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Valencia - Manchester United 12.12. Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips


The European Football Feast will continue this Wednesday. It is on this godly day that a series of pleasant confrontations will take place within the framework of the sixth round of the group stage of the most "eared” league. Our analysts in this article would like to dwell on the confrontation between Valencia and Manchester United. The event will take place in the warm Spanish port at the Mestalla stadium.


By betting odds, like instant coffee is difficult to predict the fate of the upcoming confrontation. There are no favorites, which is not surprising, because the two teams will meet, to which a lot of questions have accumulated this season. It's a shame only that no tournament puzzle will be revealed, because the outcome is already known. Let's try to squeeze out a decent ratio.

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The "bats” of the eighth played a crucial match in the domestic championship. In the native arena, the lads received guests from Seville. The first match was quiet, and in the second Sarabia managed to distinguish itself for the guests. Everything went to a logical loss, but in the ninety second minute, Diakhabi managed to level the score. Forty thousand fans left Mestal with a sense of relief.


In Europe, everything is already clear. After five rounds, our today's heroes scored five points. This indicator corresponds to the third position in the team event. The outcome is clear - the "bats” will be forced to play in the Europa League. The result is not bad considering that such difficult rivals fell in the group. In their home arena, the Spaniards beat Young Boys, but lost to Juventus.

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Manchester United

Many times our analysts have written something like "devils” are not stable this season, etc. Nobody will argue with this fact, but let's concentrate on the positive point - in the final round of the English regular championship, the team in their native arena managed to beat Fulham with a score of 4: 1. Such a feast "Old Trafford" has not seen for a long time.

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In the group stage of the championship league, everything is clear. Even the victory of the seventh of November against Juventus does not allow hopes for a leadership position. The gap from the Turints is two points. It would seem that if all the chances are to get ahead, it’s hard to believe that the "old lady” in a parallel match will twist around to the "young guys”. On the road with Sir Alexis two wins from two matches.


Prediction for this match

Hope dies last. There are still chances for the "devils" to break into the first line. Guests will come to Spain to dry the game. How convenient it turned out that against Valencia, such a tactic may work.

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Bet - Manchester United will not lose.


On Wednesday evening, Valencia will take on Manchester United in his field as part of the 6th round of the Champions League group stage.

Free soccer tips

As part of the first round, these teams played a draw in Manchester (0: 0), but maybe the return match will be more effective?


After 5 rounds, Valencia occupies the 3rd line of the group, and is not going anywhere from it. In total, during the group stage, Marcelino's wards extracted 5 points - a victory, 2 draws and 2 losses (the total score was 4: 5). Well, it is worth noting that now the "bats" still have not found themselves ...

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But MJ is the 2nd line of the group, so that the exit to the playoff team is provided. In all, in 5 rounds, Mourinho's players managed to get 10 points - 3 wins, a draw and a defeat, and the total score was 6: 2. However, on a visit, the Red Devils won both meetings, 0: 3, with Young Boy, and 1: 2 with Juventus. And in general: now mankunaintsy score quite a lot!


Bookmakers only slightly distinguish Valencia, but is it reasonable? In fact, the owners do not shine, but guests scored. So in this meeting, I expect powerful attacking actions from Sir Alex, and I recommend recommending them ...

Free soccer tips

Free prediction for the match Valencia - Manchester United: "Individual total MJ more than 1”. At such an outcome bookmaker Marathon offers a coefficient of 1.68.


One of the central matches of the sixth round of the Champions League group stage will be a duel in which Valencia will fight against Manchester United in Mestalla. Valencia from the upcoming meeting in the tournament plan does not need anything other than prestige, while Manchester United still has a chance to fight for the first place in Group H, but for this, next Wednesday the "red devils” need to defeat the "bats” in their den .


Care in La Liga

Valencia has not played in the Champions League for quite a while, and the Levantis will definitely try to "slam the door”. But, for sure, Marcelino is more concerned not with the fight against Manchester United, but with the future confrontation with Eibar on the opponent's field. The thing is that Valencia is only on the 14th position in the Spanish championship standings, while everything is clear in the Champions League, Valencia is the third in the group, in the spring it will play in the LEU playoffs.

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Finally defeat

Manchester United in the last five matches never lost, but Mourinho's team won the term only twice: Young Boys 1: 0 and Fulham 4: 1, both meetings were home. Now Manchester United will match on the road, and Sir Alex needs a victory, otherwise the first place in the group this team can not see.



Valencia is unlikely to win back the upcoming bout by the strongest squad, and Manchester United will arrive to win. In such a situation, it is more interesting to bet on the guests, who in tournament motivation have an advantage over the opponent. Our free game prediction: MJ will not lose

Free soccer picks

The confrontation between the Spanish and English teams will turn out to be far from the most intriguing, because they have already decided their tournament objectives - Valencia is guaranteed to finish third, and Manchester United - at least second.


After five rounds, the Levantis scored five points and scored themselves in the 1/16 finals of the Europa League. The Bats won a two-match duel with the Young Boys (3: 1 and 1: 1), painted the world 0: 0 with Manchester United and scored zero points in meetings with Juventus (0: 2 and 0: 1). Such a result for Marcelino wards is considered quite acceptable.

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Manchester United, despite the regular failures in the Premier League, in European competition holds a fairly high level. They managed to unexpectedly beat Juventus in personal meetings (0: 1 and 2: 1), coped with the Young Boys twice (3: 0 and 1: 0) and failed to break through the defense of Valencia (0: 0). Thus, the Mourinho wards go second in the H quartet, lagging behind the first line by only two points.


Quite unexpectedly, the small favorite of this meeting is Valencia. But her opponent is head and shoulders above the selection of performers, so MJ’s ambitions are unlikely to allow him to ingloriously lose on Mestalla.

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Manchester United will not lose (X2) at 1.57


In the final round of the Champions League group stage, Valencia receives Manchester United. Make your prediction for this match.


"Valencia” in November managed to produce a very vivid segment, after which, it seemed that the team of Marcelino Toral again became similar to itself of the sample of the last season. However, then the "bats" went too difficult matches. Valencia lost to Juventus (0: 1) and Real Madrid (0: 2), drew with Sevilla (1: 1), and only Ebro won in the Spanish Cup (1: 0).

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In the Champions League, the key to Valencia was the match with Juventus (0: 1). It was after him that the "bats” finally lost any chance of reaching the next round. Although in reality these chances would have been up to now if the Toral’s wards had won the Young Boys away. However, "Valencia" on the road played a draw with the Swiss (1: 1), and beat them at home (3: 1). Valencia lost to Juventus (0: 2) and (0: 1), and only Spaniards played away from Manchester United (0: 0).

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To help Valencia in this match will not be able to disqualified José Luis Gaia and the injured Gonçala Gedesh. Kevin Gameiro, Gabriel Paulista and Jayson Murillo are in question.



"Manchester United” this weekend almost for the first time this season showed the kind of game that the Mankunian fans would like to see played by the team. "Red Devils” effectively beat Fulham in the first half, eventually bringing the match to a devastating victory (4: 1). However, this result is the only "bright spot” in MJ after the break for the League of Nations.


In other meetings, the Red Devils tied with Crystal Palace (0: 0), Southampton (2: 2) and Arsenal (2: 2), and only Young Boys won (1 : 0).

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The key for Manchester United in this Champions League draw was the victory over Juventus (2: 1). It was she who allowed the Sir Alex to get a much needed advantage over Valencia. Moreover, in the case of victory in Spain and the loss of points by the "old signora”, the team of Jose Mourinho can still get to the first place in the group.


To help "Manchester United" in this match just can not Chris Smalling, Victor Lindelef and Alexis Sanchez. Anthony Marcial and Eric Bayi are also questionable for the match.

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Valencia have only one win in the last eight games of the Champions League.

In all four recent meetings of the "bats", the "total less than 2.5" bet was played.

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"Valencia” lost at home only one of the eight previous fights.

Win-win series Manchester United is equal to five matches.

In all three recent meetings, the DOJ has played a "total over 3.5” bet.

Free soccer tips

In the Champions League, the Red Devils won four of the nine previous away fights.

Immediately, five of the past six full-time meetings between the Ministry of Justice and Valencia, including this season, ended in draws.

In all these matches, the "Total Under 2.5" bet was played.



This match is more important for Valencia. The Bats are already flying out of the Champions League, and it is advisable for the Toral team to show that it was not a random guest here. Manchester United would like to take the first place, but hardly anyone in Manchester seriously believes that Juventus will not be able to win the Young Boys. Now it's more important for the Red Devils to prepare for the Liverpool derby this weekend.

Free soccer tips

Our forecast - Valencia will not lose and the total is less than 3.5 in 1.9.



Following the draw of the group round, taking into account the problems of the English club this season, observers did not rule out that Valencia had a chance to cling to the fight in the Champions League playoffs. Nevertheless, the Spanish club still could not stand this competition.

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Although after the second round, when the team took away a draw (0: 0) with Old Trafford, it seemed that she would have such an opportunity, especially since the Sir Alexis had to have a double duel with Juventus.

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However, one more draw at a party against the outsider of the quartet "Young Boys” essentially became fatal for the team, which lost chances for the 1/8 final after another defeat from the champion of Italy.


The situation is bad Marcelino wards and on the domestic scene. Following the results of 15 rounds of the Spanish championship "Bats" go to the 15th position in four points from the relegation zone.

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"Manchester United” after five rounds scored 10 points in the Champions League and has already secured a place in the playoffs. Now the team is on the second line, two points behind Juventus and five points ahead of Valencia.


During the group stage, the wards Jose Mourinho twice defeated the "Young Boys” (3: 0 and 1: 0), tied with "Valencia” (0: 0). In addition, Sir Alex exchanged outclass victories with Juventus (0: 1 at home and 2: 1 away).

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Champions League breaks. Tottenham need a victory at the Camp Nou, CSKA - at the Bernabeu

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The situation is worse in the English Premier League, where the Red Devils occupy the sixth place in eight points behind the Champions League zone. Most likely, the guests will play with a minor composition, because the chances of winning the group are minimal (we also need a non-win for Juventus from the Young Boys), and on Sunday we will have to leave for the principal rival Liverpool within the Premier League.



Bookmakers are considered the favorite of the home team, the coefficient for winning is 2.55, while the success of the guests is estimated at 2.80, and a draw at 3.30.


We recommend that Romelu Lukaku score and Manchester United win 5.00

Free soccer tips

Tomorrow there will be a Champions League meeting between Valencia and Man United. Recall that their first match ended peacefully 0: 0. Let's see how their return match will end.


"Bats" in third place, and already it will not go anywhere. The club managed to earn 5 points - a win, 2 world and as many losses with a total score of 4: 5. Marcelinho's footballers are spending a mediocre season and haven't been able to find their game yet.

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The "Reds” are on the second line and were able to provide themselves with a place in the playoffs. Team Mourinho earned 10 points - 3 wins, a peaceful outcome and a fiasco. Recall that in a foreign field the team only won - 0: 3 with "Young Boys” and 1: 2 with "Juventus”.


The forecast for the match "Valencia" - "Man United", TB1 from the guests. The hosts are not particularly pleased with their performances, but the British seem to have come to their senses. Most likely, Sir Alex will hold an active duel and score at least 1 ball.

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