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PSG - Napoli 24.10 Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips



PSG this season also has no equal in France, but now in the European arena, the team already has problems. No, in the second round, Tuhelya's wards calmly crushed the Red Star (6: 1) at home, but in the first round they lost to Liverpool - 3: 2. In fact, the defense is not the strongest quality of the "red-blue", they just meet opponents in the national perception, such are found. Well, at home, Parisians act as a simple deadly one - on average, a team scores 4 goals per match.

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Napoli also shows good football, but very often stumbles. This is especially evident in the away matches, where the "partyenopeytsy” can easily miss 3 goals. And in the Champions League wards Allegri failed to outplay even the Red Star - 0: 0. In the second round of the group stage, Neapolitans beat Liverpool at home (1: 0), so native fans are very important to this club, because they help to win


The third round of the championship league will continue on Wednesday. By tradition, a lot of intriguing sporting events are expected on the reporting day. In one of these, PSG will meet Napoli. This confrontation can be baptized in the style of a priest as holy, in that it stands out from the rest. The event will take place under the Eiffel Tower at the stadium that bears the original name "Parc des Princes”.

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The teams are united by the fact that both of them in the last round managed to achieve extremely important victories in the championship league. Despite the seemingly equal position, the bookmakers put the hosts as the clear favorite of the battle. With such a position it remains only to accept. We would also recommend betting on the French, but there are a couple hiccups. The guests have already shown that they are ready to make out favorites, and the kof 1.60 can be significantly improved.



Let's start our walk along the french path. In the domestic championship, our today's heroes have already managed to skate as many as ten rounds, after which they settled down on the first step. The thesis has already been said a hundred times that there is no competition in Ligue 1. No one can get Neymar and company. The closest antagonist under the guise of Lille is behind by as much as eight points. Already you can hand over the title.


We turn to the most juicy moment - the championship league. In the opening match on the road, the Parisians lost to Liverpool 3: 2. However, already in the second game day, poor Red Star Zvezda suffered with a score of 6: 1. "Lucky" Serbs to get into such a basket. Neymar and his faithful companions need to gain maximum points in order to cling to second place in the peloton.

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Extreme luz in the domestic championship was recorded on September twenty-ninth, when our today's heroes lost to Juventus with a score of 3: 1. Then followed two half-troubles over Sassuolo and Udinese. In the standings of the Serie A Neapolitans are located on the second line. The main problem is that in the Italian championship, it seems, the intrigue of the championship is dying. The gap from Juve is four points.


Recently, Napoli has not missed a single goal, but this time the guys will come to visit the team, which only let them eat hard nuts. In the standings of group C, future guests are on the first line. Obviously, this is a temporary phenomenon. Yes, we managed to beat Liverpool, but it's hard to imagine that lightning will hit a sensational coefficient a second time.

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Prediction for this match

Parisians only need to win, because the direct competitor for getting into the play-off championship league will jump on them. In the red-blue home game you have to win and it is advisable to do it with a confident mine.


Bet - PSG victory with a handicap of -1.0.


One of the central matches of the third round of the Champions League will be a duel between the French team PSG and Italian Napoli. Both teams started well in the season, Parisians are leading in their national championship. The bookmakers in this pair are on the "red-blue” side, for PSG for the current season there is a clear goal to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League, the team of Tuhelya focuses on the European competition.

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League Leader 1

After 10 rounds played in the championship of France, PSG is in first place in the championship standings, the team has 30 points, which is eight points than Lille, who is on the second line of the peloton. In the Champions League, PSG defeated the Red Star 6: 1, but lost to Liverpool 2: 3. In order to secure a position in the TOP-2 group, you need to score 4 points in two matches against Napoli.


After Juve

Napoli after an away defeat against Juventus, which happened on September 29, had three fights and won three times, never missing goals in his own net. At first, the Neapolitans were stronger than Liverpool 1: 0, then Sassuolo 2: 0, and after, Udinese 3: 0. It is worth paying attention to the fact that Napoli never missed a goal during this period, but the attack of PSG will surely force the Italians to work hard.



PSG is now very good, not so long ago the Parisians declassified Lyon 5: 0, and before that they defeated the strong Red Star 6: 1. There are absolutely no prerequisites for the future home team to lose points in the upcoming game. Our free forecast for this meeting: Victory PSG

Free soccer tips

Match 3 rounds of the group stage of the Champions League PSG - Napoli will be held on Wednesday October 24 at 22:00 (MSK) at the Stade de Princes. In this game, the bookmakers consider PSG a favorite, believing that he will win the match with a difference of at least two goals. On Saturday, the team of Tomas Tuchel played another bout in the French championship and easily beat Amiens, sending five unanswered goals to the opponents. It was the second consecutive victory of the Parisians with this score. For the third time in a row, they won by five goals. For the fifth time in a row, PSG won with a big score. And for the sixth time in a row, he simply won - in all six matches, the Tuchel team scored more than two goals. In general, this season PSG won 12 of 13 matches, losing only once. And in his field, he won all seven matches of the season with a total score of 30: 3. In the Champions League after a guest defeat against Liverpool with a score of 2: 3, PSG defeated Crvena Zvezda in his field with a score of 6: 1.


Napoli on Saturday won with a big score 3-0 visiting Udinese. It was his third consecutive victory without conceding goals. For the entire season, wards Carlo Ancelotti played 11 official matches, scoring eight wins and losing only two times. At the same time in most of the fights - in 6 out of 11, Napoli did not miss a single goal. On the road, he won three of the six matches of the season, losing twice and reducing one match to a draw. In the Champions League, Napoli started with a guest draw with the Red Star 0-0, after which he beat Liverpool in his field with a minimum score of 1: 0. In the upcoming game against PSV, as experts believe the site Bookmakers.rf, to achieve even a draw he will not succeed. Most likely, the owners will win. And even before the break, they can get an advantage in the account.

Free soccer tips


PSG victory - 1.46, draw - 4.93, Napoli victory – 6.31.


After the August draw, "Napoli" was assigned the second role in Group C. After two rounds, the Italians lead this quartet. Will their positions be strengthened after meeting with PSG? - details in the forecast of our experts.

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Last season, PSG was one of the main contenders for winning the Champions League. Now the quotation of French football players is outside the top five. The French champion shares in this section the sixth line with "Real” and "Bavaria”.


This summer, the Parisians headed the German - Thomas Tuchel. In the first fight on the continental level, his team did not have a few minutes to hold a draw on Anfield. In case of equality 2: 2 forward "red” - Roberto Firmino scored the decisive ball in the time compensated by the referee. Two weeks later, the loser of the starting game figured out with the best club in Serbia - the Red Star. A colossal advantage over the Balkans resulted in a 6: 1 hockey game (Neymar's hat-trick).


In Ligue1, the home team is the undisputed leader, 100%, 30 points after ten fights, the goal difference between goals conceded is 37: 6.

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A year ago, Napoli played in the same qualifying group with Manchester City, Shakhtar and Feyenoord and was weaker than not only the British, but also the Ukrainians. In the playoffs of the Europa League, the Italians played below the expectations of their fans.


In the summer on the coaching bridge "Partenopei" there was a change. Maurizio Sarri gave way to the workplace of Carlo Ancelotti, by the way, who had experience in PSG. With the mastitis allenator, the Neapolitans led the quartet S. Moreover, contrary to sound logic. "Blue" played in a zero draw with the underdog - "Red Star" and minimally beat on the "Sao Paulo" favorite - "Liverpool". Lorenzo Insigne, after a pass of José Kallejona, did not let another 0: 0 go into the statistics.


In Serie A, the guests perform better than all clubs, with the exception of Juventus. In the last round, they beat Udinese on the road (3-0). "Old Lady” has four points more.

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In all official matches of PSG this season, TB (2.5) made their way through.

PSG scored and missed in both the Champions League.

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PSG did not miss in the last two matches Ligi1.

"Napoli" scored in one Champions League game from two.

"Napoli" has not missed in the current draw of the Champions League.

"Napoli" did not miss in the last three official games.

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"Napoli" did not lose in the Champions League-2018/19.

Four years ago, a friendly face-to-face meeting ended with a 2: 1 score in favor of the French.



PSG is the favorite of this match. Under Thomas Tuhele, the Parisians are more productive than even under Unai Emery. We expect that on Wednesday a dry series of Neapolitans will be interrupted. At the same time, the defense of the hosts in the games of the Champions League failed even with the Red Star. We believe that the guests will not leave the "Parc des Princes” without a goal.

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Predict "both score (yes)" and put on it with a quote of 1.68 in the BC 1xStavka. As a second bet, we offer to add to the first double chance of the hosts with a quote of 1.88



Champions League. It is too early to sum up the interim results and look at the common positions in the group. But for the sake of order, we say that due to personal meetings, PSG takes only the third place in Group C (3 points).


In the first round, the Parisians were inferior to Liverpool in the game (9-17 in blows) and in the last minutes lost in the score - 2: 3. In the second match, the "princes" with a frantic 33 blows and 70% of the possession defeated the Red Star 6: 1.

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Last matches. They vividly demonstrate the current form of the Tuhelya team - "PSG” indiscriminately tore into the trash both Lyon and Amiens at 5: 0. True, the fight against the "weavers” became significant not even with Mbappa poker, but with injuries of Verratti and Di Maria. Both havchik is open to question.


Feature. Offsides and cards. The Paris attack is very fast and often just forgets to balance on the line. On average, PSG is offside 3.5 times per game. At the same time, the Paris defense is incredibly gallant. During this time, the "princes" snatched from the referee only one yellow.

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Champions League. "Zero” against "Red Star” in Belgrade and the victory over Liverpool in the final minutes (1: 0). It is noteworthy that with the start of the season, Napoli could not score only two clubs: Sampdoria and Crvene Zvezda.


Last matches. Two important "dry” victories in the championship of Italy: over "Sassuolo” (2: 0) and "Udinese” (3: 0). What is against "disbelieve”, that against "zebras” was an equal game (12-10 and 9-7 according to the moments respectively).


Feature. You will laugh - again offsides and cards. "Napoli" makes the wind not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of a successful fight.

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For example, in the Italian Championship, Neapolitans receive an average of 2.1 yellow cards per game. In the Champions League, this figure is higher because in the two games Napoli received five yellow.


By offside, we note that their density among the Parthenopeyts is even higher than that of the Parisians - exactly 4 per game on average.



As we have casually mentioned, Angel Di Maria and Marco Verratti are awaiting a survey, after which Tuchel will decide on their participation in this duel.


But in "Napoli” the situation is no better: Insigne and Coulibaly complain of muscle discomfort, and Simone Verdi pulled the groins.


We predict that this will make its own adjustments to the game, but both clubs will still attack. "Napoli” lately, too much allows the opponent, and "PSG” at home is scary.

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Our bet is "Both Score” for 1.66.


On Wednesday evening in Paris will be one of the matches of the 3rd round of the Champions League group stage, in which PSG will take Napoli.


The last time these teams met in 2014, when the sparring ended with the score 1: 2 in favor of the Parisians. I wonder if the Neapolitans will be able to take revenge in the official match?


PSG just gorgeous shows itself in the French Championship, but in the European version the team has problems again. And you will not say that Thomas Tuhelya did not change the game for the team, just something is still missing. Here in the Champions League "red-blue" first on the road gave way to Liverpool (3: 2), and after the house crushed the Red Star (6: 1). But in general, the Parisians trash everyone, everything and everywhere, because even they scored 2 goals for Liverpool ...

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But Napoli is extremely unstable, although for the 2 rounds of the Champions League team and scored 4 points. So, at first, on the road, the wards of Carlo Ancelotti failed to defeat the Red Star (0: 0), and after the house beat Liverpool (1: 0). However, the whole strength of the "partyenopeys” lies in the home game, while on the road, they fail in defense ...


In anticipation of the fight bookmakers are completely inclined to victory PSG, with which it is not worth arguing. In fact, the Parisians are simply gorgeous at home, and the Neapolitans are away on the road. Most likely, the hosts will begin to lead the game from the first minutes, so it’s better to bet on them ...


Free match prediction for PSG - Napoli: "Victory PSG”. Bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.47 for such an outcome.

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Wednesday will give another interesting match of the Champions League, in which PSG and "Napoli" will fight each other. The rivals intersected in 2014, and then the Parisians won. Will the Italians get revenge? See the forecast.


The "red-blue ones” powerfully conduct the matches of League 1, but at the Euro-Arena the team showed itself ambiguous. First, they rebounded 3: 2 from Liverpool, and then devastatingly beat 6: 1 to the Red Star. In general, the team acts quite confidently, and smashes the opponent for the opponent.

Free soccer tips

"Parthenopeytsy" so far look not quite stable, because it turned out only 4 points in the Champions League. Ancelotti's squad managed to beat 1: 0 Liverpool, and before that there was a world 0-0 with the Red Star. The fact is that the team performs powerfully in the home arena, but with departures it is weak.


The forecast for the match "PSG" - "Napoli", P1. The hosts aim to prove themselves in the tournament, so the Italians should not detain them. In addition, on the road they are not playing.

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