasks before the team are the highest, therefore in this confrontation with Athletic Barcelona has no opportunities for mistakes, because Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are not slumbering, waiting for the errors of the Catalan club.



The team from Bilbao for four consecutive rounds can not outplay their opponents, clearly entering a small game crisis. Nevertheless, the Basques are one of the most stable football teams in Spain over the past ten years. Athletic rarely changes seriously in the personnel plan, trying to keep their leaders in the lineup as much as possible and sign the best players with Basque roots. Now Athletic takes the 13th place in the standings, having six active points in his credit.

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In the summer, Athletic profitably sold goalkeeper Kepe, who went to Chelsea to replace Courtois. In return, such players as Gania, Berciche, Dani Garcia and Ander Capa were signed. In summer the team was taken by Argentinean specialist Eduardo Berizzo, who professes a tough and aggressive playing style.



The favorite of the match is Barcelona, ​​the victory of which is estimated by bookmakers for 1.17. The draw outcome of the match is listed for 8.70, and the success of the guest team - for 19.00. As you can see, the bookmakers do not confuse the most successful results of Barcelona in the extreme rounds of the championship. Popular totals from bookmakers have such quotations: "total more than 2.5" for 1.33, "total less than 2.5" for 3.18.

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In his arena, Barcelona in most matches overplayed Athletic from Bilbao, but it's rarely the big victories of the Catalans. Where often the matches end with the minimum advantage of Barcelona, ​​when the Catalans squeeze the desperately defending Athletic. In this case, the club from the capital of Catalonia can quite win, interrupting a series of two unsuccessful matches in the championship, but in the defeat of the Basques is not really believed. A bet on the success of the team of guests, given the solid plus points, looks so tempting and profitable!


Bet: victory of Athletics with a handicap (+2.5) – 1.78.

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On the 29th the meeting of the seventh round of La Liga will take place, in which Barcelona will fight with Athletic. Last season the teams crossed four times, and in all matches the Catalans were stronger. What will the "Basques" answer? Let's understand.


"Blue-pomegranate" started very powerful, but recently they are slowing down. Recall that in the two extreme rounds - 2: 2 with "Girona" and 2: 1 rebounded from "Leganes". Despite the failures, leadership in the championship, they have not lost, because "Real" also failed.

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"Basques" are not the best way, because they scored in five rounds 6 points. Druzhina Berisso won in one meeting, in three more cases it was a world match and a loss with scoring 7: 9. With the protection of the club there are problems, and in the last round suffered a defeat 0: 3 from "Villarreal".


Forecast for the match "Barcelona" - "Athletic B", TB3.5 from the hosts. Yes, the Catalans are stronger, but they are unlikely to spend much energy, because they will very soon be waiting for the game in the Champions League. We put on the fact that the "blue-garnet" will not score more than three goals.

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In the coming Saturday will be a few qualitative fights in the next, already the seventh round of the Spanish regular season. In one of these will converge Barcelona against Athletic, which is from Bilbao. For sure for those who accidentally stray here, it's worth explaining that the event will be held in Catalonia at the local attractions - "Camp Nou".


The battle can be christened classical in Spanish football. Now there are times when, under any scenario, "blue-pomegranate" will be favorites, even if the whole composition of the "red-white" will take the cheese of the superman. However, do not forget that both teams are approaching the coming battle against the backdrop of poor results, so there may be a surprise. Let's try to understand the situation.

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Rarely see this, but the Catalan team in the two extreme rounds of the domestic championship lost points. First the guys played the derby against Girona with the score 2: 2. This result was offensive, but it could be swallowed, but what happened next plunged the whole of Barcelona into a shock - in the inaugural match the "blue-garnet" lost to Leganes with a score of 2: 1. It is noteworthy that the "Barsiki" were the first to open the score thanks to the goal of Coutinho.

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In the second half within one minute, Leganes managed to score two goals. Druzhina Valverde could not be stopped. Benefit for the whole of Catalonia, that in a parallel match, the Real Madrid wrinkled 3: 0 Seville. The hosts are now, although they are on the decline, but the powerful personnel potential which has Valverde, is able to pull out any match. Another plus will be the home arena.



The Basque situation is even worse, the team does not know the taste of victory since the 20th of August, when our heroes of today managed to beat Leganes with a score of 2: 1. Then followed the loss of points. If the world with Real Madrid can be recorded in the asset, then the identical results against Huesca or Betis should be assessed as a failure. We have not yet mentioned that in the last round "Villarreal" struck "striped" with the score 0: 3 on his own arena.


"Lions" are obliged by the end of the season to get into the zone of European cups, this is the task that faces the team. At this stage, the event Beritstso poorly copes with the duties of the head coach. His team is hanging out at the bottom of the standings thanks to six points scored. At the exit, the guys this season played little - only one world against Betis.

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Forecast for this match

Catalan guys should not lose points anymore, as everything turns out that Madrid Real is identical with the "blue-pomegranate" falls through. In this situation, you can bet on the victory of the hosts.


Bet - the victory of Barcelona with a handicap -2.

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Saturday night in the 7th round of the Spanish Examples Barcelona will take Athletic from Bilbao.

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The last 4 full-time meetings between these teams ended with a victory of the Catalans - 3: 1, 3: 0, 0: 2 and 2: 0. I wonder if something will change in the new season?


Barcelona is a great start to the new season, but now something is going on with the team. So, for the last week wards Valverde managed to play a draw with Girona (2: 2), and then lost to Leganes (2: 1). No, in the example "blue-pomegranate" is still in the lead, but ahead of Real Madrid only because of better goal difference. In any case, it is worth noting that the Catalans play more openly at home, because of which they consistently score more than 2 goals ...

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But Athletic inexpressibly performs in the current season, having earned for 5 matches of the championship only 6 points. So, in the course of the season, Eduardo Berisso's wards had time to win, had drawn three times and lost once, while the total score was 7: 9. And now, specifically, the "Basques" missed too much, and in the last fight and at home completely lost to Villarreal - 0: 3.


On the eve of the match, the bookmakers are almost certain of the victory of Barcelona, ​​because Athletic is not glittering now. In addition, the Catalans should apologize to the fans for 2 misfires, and at home they just "tear". However, "Basques" - is also not a gift, so there should not be a rout!

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Free forecast for the match Barcelona - Athletic Bilbao: "The individual total of Barcelona is less than 3.5". Bookmaker office 1xBet offers on this outcome a coefficient of 1.47.


Barcelona sensationally lost in the last mid-weekend to Leganes on the opponent's field, and this happened after the Catalans did not break Girona's resistance in the home game. On the one hand, it is obvious that Valverde now has problems, on the other hand, the coach of Barca has such a choice of players that it is definitely possible to find a way out of a difficult situation. Especially because Athletic in the current season is not enchanting, the Basques have noticeable problems in the defense, and in the gate, after Kepa's departure, there is an inexperienced Simon.



Anyway, the first

Despite the defeat in mid-week, Barca retained the first line in the peloton, and even improved the difference between the goals scored and missed goals in front of her rival, Real Madrid. The thing is that the "creamy" also lost, and devastating, Seville, with a score of 0: 3. Now in the asset at the "Barsik" 13 points. True, it is worth paying attention to the fact that Atletico got close to "blaugranas", "mattresses" only two points less, but ahead of the team Simeone derby with Real.

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And Athletic completely failed in the match against Villarrell, which took place on Wednesday. "Yellow submarine" managed to score three unanswered goals, and climb already in the top 8 of the La Liga. In turn, the Basques settled on the 13th line in the table, losing to Hispaniola, who is in 6th place, 4 points.

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Barca does not have the right to remain in the recession for a long time, surely Valverde will shake his children, especially before the Champions League match against Totenham. Athletics is not lucky to get under the hot hand of the Catalans, "red-white" will be extremely difficult not to lose big on Saturday. Our free forecast for this meeting: Victory of Barcelona with a handicap -1.5


Barcelona's players on the home field had 18 fights, which ended in 15 wins with 3 draws. In the final match of the Super Cup of Spain, the "leopard" defeated the players from Seville with a score of 2: 1. In the first round of the group stage of the Champions League, "blue-pomegranate" defeated the Dutch PSV 4: 0. At the end of 6 rounds of the new championship Examples of "Catalans" occupy a leading position in the tournament, gaining 13 points. In the first 4 matches, Barcelona beat Alaves (3-0), Valladolid (1: 0), Huesca (8: 2) and Real Sociedad (2: 1). In the last games of the 2018/19 season, the "leopard" broke up with Girona with a score of 2: 2 and lost to Leganes with a score of 1: 2.

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Athletic Bilbao in 2018 had 11 away matches, of which he won in 1 match, lost in 6 games and 4 games ended in a draw. At the moment, the "red-whites” settled in 13th place with 6 points. "Lions" in the new championship Examples beat in the 1st leg of Leganes with a score of 21, then held three matches with a draw. With footballers Huesca and Betis Athletic dispersed with a score of 2: 2, and with Real Madrid "lions" played at a 1-1. In the last fight of the 6th round, Athletic Bilbao lost to Villarreal at home 0: 3.


Barcelona and Athletic met last season twice and twice won Barcelona with a score of 2: 0. Barca is not in the best moral state, but Athletic does not shine, I think the guests will not be defeated devastatingly. Bet: Athletic will not lose more than 3 goals - F2 (+3).


Forecast: F2 (3) with a coefficient of 1.45

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Sassuolo "-" Milan ". In the past season, the winners were "Rossoneri" - 0: 2. What will end this fight this season, because the owners have become noticeably more powerful?


"Do not deny" meanwhile are located on the third position, as football players of Mariani earned 13 points in six rounds - 4 victories, world and loss at the scoring statistics 14: 8. And if you take home fights, then there are all the victories .


"Rossoneri" gradually come to life, but so far in the asset only 6 points - a win, three draws and a loss under the scoring 8: 8. The team is a little tired, so with the victories so far, everything is complicated . And the team misses the school.

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Forecast for the match "Sassuolo" - "Milan", 1X. The hosts are more stable season. In addition, the team looks very powerful in their field.


The experts of the information and analysis site Bukmeker.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 7th round of the championship of Spain Barcelona - Athletic Bilbao, which will be held at Camp Nou stadium on Saturday 29 September, beginning at 17:15 (MSK).



In this game, the obvious favorite is Barcelona, ​​which bookmakers predict the victory with a difference of two or three goals. The Catalans lost this week on Leganes' exit with a score of 1: 2, although after a goal by Philippe Coutinho were 1-0 - both goals they missed at the beginning of the second half. For the second time in a row, Barca lost points, but remains the leader of the championship - she now has 13 points scored and she is ahead of Madrid Real Madrid by additional indicators. The loss itself was the first for this season. At the same time in his field, Barcelona does not lose since September 10, 2016 - then she lost to Alavesa. After that the Catalans held 39 matches of the championship of Spain at the Camp Nou, having won 32 victories and seven draws.

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Athletic is preparing for this game after a home defeat from Villarreal with a score 0: 3, conceding all goals after the break. Now the Basques divide the 14th place with Valladolid, gaining six points. Before this defeat, they played a draw three times in a row. So to replace the four-match unbeaten series came the four-game series without victories. At the exit, Athletic does not win four games in a row, and out of 11 previous fights in a foreign field he won only one - from the same Villarreal, while in the remaining matches he suffered six defeats with a difference of two goals (4 times with the score 0: 2 and 2 times with the score 1: 3).



Last season, Barcelona twice defeated Athletic in the championship of Spain with the same score 2: 0. In general, her winning streak in confrontation with him is four matches. And in the framework of the championship of Spain, Barcelona won at Athletics nine last fights. By the way, only three of nine of these victories were large - three more times Barcelona won with a difference in one ball and won three times with a difference of two goals.

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Specialists site Bukmeker.rf believe that Barcelona will confidently win this game, achieving a comfortable advantage in the account. In this case, it will be beneficial to bet on her winnings with odds (-1.5). In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict the victory of Barcelona with a score of 2: 0 or 3: 0 (coefficients 6.50 and 7.00 respectively). The bets on winning Barcelona with a handicap (-1.5) are accepted with a coefficient of 1.44.



the victory of Barcelona - 1.15, the draw - 8.12, the victory of Athletic - 17.79.

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