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Eintracht Frankfurt vs Shakhtar Donetsk 21.02.2019 Free soccer tips

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After the Champions League in the second half of the first leg in the round of six last week, the teams in the Europa League have already on Thursday evening to complete their second leg in the round of the last 32 teams. From German perspective, the first leg was not quite satisfactory. Both Leverkusen, as well as the cup winners from Frankfurt could not win their game in foreign countries. The Werkself had to settle for a 0-0 draw against Krasnodar in Russia and Frankfurter Eintracht did not manage to beat Donezk by more than 2-2 despite an 80-minute defeat.


For the team of coach Adi Hütter it is currently running rather slowly. The league has been without defeat for six matches, but there have been five draws in these six games. Also last weekend the Eagles of the Main did not come out over a 1: 1 against Borussia from Gladbach. If you want to take a step forward in the Bundesliga and also in the Europa League, you have to win a game again.


Facts, Forecast, Direct Comparison & Schedule: Eintracht Frankfurt - Shaktar Donetsk

Frankfurter Eintracht does not know what to do with their appearance last Thursday against Donetsk. Even if you could get a good starting position for the second leg on Thursday night with two away goals, there would have been a lot more in the 80 minutes advantage. Now, the Hesse have to live with it and if you believe coach Adi Hütter, you will bring the small lead over the finish. Important for the Frankfurt will be that you are safe on the defensive and does not run fast behind a residue. If the Trio Haller, Rebic and Jovic show their performance against Donetsk, you can tear something to a sold-out house. So far, all games have been won in the domestic Commerzbank Arena on the international stage. For Eintracht the progress would be a terrific success. But until that happens, you have to win against the Ukrainians from Donetsk.


The team from Donetsk, bristling with plenty of Brazilians, has to deliver next Thursday. In the first leg, they conceded two goals, which are now catching up. Of course, they would also be with a narrow 1-0 on, but the back team of the Ukrainians showed in the first leg anything but solid. In any case, Taras Stepanenko will be missing. The 29-year-old Ukrainian picked up a yellow card early in the match and can not help coach Paulo Fonseca on Thursday. For the necessary goals of the Brazilian Taison should worry. One of the many wizards of the Sugar Loaf is one of the best players in the team of the Ukrainian champion. Meanwhile, Taison has also become captain and how important he really is for Donetsk, has proved his hit to 2: 2. The Ukrainians run in the second leg risk being in one or the other counterattack. Of course you need at least one hit and that will allow the Frankfurters rooms.


The direct comparison between these two teams is more than balanced. Both could each decide a game for themselves. Add to that the draw from the last game.


Betting tip & odd: Eintracht Frankfurt - Shaktar Donetsk

The return matches in the round of the last 32 teams in the Europa League are pending and the German teams are again increasingly in the spotlight. The Frankfurt Eintracht expected for the return match the Ukrainians from Donetsk. On paper we have to give the Hessen a slight advantage due to the two away goals. The reigning cup winners will not let anything burn in the home arena and quickly provide the necessary goals. The Ukrainians are still fully in business. With an early goal you would quickly put the characters on the road. In the end, however, we expect a narrow success of the eagles from the Main. At the bookmaker bet-at-home you get a rather weak 1.93 ratio for the victory of the SBU. New customers who register via our link will receive a one-time 42.00 quota for the game if they place a direct bet on Eintracht Frankfurt.


Can Eintracht Frankfurt win against Schachtar Donetsk at home?

For the second leg of the UEFA Europa League return leg, Schachtar Donetsk will visit Eintracht Frankfurt on 21 February at 18:55. The first leg in Ukraine ended 2: 2. Accordingly, the starting situation for the Frankfurt is quite okay, even if more would have been inside, as some experts rumor. The better chances are likely to have the hosts, however. Because they could win any Europa League home game, however, the team of Shakhtar Donetsk on international soil decided only one away game for themselves and had to draw a draw and suffered a defeat. But one should not forget that in the first leg the Frankfurt over 80 minutes played in the majority we still could not make it. A draw would suffice for the Frankfurt side because of their away goals control, in order to reach the last sixteen.



home advantage

a draw is enough to make it to the last sixteen

have not lost a game in Europa League yet



are not to be underestimated abroad

The squad is complete except for one player

a 1-0 would be enough to move into the last sixteen

Current form Eintracht Frankfurt

As mentioned in the introduction, they scored a 2-2 draw with Donzek. Consequently, they are likely to have better chances in the second leg, especially since they are strong at home. They have won every Europa League home game. In these three home games they were good for ten goals, while they allowed only one. With a total of 19 Europa League goals they are the strongest team in the league. Luka Jovic is the top four player in the league with five goals scored by EL. Mijat Gacinovic gave with four assists the third most assists in the Europa League. He is also the fourth strongest player in the league in goal attempts. He fired nine shots on the opposing goal. Let's take a quick look at the first leg. They were able to control the ball for a long time and were dangerous at the flanks. However, they often became too hectic at the gate or hesitated too long. Likewise, she lost more and more concentration in the second half. Which resulted in some dangerous situations of the Donetsk Elf. After all, they could rely on the keeper, who has convinced in the El finals so far by 26 parades and can show a Gegentorschnitt of one. The defense took only 29 tackles and conquered the ball 251 times back. On this point, of course, they are superior to Ukraine's opponents, but we only have comparative values ​​from a game of Shakhtar Donetsk, because they did not move into the EL until this round when they withdrew from the Champions League. They gave 92 shots on the goal and kept the ball to 49 percent in their ranks. The flanks came to 51 percent and the passports to 80 percent. Coach Adi Hüter will miss Lucas Torro, David Abraham, Timothy Chandler, Almanmy Toure and Sebastian Rode for injury in the upcoming match. Another ten players have no Europa League eligibility. However, he can trust his scorers Luka Jovic, Sebastian Haller, Ante Rebic, Jonathan de Guzman and Danny da Costa. Guardians know Donetsk as a coach from three matches. A game he could win with his men, draw and once they had to give up beaten.


Current form Shakhtar Donetsk

After three draws, two defeats and a win in the Champions League, they went into the semifinals of the Europa League. At the CHL they scored a win, a defeat and a draw away, as mentioned in the introduction. They were good for five goals in three games and allowed ten counter. Donetsk is sure to say that they are almost as strong abroad on international soil as they are at home. In the Ukrainian Premier League they are even stronger away from home than at home. After this one Europa League match they can show six shots and a possession of 44 percent. That they have problems with the flanks, we have already mentioned briefly. Only a cross of four arrived. After all, the fit fits. This is 83 percent accurate. Five times they took on the Frankfurt for a duel and conquered the ball 23 times back. However, their keeper had to convince in three parades and his Gegentorschnitt is logically two. In the forthcoming game player-coach Paulo Fonesca has to renounce injury only on Dentinho. His scorers list is therefore complete. The strongest in the Ukrainian league counts Junior Moraes, who finished 14 times in 17 games and could provide for seven assists. Marlos scored seven times in 13 matches and provided a template. Most assits, eight in a row, Taison announced. In the EL, Taison met once, Marlos and Mor



The German club quickly gained a strategic advantage in the opening game of the Europa League 1/16 finals, scoring the first goal in the 7th minute and playing the most from the 11th minute. The end result (2: 2) could have been better for Eintracht, but the German club did not recognize some dangerous moments and made fatal mistakes in the defense. After the European Cup play the team of Adi Hütter with Borussia from Mönchengladbach an international match, which also ended in a draw (1: 1). Wards Hütter has not lost in the current European season, but under the miner's guise, Eintracht received the season's most serious rival.


At Eintracht, there are staff problems before the second leg where A. Touré will not play exactly, just as Abraham, Rode, Chandler, Torro and Stender are missing. As the first game showed, goalkeeper Trapp and field players Rebić, Jović and N'Dika are the main stars and leaders of Eintracht.



The Ukrainian club struggled to make a bearable finish in its arena, but in the return leg the miner should look an order of magnitude better to qualify for the next stage. Unqualified Stepanenko and Krivtsov, whose loss represents a serious problem for the Pitmen, will not participate in this game. Suppose instead of Stepanenko, Micon will come to the middle of the field and Malyshev or Matvienko will play in the middle of the defense near Khocholava. An important task for the Donetsk club will be a quick goal in the second leg, which will make the players of Adi Hütter nervous.


For a week, the leaders of the attack, Miner, Tyson and Marlos, who had not had enough in their first 90-minute duel, should have tightened their physical condition. Also in the second leg of the Pitmen it will be important to exert active pressure so that Frankfurt does not generate dangerous moments in large numbers.



Bookmakers tend to win the German club, but the favor of the Hütter stations is not very pronounced here. Thus, the victory of the Frankfurt team is estimated by a factor of 2.06, a draw to 3.78 and the victory of the Ukrainian club to 3.72. The bookmakers' popular total bets for the game are: "Overall, more than 2.5" for 1.71, "Total less than 2.5" for 2.28.



As we said in the situation at the first match between these teams, the miner has a lot of experience and for that reason he eliminates the advantage of the opponent in terms of the game tone. But here the choice of goals of both teams is suitable for betting, what our forecast will be. It's about the weakness of the defenses of these opponents, and the bet is made on the attack.


Bet: Both teams score (Yes) – 1.62.


On February 21, a series of returns of the 1/16 of the final round of the Europa League will take place. That sounds impressive. Our experts are invited to review the main events of the day. At 20:55 Moscow time, Eintracht will meet Shakhtar Donetsk. The event takes place in Frankfurt in the stadium of the Kommerzbank Arena. It must be said that this cut is one of the most intriguing, because the teams in Kharkov painted the world 2: 2.


You do not have to be a football expert to understand the complexity of the task for the Ukrainian team. The children have to make the minimum number of mistakes, which is not typical for this nation at all. The powers to be calculated had better chances of victory in the German fight. You can agree to such a bold promise, but it even needs to be reviewed.



First, we appreciate the shape of the guys. Surprisingly, the team lives from the status of Leopold the Cat - in the last five sparring our today's heroes painted only worlds. On the seventeenth, the boys took over the home of Borussia from Mönchengladbach. The "Eagles" were able to prevail at the end of the first half thanks to a Costa goal. "Black and White" pays back the courtesy of the game.


In such an incomprehensible mood, the boys will play for the second leg against the Ukrainian wing. By the way, you have to talk a little bit about the first game. Despite the fact that the German soldier had to go to Kharkov, the "eagles" did an excellent job with their task. The guests came forward twice and had even more of the ball. In terms of percentage, there are even 56%.



There is nothing special to say about the Donetsk team. The boys Fonseca were hostages of the brutal conditions of the Ukrainian championship. Throughout the winter this noble tournament was in peace. It's understandable because you need to take a break from the busy schedule and melt the snow. The championship will only start after the 1/16 finals of the European Cup tournament. We're worried that it's too late to get in shape through official matches.


I want to remember the sad fact - our today's heroes took part in the group stage of the championship league, but the cruel fate lowered them. Manchester City and Lyon were more mobile. It was the two named teams that continued to enter the Champions League. In the home game, the moles have actually dug their own graves. In a relatively domestic arena, you can not miss two goals in a fight with such an opponent.


Prediction for this game

The owners do not even have to win. We are indeed confident that the Eagles will make the enemy feel first, but then deliver the decisive punch. The miner's line of attack is now in a primitive state.


The bet is the victory of Eintracht.


Eintracht and Shakhtar Donetsk will decide in the rematch of the 1/16 Europa League on 21 February who will get a ticket for the next round of the tournament. We appreciated the chances of the teams and made a prediction for the game.

Harmony Fr

This season is quite successful for the "Adler". Eintracht is in seventh place in the national championship, but still claims to be in the European competition. Only two points separate him from the fifth line.


In the final part of the season, Adi Hütter's wards experienced a "bound" syndrome. Eintracht have been tied for the last five matches in a row, although the winner was not determined at the first meeting with Shakhtar. After a 2-2 draw in the opposing field, the German club has good chances to reach the next round.


Overall, Aytraht is very successful in the Europa League. Before a draw at Shakhtar Hyuttelars players won all six games of the group stage.


In the infirmary of the team are Gelson Fernandez, Lucas Torro and Sebastian Rode.


Shakhtar Donetsk

For the Pitmen, the first game of confrontation was not the best. Not only did Shakhtar miss twice, so almost the entire game was played in the minority. Already in the 11th minute of the game Stepanenko received a "red card".


In the group stage of the Europa League the Ukrainian club did not play. Wards Paulo Fonseca played in the Champions League, where, accompanied by "Manchester City", "Lion" and "Hoffenheim" finished third. The only victory of the Pitmen was also won just over the German representative Hoffenheim (3: 2).


Taras Stepanenko and Serhiy Kryvtsov will miss the game due to the disqualification.



Statistics and personal meetings

Eintracht won six of the last seven games in the Europa League.

In three home games of the Europa League, the group stage "Ayracht" scored ten goals.

The total of over 2.5 has been played in six out of seven concord games in the current Europa League.

In all three away games of the current European season Shakhtar scored more than two goals.

At each of the last three games in European competitions, Shakhtar missed two or more goals away.



Bookmakers are considered the favorite of the German club. "Aytraht" has the group tournament quite convincing. The team scores very much at home. In addition, the German championship is now in full swing, while Shakhtar prepared for a confrontation through friendly matches. We believe that the Germans are able to beat the miners at home.


Our prediction is that Eintracht wins 2.05


Spartak's former midfielder and Ukrainian team, as well as website expert Maxim Kalynychenko,, share his forecast for the Eintracht-Shakhtar-Euro League game Donetsk.

In the first game Eintracht hit twice, but failed against Shakhtar. What awaits you from the reunion meeting?


The harmony this season shows enough quality football to qualify as a candidate for a place in the Champions League. While in the Bundesliga the "Eagles" are only on the eighth line, they separate seven points from fourth place, which is still possible for the remaining time until the end of the season.


In the Europa League Adi Hütter showed with six out of six possible wins a very strong football. In the group were the "eagles" "Marseille", "Lazio" and "Apollon", so that the result of "harmony" at the end of the group round can certainly be described as outstanding.


Shakhtar went into the winter break of the Ukrainian championship in December and has not played any official matches since then. Another factor that clearly speaks against the Pitmen in the confrontation with Eintracht is the path of Yaroslav Rakitsky to Zenit - the first fight with the Germans showed that his team is clearly not enough.


In many ways, the fate of the first game was set by the premature removal of Taras Stepanenko, after which Shakhtar had to completely change their game plan and his attack strength was apparently abated. Despite the majority Eintracht could not beat the Ukrainian club, which he can clearly regret next Thursday.


I propose an option with an Asian handicap (0) on Shakhtar for a factor of 2.78


Thursday night will inspire us with the Battle of LE between Eintracht Fri and Shakhtar. In the first game, the opponents delighted the fans with goals - 2: 2. Let's see how their return match will end.


The "eagles" in the last game looked better, but it was not their merit, because the Donetsk team had 80 minutes to fight the ten men. So far, the team has a series of 5 confrontations that ended peacefully, and only the defense brings the hosts.


The Pitmen could not do anything special because the Fonseca squad was in minority groups. Nevertheless, they managed to escape the loss. Ukrainians love to attack, and the field factor does not embarrass them at all.


The forecast for the match "Eintracht" - "Shakhtar", F2 (+1). The situation is not easy, but the best bet is that the Pitmen do not lose the loser.


The result of the first game in Kharkiv is a draw with a score of 2: 2. This clearly confirms Eintracht as the favorite of the entire opposition. Given the fact that Shakhtar from the eleventh minute of a one-week duel played in the minority and two defeats could escape, he left the Pitmen for the time being. In equivalent compositions, the outcome of the confrontation of these rivals can be far more unpredictable than anyone thinks.


In addition to equality, the composition of both teams is not 100% optimal. In Shakhtar, the disqualified Taras Stepanenko (for the cancellation in Kharkiv) and Serhiy Kryvtsov (brute force of the yellow cards) will definitely not participate in the Frankfurt game. Besides these players, the question remains participation in the fight against another center-back Ivan Ordets.


Eintracht's coach Adi Hütter has problems with players with similar positions. David Abraham, center-back, and two of the centerhs at once - Gelson Fernandes and Sebastian Rode - were injured. If the latter two have no time to wake up by Thursday, Mentor Eintracht has to bang his head over the grid.


Indicative compositions

Eintracht: Trapp - Hinteregger, Hasebe, Ndika - Da Costa, Fernandes (De Guzman), Rode, Kostic - Gacinovic - Rebic, Jovic


Shakhtar: Pyatov - Butko, Matvienko, Khocholava (Bondarenko), Ismaili - Maicon, Alan Patrick - Marlos, Kovalenko, Tyson - Moraes


Eintracht is a favorite, but you should not underestimate the Miner's ability in attack. However, what can not be underestimated is the potential impact of the entire fight. We recommended that you bet on the "top" of the goals the week before. Now this forecast is just as relevant. All the more relevant given the new and still possible loss of teams in key defensive positions - the Defense Center and the Support Zone.


Suppose Eintracht and Miner will not be in the central circle and will have enough moments for two to score three or four goals. Indicate and recommend.

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