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Manchester City - Hoffenheim 12.12. Free soccer tips





Free soccer tips


In the Champions League in the 6th round on December 11, 2018 at 23:00, Liverpool will play against Napoli at the Enfield Stadium.


Liverpool is located in Group C in third place, having 6 points on its balance sheet. For five rounds played, the team came out the winner only 2 times and has a goal difference of 8: 7. At its stadium, the club won all two past fights, one against the Red Star, and the second against PSG, with a total score of 7-2. In the previous round, the "Reds” played away against PSG and lost 1-2. The only goal from Jurgen Klopp was scored by Milner. Confrontation of the 6th round will be very important for the players, because it depends on their fate in the Champions League.

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Napoli is the leader of Group C, with 9 points scored and a goal difference of 7: 4. The team held 5 confrontations and during this time did not lose once to opponents. In two fights the club managed to win Victoria, over the Red Star and Liverpool. Both were obtained at their stands, and on the road the players played two matches in a draw. In the last guest meeting, the "Blue" opposed PSG and dispersed the world, with a score of 2-2. On Rui recorded an own goal of the fight, and in the opponent's goal Insigne and Mertens pocketed. Both players are top scorers in the Carlo Ancelotti.


At his stadium, Liverpool has not yet lost to Napoli and scored at least 3 goals here. For both teams, this will be a very important match, because it can be decisive in the fight for the pass further, so the hosts will seriously tune in and get motivated from the stands, which as a result will help to win and reach the Champions League playoffs. Bet: Liverpool victory - P1.

Free soccer predictions

Forecast: П1 with a coefficient 1.68


The European Football Feast will continue this Wednesday. It is on this godly day that a series of pleasant confrontations will take place within the framework of the sixth round of the group stage of the most "eared” league. Our analysts in this article would like to focus on the Manchester City confrontation against Hoffenheim. The event will be held in England at the Etihad Stadium.


The powerful of this world have no doubts about the winner. It is useless to even look into bookmaker quotes, because the future owners there are elevated to the rank of gods. It is difficult to argue with such a policy, because the "blue" have not yet guaranteed their first place in the group. On the reverse side of the chocolate medal a small coefficient is engraved, on which we don’t want to bet. We need to look for more decent options.

Free soccer tips

Manchester city

"Citizens” this season are rightfully considered to be one of the most significant heroes in world football. That's just, Guardiola wards also have failures. For a start, you can recall the "warm" relationship between the British and French Lyons. Even in the first round, our today's heroes lost to the "weavers” in the home mast, and on the twenty-seventh of November is the world.


Let's also recall the recent match against Chelsea. The London team, even with native tribunes, was clearly an outsider. Already at the end of the first half, Kante managed to refute this unpleasant status. And on the seventy-eighth minute, Louis set the final score 2: 0. No matter how the world’s publications call the "citizens”, they also have rotten tomatoes in their garden.

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The "peasants" is not a fruitful period. In today's four extreme matches, our today's heroes have never managed to win. In the last round of the German championship in the away battle against Wolfsburg, the boys skated the world 2: 2. All these unsatisfactory results are a consequence of the match against Shakhtar Donetsk, in which the Germans missed the world as a minority in the final minutes.


The future sparring against the English grandee will be the last for the Germans in the current Champions League. There are still chances to break into the zone of the European league, but for this you need to win in the last round. To believe in such an outcome is difficult, because the "eagles" will be motivated after the failure against Chelsea. Away "farmers" lost two of the two possible matches.

Free soccer tips

Prediction for this match

Guardiola at the moment can not boast of a reliable defense. The German guests can only run with the forks ahead, because even the world does not suit the "peasants". In such a situation, you can even expect a productive duel.

Free soccer picks

Bet - both teams will score a goal.



The new season for Monaco is a real disaster, not only in the Champions League, but also in the French Championship. If we talk about the Champions League, then in their group A the French club occupies the last line. There is only one item on the team account.

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For the last 5 matches of the group stage, the "red-whites” have not won a single meeting. In total, there were four defeats and one draw. Two home games wards Thierry Henry lost, while the latter with a crushing 0-4.


In 5 of the last 7 games in the Champions League, the Monegasques were defeated both in the half and in the match. In addition, it is worth noting that "Monaco” does not win in this European tournament already 13 fights in a row.

Free soccer tips

As for the goals, in the current draw the club missed a lot. Over 5 meetings 12 goals conceded. In 6 of the last 7 games in the Champions League, the projectile hit the gate of the team at least twice.


The situation is aggravated by a huge number of injured players, including Subasic, Jovetić, Traore, Sidibe, Glik and Mbula.

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"Borussia Dortmund"

In the "bumblebee" the situation is good. Lucien Favre and his team can definitely count on participating in European competitions in the spring. The gap from Brugge is 5 points, but from the first position the German club is only 2 points apart and in the case of Atletico’s misfire, it will be possible to count on leadership in the group.


On the account of "Borussia” 3 wins, one loss and one draw. Dortmund misses a club from a little - only 2 goals in 5 fights. It is likely that the upcoming match will not be an exception.

Free soccer tips

An unpleasant draw with "Brugge” at the home stadium left the "Borussia” behind "Atletico”. Now you need to play to win and hope for luck.


There can be no talk of underestimating Monaco, but the guests will definitely not sit back in defense.


If Borussia wants to get out of first place, then she must win. Victory guests rate factor 1.75. We propose to bet on this outcome.

Free soccer picks

You can also pay attention to the option with the victory of "Borussia” and a total total of more than 2.5. In the last three games, more than two goals in total were scored between these teams. The coefficient for this to happen is 2.44.


One of the central matches of the sixth round of the Champions League group stage will be a duel in which Manchester City will fight with the German Hoffenheim. The bookmakers consider the future home team to be the clear favorite of this meeting, but you should pay attention to the fact that City in the match against Chelsea did not look the best way, while Hoffé showed excellent run numbers in the last Bundesliga round. The Nagelsmann team finally pressed the Wolfsburg in the end, scoring a return goal and making the away match a draw.

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Apparently, Manchester City began to decline, even in the match against Watford it became noticeable that in the end of the meeting the "eagles” had problems. The fight against Chelsea showed that in terms of functionality, the "citizens” look weaker than the competitor, which resulted in 0: 2 and the loss of the first position in the NPS standings. In addition, we should not forget that the problem of reaching the playlist of the Champions League for Manchester City has been solved, and to guarantee the first position in the upcoming game, a draw will be enough.

Free soccer tips


The Germans are in great shape, Nagelsmann has a great line of attack, but there are some problems in defense. In the first match against Manchester City, Joffe managed to score, but the "peasants” could not even keep a draw. Now, given the decline in the IS, it is likely that the Germans will be able to catch on with their glasses.



Manchester City missed in 4 games in a row, there is every reason to believe that in the upcoming game, Sir Alex will also miss at least once in their gates. Our free game forecast: Hofheim's goal


After five rounds of the group stage of the Champions League Manchester City has already guaranteed itself the first line, while Hoffenheim only needs to win Etihad to get into the Europa League, and then with a favorable outcome in the parallel match of the quartet F.

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Manchester City with ten points comes first. Previously, he quite unexpectedly lost the duel to Lyon (1: 2 and 2: 2), mocked Shakhtar (3: 0 and 6: 0), and also minimally dealt with Hoffenheim (2: 1). In terms of the game, Guardiola's wards are one of the strongest teams in the world, so they are considered the main contenders for winning the Champions League.


But Hoffenheim only debuted in the most prestigious club tournament in Europe. But for the tour to the finish of the group stage, he predictably goes the last with three points in the asset. The peasants doubled their meetings with Lyon (3: 3 and 2: 2) in a draw, came out losers from a duel with Shakhtar (2: 2 and 2: 3), and also predictably lost to the British (1: 2). But the wards Nagelsmann pleased their own and neutral fans of the attacking style of the game.

Free soccer tips

After the fulfillment of the cherished goals, all teams of Guardiola are not playing at full strength. This should take advantage of Hoffenheim, who has nowhere to retreat.


Hoffenheim victory with a handicap (+2.5) at 1.6



The favorite of Group F in the Champions League in the final round will take on their Hoffenheim arena. For the City, this match is exclusively a control standoff, in which Guardiola will be able to check the nearest reserve. The English club still has a chance to give primacy to Lyon, because the French club is three points behind Manchester, having an advantage in personal meetings, but for this, Guardiola's wards need to lose and Lyon to win Shakhtar. It is unlikely that we will see the City reserve too much in this match, but the rotation of some of the players of the base will definitely be.

Free soccer predictions

In the last round of the Premier League Manchester, Chelsea was defeated (0: 2), which led to solid criticism from experts and fans. Such a local failure serves as a solid motivation for the players of the club to successfully perform in the Champions League.



After losing to Shakhtar in the last match of the Champions League group stage (2: 3), Hoffenheim sank to third place in the standings and lost the chance to continue playing in the Champions League. But to go to third place and place in the playoffs of the Europa League Hoffenheim requires a mandatory victory over the City. Also for the wards of Nagelsmann the result of a parallel match is important, where the miner must lose to Lyon.

Free soccer tips

As you can see, the alignment does not look in favor of the German club. Yes, and Hoffenheim now is not in the best shape, having an unpleasant series of four matches without a win.


In the national championship Hoffenheim takes a good seventh place, which can easily turn into fourth place (the gap is only 3 points). Nagelsmann manages his team well, fully owning all the levers of influence on this nice German team.



The bookmakers consider Manchester to be the undisputed favorite of the match, the winning result of which is estimated at 1.21. A draw in this duel is quoted for 7.80, and the victory of Hoffenheim for 15.00. The advantage of the English grandee looks overwhelming. Popular bets on the performance of the match received from the bookmakers the following figures: "total over 2.5” for 1.29, "total less than 2.5” for 3.46. Here, bookmakers are confident of high performance of the game.

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Manchester City in this match will play exclusively to win, because Hoffenheim is a completely passable opponent for Guardiola's charges. Manchester needs to urgently redeem for an offensive defeat from Chelsea, especially in front of native fans. The guest team only miracle will help achieve a positive result in this confrontation.


Bet: Manchester victory with a handicap (-1.5) – 1.53.

Finals of the second round should be determined to be 1/8 finals of the Champions League in the group "F”. Shakhtar doesn’t have to lose. We offer a forecast for this match.


In spite of the fact that the game has reached the next round. The Pitmen were greatly helped by the duel with Hoffenheim in Germany. It was a match for a score of 3: 2. Now, "Shakhtar” will match the next round.

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In this tournament, the game draws Pitmen lost to Manchester City (0: 3) and (0: 6) twice (2: 2), struggling to win in Lyon (2: 2). ), and now the Germans won the away match (3: 2).


Yaroslav Rakitsky and Fernando Pedro will not be able to help in this decisive bout. Dentinho.

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"Lion” played well against Manchester City in this draw. The team of Bruno Genesio beat the "citizens” at a party (2: 1), and then achieved a draw with them at home (2: 2). However, the "Lion” is ambiguous. Neither Shakhtar, nor Hoffenheim, has been drawn with both teams (2: 2). On the road, the Germans failed to defeat the Lion, the match ended in combat (3: 3). That's why Lyon, despite the fact that he won’t get to his playoffs.

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In Ligue 1, Lyon is the fourth, and over the weekend, the weavers lost Rennes (0: 2) away. Although it’s a battle for the last ten matches.


There are losses at Lyon too. This is the club's top scorer in the Champions League Maxwell Corn. She is a Doubt and Tangaya Ndombele is in doubt.



Shakhtar's unbeaten run is equal to five matches.

In the Champions League, Shakhtar won only one of the last six fights.

There are five wins in seven meetings.

Free soccer tips

"Lion” lost only one of ten past matches.

Champions League has already reached eight matches.

In the last five matches, the "weavers” in the Champions League played the "total over 2.5” bet.



Despite this, the Shakhtar team has experienced a lot of experience. It’s finals, departing from Roma. In addition, although the club promises to be excellent.


Our forecast is a miner's victory with a handicap (0) for 1.73


"Manchester city"

"Citizens" have already reserved a place in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. At the moment they are the first in their quartet and they will be able to lose this position only if they lose and Lion wins over Shakhtar.


In their group, the team of Guardiola lost only points with the French, when at first she lost to the "weavers” in her field with a score of 1: 2, and in the last round she drew in a draw in France - 2: 2.

Free soccer tips

But the other opponents of the British beat. "Hoffenheim” they overcame on its territory - 2: 1, and the Ukrainian team "ManCity” defeated in both meetings (3: 0 - away and 6: 0 - at home).


On the domestic scene, the "blue moon” lost its leading position, losing in the last game of the championship on the road, Chelsea with a score of 0: 2. Now the standings are headed by Liverpool, ahead of City by one point.

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The defenders Ellakim Mangala and Benjamin Mendi will not play due to injuries.



Having lost to Shakhtar in the last round in their arena (2: 3), the "countrymen” dropped to the last place in Group F, retaining only the ghostly chances of getting into the Europa League.


To do this, Hoffenheim definitely needs to take three points in the game with the English and hope to lose to Shakhtar in the home game against Lion.

Free soccer tips

In his quartet, the squad of Julian Nagelsman lost two games and made three draws. She gave in on her territory to the Ukrainian team and "ManCity” (1: 2). She shared points with Shakhtar (2: 2) and in two games with Lion (3: 3 and 2: 2).


In the championship of Germany after 14 rounds, Hoffenheim is on the seventh line in the standings, having 22 points to its credit and concedes top 4 three points. In the last match in the Bundesliga, the "village" shared points with "Wolfsburg" (2: 2) at a party.

Free soccer tips

Midfielders Lukas Rupp and Havard Nordtveit are in the team’s infirmary, and midfielder Kerem Demirbey and forward Adam Salai will miss the upcoming bout due to suspension.



In the upcoming match, bookmakers give preference to the hosts: Manchester City win - 1.20, Hoffenheim win - 14.50, draw - 7.70.


"ManSiti”, which solved the problem with the exit to the playoffs of the tournament, will not be burdened with playing the result and will play for his own pleasure, which will give some chances to the guests.


We think that in this situation, opponents will be able to exchange effective blows.


Wednesday will delight the match of the sixth Champions League round, in which Man City will take on Hoffenheim. Recall that in the course of the first round, the victory went to the British with great difficulty - 1: 2. But now they will help the home atmosphere.

Free soccer tips

"Citizens” have made a place in the playoffs, but so far it is not clear where from. The players of Guardiola scored 10 points in 5 rounds - 3 victoria, world and fiasco. Interestingly, both times the misfire was allowed in games against Lion. In the extreme duel, the team bounced 2: 0 from Chelsea.


"Blue-white" is still in fourth place, but there are chances to cling to the LE. On the account of Nagesman’s team, 3 points - 3 draws and 2 losses with a total score of 10:12. We also note that the club often misses, which is their main problem.

Free soccer tips

The forecast for the match "Man City" - "Hoffenheim", P1 in the first half of the game. The hosts are strong and motivated. Most likely, the Sir Alexis from the first minutes rush to the attack and come forward in the first half.


It will be enough for the hosts not to lose in the last match of the Champions League group stage to guarantee themselves first place in the F quartet, but Hoffenheim has no chance to continue the fight in the Champions League, but there is a theoretical opportunity to get to third place, which gives the right to continue the Euroseason in the Europa League. For this, the German team needs to win Man City and hope that Lyon will win Shakhtar in Kiev.


Of course, the task of Hoffenheim does not look at all feasible, especially considering how many important players the team lost before leaving for Manchester. Two players will serve their disqualification - midfielder Kerem Demirbay and forward Adam Salai, two more performers are injured - defenders Havard Nordtveit and Kevin Vogt. We don’t even remember about Lukas Rupp and Nadya Amiri - people have been curing from the very beginning of the season.

Free soccer tips

Of course, the City has losses. Similarly, they will not play in the match with Hoffenheim Kevin De Bruyne and Benjamin Mendi, questionable participation in the match Sergio Aguero, David Silva and Alexander Zinchenko. But the Guardiola team and the bench are noticeably longer, and the general class of players is much higher, so as not to notice the consequences of the loss of even a whole group of players.


Indicative compositions

Man City: Ederson - Walker, Company, Lapport, Delf - Bernardo Silva, Gundogan, Fernandinho (Foden) - Marez, Jesus, Stirling

Free soccer tips

Hoffenheim: Baumann - Bichakchich, Posch, Hübner - Kadezhabek, Grillitch, Kramarich, Schultz - Nelson, Joelinton, Belfodil


Prediction for the match Manchester City - Hoffenheim

Free soccer tips

City in this match is waiting for the defeat of an opponent in response to the first defeat of the season in the Premier League (0: 2 from Chelsea at the weekend), but we still assume that Guardiola will not require mandatory bullying of his charges against Hoffenheim, preferring to save his emotions players for other more important matches. In front of the City dwellers, the December schedule is tense in the Premier League and League Cup, the matches will follow each other in 3-4 days, and therefore the hosts will try to win without a super effort in the Champions League game, which does not solve so much in the future fate of the City. Approximately the same way they did it in the away match with Hoffenheim, where, we recall, the victory was 2: 1.

Free soccer predictions

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