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Wolverhampton - Chelsea 05.12 Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips



Wolverhampton at home at Moligno Stadium takes on Chelsea.


"Wolves” after a powerful start greatly slowed down. The team loses time after time, and the team lost 5 of the last 6 games, having played a draw with Arsenal at a party. Maybe this is all the coach, who played the same composition over and over again, which was exhausted physically and not only. The team that was famous for its defense is now missing a lot.


At home, they have to go to attack, revealing the rear, who would not come. Tottenham, taking advantage of this scored three goals, 2 each scored Watford and Huddersfield. Not only this, the team also managed to lose 1-2 to Cardiff in the last round, leading 1-0 in the account at the first half. Psychologically, not the best ending.


Chelsea is not without difficulty, but overcame Fulham in the last round. The team had a misfire with Everton, and then lost to the "spurs” in the case, but the last two games, including in the LE at PAOK, the team deserved. Finally, Giroud began to appear at the start, although he did not particularly remember anything. Team Surry is gaining momentum again.

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Away only 1 pockets, and then from the top, which is not a shame, plus there was a draw with BX. Teams below 10th place are often "aristocrats” do not notice. Plus, they won Liverpool, even in the Cup, which is worth it.


In the compositions of the owners will not play Ruben Neves, whose place is likely to be 18-year-old Morgan Gibbs-White. The guests questioned participation Kovachich and Alonso.


It would not want the "wolves" to interrupt their series of failures, but this is unlikely to happen in the upcoming meeting. The team lost the thread that brought them fruit at the beginning of the season. They miss a lot, the defense does not help out, and they need glasses, i.e. go ahead. Chelsea knows how to play on a collision course, plus they have rarely experienced problems with this season. From here I'm waiting for the goals here, and the victory of the guests. After Chelsea, the game with City is at home, and it is unlikely that Surry will want to accept the "citizens” in a bad mood. Since Everton, Watford, Huddersfield, TTH here scored at least two goals, then why not score "aristocrats” ?!


In the middle of the working week there will be an island of paradise on which moral strength can be restored. This is the fifteenth round of the regular English Championship. At 22:45 Moscow time in a passionate dance Wolverhampton and Chelsea will merge. A team that has secret plans for a champion title will arrive at the Molineu stadium.

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Future rivals are in a different psychological state - the hosts in the last round disappointed, but the "blue ones”, on the contrary, gathered another crop. Of course, in such a situation, the squad of Surry will be highlighted as a favorite. It is possible to argue with the inference of bookmakers, but not in this case. You ask, why not immediately put on Chelsea? It is better to check it before making a cash in BC.



"Wolves" in terrible shape, even a person who eats exclusively fast food, is in a more sensible tone. In the last four meetings, our today's heroes never managed to win. During the reporting period, as many as four losses in one world. It is worth noting that a draw was recorded in the away match against the difficult London Arsenal.

Free soccer tips

Perhaps the Santo team remembered how to play in the capital of England. In the standings, the "wolves" are not very bright. After fourteen rounds, it was possible to accumulate only sixteen points. Departure zone far behind, but far from Europe. It seems that the team will be content with the status of the middle peasant championship. We managed to win only two times in our home stadium in seven games.



The metropolitan team has a busy schedule. Over the recent period, the team skated three fights. I remember the pockets of Tottenham and two triumphs over PAOK and Fulham. Fortunately, in the European league managed to rotate the composition. So fatigue can be excluded from the possible reasons for which guests can sensationally lose points. Surry and his boys in great condition.

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Yes, it is still difficult for an Italian specialist to enter into discourse with opponents who have a rich line of defense. Fortunately, the future opponent does not show as reliable defense as Everton. Azara and the company must drive forward the motivation of the tournament, because the first Manchester City has already come off by as many as seven points. In case of loss of points, our today's heroes may lose their place in the Champions League zone.


Prediction for this match

It is possible for a long time to razmusolivat the topic of a reliable game from the "wolves", but a team will come to visit them, the motivation of which is at the level of CSW Alexander (Nevsky) Kuritsyn. "Blue” are obliged to win, the coaching staff with players simply does not consider any other options.


Bet - Chelsea win.

Free soccer tips

In the next round, Chelsea will meet with Wolverhampton, which has already taken away points from three teams from the leading group. Our forecast will help assess the balance of power on the eve of the match.


"Wolverhampton” in this championship is a rather peculiar team. "Wolves" for a long time went so well that they even occupied a place at the top of the tournament. However, at some point, the team of Nuno Santo fell down. Over the past six rounds, Wolverhampton has earned only one point. Wolves lost to Watford (0: 2), Brighton (0: 1), Tottenham (2: 3), Huddersfield (0: 2) and Cardiff (1: 2).


At the same time, Tottenham is still the only top club that managed to defeat the wolves. The aforementioned one point for the last six matches, Wolverhampton earned in a duel with Arsenal (1: 1), and this is the third team of the top six, who have missed points after meeting wolves. Also, Santo's wards broke up in peace with Manchester United and Manchester City (1: 1 each).

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Nunu Santo before this match two players are inaccessible: injured defender Honnatan Otto and disqualified midfielder Ruben Neves.



The positions of Chelsea as a result of recent meetings have seriously shaken. If earlier "pensioners" were representatives of the triumvirate with "Liverpool" and "Manchester City", now the team of Mauricio Sarri belongs to the top three fighters for the Champions League. Chelsea is third, but Liverpool second is five points behind, and Fourth Arsenal and fifth Tottenham are only one ahead. The reasons for these failures were a home draw with Everton (1: 1) and a guest defeat against Tottenham (1: 3). After that, on previous Sunday, "pensioners" won at home "Fulham" (2: 0).

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On the road, Chelsea had six matches in this championship, of which four won. Wards Surrey defeated "Burnley” (4: 0), "Southampton” (3: 0), "Huddersfield” (3: 0), beat "Newcastle” (2: 1), and lost points with West Ham ( 0: 0).


Of the main players injured, Chelsea does not. But questionable participation in the match of Ross Barkley and Victor Moses.



Wolverhampton lost five of the six previous fights.

We missed the wolves in all the last six matches, although earlier in the team Nuno Santo was one of the best defenses in the Premier League.

On the road, Chelsea won seven of the nine past meetings.

Do not miss the "pensioners" in six of these matches.

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Only West Ham managed to score Chelsea this season away from home.

Chelsea beat Wolverhampton in all four previous in-person matches. However, the last time these teams met in 2017 in the FA Cup. Then the "retirees" in the fifth round won the "wolves" at a party (2: 0).


In this championship on the road, Chelsea, as a rule, beat only outsiders. Given the form of "Wolverhampton", partly among them can be attributed, and "wolves". However, Nuno Santo has more than once proved this season that he knows how to tune his players to matches with giants. Again, only Tottenham from the top six teams have managed to beat the wolves. As with Arsenal, MJ and MS, with Chelsea, volvz will build the game from defense. "Pensioners" in the defense, too, play well, so the abundance of goals here can not wait.


Our forecast - Chelsea will not lose and the total is less than 3.5 for 1.70

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"Wolverhampton” before the 15th round takes the 12th position in the Premier League standings, earning 16 points in these meetings and is seven points ahead of the relegation zone. At the moment, "Volkov" 6-game lose-lose series in the championship, in which they lost five games and one made a draw.


The team was able to resist only in London in a duel of the 12th round with Arsenal (1: 1). In five other matches, the team lost - three of them in their field.


What is the worst for Nunu Santa's charges - they began to lose to other newcomers of the elite division, in which they won in the previous season. In the last round, "Wolves" lost on the road to "Cardiff" (1: 2).

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Two matches before the last round took away from Chelsea not only a lot of strength, but also leading positions in the standings. As a result, the "Blue" dropped to fourth place.


At first, the team failed to defeat Everton in their field, being content with a goalless draw. Then she lost to Tottenham (1: 3), a principled fight in the fight for a place in the zone of the Champions League.


Fortunately for Maurizio Sarri, the situation improved in the 14th round. Londoners beat Fulham in the derby at home, thanks to which, as well as Arsenal's victory over Spurs, they moved up to the third spot.

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Bookmakers are naturally considered to be the favorite of the guests, the coefficient for winning which is 1.75, while the success of the home team is estimated at 4.80, and the draw - at 3.70.



We recommend betting that Eden Hazard will score and Chelsea will win 3.25

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On Wednesday evening, the match of the 13th round of the English Premier League, in which Wolverhampton will take Chelsea.


The last time these teams met almost 2 years ago, when in the Cup "pensioners" won with a score of 0: 2. I wonder what awaits us in the framework of the Premier League?


After 14 rounds, Wolverhampton ranks in the middle of the standings, earning only 16 points. That is, in the course of the championship, Nunu Santo’s charges managed to win 4 times, tied 4 times and lost 6 times, while the total score was 13:17. In addition, now the "wolves" went "black strip" - away draw with Arsenal (1: 1) and 5 defeats.

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In turn, Chelsea acts more confidently, although she has already managed to concede. So, in the 13th round, Sarri's wards could not resist Tottenham's onslaught, losing 3: 1 away on the road. In the rest of the Premier League matches, Londoners did not lose - 8 wins and 4 draws, and the total score was 27: 8. Well, it is worth noting that on the road "pensioners" show more aggressive (and therefore effective) football ...


Bookmakers tend to win more than Chelsea, with which you should not even argue. "Pensioners” feel quite well on the road, but "wolves” are now failing match after match. Most likely, the hosts will not adjust their game to this fight, so it should be put on the favorites ...


Free prediction for Wolverhampton-Chelsea match: "Chelsea victory”. At such an outcome bookmaker 1hBet offers a coefficient of 1,8

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As part of the 15th round of the submarine Wolverhampton Wanderers in native walls will fight with Chelsea. In this pair of bookies on the side of future guests, who after the international pause, have already played three games. But the owners should not be underestimated, Wanderers are now in a recession, but it is hard to believe that the "wolves” have gone to the "peak” for a long time.


No victories

Wolverhampton in five extreme meetings never managed to win, having lost four times with one draw. The only section of points occurred in the away match against Arsenal. In addition, you should pay attention to the fact that the "wolves" and before that looked very good in matches against top rivals. Obviously, the coaching staff is able to choose the right tactics for these meetings, and in terms of motivation, there is not even need to influence the players.

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Third match

Chelsea had three fights last week: lost to Tottenham 1: 3, won PAOK 4: 0 and Fulham 2: 0. The results are excellent, but we recall that the squad of Surry sometimes has problems in matches with a rich defense. For example, the fight against Everton ended with the score 0-0, before that West Ham also managed to take one point in the match against the "aristocrats."



Chelsea is a dependent team, Azar, who is not always able to show his maximum, plays too big a role in the "blue” attack. In addition, much is tied to George, who has already been well studied in the Premier League. Wolverhampton approaches the match against Chelsea with the maximum motivation, after three home defeats in a row. Obviously, the "wolves" will do everything possible in order to play at least a draw on Wednesday. Our free game prediction: Wolverhampton victory with a handicap of +1.25

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The fifteenth round of the Premier League will please us with a game between Wolverhampton and Chelsea. The teams met a couple of years ago, and then the victory went to the "blue” - 0: 2. Let's see what the rivals will please us this time.


"Wolves" are still in the middle of the list. Santa players managed to earn 16 points - 4 wins and the same world with a total score of 13:17. Now the team is not doing well - the world and five fiasco in a row.

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"Aristocrats" are much more confident. Now, Sarry's squad is in third place with 31 points in the account. However, we must not forget that not so long ago the team suffered a loss of 3: 1 from Tottenhma, so the team needs to be rehabilitated in the near future.


The forecast for the match "Wolverhampton" - "Chelsea", P2. Pensioners perform well both at home and in a foreign field. In addition, the level of commands is too different. We bet on the winnings of the London grandee.


In the framework of the fifteenth round of the Premier League, the novice of the elite division will take on a team that fights for the highest positions. It will be very interesting, since the ambitions of both teams force them to play only for victory.

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After a vigorous start to the season, Wolverhampton’s business declined sharply. In the five previous meetings, the Wolves scored just one point - 1: 1 with Arsenal. And besides, there was a fiasco from Cardiff (1: 2), Huddersfield (0: 2), Tottenham (2: 3) and Brighton (0: 1). Now the wards of Santo with 16 points in the asset and goal difference 13:17 go only on the twelfth line of the tournament table.


Chelsea also had an impressive start in the Premier League, but over time Aristocrats increasingly began to lose points. On the eve, they confidently coped with the outsider (2: 0), but before that, in all respects, they lost 1: 3 to Tottenham and could not print the Everton gate - 0: 0. Thus, the wards of Sarry scored 31 points and ranked third with a 30:11 goal statistics.


The London club is considered the favorite of this confrontation, but not obvious. However, the more masterful Chelsea is obliged to take three points in a meeting with the crisis Wolves and continue the pursuit of the championship.

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Chelsea wins at 1.8


On Wednesday, December 5, at 10:45 pm (MSC), the 15th round of the Premier League will take place between Wolverhampton and Chelsea football clubs. The game will take place in Wolverhampton on the Moline field. The forecast for the Wolverhampton-Chelsea match from Footballtips expert John Wilde is available below.


The home team began their debut season in the elite league of English football superbly, but then, due to the tight schedule of matches, they lost a whole series of meetings, and now they have dropped to 12th place in the standings. It is worth noting that mentor Nunu Espiritu Santo does not depart from his usual tactics and is determined exclusively to win. There are prerequisites for this, but aristocrats are unlikely to overwhelm a peripheral match and are considered favorites.

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Yes, Chelsea returned to the top after a successful match with Fulham, and now the players of Maurizio Sarry lost only one match in all tournaments. This is due to the competent guidance of the Italian guru, who does not accept positional attacks and draws his results through competent tactical transformations in the center line. In fact, now Chelsea has every chance to take a championship course, but the problem in the person of Manchester City is spoiling all the plans.


According to preliminary estimates by most football analysts, this meeting will be held for the clear advantage of motivated guests and will end in their victory with a possible handicap. John Wilde and put Chelsea in the rank of favorite and is inclined to his success in the first half and the match. Then the specialist presented a more detailed report on the upcoming fight, and also shared his valuable tips and predictions for the game.

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This football club is notable for its particular mobility and sometimes it does the impossible. Indeed, under the leadership of Nuno Espiritu Santo, the Wolves are revealed for an honest exchange of counter attacks, but this focus does not always pass in the APL. In the first three rounds, the guests rolled two very tense draws with Everton (2: 2) and Manchester City (1: 1), and also lost away to Leicester (0: 2). Naturally, such a disposition did not suit the head coach in any way and after the restructuring of the composition with the change of the Wolver formation with great difficulty, but still overcame West Ham United (1: 0) and Burnley (1: 0). Last season, as part of the Championship, the guests looked good on any fields, but do not forget that the submarine has a completely different class, and the players' equipment is much more powerful.

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Against this background, Wolver should adhere to defensive tactics and if everything goes like clockwork, but the Wolves have a real chance to get the historical three points with no one else, but with Chelsea. It is worth noting that after an excellent winning streak, the players of Woolver began to misfire, as a result of which the club could not win for two months, and the last success of the Volkov was dated October 6 in the match with Crystal Palace (1: 0). In the previous two rounds, the Santo wards leveled their standoffs with Cardiff and Huddersfield (1: 2 and 0: 2, respectively). A group of experts from bet365 does not exclude an easy sensational component and assumes that the owners can win on a strong willed basis. The bookmaker offers to bet on Wolverhampton's competitive ghostly victory with any score at a rate of 5.00. It is clear to everyone that jokes are bad with aristocrats, plus Chelsea has already recovered from a defeat in Totbyham derby. Against this background, the bookmaker artificially equalized the chances of both teams in terms of goals and goals and offers an alternative - a draw with any account with a rate of 3.90.



As for the visiting team, there are no visible changes in the Chelsea camp, because mentor Maurizio Sarri is confident in his charges and plans to win the Premier League, which is to say, with a swoop. In principle, this is real, given the fact that this club is famous for the debuts of its coaches. At one time, the Portuguese Jose Mourinho took the domestic championship at the first attempt, and then Roberto Di Matteo designed the Champions League trophy in just under three months of work. Next in line was another Italian in the person of Antonio Conte and as a result - the champion title of the season 2016/2017. Now, according to the already established tradition, the turn of Sarri and so far everything is going like clockwork. The last tour was a kind of break, for Chelsea was defeated for the first time in the current season, losing to Tottenham with the score 1: 3.

Free soccer tips

Then the aristocrats combined their forces in the fifth round of the Champions League, and defeated the Greek PAOK (4: 0), well, and quite recently Chelsea defeated novice Fulham (2: 0) in class. For all the prerequisites, the guests from London are not going to give up the third position in the standings, and will go for a mandatory profit after Liverpool and Manchester City. Experts from BetStars are confident in the success of the guests and offer to bet on Chelsea's away win with any score at a rate of 1.80. Also, the bookmaker found it necessary to predict the total preponderance of aristocrats by the moments and has no doubt that Surry will replay his opponent Santo with a possible handicap. The bookmaker recommends a bet on winning Chelsea with a handicap (-1) at a rate of 3.10. Finally, analysts BetV


On Wednesday, December 5, at 10:45 pm (MSC), the 15th round of the Premier League will take place between Wolverhampton and Chelsea football clubs.


The game will take place in Wolverhampton on the Moline field.

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After such a rapid start in the Premier League, the Wolfs from Wolver were talked about as potential contenders for entering the European Cup zone. Indeed, until recently, the wards of Nunu Espiritu Santo were not far from the top and, thanks to four victories in six games, became the most successful representatives of the Championship in the spaces of the elite. But then the hosts lost their own concentration, as a result of which they began to lose with unenviable regularity and eventually lost five matches in the last six rounds. These failures had a disastrous effect on the tournament position, for Woolver quickly went into regression and now remains in 12th place in the standings with a negative difference in the scored and missed balls (-4). The last two rounds of Santa leaked to outsiders in the face of Huddersfield (0: 2) and Cardiff (1: 2), so that in the upcoming match with Chelsea, the hosts have virtually no chance.


As for the visiting team, Chelsea has already managed to lose their first match to the representatives of Tottenham (1: 3), but this is the only defeat in all of the tournaments. Aristocrats are now on the third line in the team event, plus everything goes with a one hundred percent profit in the Europa League. The Eurocup playoff has already been won, so now Maurizio Sarry’s players are focused on the domestic championship matches. In the final round, Chelsea apparently defeated Fulham in the walls of Stamford Bridge’s native arena (2: 0) and, according to all prerequisites, should prevail in Wolverhampton.

Free soccer tips

Do not forget that the aristocrats are slowly preparing their reserve for the English League Cup, so according to forecasts of Unibet expert Adam Digby, Sarry wards must take three points. The bookmaker offers to bet on Chelsea's away win with any score at a quotation of 1.80. It is possible that the indicator is somewhat overestimated, but this has its own reasons, because the guests may not play three main midfielders at once, which determines this fight to the rank of mutual performance. Yes, Wolverhampton can hold at least one effective attack, and if the match is over with goals from both sides, the bet will play with a odds of 1.77. Finally, analysts found it necessary to simulate an outcome in which at least three goals would be scored. The bookmaker's verdict - total total over 2.5 goals with a rate of 1.91.



victory of the guests with any score, both teams will score, the total total is over 2.5 goals.

Free soccer tips

On Wednesday, December 5, 2018, the England Championship match between Wolverhampton and Chelsea will be held. Kick-off is scheduled for 10.45 pm Moscow time. Especially for fans of statistics in football, "Bookmakers.rf" continues to publish interesting statistics on the statistics of rivals in the Premier League.



Chelsea scored at least two goals in each of seven matches won in Wolverhampton in the Premier League (23 goals in total);

Free soccer tips

Chelsea won four previous official matches against Wolverhampton with a total score of 13: 1;


Chelsea lost only 1 out of 13 previous away games against England Premier League newcomers (+ 10 = 2). It was defeated by Newcastle last season in the last such fight. Now for the first time since December 1999, the "Aristocrats” could lose in two guest meetings against newcomers to the Premier League in a row (then they lost to Watford and Sunderland);


Wolverhampton lost 6 of 14 matches of the season. For the entire last season in the Championship, he lost only 7 of 46 matches);


Chelsea lost the previous away championship match to Tottenham, and now for the first time since March he can lose in a foreign field in two fights in a row;


Wolverhampton lost three matches in a row in the Premier League. Now for the first time since November 2016, his losing home series in the Championship of England can reach four fights;

Free soccer tips

Wolverhampton's last seven home goals in the Premier League were scored by him in the second half. And before the break in the home games of the tournament, he has not scored since August, when in the first round in a fight with Everton, Ruben Neves was able to hit the target in the first 45 minutes of the game;


This season, only Rahim Sterling scored more points in the Goal + Paz system in Premier League matches (14) than Eden Azar (12 points, 7 goals and 5 assists);


Pedro scored five goals in 12 matches of the current championship of England - more than he scored in 31 matches of the tournament last season (4).


The prediction for the Wolverhampton - Chelsea match according to statistics: guests will win the first half and the match, scoring more than two goals. As part of Chelsea, Eden Hazard.

Free soccer predictions

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